Allan, Gary - Promise Broken Lyrics

I'm out here everyday breakin hearts along the way
I cause tears to fall and some to lose it all
This whole world would be
Better off without me
Well, I'm the saddest words you've spoken
I'm a promise broken

I'm the ballgame that you missed
I'm the calls that don't come in
I'm every poor excuse you use to cover up the truth
I tell the people that you love
That they don't matter quite enough
There's no stopping me once I'm in motion
I'm a promise broken

Disappointment, disillusion
Despair, confusion
I've seen it all in their eyes
Don't promise you will if you want
Don't say you do if you don't
It's alright to say you'll try

Well, I get pushed aside when you move on with your life
But I'll stand the test of time in your heart and in your mind
You'll think about me now and then
Wonder how your life might've been
But I will leave you never knowin
Well, I'm a promise broken
I'm a promise broken

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Allan, Gary Promise Broken Comments
  1. barbara estes

    sometimes a promise is a game to someone Gary

  2. Elaine Hipólito

    Não me canso de ouvir várias vezes,tds as noites

  3. ann Crocker

    There should be a heart button on here! I don't like Gary Allan...I love Gary Allan!

  4. ann Crocker

    I just love Gary Allan, his lyrics are so powerful, meaningful and his soul shines through with every note song!

  5. Teresa Farr

    Awesome Song ! keeping it COUNTY By Me !

  6. Wendy Stinson

    I absolutely love this this song! ❤

    Double C

    I think i might love u

  7. Dakota Thatcher

    love this song

  8. Debbie DeBorde

    it's like he telling how life really is


    I saw Gary, when he first started, he was in a bar here in Oklahoma City, I have watched him jam thru all these yrs. Have always been on front row with him. I love tax Gary. Coco Kris B

  10. Vicki Jones

    love this man as a person and artist. He was going to get his wife a soda after lying down with her and trying to comfort her. She choose to take her own life at that time. Very sad but he loved her so much.

  11. Caleb Rowe

    Deep man leaves ya thinkin

  12. Andrew mcmahon

    He is on of the they best country singer that I know came Rochester new York that put on a very very very show I in joy it I hope he comes again my address ANDREW MCMAHON

    Ken's World

    +Andrew mcmahon why did you put your addresss....

  13. Tera Frisk

    He's a great singer, but a real loser as a man. The best thing he ever had, He killed..... Angie died because of him. She pulled the trigger because he was a bad husband and she felt death was the only way out for her... Sad! real fucking sad Gary!

    john cox

    @Tera Frisk when someone kills themselves's their own fault and no one elses , millions of people live shitty lives with shitty people and don't kill themselves , to blame suicide on any body but the person that committed it is stupid

    Caleb Rowe

    She had a migraine and couldn't take it and shot herself without thinking he was rushing thru pain pills for her as she did it

    Tracy Andrews

    You've got a lot of guts to trash people on the internet without facts don't you sweetie?

    Susan Edwards

    How can anyone judge that, so darn offensive as a person that has fought depression for years.... one can have the best person standing by them and still not beat it. I believe I said elsewhere on here under a stupid ass comment like that..,.. I believe this song is the voice of depression. Do some research. That was an ignorant thing to say.

  14. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    Leave y'all with the best country artist today !

  15. Charlie Crews

    The way I feel right now I wish I could make them all unbroken......

  16. rethinking22

    Perfect song!

  17. forest_animals

    Gary Allan #1 Country!

  18. lynnerrt

    my fave part of the song is disappointment, disillusion, despair, confusion i've seen it all in their eyes

  19. MrCarmem09


  20. MrCarmem09


  21. mike kilgore

    no the pain well

  22. Jatycre

    Gary is a real inspiration as a man. He's been through a hell of a lot, and he's come through all of it a better person.

  23. Jen Hamer

    This song is for my daughter hannah. So sorry I broke a promise to you. I hated being in the hospital away from you. I will make it up to you as soon as I'm up for it. Love my baby girl.

    Christos Anesti

    Jen Hamer I bet you have done it

  24. anne walker

    love this song, the words are just right, he just dont understand he left me with promises broken......

  25. Darlena H S

    Gary you are the best, first time i heard your voice I melted....Thanks keep sending us wonderful songs we need to hear.....

  26. lizzie thin

    Yikes ! Wonderful !

    Diane Duerr

    Dont like thTsi g pro.ises shd ve owed thur wit

  27. J Blues

    sure nailed the broken promise description............

  28. Pam Raines

    this old world would be better off with out me?? I doubt that VERY seriously Gary, you are amazing!

  29. Faye Massey

    Great job making this---great song to hear!! Love this Man's voice --performances--Looks the whole thing that is HIM GARY ALLAN!!!!!!