Allan, Gary - Today Lyrics

Today he told her that he loved her
Put a ring around her finger
And promised her forever, together

Today, she smiled for all the pictures
And he was right there with her
Making all the memories without me

And it hurts to say this out loud
Looks like she's really gone now

Today is the happiest day of her life
I should be happy for her today
So tell me why are these tears in my eyes?
I know I should be happy for her

But I've lost everything
I've lost everything I've ever wanted today

Today I thought about the moment
I could have said I loved her
And promised her forever, together

Today, today it really hit me
That she don't really miss me
She's found a new beginning

And I'm wishing
I had one more chance
God knows it's too late for that

Today is the happiest day of her life
I should be happy for her today
So tell me why are these tears in my eyes?
I know I should be happy for her

But I've lost everything
I've lost everything I've ever wanted today

Today is the happiest day of her life
I should be happy for her
But I've lost everything
I've lost everything I've ever wanted

Today he told her that he loved her
Put a ring around her finger

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Allan, Gary Today Comments
  1. Deborah crew

    Beautiful song

  2. Jennifer Delay

    What color do u c

  3. Jennifer Delay

    When they control your phone home an life i will say screw u

  4. KowboyM

    Probably one of his most powerful songs this incredible musician has!

  5. Deborah crew

    Giving all for the people who I love ❤️🎀🤠🐴🦅

  6. Betty Boop

    Today I'm stronger! He broke my heart so much and so many times I can't trust anymore

    Deborah crew

    I hope for much more for you 🌼🐇

  7. Robbie Stewart

    Today Is The Happiest Day Shayna Baszler's Life I Should Be Happy For Her Today Tell Me Why Are These Tears In My Eyes I Know I Should Be Happy For Her I've Lost Everything I Ever Loved Until Today

  8. barbara estes

    it hurts knowing the one you loves loves someone else Gary

  9. Deanna Laprad

    What a hell of a beautiful song. Actions speak so much louder than words. Love this man, great band,great artist, always. 🕇💔🕇

  10. Blessed Trinity

    Today I miss him.

  11. The Home Inspector

    Love singing along to this song.

  12. kathey fugitt

    Gary Allan the best !

  13. Ruth Ellison

    Mine and my ex's song before he passed away. Its almost year since he passed

    Deborah crew


  14. Roy Otto

    I maybe living this song soon, it kills me inside that I cant tell her how i truly feel about her, she has been seeing this guy for about 4 months now and see may be pregnant with his kid.........

  15. Beautiful Khaos

    I feel this song so deeply still... Years and years later!

  16. Darrell Somers

    I lost everything I ever wanted in one day ,I hope no one ever he's to experience suicide

  17. James D

    The fact that people are impressed with post Malone singing a slow song live while this exists at the same time makes me sick.

  18. Sharon Joke

    It's like he sings to my heart 💔💙😭

  19. Rob salinas

    The best singer..he sings the truth!!

  20. MisterSmokeyMan

    Still hits to close to home for me

  21. Juju Bee

    You & KU Making A Song Together With The Passion You Both Have Would Be Awesome!!!❤️🤠👍

  22. Frank j Weatherspoon

    I'm a big fan of his music ❤️❤️👍👍👍👏👏👏👌👌😢

  23. Robert Ishomer

    Gary you have song"s that touches heart i love your music.

  24. Margie Lake

    GARY ALLAN is overlooked but I don't think he really cares what they think. I absolutely adore this man and every one of his awesome songs. He seems to be happy & enjoy playing & singing for his fans! We know, we appreciate his awesome talent. That's what matters to Mr. GARY ALLAN! YOU ARE SO LOVED BY YOUR FANS! ❤

  25. Nancy Foroughi

    Saw him in concert and he was amazing!

  26. Eddie Otwell

    Love this Kat..Plain clothes,no light SHOW.Just good ol country music!!!!

  27. Alexis Vela

    I’ve been single 8 years and this song makes me feel like I just lost my love lol ❤️😁

  28. tired comet

    Perfect for me🎊🐣

  29. Bt Ht


  30. Charlotte Barton

    This man,this artist has suffered dearly in his life and for him to continue to sharing his talent with us is just amazing!!!!
    Thank you Gary, may God bless you in all walks of life!!!!
    Xoxo from Georgia!!!!

  31. 35camg26

    One of 3 artist I would love to see ,but one is impossible because he is gone.

  32. Penny Schwenki

    I am sincerely sorry for your loss .

  33. Roberto Junior

    Me parece que a falta de reconhecimento de Gary Allan, por parte da indústria musical country, se deve a ele nao ter o estereótipo do estilo como a grande maioria dos artistas que se destacam.
    Mesmo assim, ele esta entre meus artistas favoritos do country.

  34. Cody Hardy

    He big in country mice know for song he staying low at mornt

  35. Jeff Higgs

    His wife blew her brains out ......right in front of him

  36. Wendi Meckel

    Makes me cry every time!

  37. al barnett

    God damn everytime this song floors me cuz I know I was dead wrong ...sure do miss my wife and life and the way she talked to my dogs in her doggie voice the way she always left little notes or panties in my lunch box ... mother fucker thank you and "f" you Gary God damn Allan

  38. tired comet

    Thank you hope the best for all

  39. Grace

    Wow ! This song is awesome but so true any one could relate to♥️

  40. Claire Wasson

    I will never not listen to Gary ❤️

  41. Anthony Brock

    858 dislikes?? Are you kidding me? Gary Allan is one of the best ever.... people are clueless

  42. Amanda Chambers

    Such a beautiful song

  43. Stephanie Blair

    The best in country👍

  44. Sylvia Hernandez

    Omg his voice I love him ❤️😍

  45. Bev Hart

    Love this man, hope he tours nearby, need some new music from him too.

