Allan, Gary - No Man In His Wrong Heart Lyrics

On the inside flap of a matchbook cover
She made me the kind of offer
That no man in a weak state could outrun
I tried to think what a gentleman would say
Turnin' that kind of opportunity away
I tried my best to tell her I'm not the right one
Like no man in his wrong heart would've done

I said no ma'am
Like no man would've said if he wasn't in love
With you the way I am
It could've been easy for me to be a gooner
But something a whole lot stronger made me run
Like no man in his wrong heart would've done.

Didn't want her to think that I wasn't flattered
Her interest in me, believe me it mattered
So I dropped several quarters in the old jukebox
I said I want you to dance all night on me
In a lucky man's arms
Whoever he might be
Then I hit that door like I was shot from a gun
Like no man in his wrong heart would've done

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Allan, Gary No Man In His Wrong Heart Comments
  1. Laura Terry

    I love GARY ALLAN MUSIC i just wish that I could see him and meet him live before I die BECAUSE i love his down to heart MUSIC .BECAUSE he feels the music from his heart that is my DIEDING WISH IS TO SEE AND MAYBE EVEN MEET LIVE IN CONSERT .

  2. Maria Sonia Sanchez

    Wowzie what a great song! And that photo!!! Can't wait to see you in December!

  3. mcdonnell1000

    Saw Gary Allan tonight at Coushatta Casino Kinder La great music Thank you

  4. Tina Layton

    Love Gary. He’s never got the recognition he deserves 😍

    Nathaniel Mills

    so true. Gary, Clay Walker and Travis Tritt have been so underrated!

  5. Sara Smile

    My man is back. 💜

  6. Deanna Laprad

    I've yet to listen not even 1 song this man sings that doesn't make me cry like a baby, his words melt me. Sexist voice ever !!!❤😓❤

  7. Kelton King

    This is one of his best songs to date.

  8. kathey fugitt

    I’m number one fan been listening and loving your music for 20 years ! First time I saw you was Corinth Ms you were great and are still great !

  9. Shirley Caldwell

    Your music brings me to tears

  10. Rosemary Downey

    Thank you for sharing country music at it's finest always love Gary allen music he is an amazing artist Cheers 👍👍

  11. ChevySSLady100

    I'VE MISSED U! ! 🏁

  12. Myra kay Poncho


  13. Crazy Daizy


  14. Kimberly Grimm

    I freaking LOVE Gary Allen ❤😘❤
    His voice and OMG And he's ONE BEAUTIFUL "REAL MAN" ❤😘❤

  15. G kaspers

    And that countrymusic

  16. G kaspers

    He,Garry youre that man i fall in love with.

  17. John Thompson

    Gary Allan beautiful song sung beautifully keep it country 😄 love from Ireland

  18. Tracy Chambers

    A great friend turned me on to this man's music❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Lisa Simpson

    I am wanting to attend one of your concerts ! Missed the Margarita Festival a few years back! I adore your music!

    Joey Baker

    Gary Allan is a must see concert. Drove 6 hours round trip, and was well worth it.

    Lisa Simpson

    I am a Huge Fan!

  20. Mary DiFiore

    I am so glad to see all of you posting real country music again! It seems every time I make a great comment like this someone has to make nasty comments to me. Pretty sad when you can’t even post a word on You Tube! Thank you everyone! Welcome back Gary! Always ❤️ you and your music!!!!!

  21. Mickey Bowser

    OH OH OH!!!!OH.

  22. Gracie Scevola

    Great song

  23. vanessa santiago

    Absolutely love Gary Allan❤❤❤

  24. Gary Shaw

    Just love me some Gary Allen music thanks

  25. Tia Mclane

    Absolutely positively love Gary Allan!!!

  26. Tamara Roy


  27. Brian Caloway

    Absolutely love this gary! Welcome back bud! I love me some old country back to where I come from! So soothing!

  28. hortencia Alvarez

    Beautiful song Gary Allan ❤️

  29. Angie Burton

    I absolutely love your your Country Music Station.

  30. Donna Benson

    Welcome back

  31. Monica Sacks

    Its bitter sweet that I can relate to the words in a lot of his songs. ❤💔

    Monica Sacks

    I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer or imply that Gary is with his music but the songs that used to make me sad and cry don't seem so sad anymore . Not to me. I found my Prince Charming, he was a freshman when I was a Sophomore and we said hello passing by each other thru the hallways in HS but never talked and now after 20+yrs of no contact we reconnected and are now a couple. He makes me feel the way I derserve to feel and or treated.

  32. Gloria Jones

    Sweet song

  33. John Davis

    Real country

    frank Romanelli

    I'm the best friend you never met . l have been a fan for year , you got me though my bad marriage ,and the tuff side of life. You are even teach how to play guitar . jesus and you best medicine . see you in Charleston in September.

  34. Stan Smith


    Melissa Haley


  35. Chris John

    Talk about underrated . Welcome back Gary !!

  36. Pansy Vaughan

    Welckme back Gary !!!

  37. Double C

    My boy is back and better than ever....who gives a damn if Nashville and Radio doesn't support you they don't support good music anymore anyways...your fans will always support you and real country music

  38. Hello Hello 2019


  39. Kasey Woodard

    Gary Allan where you been?!


    well I guess we have to thank country radio. They don't play him, and his label doesn't release his new music. Radio is too busy playing that jason aldean turd

  40. Eddie Thompson

    I was one of the body guards for you in the show you did in MT.PLEASANT TEXAS one of the best concert I have ever been to and hope to see you again soon

  41. Teresa Gore

    Love everything you do Gary

  42. Patrice Scarlett

    So glad to hear from you again, been too long ! Amazing as always

  43. Federico Floris


  44. Juanita Buron

    16:57 7/26/19 tried to tell me but theres "no way" he doesnt have love in his heart.7/27 21:57 8/27 4:56pm

  45. Jamie Purvus

    Absolutely sad I cant watch you 😭😢 perform in Amarillo on Sept 7th. But I have literally had every album you have put out.. doing laundry as a young kid and folding my clothes I always popped your CD in my player and jammed out.. your just such a cool soul. Love your music !!!❤❤😍

  46. Dave Country

    real country music finally

  47. Dave Country


  48. Preston Knight

    Thank you!!! Been dying for some new music from you!! Hope radio stations play this! You belong back on top! Great stuff!!!

  49. Mona Lisa

    God is so good I m blind.

  50. love me leave me

    I walk in strumming my hair I got 3 strans of them and bam I got a guitar lmao hey us ur imagination audience look for that....hehehehehhhhhhhheeee

  51. Reverend Janeva Scofield

    Bobby said to burn the CPS investigation papers Allie gave to me, and he had someone do it, that Undercover cop burned those documents Allie gave to me!

  52. Reverend Janeva Scofield

    That's why I'm parenting plan Allie was inky one allowed to care fir sierrah if i wasn't there, the only one!

    Jennifer Gulley

    Allie who, clarify please?

  53. Reverend Janeva Scofield

    Thank you Gary and Allie Colson!

  54. Robert Weinblatt

    I think you have that Keith Whitley thing goin on! I know it's you every time! You have an amazing tone and I love the way you tell your stories through your sound🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️💥💥💥💥

  55. Teresa McClanahan

    Love to hear Gary Allan, sing anything! ♥️🥰🎶 Love this song, Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

  56. Amanda la violette

    Gary your music gives me a way to express how hard it is to survive my brothers. Both died three years apart feel so alone until I hear you

  57. Federico Floris

    Real country in 2019?

  58. Patricia Hartless

    Thank You Gary Allen. For your song , no man in his wrong heart. True Country through and through. I like this song.

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