Allan, Gary - Man To Man Lyrics

You're throwin' around a lot of serious accusations
Ain't too hard to tell what you're insinuatin'
You think I'm the one who stole her away
And if not for me she'd still be yours today
We're both men here so why play games
Why don't we call a spade a spade

Man to man
Tell me the truth, tell me
Were you ever there when she needed you
Man to man
Look me in the eye, tell me
If you really loved her
Why'd you make her cry
Man to man
Who cheated who
You're the one to blame
Tell me it ain't true
Man to man
Man to man

Well you think all your anger is justified
Me, I think, it's just your wounded pride
What did you really think she was gonna do
She's a real woman, not a doormat for you
You want her back, but it's too late
Why don't we just cut to the chase

Man to man
Tell me the truth, tell me
Were you ever there when she needed you
Man to man
Look me in the eye, tell me
If you really loved her
Why'd you make her cry
Man to man
Who cheated who
You're the one to blame
Tell me it ain't true
Man to man

Man to man
Tell me the truth, tell me
Were you ever there when she needed you
Man to man
Look me in the eye, tell me
If you really loved her
Why'd you make her cry
Man to man
Who cheated who
You're the one to blame
Tell me it ain't true
Man to man
Man to man
Man to man

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Allan, Gary Man To Man Comments
  1. Robert L Hotaling

    Hell, where’s your self control!!!

  2. Mikie's Mustangs

    My wife and me love gary allan always have from the start hes one of the best singers i have ever heard hes got a great voice and great songs he deserves all the awards they can give him

  3. Dylan Schutt

    Right whre I need 2 be is my favorite by him I love all of his music had the chance to gi see him but didnt have a ticket but i wouldve he was an hr from me

  4. Deborah crew

    Incredibly intense

  5. Maria Lúcia Silva

    I love♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. blake miller

    this song is totally what ive needed to hear after 3 years i think ive found the one but my issue is telling her but now i feel like i can because this song is making me realise it

  7. Bennie Leaphart

    Who is listening?? I am , loving it. Bennie

  8. Angélique Robert

    c est beau *l adore **magnifique <3**musique *****

  9. Annette Mazziotti

    Her poor husband let me by him a beer

  10. barbara estes

    like your song Gary

  11. Tracy Walden


  12. Heather Paar

    I could listen to him all day. Put those songs on replay please.

  13. Joshua Ells sr

    I sent this song to my wife's x husband who treated her like a floor mate tried telling my wife we need to talk hahaha buddy you wanna talk to her you got to talk to me you are her x for a reason she needed a good man not a dead beat one

  14. Hallie Hall

    I went to his show a few months ago and he does just as good live as he does recorded. That's good talent

    sandra 002533

    He does ive seen him live too

  15. Ethan Reynolds

    class of 2010

  16. Al Short

    Darla Short tell me the truth of you love me. Alfred John Wayne Short Junior Spirt Junkey.

  17. Maria Lúcia Silva

    Que riqueza. Voz maravilhosa . Prazer em conhecer e ouvir♡♡♡

  18. Bobbie LaVanway

    Love this and Smoke Rings in the Dark......both great songs

  19. Q Co

    My girlfriend is Belinda. Trooper Gate. Gary. There is a road near Potomac.

  20. 80z Lady

    He is 2 = C00L ; > =

  21. Victoria Hodge


  22. Matt Bargeron

    Going to see him tonight in Augusta, Georgia

  23. Tina Goebel

    2019 still loving 🥰

  24. Sandra Sparkman

    so true to elmer rose.....who cheat who,,,,,,,,,

  25. Amanda Chambers

    So thankful God sent me my man 26  years ago..! lord knew I had been hurt enough in my life.

  26. Bonnie Carey

    This is a good song

  27. Sandra Sparkman


  28. lynn horton


  29. Beth Tidwell

    Anyone listening 2019?

    Marty Rezac

    I'm listening ! 😳😳😳

  30. barbara estes


  31. Randy Nyberg

    Did you?

  32. Hello Hello 2019


    Marty Rezac

    Yes indeed !

  33. Amelia tribe of Issachar

    "What did you really think she was gonna do?"

  34. Wheezy Mae

    Got tickets to finally see Gary Allan in concert! Yay

  35. Wheezy Mae

    July, 2019 💞🤙

  36. JR Zapata

    My favorite I saw him in Madera California fair 🍺🏁🏌🏼‍♂️

  37. Randy Nyberg

    Like weed Daytona ryan

  38. Sandra Underwood

    wanda Garcia wants me to sing her daddy was a military man and he didn't raise his kids so she abuses her sisters and my mother lloves it

    Marty Rezac

    What ???

  39. Sandra Underwood


  40. Sandra Underwood


  41. Sandra Underwood


  42. Sandra Underwood


    Marty Rezac

    Girl don't stoop to there level ! 😳😳😳

  43. Mike Clemenz

    This song tells the truth don't get pissed at me cause I took your women if you were a real man you would've treated her like a woman

  44. James Brown

    I Love all Gary Allen's songs!!! He's a true Country Artist nothing today can compare !!!!! Never gets Awards sad!

