Allan, Gary - Mess Me Up Lyrics

Twist that knife
Come on make it hurt
Make me go out in a field
Light a fire and just watch it burn
Stand me up on a Friday night
Tell me you love then tell me that you've changed your mind

Mess me up
Make me drink too much wine and
Get out my guitar around two in the morning
Keep me up
All night thinking that every headlight I see
Might be some car that you're in
Call my phone and hang up
Leave me here wonderin' what
In the hell you keep doin'
Yeah, ruin me girl
Mess me up

Make me punch the wall
Make me slam a few doors
Kiss some stranger just 'cause she had eyes that were kinda like yours
Just show up
Then spend the night
Leave your coat, leave no note, girl, be gone by the daylight

Mess me up
Make me drink too much wine and
Get out my guitar around two in the morning
Keep me up
All night thinking that every headlight I see
Might be some car that you're in
Call my phone and hang up
Leave me here wonderin' what
In the hell you keep doin'
Yeah, ruin me girl
Mess me up

Baby, don't take it easy on me
I guess this is how it's gotta be
I want what I want
I don't care if it's not what I need

Mess me up
Come on, mess me up

Mess me up
Make me drink too much wine and
Get out my guitar around two in the morning
Keep me up
All night thinking that every headlight I see
Might be some car that you're in
Call my phone and hang up
Leave me here wonderin' what
In the hell you keep doin'
Yeah, ruin me girl
Mess me up

Mess me up
Come on, mess me up

Mess me up

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Allan, Gary Mess Me Up Comments
  1. Blessed Trinity

    Thank you

  2. Diana Hayse

    I pushed thumbs up. But I won't do that..cause I love you. I won't stand you up...I refuse!!! To the moon and back.

  3. Ioana

    and to think that I used to believe that after an age, boys get tired of dealing with psycho and come to the understanding that they cannot be the saviours...this guy's asking for it

  4. Caron Harrison

    I LOVE THIS ONE!!!😘💯❤

  5. Nichole Ghist

    Gary Allen is the best singer ever...

  6. Juanita Buron

    21:59 8/3/19 👀wondering what.I want what I want.

  7. Kim Holmes

    This man has Messed this SC girl slam up....

  8. Debra Lyons

    He’s a amazing I have seen him three times already my sister loves him and she’s the one that got me listening to him and he’s amazing artist

  9. Jessica Thomas

    Why is this the last song I have heard from you all ?

  10. cmh 1993

    Everytime I listen to his music I relate so easily. It's not easy loving somebody that doesn't understand or feel what you feel. It's nearly unbearable to watch them play all those games you've finally stopped playing because you found the one that.. messes you up, every single time. Been nearly 5 years or longer and I still have the dreams, the memories clear as day and the feelings I hold down deep in there. Just have to cherish the memories ya got and push on. I was there at her beckon call and would drop anything in my way to give her another chance even though I knew every single time she was gonna mess me up. She made an impact and somehow I've got away with nearly 5 years without her but she always pops up in a way you think would be an impossible coincidence and it starts all over again.. seen her after 3 years at a movie theater out of town with another guy at one time and somehow things struck up all over again. No way for them to know we would have been there, no fb post nothing.. and with somebody that had no idea who they were. Strange the way things happen but they happen all the same. Love your music man, always have. Nothing but love from Livingston, down in east Texas!

    cmh 1993

    It's never easy but it's the feeling of them there even if they're messin you up is better than nothing. It doesn't matter just as long as she has you in mind. I might get in trouble one day but I love you girl, Tiffany Brooke Dees.. if i knew you'd moved on and to the same page I would be right there with you. I miss you badly and wish we'd have worked out but things have their own way of churning dreams into reality. You were someone special but you never seemed to look back. No matter what happens you will always be something I will be incapable of forgetting... you changed my world...

  11. Shiela Hammond

    The most underrated singer in country music!!

  12. Alfonso Maqueda

    The one. That’s Gary

  13. Crystal Molck

    Mess me up..

  14. love me leave me

    Man u must love her mess u up I love this song ahooooo haven't ever love like that ahooo but soon I will

    Guenther Stahl

    Mess me up, one of my all time favorites by Gary Allen , always loved him and I always will, one of the greatest country music artists ever in my eyes 👀, love you unconditionally Gary !

  15. Adam & Amy Jo

    Amy Jo :( #amyjonadam ...

  16. sea trilla

    Gary Allen has bars for dayss

  17. Donna Jones

    I love metal and rock but when I hear this man sing it's like heaven... He makes a difference... Keep singing Gary

  18. Shawna B

    All I have to say is... I Love Gary Allan❤️ All his songs inspire me❤️ I’m a forever fan!!

