Allan, Gary - I'll Take Today Lyrics

Yeah, she's the one
The one I told you all about
Yeah, it was serious, but it was long ago
She just might walk over here
And give me a kiss for old times
But don't you worry dear
Old times, next to you, can never come close

I'll take today over yesterday, anyday
I'll take lyin' in your arms tonight
Over and above any love, I've known
Memories may find me, but they'll always be behind me
I'll take today over yesterday, anyday

I'd be lyin' if I tried to tell you now
That I never loved her
And she doesn't ever cross my mind
But that was yesterday, and baby, I don't wanna go back
Here is where I'm gonna stay
With you in each tomorrow of my life

I'll take today over yesterday, anyday
I'll take lyin' in your arms tonight
Over and above any love, I've known
Memories may find me, but they'll always be behind me
I'll take today over yesterday, anyday

Memories may find me, but they'll always be behind me
I'll take today over yesterday, anyday

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Allan, Gary I'll Take Today Comments
  1. Andrea Rasmussen

    Why can't that girl stop fidfet moving. Love on speed.

  2. Lauralynn Belle

    Been a fan since 97'
    I'm now 40.
    One of the greats!

  3. Melissa Haley


  4. Danny Nee Music

    Hi guys if you like Gary Allan take a look at my YouTube 😊👍

  5. terri burgess

    Pawing over each other aren't they? Get a room Gary. Lol

  6. bkscott885

    Single Of The Year !!!!!

  7. Vanessa Brasseaux


  8. bluebfly1971


  9. Stacy Steele

    I don’t know if you’re reading this but I just need a small connection from you. Feeling a bit lost. Nothing to worry about, but just unsteady.

    Eddie Otwell

    I'll give you a connection pretty girl.Chase NO ONE pretty girl.⚘

  10. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin I'll Take Today Over Yesterday Anyday I'll Take Lying In You're Arms Tonight Over And Above Any Love I've Known Memoires May Find Me They'll Always Be Behind Me Allea Pippin I'll Take Today Over Yesterday Anyday

  11. Suzi Wil

    Love Smoke Rings. How very true the words ring through..
    Feeling so lonely, my partner next to me, sleeping like a baby, pretending he doesn't know. Ice cicles come to mind. Cold and dark.

  12. Katie Schwittay

    Love Gary Allen!!!!

  13. Kim Holmes

    Sweet God in heaven yes , I'm #stillwaiting. Trying not to let too much of yesterday take up too much of today.....

  14. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Love this song!

  15. shona goobie

    love gary

  16. Christos Anesti

    Cant say it yet

  17. Keith O'Neil

    Very beautiful voice and song

  18. cathy gambill

    Thank you for posting your music on utube Gary. You look almost like oldest son John and you are his favorite . After he turned me on to you I can see why

  19. Stacey Canipe

    Hes so HOTT!!!!

  20. Christos Anesti

    My friend tried to help me through years of crying..about Jess..good try.never worked when u in love its 4 ever

  21. Kristin Middleton

    I'll take him any day

  22. Kristin Middleton

    This is one of my favorite country songs ever!

  23. Jay Weekes

    kinda speaking to me right, i've been struggling with a decision 5 months now....thing brings me closer.

  24. Zanna Shirmana

    I'll take this song any day, maybe even today.

  25. Zanna Shirmana

    I'll take this song any day, even maybe today.

  26. born free

    For everyone on a Gary Allan binge wallowing in your miser and self pity over that one, some people claim that it gets easier; that broken hearts mend and forgetting her is possible. I think they are probably full shit.

  27. Raronhiarakwas

    Still here 2019

  28. david colley

    great song and crazy days memories

  29. T Nobody

    His hits just keep coming. I'm still singing his art.

  30. Carol Sharp

    It’s bad when you feel like you can’t breath

  31. it's all good

    I do believe that model is trying to take advantage of Gary. LOL

  32. Carol Sharp

    I live alone I will die alone with my bad heart

  33. Benjamin Hawley


  34. Yelena Grate

    Best of the best❤️

  35. Connie Sadowinski

    Love this!

  36. Kay Mcguire

    Five stars

  37. Kay Mcguire

    go the one and only gary allen

  38. Matthew Wayne

    One of my favorite Gary Allen songs of all time.

    Robbie Stewart

    Matthew Check Out The Original Version Of This Song By Tanya Tucker Her Version Is Awesome Too

  39. Myrtel Lou


  40. Shawn Chase

    Lost My Love 4 months ago to a heart attack. I hope I can rebuild my life as he has. I miss the touch, and love. Miss you my Love

    Kay Mcguire

    Shawn Chase take care try to see little goodness in what you can.its so hard my thoughts are with you.

  41. Mike Elliott

    Im stuck on what I'd say waiting to hit I'll take today again

  42. Cheri Dugan

    i just bought my boyfriend and i tickets to his show this coming thursdays show in lagrange, indiana, yes hes hotttttt, love his music! cant wait til thursday, whoo hoo!!!!