  45. Savannah James

    She's a real woman Not a door mat for you

  46. Priscilla Snipe

    2019? Lol 😂 But yea Man to Man

  47. John Lunsford

    2019 to the guy that treated her like shit, thanks , she is mine now

  48. Tamara Clark

    I can listen to Gart Allan's music all day over and over again. 💫🦋💓💫🦋💓💫

  49. Deirdre Pinkston

    So sorry about his wife awesome singer

  50. Shyann Robertson

    I love this

  51. Mary Glavich

    I think you are hot gary allen

  52. Indigenous GuyYT

    Still listening in 2019!

  53. Shawn Duncan

    I think that this song might have been one to have been played on the Dukes of Hazzard if the show was on today

  54. Jennifer Karnes

    Hell yes

  55. alex harris

    Man guess i fucked up. Nothing but good intentiones on boths sides. She said she was takin. I respected it didnt really have expierience. Still dont but if i could do it over again. Id tell her alot sooner. I still cant figure out what it was with her. Loved her at first site.

  56. oceantracks

    Tom Petty could have done this...

  57. Regina Pierce


  58. RobS ZZZ

    Reminds me of high school and my first love

  59. Daniel Nellums

    I love this song

  60. offthewall411able

    fuck this sucks donkey dick

  61. offthewall411able

    this is donkey dick

    Marty Rezac

    And your a third !
    You just proved it !

  62. Jess Batease

    My husband of 5 years an also my first love back in 1999 played this for my ex on our wedding night lol I still love my husband to this day ❤️💙❤️💙

    Marty Rezac

    Good for you !

  63. Daniel Buitron Jr

    No lie this song made me go back and work it out . We've been together for 19 years

  64. Thtgirl454 Chevy

    Who is listening in 2019?

    Denise Walters

    I am! 🙋‍♀️🙂

    kevin Seger

    Who wouldn't?

    Blessed Trinity

    For sure

  65. Mosaic Crone ORDM

    The number 1 song I send to all my domestic violence sisters when the abusive ex begins slandering her and the 1st man she's brave enough to give love one more try with.

    Never fails. My ex and I were separated an entire year before I started dating & 4 years later I married the only man I dated after I left my abusive ex. My ex had so many relationships after me it would have taken both hands to count them if I gave a damn to. Safe to say the one that was the problem in the marriage wasn't me. 😏

    Marty Rezac

    You have that right !

  66. Janell Child

    You really never asked him to his face man to man

  67. Vickie Gotreaux

    If only he would have been home with myself and kids now he is the one crying... He was never there when I needed him although he was a great provider but the barrooms and other women were more important but the laugh is on him now... I have no more tears left to cry but he has much more I still love him but I cannot do this anymore he says he will stop but I have heard this time and time again

    Marty Rezac

    Only love can hurt you !
    Only love can mend you !

  68. Rodger Smith

    Good one George straits

  69. Robert Morgan

    This reminds me about a young lad named mitch. His sons name is hank but I love hanks mom Mckenzie and I don't want to draw down on mitich but he pissed all over the plolice station In Bishop once. Instead of charging him with indecent exposure they let him go to Mac.K LOL!.

    Robert Morgan

    He rides a good bronk by the way!

  70. Shari Crocker

    Be happy, im staying on my throne.

    Marty Rezac

    Are you a princess ! Hee - hee

  71. william paz

    This is what REAL Country Music sounds like. If only this had been made into a video, so many males-who-are-not-men need to hear and see the truth.

  72. Ida Montes

    It's just your wounded pride crying in Nixon,Tx .. LMAO

  73. Shari Crocker

    ok, spade. what did you think, even I changed some things, 😘

  74. Bea Mills

    Its like they took my situation and made it into a song. Like...this is my boyfriends song to my ex

    Royal Abstraction

    mars maniac me being a mgtow and all, I'm just here to analyze

  75. Georgia Baldwin

    Why would a man kill the best and funniest kill a Cuba Cartel. Wish both sides were to see this mess. Thank You, Lord for letting meet the man in Lubbock, Texas who pulled the trigger. Yall should see the mess in Dallas, Texas and the harrassment I am getting. #unbelievable Thank yall, for the funniest laughs #hellnomothersfuckers... Got my hook at McDonald's Order and go

  76. lynn rummond

    2019 anyone

  77. Kim Meadows


  78. Harry Clark IV

    Love Gray

  79. Emilee Gonzalez

    2019 still Baby

  80. Rena D

    What a Voice, combined w/his beautiful face, ITS ON!! 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Marya Hitch

    Wish there were more MEN out there like this today.

  82. Connie Williams

    sweet voice

  83. Terri Moody

    Go.ahead.put.your Paper in the.toliet

  84. Daniel Buitron Jr

    This song made me get back with my baby mama... I drove to Wal-Mart at 3: 00am and called my ex wife in the pay phone after i heard this song ... Its been 8 years being back together.

  85. Billy Maddison

    When I get her she will be very happy to be with me.. I will put smiles on you not tears

  86. Billy Maddison

    Know one will hurt her..

  87. Lilly Lou

    Just some good old country!

  88. Tracy Allen

    Man to woman....the only way. NO BS.

  89. Cristi Leibold

    love it !! Still listening Dec 2018

  90. Donna Morrow

    Hell yeah man to man who cheated who if a man can't be good to his woman someone else will take up the slack

  91. Ricky Hunt

    Can't complain about losing a woman if you didn't treat her right.

  92. David Passmore

    Used to hate this song. Now I get it.

  93. Barbara Trahan

    Damn right amen