Allan, Gary - Her Man Lyrics

I'm gonna change my way of doin' things around here
Well I'm turning over a new leaf, gonna get myself in gear
'Cause I've got a woman who is better than most
And I've made a mess of her plans
Startin' today, all I'm gonna be is her man

'Cause I've been a wild catter, and a go-go getter
Been an S.O.B. right down to the letter
I've had misadventures, I've even got pictures
I'm even more than I can stand
But startin' today, all I'm gonna be is her man

I'm gonna give it all back, cause all I've done is take
Well I've put her on the back-burner while I was out on the make
But I've got a woman who is good enough to give me
A second chance again
And startin' today, all I'm gonna be is her man

'Cause I've been a wild catter, and a go-go getter
Been an S.O.B. right down to the letter
I've had misadventures, I've even got pictures
I'm even more than I can stand
But startin' today, all I'm gonna be is her man

I'm a little bit late but I'm wisin' up
Now I'm takin' her by the hand
And startin' today, all I'm gonna be is her man

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Allan, Gary Her Man Comments
  1. wilson sutton

    Her man love it 😂

  2. Bj Hurst

    He can sing the ingredients off of a cheerio box and make it sound good !

  3. Terry Quesenberry

    Pure Love ..Still and Clear!

  4. manuela mauder


  5. Charlie Paul

    Chris laying

  6. Angélique Robert

    magnifique melodie aime voix sublime du chanteur tres jolie musique <3**

  7. Robbie Stewart

    Startin' Today All I'm Gonna Be Is Shayna Baszler's Man

  8. Crazy Girl

    Still listening 2019.Good music.they don't make county like this

    Troy Woodham

    So true

  9. Dee Griminger

    Mine and my ex's song

  10. Blessed Trinity

    I am enjoying this right now

  11. Emanuel Jenkins

    I'm dedicating this song to my wife

  12. Terry Quesenberry

    I'm gonna Change My Way!

  13. pam lynn

    I love this song

  14. Mr Pool Player

    Pretty good song & a great presentation....

  15. Staci Fitzpatrick

    Uhhhhhh did he just vacuum? Drip drip lol

  16. Justin Wolfe

    Still jammin 2019, story of my marraige and how i was to my x wife, screwed up so much on my end

  17. Chris William

    Gary Allan ( Moore = Man owe Operating Room 👁️ I am N

  18. Christy Rowland

    I want to be Christy"man, I love you❤ baby

  19. Chad Edward

    I’m not gonna lie and say all I’m gonna be is Her Man, but I’m gonna be a better one. For everyone.

  20. Danny Nee Music

    HI < if you like GARY ALLAN check > DANNY NEE :)

  21. Christy Rowland

    I'm working on my marriage, god bless u all, what a awesome song.

  22. Diana Hayse

    Nice to see that men can realize that they are jerks sometimes. Lol

  23. Don Puckett

    That a song to Ashley from don puckett

  24. Tristen Burke

    2019 fucking mint

  25. michael Reed

    I would love to see him in Louisville ky im just in georgetown ky

  26. Allie Griffin

    Damn, one fine ass.

  27. Isabel Isabel

    🇩🇴en Naples florida Isabel Jerez

  28. Cierra Whittaker

    This is a good song💖💖

  29. Isaac Motley

    This is a beautiful song if it is really meant from being the truth.

  30. Ladonna Dowdy

    I made mess

  31. Dillon Vaughn

    Awesome song

  32. Non Minoris Aestimo me

    Perfect song for my husband Brad and I (Tami).. God has truly blessed us..He's definitely my man and as he puts it..I belong only to him...ha

  33. Christopher Quan

    Whatever happened to Gary Allen??? I love this song. Memories from when I used to listen to country music.

  34. Suphian Rawahneh

    I Remmber this song

  35. Todd Randall

    Startin' today...

  36. BIG .trouble

    I can't get enough of this guy.

  37. Cody M

    Written by Kent Robbins, and was originally recorded by Waylon Jennings in 1990, off of the album "The Eagle" (1990). It was released by Gary Allan in 1996, off of the album "Used Heart for Sale" (1996). In the video, which was directed by Gerry Wenner, Allan wakes up, and sees everything messy. He turns the TV off so he can clean the mess up. A guest comes in to clean the mess up. And then, he mows the lawn, and Allan used the vacuum to clean it up. He lights the candle, and a woman returns home.

  38. Johannes Möhner

    How my flat looks like wile I am dreaming of women I ll never get.

  39. jae l

    Lord that man is fine

  40. Cindy Wolfe

    Listen ladies if you truly have a man who wants to be with you and he truly loves you, even after you have hurt him, lied to him, stole from him or anything else well let me tell you something stop doing him so wrong and just let him love you and u love him more and more no matter what and don't let him go ever

  41. Paula Fulton

    I will jam to this song till I die

  42. Jeremy Fannon

    For Caroline. Come back baby!

  43. Halogen Harmony

    He looks so different now.

  44. Ethan Reynolds

    Gary Allan is my favorite singer.

  45. Sharon 529

    Melts my
    Heart. Sappy love song!