  43. Jerilynn Shorty

    love me some good ol'classic from Gary♡ very sexy♡♡♡♡

  44. Linda Lopez

    I'll be seeing him this Saturday can't wait

  45. Lynni Zamora

    best song ever

  46. AKERS517XC

    One of the most underrated artists in country music! Its a damn shame!


    I agree. His music is real. One of my favorite artists hands down.

    Jeff Gray

    Totally agree most underrated country artist

    Robbie Stewart

    Amen Gary Is Real Country Even With His New Music


    He's made millions,voted sexy man. In his time. So not underrated


    Agreed! I see him twice a year.... and his songs kick the shit out of Kenny and his bullshit!!!!

  47. vde420

    IT Ain't the Whishey, I know, I love this lonely man he sounds a whole lot about this life I am living and can't seem to forgive or get past. In 1988, I married a man that I thought and did at the time, would be my strength and here is am almost 29 years later hating everything I thought I STOOD FOR, I FUCKED UP! IMMENSELY, but now this man off mine is sick with COPD and still smokes drugs and cigarettes, I myself was diagnosed in 2010 with liver Chirohisis and here I sit every lonely hour of my life in my bedroom with my door shut,,,,,, and it wasn't and it ain't the frigging Whiskey

  48. Brandy Sunshine

    I'd take just a moment punkin!

    Double C

    I would like a moment with u

  49. Lisia Reis

    Good memories

  50. Phillip Catron

    love this song

  51. michael cookston

    18 years ago is when this came out

    Weston Starling

    Damn I got old :(

    Kay Mcguire

    Weston Starling just begining the day today.time is just time

  52. XxJustinXx88

    I miss the days when you could get on YouTube without having an add to skip through every video. Oh well at least It's free for all of us great music lovers.




    +94buschman I'll check It out. Thanks!

  53. Kim Vlaovich


  54. Donald Knox

    my fav !

  55. Rachel Mckee

    Omg i love gary allen

  56. Vicki Jones

    Sorry Salmon's!!!

  57. Vicki Jones

    Haven salvins I so agree with you I think of my first
    Love always!

  58. Vicki Jones

    I love all his music but that one makes me want to be in her place for all times with the first love of my life John! But in Gary's arms would be awesome too!

  59. Gary Beardslee

    Love that song

  60. Justice Delacruz


    Jennifer Dijames

    keep it up Gary.I'm so proud of you.

  61. Nobuyuki Sato

    2:48 illuminati !?

  62. Smurf Murphy

    Such a great song. This song made me love his music.

  63. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    Know you don't surf.

  64. Nancy Goodman

    There's not very many of your songs I don't like and most of them make me cry because they're making me miss my love. He's been gone 13 years now but it's just like yesterday. R.I.P. my love 💔

    Gary Goodman

    I know mom, I miss dad too.

  65. Lindsey Sweet

    One of his best songs and I love his music

    Lindsey Sweet

    That's an awesome song and he's one of my favorite singers

    J Sweatt

    @Lindsey Sweet Wow! I've never seen another man named Lindsey, Lindsey Sweet. My uncles name is Lindsey Sweat. Damn, that's close. Just an A away.

    Robbie Stewart

    @Lindsey Sweet Check Out The Original Of This Song By Tanya Tucker Her Version Of This Song Is Awesome

  66. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    Yes I will !!!

  67. Haven Salmons

    Thisvis a great and powerful song. Brings back memories of my Richard. Which whom I think and dream bout. Some memories cant be put behind.

    Kay Mcguire

    need we say more the one and only gary allan

  68. Haven Salmons

    This is a great and powerful song. Brings memories of me and my Richard. Which I always think and dream of him. Some memories can't be put behind.

  69. Doug Jefford

    can anyone explain the story in this vid? I keep seeing different views ..

  70. Drema Scott

    Love you! Gary you keep getting better and better! My heart melts with this song!!!

  71. Rodney Radoll

    Love it

  72. Melissa Rowan

    Simply better n better every song ♡

  73. Violet Miller

    Gary is so HOT! I'm 60 yrs old and find him so yummy!  lol

    Tarmac Dren

    My favorite four letter word...

    Linda Lopez

    Violet Miller lmao ur response made me laugh my ass off thank u I needed that

    Violet Miller

    You're very welcome, dear. Take care.

    Cinnamon Kaskade

    Violet Miller he is very attractive so young and old find him easy on the eyes

    xxnoobslayerxx gameing

    OK let's calm down jeez

  74. Tonie Campbell

    Thank You for another beautiful song. 

  75. renee gilmour

    Thought gary hated this.

    cyndi marx

    is that is ex-wife Danette, nov 98-june '99, in the video? could explain why. great song tho:)

  76. Tyler Woodward

    I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty special being the 110th viewer of this video!!!

    P.S. keep up the good work Gary Allan!

  77. forest_animals

    Gary Allan #1 Country forever! ;)
    -been a long time fan!

  78. Juan Guerra

    Thanks for posting all your old videos Gary Allan...see you in March at John T. FLOORES.