Allan, Gary - I'm The One Lyrics

If you need someone to take you by the hand
And help you heal your broken heart
Show you how to find the faith in love again
So you can make a brand new start
If you're looking for the man to chase away your clouds
And be your morning sun
Oh, baby I'm the one

Believing in tomorrow is so hard
When all your yesterdays are filled with pain
Trusting in the future isn't easy
When the past is just pouring rain
All you need it someone to take away
The memory of what he's done
Oh, baby I'm the one

I'm the one who longs to kiss your lips
And hold you tight
I'm the one who longs to love you
For the rest of your life
So if you're looking for the kind of man who loves
Forever and will never run
Oh, baby I'm the one

I'm the one who longs to kiss your lips
And hold you tight
I'm the one who longs to love you
For the rest of your life
So if you're looking for the kind of man who loves
Forever and will never run
Oh, baby I'm the one
Oh, baby I'm the one

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Allan, Gary I'm The One Comments
  1. Nata Baker this was my father his dream was to be heard thank yall

  2. Andrea Romero

    Papá Dios protegeme 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Elizabeth Newberry

    Whenever this song came on CMT back in the day I get so excited I felt so good. Seeing video now I can repeat it over and over again it never gets old. My mister right my future love if your out there if you love old country like I do are old fashioned love Jesus with your whole heart. Man would love me like this it would natural feeling.

  4. Elizabeth Newberry

    All time favorite song from him. Mmmmmm oh my ❤️ I know I am 33 years old. He gets me Everytime.

  5. José Jiménez retana

    I love miusic 👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🎙🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏

  6. Elizandra Santos

    Amei linda Vós que o senhor Deus continue te abençoando e protegendo hoje e sempre em nome do senhor Jesus cristo.❤😍

  7. Elizandra Santos

    oiiiii que lindo as suas músicas amei que o senhor Deus continue te abençoando com essa voz tão linda gostei muito😍❤

  8. Jason Striation

    Thankfully we still have this to listen to not this new junk they're pumping out. Thanks for posting😎

  9. AG Patterson

    Great lyrics and sound.*

  10. Imani Berry

    My song there

  11. barbara estes

    the one is whos in a person hearts Gary

  12. Jo-ann Louw

    Love ❤️❤️

  13. Angélique Robert

    Bonne après midi @ sur cet bel musique adore mélodie et sa musique voix [email protected]

  14. Maria Leija

    Me encantas!!!

  15. Maria Leija


  16. Lizzy Unknown

    It's so amazing song

  17. Blessed Trinity

    Go Gary

  18. Emanuel Jenkins


  19. Shytowngrl Me

    My real life JOHN WAYNE 😵❤️ he’s beautiful too mr nature white tail chaser

  20. Blessed Trinity

    Be who you are so when you meet the one you are in sync.🇺🇸🎶🐎

  21. Chromey

    You know who you are. I know someday you’ll see this comment. I don’t know why you don’t stop and forgive me. I made mistakes, I know, but 17yrs is hard to throw away. It’s on you now. I wish you peace and happiness, whatever that entails.

  22. Angélique Robert

    Il a belle voix canadien admire sa musique @

  23. Angela Giffin

    Who r uu pretending through destiny and fantasy

  24. Angela Giffin

    Where are you

  25. Angela Giffin

    Your the one my cowboyxx

  26. Angela Giffin

    Yes your the one thats true healing can feel l believe you

  27. Angela Giffin

    My cowboy l really love youxx

  28. Roberta Becker

    Adorei esta música!

  29. KowboyM

    This song is right up there with “Amazed” in my books

  30. Leonardo Alves

    O homem lindo mds😍

  31. Rita Dias


  32. Roman De Los Santos

    Great song!

  33. jaclyn yvonne villarreal rench

    Still The Best. ..I just wish I had someone who was on my level of understanding me,I walk in pain and my heart aches .I Pray for the pain and heartache passes but there is no hope...but I go on with the pain and heartache of the loss of my Grandmother

  34. Sharon Joke

    He was ☹

  35. Sherrlyn Charlton

    Gary is so sexy love video

  36. Asifkhan Niazi

    Heaven must be playing music like this

  37. Khalid Omair Al-Saadoun

    Enjoy a great weekend

  38. Thunder Beast

    This song is for Melissa 💙

  39. Leonora Jessica


  40. Not1Edit

    Mimi, I'll will always love You, & I will wait for You as long as it takes. My ♥

  41. Manuela Kani


  42. Veronica Contreras

    It cant be with you Lyle.. NO!?

