Allan, Gary - Wine Me Up Lyrics

I'm the center of attention in this bar room
Cause I've got teh biggest heartache of the year
And each night those swingin' doors reach out to me and draw me in
'Cause they know each night that I'll be back to wine me up again

Wine me up turn me on and watch me cry for you
Lately drinkin' warm red wine is all I want to do
I never know how tight I'll wine me up 'til I walk in
I don't care cause I'll be back to wine me up again

I'd like to thank the folks who raise the grapes way up in California
And I'm hopin this will be their biggest year
'Cause scarlet waters all that's left to keep me hangin on
That's why I'll try to wine me up each day and night next year

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Allan, Gary Wine Me Up Comments
  1. Kelly04 xoxo

    Damn 9AM and I want a beer! Party at my house BYOB!! 🍻🍻

  2. Awful Lawton

    Not bad at all..

  3. mosrite60

    Wow, great cover by Gary. Nice shuffle beat. Musicians very good. 5 stars certainly. mos60

  4. Craig Feldman

    got all his albums and this is the best of all his songs - harmonies and instrumentals are perfect

  5. eyoung2289

    He does a good cover..

  6. Twenty one

    Best cover for this song I’ve ever heard . His cover of runaway is great too


    I love both of these covers you mentioned

  7. stephen weir

    brilliant version

  8. jesse crouse

    great job

  9. Mike Chambers

    Darn fine cover of a Faron Young classic.

  10. BedWench

    Faron Young.