Allan, Gary - It Would Be You Lyrics

It's hard describing a heartache
All because it's a one of a kind of thing
A serious injury
And a whole lot of endless pain
If it was a storm
I'd compare to a hurricane
Oh it's even got a name

If it was a drink
It would be a strong one
If it was a sad song
It would be a long one
If it was a color
It would be a deep deep blue
But if we're talking about a heartache
It would be you

If it was a full moon
It would be a total eclipse
If it was a tidal wave
It would sink a thousand ships
If it was a blizzard
It would be a record breaking cold
If it was a lie
It would be the biggest story you've ever told

If it was a drink
It would be a strong one
If it was a sad song
It would be a long one
If it was a color
It would be a deep deep blue
But if we're talking about a heartache
It would be you

If it was a color
It would be a deep deep blue
But if we're talking about a heartache
It would be you

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Allan, Gary It Would Be You Comments
  1. Deb Cronk

    Gary hits home with his Songs I lost my Husband of 30 years in August 8, 2009 love Gary music.

  2. Gabriele Fusi

    A wonderful country music song

  3. Shawn Tannehill

    Love this one. Its 2019 and I seen him in concert in 2005. Great concert.

  4. Jeremy shawn Foster

    I love it more than anything make love more ok Maxine

  5. Angela Siliznoff

    If we're talking about a heartache, it would be you.

  6. Robbie Stewart

    Shanya Baszler If We're Talkin Bout A Heartache It Would Be You

  7. George Lomas

    Nothing like some good fucking hurt'n. Damn it.

  8. KowboyM

    They just don’t make songs like this no more !! Gary’s the man

    Raymond Cote

    I love Gary

  9. Martha Stephens


  10. Lori Wetzel

    It would be EWE

  11. Lori Wetzel

    It would be "u".

  12. Jennifer Dijames

    Good song Gary.

  13. Jina Kepler

    A man that sings from his heart.❤

  14. Senga

    Beautiful voice.... and, ok, ..put a guy in a cowboy hat.... jeez.. gorgeous!xx

  15. michael Reed

    I would love to see him in Louisville ky im in Georgetown ky

  16. Eric Ziebell

    I will marry this woman if she'd take responsibility for her actions. I'd always love her know matter what!

  17. Caron Tidwell

    Love Gary Allen!!!

  18. 80z Lady

    **Sing It**

  19. M1A 1911

    With all the help he’s been through in his life especially losing his wife and he just keeps his head up. Man is a hero and one hell of an artist. God speed and God bless Gary Allan!

  20. Jason Jarvis

    One of the not so noticed greats compared to this new country bs they play on the radio!! Keep it country not the mixed voice box I can’t really sing shit lol!!

  21. Vanessa Milton

    Saw him last night in Amarillo Texas he put on a hell of a show. One of a kind. His music touches the soul!!

  22. J W

    Gary Allen is one of the last OGs. Amazing sir thank you for everything.

  23. Evelyn Pierce

    Never get tired of listening to him sing 😂

  24. Doris Night

    I miss you so much. I really miss you very much.

  25. Kayla Schulz

    Not a perfect life but I like it here

  26. Kirk Berryhill

    Biggest Badass In country music. I love this music

  27. karena phillippo

    Gary Allan your so sexy !

  28. Chris William

    I'm tried of people telling me what I should be why don't they just help me and let me do what I do

  29. Robin A

    Hey Emily Can you believe how underappreciated our guy is? I miss you girl. 💙💚

  30. Renee Lu

    Can we bring back country music like this

  31. Elaine Blevins

    My all time favorite song!!!!

  32. Gary Morrison II

    Heartbroken sucks

  33. Kim Holmes

    Have mercy on my soul #stillwaiting

  34. Cynthia Gosnell

    You go cowboy

  35. Edward Wooden

    Gary Allan makes great music. Awesome!

  36. Peggy Shumar

    Love his voice ...his singing...☺️🎶🎸

  37. Bonnie Evans

    It would be you

  38. Holly Hughes

    I want to see Gary Allan so bad...He’s coming to my state 1 day before I marry by best friend!!!!

  39. alaskaoil

    Hit the like button 2019

  40. Paul Maslanka

    If were talking about a heartache would be on you!!

  41. Dennis Snider

    awesome lyrics with a one of a kind voice

  42. Liza Myers Edwards


  43. Di Bn

    .....if you are talking about a heart ache it would be you....