  46. Vickie Hardman

    God this reminds me of when we got married I wish I could go back in time. I wish I could go see this guy in concert

    Miguel Aguirre

    Cool go see hem it's never to last to go see Gary Allan 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  47. jim catalfamo

    the are a lot of great powerful songs but to be able to do it live is a different story

  48. mike edwards

    Puts his heart and soul in it and makes me feel Like he is singing what I'm thinking... Been through this and thats the 1st time that nothing mattered.

  49. lirazell


  50. Tony Burkett

    Oh god !!!

  51. Kony Zavala

    Amo este genero de Musica

  52. Nick Barr

    David Steel, is pretty bad ass

  53. R. Blanton Blanton

    No where to turn ,no where to hide , Soon my pain my heart ache will be gone, I've truly given up . All my reasons for living have been taken away, the only one I have to blame is me !

    tired comet

    Never give up

    R. Blanton Blanton

    @tired comet

  54. tom lund

    Just plain talent...nuff said.

  55. Linda St John

    Beautiful song.
    Thanks to Gary for his great emotion and superior performance!

  56. shona goobie

    love gary he is so handsome and his voice just melts my heart

  57. Robert Holsinger

    Ijust live song my wife of 16 years got remarried its a shitty filling

    tired comet

    I know📻

  58. Edward Wooden

    Awesome song love gary Allan. Need to hear new music

  59. R. Blanton Blanton

    I was told i have cancer , I didn't know how to tell the woman of my dreams an pushed her away , she will never come back ,I found out recently she is planning to marry, so yes today I've lost everything . Doctors say it's terminal, truly hurts. Tears roll down my face , Barbara Cline was totally 1 in a million

    tired comet

    So sorry sending 🙏

  60. Crystal Salazar

    One of a kind 💞

  61. leslie scott

    Gary Allan is one of the best if not the best artist !❤️❤️❤️❤️ You can feel the pain in his songs. He can bring a grown man to tears 😭

  62. Kcee Kaakill

    This is how I feel Lish.

  63. tom lund

    Everything... yep that’s all it took.

  64. Jonathan Guinard

    I know how he feels when he said she doesn't really miss me that shit hit me

  65. P Mitchell


  66. tired comet

    More Gary

  67. P Mitchell

    Still amazing!

  68. Lady Devildog

    He leaves it all out there on the stage and in his fans hearts. Fantastic performer and song.

  69. Ask Why

    Sorry but I don't understand this song unless it's about the love of your life going home finally out of the misery of living gives. I just never lost anyone I love or miss that just moved on in their life.

  70. Sara Burden

    Love this man!!!!

  71. Julee torney

    I think he's amazing his music too....

  72. J L Luethmers

    God why does he have to be sooooo good looking.

  73. Tina Osborn

    Gary needs more respect than he's getting... He's always in my dreams... I suffer from Ptsd.... I get every word and emotion he's says does and sings...

  74. Tina Osborn

    Gary Allan looks like my ex husband.... But Gary is the better man.... He gets me

  75. Joe Gay

    One of the best in Country music but way way underrated. Needs to play Jax, Fl!

  76. Megan Willis

    Gary Allen is one of my favorite artists.

  77. ALea Logan . .

    Hey we cant wait for you to make it

  78. Tonys ToolBox

    Thumbs down?? Y'all need to listen to your own shit music!!!!

  79. ALea Logan . .

    [-]-.[=.-]] hahh that's so cute

  80. Patsy Ramirez

    U know i been things about myself,but i cant

  81. Patsy Ramirez

    Gary Allen,im sorry that u lost ur best freind😢😢

  82. Korey Rann

    Amazing is all you can say

  83. Cindy Mae

    One of my all time favorite songs. This songs makes me wish I was the girl in the song that poor heartbroken Gary is singing about. I just love the emotion you feel in his voice. So honest and real.



    tired comet

    Hope you find strength goodness

  85. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Then fight! hello

  86. MD Otto

    Gary and his band played an amazing show at the State Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan last Sunday evening (3-24-19)

  87. Janina Carter

    When I contemplated suicide I listen to Gary’s greatest hits over and over in the dark and they kept me hanging on till the feeling passed. So never underestimate the power of Gary Allen!

  88. Jack Carr

    He's always been amazing, all that matters is that everyone that hears his music knows he's underrated, he is legendary to all I know.

  89. Jennifer Delay

    Watch this movie damage

  90. Daniel Parker

    I feel like he is the perfect blend of country rock and blues....

  91. charlene livingston

    The Guardian 😭😭😭🖤

  92. Cheri Lones

    Am smiling

  93. Randi Burchfield Wyatt

    I can relate to this song some much 6️6-14-13

  94. Lisa Prater

    Love u

  95. Lisa Prater

    Love u Dwayne 4/e

  96. Dewayne Harrelson

    That's as real as it gets the passion in his voice is exactly how I feel on the inside but I'm putting it back together a piece at a time what doesn't break us makes us stronger if only if was as easy as those words were