    Guenther Stahl

    Same here I am a forever fan and have loved his music for over twenty years, and will love it 😍 probably until I die!

  19. Carl Erickson

    This song messes me up

  20. Shawna B


  21. Make It Happen

    Gary Allan, are you married? Would you like to be? ;)

    Wayne Shimeld

    I think he is . you can merry me instead sunshine ☀

    Make It Happen

    @Wayne Shimeld that comment caught me off guard. Thank you for the smile.

    Wayne Shimeld

    Sorry if that comment offended you in anyway.You have my deepest apologies . I should think before i act . Again very sorry for that . Wayne s. 😎

    Make It Happen

    @Wayne Shimeld apsolutely not! I thought it was great! It s all good :) Happy Holidays :)

  22. kathey fugitt

    I’ve loved Gary from the first song and will to the last ! He’s the best

  23. Vicky Lovvern

    Love this says it all wondering. You did your damage. But getting better. I know your happy i dont have to worry about you. I know you cpuld care less @ me

  24. Brittany Hibben

    I never thought him as a wine drinker though.

    Huntress2u 4life


  25. Pam Jefferson

    Great song 🍃❤️🥂💋🍃🔥♥️🍃

  26. Gale Brogley

    Love you music! 💟🎉😎😘

    Lynn Nogradi

    Yes He does have a good voice!!! Like the raspyness of it!!

  27. Aubree kaiser

    I love this song i still listen to his music in 2018 lol

  28. REZ_woman

    😍 gary... his voice, his music, his lyrics 😍

  29. Kristy Lively

    You never fail me!!! Thank you for giving us such amazing music!

  30. Carolyn Cope

    Love it

  31. Joyce Allen

    I think your the best

  32. ashley perry

    I have waited for this since I heard him play this in Wendover, Nevada. It literally took my breath away. I could have swore he played this with a slower tempo. So when I listen now I just slow it down just a hair. Incredible song! I hope to see an album soon. Much love!

  33. Margo Doty

    Yes please!!

  34. Byron Greene

    Cowboy Surfer. I just want to thank. Your music has inspired me and kept me pushing on through the loss of a child and a 23-year relationship. I have felt your pain. I'm still learning how to bend. Life ain't always easy. God bless you and your family forever to come.

  35. mrmojorisin2

    God great song! Been waiting forever...great talent...get him back on the radio!

  36. Keith Milcher

    One of my favorite singers

  37. ChevyLuv

    I have been a fan since 97 and going and this song breaks my heart, makes me feel alive!

  38. Brandijo Neal

    Have seen him in concert 9 times he just keeps getting sexier and music is soul touching!!

  39. Heather Lyn

    He is AMAZING!! Gary you deserve to NOTICED MORE You are one of the BEST Country singers EVER! I love everyone of his songs! #GaryAllanDeservesToBeRecognized #TeamGary #CMAawards #MaleArtistofTheYear #HeShouldBeAnyway!!

  40. Vicki Kozuch

    Love gary allan

  41. teresa Angel

    Enjoying this song

  42. alexismollyhoss

    I think this will reach the top five on the charts Awesome song

  43. deborah eagle

    keep on singing

  44. teresa Angel

    Keep on riding cowboy love the music

  45. Jose Manuel Ortega

    Every song gat something that make me love it. Mess me up.

  46. ChevyLuv

    I love it even if it's not what I need!

  47. Alberto Loi

    country radio is such garbage! they have screwed this song for florida georgia line and jason aldean

  48. sdowney42

    Waiting on your new cd

  49. Fahim Radhija

    I love this song so much.I really looooooove country music now.

  50. rita Mann

    A whole lot of pure awesomeness love the song saw you in Owensboro last Saturday for the first time live best concert I have ever been to. All your music is great. Thank you for all you do

  51. Michele De Crescenzo

    Beautiful song

  52. Semper Fi

    best country musician around and possibly ever

  53. Kevin Muzyka

    WOW!!!! This guy really knows what's up and then to put music to it. FUCKING home run buddy, don't ever stop....

  54. Penny Little

    love me some Gary Alan !

  55. Hayle Robinson

    he is an amazing artist

  56. Nancy Cason

    Love this song !!!

  57. Tracie West

    Gary you did it again! U are amazing man.


    had to hear this song before I hit my Nursing Books. Had a pretty serious skills test this morning that I passed.(Thanks to my teacher, Shalay, for practicing with me!) I love alittle bit of Gary in the morning!