  43. Veronica Contreras

    Any comment Lyle??

  44. Bobby Scott

    Great song

  45. Sil 40 Soares

    Oloco 😘❤

  46. C W Snippits

    Man....time flies. Much love

  47. Debbie Podgorske

    My favorite song of his. So beautiful.

  48. Marlen SR

    Beautiful song👍🥰

  49. brenda gnias


  50. Michelle McDougall

    You are My One I love you so much baby I miss you.Just come take my hand.

  51. Deborah crew

    Thank you so much

  52. Kayla Schulz

    A man always knows what he's doing

  53. Juju Bee

    Gary I ❤️ Ur Music!
    U deserve an award for all you've done..
    I asked the CMAs & presenting is a start

  54. peggy self

    Justin is everything i want in a man I'm so blessed

  55. Mr Pool Player

    Pretty good song, great country music & has a message that many should hear.

  56. Kidist Chala


  57. rumetair life

    The song of him remember when is really a great song and so sad why he is an underrated artist...

  58. Lindsay Schaffer

    Gary Allan is a good looking guy with his cowboy hat.

  59. Rachel Pickering

    This song is sad. I found the one. He rescued me from a abusive marriage. I miss and love my soldier.

  60. Summer faith

    Wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  61. Nancy Foroughi

    Love his voice!

  62. Traci PCpwer

    Awesome loved

  63. Norbert Lödkvist

    För dig.. Men klockan är 06.14..söndagsmorgon.. Måste fortsätta sova..

  64. Terri Lynn 72

    I Love Gary Allans Voice In This Song!! Mmmmmmmm!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  65. R.B. Zipay


  66. Sharon 529


  67. mary kay

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he never came to fight for our love

  68. croz 5.56

    Love his voice

  69. Tevis Brown

    I'm the one..

  70. Carla Williams

    STILL one of my FAVORITE songs and artists!

  71. Rebekah Wheaton

    Have yet to have one prove they are the one, words are cheap actions speak. Ride or die right here and cant find the one that knows what that really means and lives it with their actions.

  72. sensei juan

    Only a Great GOD could make a woman that beautiful.

  73. Trisha crazy one

    This is beautiful and this is what all a woman needs is a man to feel that way and not just words. Song shows a man with feelings and a heart

  74. Dillard Hamilton

    Its always been about the other person.then me.the feeling that you can great are most.

  75. xander kias

    Glad it popped up in my recommendations. Heard this song when I was a kid ,

  76. mary kay

    I thought

  77. Diana Jr


  78. Lonzo Medina

    Just Listening To This Musical Genuise...Gary Allen Always Makes Me FEEL SO Beautiful About My Slef....

  79. Sergio Perez Alba

    Pero que bonito escenario típico del oeste americano y norte de México, la frontera sin ley,

  80. Dale Dixonn

    I love you Beth henderson

  81. Kevin Brooks

    Nice Camino

  82. Kathy Benson

    OMG so beautiful..l and heartfelt!!!!!!!

  83. Veverly Sumlin

    Why are there no black girls in the county videos

  84. Jason Johnson

    Headed to french lick to see you tonight. I'm so stocked, it's my girlfriend's birthday present. She has no clue.

  85. Elvis Hale

    there is no doubt gary is one of best over look country stars

  86. Michelle Elliott

    so in love with my husband❤💋😘

  87. Becky Sov

    The most young lady never know about loves that much yet but until when they have a relationship or start to have family.

  88. Amy Woodard

    Brings back memories.....

  89. Veronica Contreras

    Gloria is your Tio Omar's wife.. Ruby E Erika M Omar David mother my stepmother..

  90. Veronica Contreras

    Ruby E. omar were called and showed up anyway.. Erika outside waiting..

  91. Nicholas Hayden

    what year is that car?

  92. Itai Coronado

    Trust in me and you'll find a heart so true
    All I want to do is give the best of me to you
    And stand beside you..💕

  93. Dianna Nunez

    Beautiful song and wonderful video ✌️🍀✨💖🙏🏼