Allan, Gary - Learning How To Bend Lyrics

I'm still learning how to pray
Trying hard not to stray
Try to see things your way
I'm still learning how to pray
I'm still learning how to trust
It's so hard to open up
And I'd do anything for us
I'm still learning how to trust

I'm still learning how to bend
How to let you in
In a world full of tears
We'll conquer all our fears
I'm still learning how to fly
I wanna take you higher
I'll be there till the end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I'm still learning how to bend

I'm just trying to understand
It's all in someone else's hands
There's always been a bigger plan
But I don't need to understand

I'm still learning how to bend
How to let you in
In a world full of tears
We'll conquer all our fears
I'm still learning how to fly
I wanna take you higher
I'll be there till the end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I'm still learning how to bend

I'll be there till the end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I'm still learning how to bend
I'm still learning how to bend
I'll be there till the end
I'm still learning how to bend

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Allan, Gary Learning How To Bend Comments
  1. Sara Smile

    To my love.

  2. Daisy Stephens

    I love how they are reppin BLS with that shirt.

  3. Viyanna L

    I ABSOLUTELY adore Gary Allan. Sings straight to the heart from the heart.

    In a world full of tears, we'll conquer all our fears...


  4. Tim Smith

    This song was played in my ptsd group by another vet .it fits many of us that served .I am a Vietnam era vet . but it does fit ptsd .many of Gary's songs are spot on with life 👍👍👍🇺🇸

  5. Nathaniel Nagy

    Still learning everyday.

  6. Asifkhan Niazi

    He is blessed with a soul which can touch ur 💓

  7. Danny Nee Music

    Great Music, Check out my music if you like his stuff :) xxx

  8. Juju Bee

    You & Keith Need To Make Music Together! ❤️🤠👍

  9. Veronica Matte

    2019 still learning !!!
    Anyone else ?

  10. Curt Dixson

    I would love to collaborate with this gifted man. Gary you are damn good!!!

  11. Becca Bradley

    I got a notice you’d be playing in Zanesville Ohio, but tickets nor show is listed.

  12. Lynn Thornhill

    Looovveeee Gary!!!!

  13. Kathy Benson

    OMG such an honest song...... wow!

  14. Heather Younce

    To this day..i can never get enough of Gary Allen.. 💗

  15. Anthony Brock

    It’s a crime this guy is treated so poorly by Nashville

  16. Anthony Brock

    Please do not mention Eric church in the same breath as Gary Allan.....not even close

  17. David Toncray

    Still learning

  18. Vic Propes

    Thank God I meet you Crystal Gail Coile

  19. Vic Propes

    I love you Crystal Gail Coile

  20. gerald brown

    Good song says it all 👌

  21. monica miller

    He knows gary with his life

  22. Tony Huelsman

    I’m still in love with you Taylor just want you

  23. Cari Richards

    I've seen him every year for 4 yrs at desert diamond casino in az.
    He is totally awesome!

  24. Thunder Beast

    Story of my life

  25. love me leave me

    Like a pretzel lolo

  26. Ultimate .Gaming

    I lost my girl tonight.. Gary Allan for the things I couldn’t find the words too say

  27. Saundra Quarles

    #2019# still learning...

  28. Tommy Robertson

    Learning to move on in life!

  29. Deborah Buhl


  30. love me leave me

    Wow teaching how a real man loves...I want some of that real man love 2019 it's upon my boootyyyyyy

  31. Saundra Quarles

    I tired 😪 here it is finally over .. So its my time to lean how to be your friend.. Learning how to bend.. Jeremy.. Bye..

  32. Betsy O'Rourke

    I'm Loving you Gary Allan!!
    With all you been through!! I will keep my strength cuz I know that if you sang it there is someone who will love me and let me shine💖

  33. lynn diaz

    Still my favorite

  34. Care Care

    2019...Still awesome....

  35. Kimberly Quintanilla

    Totally UNDERRATED! Great voice and great songs!