  59. CharlesR. BurkeJr.

    I know I ain't the only one that cares for you. Kimberly, you've to break checked me enough to realize I can drive. that I ain't your fool And that your Bobby isn't too fucken Bright. Go ahead and think you have won... But when you come by and the lights not on. the door is closed and Locked. Remember that you had your chance. Now it's my time to live. if I die tomorrow so fucken what? You never fully realized your worth. Nor what I sought for you. and you only have your self to blame there!

  60. Kristy Lively

    you never disappoint me! So happy to see and hear this . I love it!

  61. Peggy Shumar

    Love his music and singing....😊🎶🎼🎤💿🎸🎹

  62. cynthia Massey

    Him and hishree girls making jewelry. Be out soon.

  63. cynthia Massey

    He's touring. Puting out New album too. Vote for him.

  64. cynthia thomas


    Jeremy shawn Foster

    Yes mis me up the do but love it

  65. Brad Mcconnell

    Not diggin the song but his voice is as good as ever

  66. Tobi Thompson

    The best Country singer to ever live in my opinion! Gary has such an amazing voice it makes me melt!! I got my Gary Allan tattoo and I proudly display it on my forearm!!

  67. ray1983able

    Years Ago i bought Gary Allans album Alright Guy , it was the first country album i ever bought , an one of my favorite albums ever !

  68. Debbie j Hensley

    love love your voice

  69. Gilbert B

    gr8 stuff,first i heard this one.He came a long ways back from his wife.He sounds good and back on track.Gary Allen,we love you.

  70. Big Fudge

    Country music at it's best

  71. Andrew Smith

    This song reminds me of me of my ex that packed up moved away and ended it short notice because she didn't wanna be on the area anymore.


    Love this new song!

  73. Wes Holyfield

    Love me some Gary Allan music. Great song!

  74. Araceli Leathers

    my life right now. He makes my heart skip beats and I'm falling but he doesn't even care to catch me ..

  75. Tara Miller

    love this song it's the relationship I'm in

  76. Stephanie Lanfair

    Love his songs. No holds barred he really knows how to take you back to moments and feel. Playing on repeat. Good job Gary

  77. Ashley Forbes

    love it

  78. TiMyers87

    Little dissapointed they replaced a rock legend with a country nobody at Buffalo Chip this year😡

  79. mary rangel

    I So agree with Meandale

  80. Laura H


  81. Harold Partin

    oops little drunk. he is the man and always will be. should go into the George, Hank, Merle, etc ranks. hell already is

  82. Harold Partin

    the man has been and will be on my mind. thanks gary

  83. hazeleyes forever

    How is this not a big hit yet?!!!!?

  84. Rachel Nelson

    LOVE it!!!

  85. Priscilla Melton

    damn, can't beat him he's good as it gets . he keeps it real no pretty boy kinda stuff . he's just him .

  86. Debrs jean Stokes

    Telling you I love you and always been waiting dl for you .

  87. Margaret Lalande

    I can't get enough of this song.. I can listen to it over and over again...
    my life right now fits perfectly with this song...
    he sure knows how to mess me up.

    Travis Rehbein Sr

    Me to I listen to this song daily!

  88. Amber Leigh


  89. tommy34234

    Ithink the last few releases were not that great at all.. been a fan for years, i believe this track is much better and more to his high standards the fans are used to and expect. SONGS ABOUT RAIN & IT AINT THE WHISKEY . Best songs he's cut and released hands down in my opinion.

  90. THA fam

    omgomgomgomg this is my fav song lolololollol

  91. Cathy Van den eynden

    Omg you fill my nights, can't be good for either of us LLL

    JK W

    Cried all night

    JK W

    Let's go get married and I will mess u up

    JK W

    Are u ready let me call home and get ring u ready

  92. Peggy Shumar

    love the song...😊🎼🎶🎤

  93. Joy Lahman

    he is the hottest guy out there.

  94. Lynn Hutchinson

    Another great song by "the man!" of country music!

  95. Ph D

    I will gladly mess Gary up! He's already messed me up!

  96. Priscilla Melton

    man , I love his raspy , deep voice.

  97. Laura Cox

    LOVE IT!! Just saw him sing it live at the fan club party in Nashville. He was amazing as always! Can't wait to see the non-lyric video!

  98. Ronda Helm-Hiestand

    We need more country music like this!!!!

  99. Mikesdailyjukebox

    Such a powerful track! Deserves to be a Top 10 hit and put Gary back in the limelight.