Allan, Gary - Used Heart For Sale Lyrics

Used heart for sale
Scratched and dented but it runs real well
Like you a lot so I'll cut you a deal
Used heart for sale

First owner Peggy treated it rough
She took it over some rough roads
She skipped town when it broke down
She never paid off what she owed

Cindy picked up where Peggy left off
Whoa, how she made it shine
Soon after then some mutual friend
Robbed Miss Cindy blind

Took about every cent I had
To get it out of the hock
I spent the last month fixin it up
Now its rollin' off the blocks

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Allan, Gary Used Heart For Sale Comments
  1. Carolyn Crandell

    I just love Gary Allans' voice!❤

    Lynn Nogradi

    This is country, would like to hear him sing GOSPEL!

  2. Tim Hodges

    Yee haw!

  3. Crystal Yocum

    not my farit

  4. ThisIsMegaSilly

    one person knows nothing of good country