  46. Christopher Quan

    This is truly 90’s country music. I love it.

  47. Justin Crawford

    Heather Kephart I sorry

  48. Saundra Quarles

    I love u god I wish u could be my man.. Last 13 then we been separated for 3 years don't understand your my man but I can't fight ur addiction.. She won..

  49. Bo Young

    Your song got me out of some trouble in the past always love this song thank you Richard me my ways

  50. John Demeritt

    My favorite song by him.

  51. J Foan

    Awwww y'all we need a time machine ...that's what we need!

  52. Edileuza Bezerra de Melo Bezerra de Melo

    Boa noite

  53. Peter Webb

    It's nice to live it having some that's on your them not say they are

  54. BMfan4eva

    This one n Man To Man are my 2 to songs I love by him
    I could play them all day

  55. Megan Griffith

    What would life be without this man!! Thank you God for this beautiful man!

  56. Fermen Nelson

    Kendall Marie Nelson

  57. Zsófia Simó

    OMG this song is so beautiful <3

  58. Casey Stenzel

    I love you. I miss you. And I pray for you. I hope it feels good to be home. I got a ticket next year... I can move anywhere in America our daughter and I need you we're scared. And I know you need us and my son. You have to make this right. I don't know how much time I have. And I love you too much to think of you living in a lifetime of regret, i pray you find strength to be the man I've always seen inside the one who's not doomed. A good man. The man you really are. No one is forsaken. It does not have to be this way. Balls in your Court babe. Oh and Court misses you.

  59. Kimberly Jameson

    How do you start over after you loved the best! To scared to go it again! Beautiful song....😢😢😢😭😭😭

  60. Kristi Dawn

    Love this song

  61. Georgia Moon

    All I want is for my husband to be the man I fell in love with. That was always good enough for me.

  62. Carla SuAnne Lockett

    Hi!!!! New subscriber!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜from Oklahoma

  63. sensei juan

    "I've been an S.O.B right down to the letter". I think most men can relate to this.

  64. sensei juan

    What the hell happen music and country singers?? This is a real country love song.

  65. Justin Johnson

    I have made a ton of wrongs but my wife of 23yrs is still by my side l never stop being her man and trying to be a better man

  66. Matt Lewis

    It doesn't matter how much u change if she doesn't want you anymore you'll never be good enough i found this out the hard way


    Same goes for men. Its not just women

  67. Mary Thomas

    Wow never realized how many songs of his i love

  68. Kim Holmes

    #takin'applications , just sayin'.....lovin Gary

  69. Donnie Benthin

    So sad about his wife...RIP

  70. 2012donavan

    I love you ❤ Tibby 🖤

  71. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch I firgave you for everything all I ask you to do is ask you to do is love me like you use to cause I havent done anything to change that I love you and I always will just love me honey like you use to please i promise I'll,never leave you or anything just dont stop loving me and giving up on me love you love me Forever always sweetheart XO XO XO XO XO XO my love my everything my world my,life my,lifetime my lover my friend my hero thank you please be my love again babe be my sexy man

  72. Cam The Man

    Gary had no beard at the time and never showed his head hair

  73. 7M VIEWS


  74. Scottie Hostetter

    What the hell ever happened to this type country this stuff now days is not country its R&B pop.

  75. Kristal Price

    I have not heard these in so mine years......I was 8 years old when.. These came I'm 33

  76. Melinda Pemberton

    I answered your comment you left,on,my front page just. leave. Me an answer by calling byv 700 tonight so you and him,can talk then he can come get you tomorrow please let us. know something lovev you love me XO XO XO XO XO XO. Forever alway plus1 . My love

  77. Dan Messick

    Who can dislike this song they dont know how this song helped me sober up

  78. Dwain Mitchell

    Today is the hardest part of my life, Guy's if you love her tell her everyday and hold them tight you never know when it would be the last. I started being her man but it was way too late and wish I could turn back time. My wife had passed away on march 3, 2019 at the age 32, I was her world that she live in and the solid rock she stood on, to her I was perfect but the truth is I could have done a lot better.

  79. Stacey Ramey


  80. BradnCarla Pigott

    I love you Bradford with all my ❤️through thick and thin no matter what wrong or right

  81. Steveo W

    My fiance left me & 2 of our sons. She left so someone better could come in.

  82. Summer Breeze

    I love this song!

  83. William Navarre

    Real Country

  84. Megan Willis

    Gary Allen is a great singer still.

  85. Crystal Barron

    My husband needs to listen to this song!

  86. Nancy Doney

    This song makes me cry everytime I hear it cause when I first met my husband he use to sing it to me but what really makes me cry when I hear it is by beloved husband died 6yrs ago

    Chama Crocker

    May our good Lord comfort you

  87. kay T


  88. Chris Martin

    Dam good song

  89. Pa trapping

    This song has always been my favorite

    Megan Willis

    Mine too

  90. Cynthia june

    it takes me back.

  91. Stephanie Kaelin

    I love this song!! 💖💖

  92. Rosana Avlis

    Homem mais lindo meu Deus😮