  44. Wendy Robinson

    Gary will be playing after we are gone.❤

  45. Thanks Giving

    Can't seem to get you off my mind ever!

  46. Holly Hughes

    Omg I would love to go see him in September in my state of NC..Concert is 1 day before my wedding!!

  47. Proud580


  48. John Vriesema

    Just got "No Judgement Day" Single

  49. love me leave me

    But I belong 2 her

  50. Mopsfrosch

    Country Music <3

  51. Elizabeth Miller

    So very true. 😓

  52. Tom Hodge

    If I was 30 this would be to you moe sign Tom Hodge the third

  53. Destiny Plunkett

    #2019! Still jamming out to ol Gary Allen his songs are awesome!!


    Gary Allan has always been one of my favorite country artists! He’s fuggin awesome!!

    Cameron Gettings

    Destiny Plunkett :hell yeah I am Gary Allen is of the best singers they dont make'em like this anymore

    Cameron Gettings

    One of the best

    vickie willett

    still one of the best!!!!

    rissa dawn

    Destiny Plunkett he sings my truth, unfortunately lol

  54. Davey Felton

    Heart ache. The worst shit ever entered into my life.

  55. Alicia Qualls

    He looks rugged now. He used to be so handsome. That’s what alcoholism will do to you

  56. Chris Weigel

    Always said he was one of my favorites. He never got the credit he deserved.

  57. John Taylor

    He has never got the respect that he deserves, great artist one off the best in a long time ..

  58. Kathleen Teater

    Me I love this song

  59. Bettie Matleener


  60. Pam Jefferson

    Beautiful song 🍃❤️💋

  61. Senga

    This guy is so real........ he lives and means every word.......x

  62. Michael Duncan

    Sound like he crying

  63. Debbie Drummond

    wayne xoxo

  64. Tiffany Dame

    I absolutely love💕 this song! along with the others😉 but I love this one particularly...well done and of course, Thank You for the awesome music😊

  65. Beau Long

    Find myself here everytime I'm drinking.. Miss you Dad.

  66. Chuck Mayes

    Every man could and can relate to this song !!!!! We’ve all been there boys !!!!!

  67. journeystarr

    This song reminds me of an ex from about two years ago

  68. journeystarr

    2019 anyone?

  69. Charlene Nixon

    When love cant find away. then its not love... I can find ways but you know when the one you love cant or wont then you know he dont love you enough to make it work...

  70. Kntry 4life

    Still loving this song 2019 ♥ 🔥

  71. Lori Wetzel

    One of my ALL time favorites!!!

  72. Tony C

    Awesome artist! So many of his songs r my life!!!!

  73. Kansasboy 007

    If it was a drank, it would be a strong one..

  74. Regina Swiney

    these. is my life

  75. Cory Foster

    Its hard describe a heart ache but i feel this song can tell u what i cant

  76. David Killingsworthjr

    this song makes me think about my ex

  77. Nick Alexander

    It would be you Trish Troxell

  78. Tina Beck

    Love this song it would be you

  79. Keith Jose

    Nov. 2018, Can't stop listening to Gary !! Never be any substitute !!

  80. Juie Hartwell

    Kid Rock

  81. coasttal123

    He, Eric Church, and Drake White are my favorites.

  82. coasttal123

    Yes, great stuff. He looks better without the hat.

  83. Sandra Fling

    He is awesome... Great songs, voice and he's very handsome!

  84. Diane Rose

    this just about says it all when it comes to having your heart broke

  85. Sherry Bridges

    Who are you?

  86. chris dial

    Been a fan since "used Hart for sale" still a big fan never will get old...

  87. Jay Weekes

    still beautiful....signature series country music.

  88. Sandra Fling

    I love him, great voice, songs and very handsome


    Saw Gary in concert, LOVE HIS MUSIC !!!

  90. Mike or patty Rhoades

    good song

  91. Vicky Whitt

    Come to North Carolina pls

  92. Vicky Whitt

    Wish it was me your a fine looking man and I love you music I love your songs Vicky whitt 😘

  93. Anthony Gillespie

    one of the best, maybe the best

  94. April Hartshorn

    "If we're talking bout a heartache.... it would be you" smh... In all of his songs he describes real life shit down to a T. No fake bs like most singers now.

  95. John Jones


  96. Kimberly Bowling

    Yea, and it never stops or sets up......