    Thunder Beast

    I agree 100%

  36. Dewayne Harrelson

    Still learning how too pray I just wanted to see things your way where both still trying to let each other in I'm still learning how to bend but I don't need to understand I finally put it in God's hands

  37. Joyce Miller

    323 people must live in another universe. Great voice great song.

  38. Nancy Kacey

    Gary Allen is the real deal.

  39. Evan Silvey

    Known but Gary since first album.

  40. Not BuyingIt

    Got tix for a February 2019 show. Can't wait!

  41. Dewayne Harrelson

    2018 still learning how to pray

  42. Rodney Moore

    I don’t think this guy has one song of his I don’t like. I’m 47 years old and was a huge George straight fan and then Tim McGraw but just came across this guy about 6 years ago and now he’s definitely my favorite. A real singer/songwriter!!! The music of today sucks

  43. Stephanie Loving37kindness

    xox xoxoxox Always Learning Always Growing....xoxoxoxo

  44. 99maclaren

    Love the kilt one of the band members is wearing. Hot!

  45. brandi fry

    Gary Allan's the best

  46. clever bear

    Just saw him in concert. He delivers. Only thing he didn’t sing Today!

  47. Martha Stephens

    I believe every word Gary sings . Wonderful artist. Never underrated in my choice of talented musicians .

  48. D M

    I see here a trend for Gary being a underrated singer/musician/performer and you know what? The comments stating this are speaking the truth.

  49. Rhonda Hart

    this is so true after a 22 years of marriage, it is so hard to trust after life changing hurtful break up.

  50. Saundra Quarles

    So hard to open up stilling how to trust.. I'm so tired of being a lone going on 12 yr still learning how to bend... love his music were is the good ones

    Travis Rehbein Sr

    Right my point exactly I've been burned so so many times is there really anyone left out there that truly has a heart anymore it's just sad so I completely understand everything your going through..

  51. Leanne Devine

    I freaking love EVER song Gary sings!!! Best singer ever to!! Really hits home 💖

  52. Molly Clouse

    Love this guy! His voice is amazing!

  53. Amanda Chambers

    Do you ever hear a song that reminds you of yourself..This is my song forsure!

  54. John Marker

    Put me to tears. The high note got me.

  55. Kayla Schulz

    It's in God's hands

  56. Kayla Schulz

    Pretty much

  57. Kayla Schulz

    Not about me but I'm worried about

  58. Byron Greene

    Cowboy Surfer Gary Allan. Thank you. You have been an inspiration on me and my life through the good and the bad. My 20 year old son was tragically killed in an automobile accident August 9th 2015. He was one of your biggest fans. And I as well. I raised him on your music. So I want to thank you. And send you many blessings God bless you. For your longevity second number one fan.

    Greg M

    God Bless you....🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Barbara Lewis

    Wow! I can't even begin to imagine what hurt you have experienced losing your son. I pray you have found peace after such tragic loss and may God bring comfort when times are tough as I am sure you still have your days.

  59. Christine Green

    This man is the Best...too many of his songs I can relate him xo

  60. ollie geiger

    Hands down my favorite song of all time

  61. Torry Fortner

    His best song next to smoke rings in the dark

  62. Eustace Clevenshire

    Not really sure what to say or do something I just got to do what I can do

  63. Ginnie Perslin

    Did anyone else notice that the violinist is playing Crying For Nothing? Awesome

  64. Brandi Gay

    Every day, every hour, every hour....I’m still learning. Still learning how to bend, how to let you in.
    As a woman that’s been hurt, it’s a huge thing to let someone in. I have finally found my man, but I’m still learning how to bend.

  65. deborah eagle

    enjoy people and all the joy peace hope

  66. Bunchmorre TookHerFromYou

    #1 all time favorite!! thanks GA you're the best!

  67. Bunchmorre TookHerFromYou

    #1 all time favorite!! thanks GA you're the best!

  68. MIT MM

    Love your music Gary Allan!! You are a bad ass!!

  69. Aaron Lewis

    Gary is a genuine artist. Sings with such enthusiasm. Hes really into the music.

  70. Maryann Stone

    Love a lot of Gary Allen songs and some are sad to but they are great to listen to

  71. Brandi Gay

    2017....and this is still my favorite song!!! I’m still learning how to bend after all these years!


    Brandi Gay 2018 I have been listen for awhile Gary Allan and Randy Travis are to that sing right from the heart and soul not the money faces

    Blessed Trinity

    November 2019

  72. dragonsblood6664 dragonsblood6664

    1st class

  73. dragonsblood6664 dragonsblood6664

    one hell of a talent

  74. merlynda suasba

    wow! he sings from the heart! I like it.

  75. Betsy O'Rourke

    This man is singing from his soul! LOVE HIS MUSIC 💛

  76. Shannon Thibeault

    How true are these words? Haunt me every day...

  77. Penny Little

    love me some Gary Allan

  78. jed4426

    I can't wait for Thursday. Finally back in Jersey

  79. Leisa Tickerhoof


  80. Flammora74

    "Still learning how to bend...still learning how to's so hard to open up"

    No one knows how much this song hits home with me, thank you Gary for singing this for us souls who are doing the same thing...learning how to pray, bend, trust, fly and conquor all those things as well.

  81. Scolastica Thitai

    i love country music. they have a story to tell. they say i live my teenage life lyk am sixty years. but i like the old feeling coz it has meaning

  82. Delisa York

    Learning how to bend that's about it still don't trust at all..this song.. is Great.I love every one of his song..

  83. Lance Cox

    we need you back man

  84. Your Sister 911

    Underrated artist guess it's cause he didn't sell out like all the other bitch niggas

  85. Shawn Chase

    How do you learn to Love again.....That I cant figure out

  86. Melissa Rowan

    I relate to every one of your songs and somehow I've lived it through happiness and tears I relate so deeply to your music it's my therapy

  87. Shannon Rogers

    Gary Allen is the best I've ever heard in such a long long time. He should be on these award shows but I've come to know that Gary Allen is not a ass kisser and will always do things his way. He truly sings from his heart and it shows in his music. I'll take Gary Allen over any one in Country Music any day of the year. I've seen him in concert in Grand Prairie, Tx 2 times and if he comes back I'll be there with bells on. Keep being u Gary Allen, ur fans love u for it.

  88. Tom Davies

    And they just keep forgetting about Gary in our local Grand Rapids market. Whoever makes the decisions about music to play is just wrong. A lot of artist should be in rotation all the time. Not just new music. I would like to start my own radio station. How about you?

  89. Brad Davis

    got engaged to this at house of blues ac in 09

  90. Natasha Cairnes

    From his heart now. I have always liked Gary but Keith more. Love this song also love Gary's first album

  91. Adrian Escot

    2017 and my dawg Gary Allan still going hard \m/ *_* \m/

  92. Nabors Clyde

    still haven't made it cause I see my wife be. untrue in my face everyday and I love her so much I want walk away God help me its killing me inside

  93. Tommy Lane

    I just recently lost the love of my life,my fiancee
    This was one of our favorite songs,every time I hear it-i think about what he and I had together and what the future had for us

  94. Lisa Rose

    Miss Listening To Gary
    My Favorite......☺❤👍

  95. Elizabeth Walker

    Was this after his wife killed herself??

    Morgan Greenville

    Elizabeth Walker yes this is my mom crazy enough in this video and she was dating him at this time

  96. Nan Fusinato

    Gary Allan's voice and meanings to his songs is the best ever! He's the sexiest country artist ever!! Awesome, Awesome!! Speak to me Gary in your music!! Love it!!

    Linda Black

    I can't explain how ALL of GA songs touch Every part of my life. Even now that my Soul Mate has past away... I relisted to Our Song... "Best I Ever Had" & his words touch my Soul very deep. God Bless Gary Allen

  97. Ryan Fisher 48

    com full youtube country music taylor amber video Ryan Fisher music video com kitty

  98. Cathy Van den eynden

    Damn I love his voice and he doesn't look so bad either, wow