Allan, Gary - Hangover Tonight Lyrics

Well it might be me, might be the whiskey
We might be loving, we might be tipsy
Tomorrow morning might hurt real bad
So lets make tonight last…

We've been hanging around this place (hanging around)
Hanging on to the hope and the way this whiskey tastes (whiskey tastes)
Waiting, wishing that you would say
“Hell with being sober, I wanna hangover tonight”
It's getting stronger (stronger), how can this be wrong girl (wrong girl)
All night long, girl, I wanna hangover tonight

Well I might make a move and it might be risky
I'll take one more shot if you'll take one with me
Get a little closer in a cab outside
Lets take a ride (ride with me baby)

We've been hanging around this place (hanging around)
Hanging on to the hope and the way this whiskey tastes (oh yeah)
Waiting, wishing that you would say
“Hell with being sober, I wanna hangover tonight” (hangover, hangover)
Feeling's getting stronger (stronger), how can this be wrong girl
All night long, girl, I wanna hangover tonight
Feeling's getting stronger (stronger), how can this be wrong girl
All night long, girl, I wanna hangover tonight (hangover…)

Can't get enough of you (Enough of you, enough of you)
I want too much of you (much of you, much of you)
I wanna feel you closer, Yeah, I want to hangover

That hangover…

We've been hanging around this place (hanging around)
Hanging on to the hope and the way this whiskey tastes (whiskey tastes)
Waiting, wishing that you would say
“Hell with being sober, I wanna hangover tonight”
Feeling's getting stronger (stronger), how can this be wrong girl
All night long, girl, I wanna hangover tonight
Feeling's getting stronger, how can this be wrong girl
All night long, girl, I wanna hangover tonight (I wanna feel you closer)

I wanna hangover tonight
I wanna hangover tonight
I want too much of you
The whiskey's getting stronger, girl

Oh I can't get enough of you

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Allan, Gary Hangover Tonight Comments
  1. KowboyM

    Luv this song... has a jazzy feel to it

  2. Glenda Fry

    Iam the Biggest fan of Gary Allan I love the song Hangover I love all his song's

  3. Deborah Perez

    Awesome country singer !!

  4. Tommy Robertson

    The fact that that Gary Allen has been looked over of his talent by the music industry is not his fault by the fault of fools! He is what country music is!! And I thank you sir for being real!

  5. Double C

    Damn...Gary you sold out on this one...what happened to the edgy cut you deep music you used to acting like the rest of the bro country pop music now

    Lori Rackley

    You're wrong. It's just an upbeat song. Honestly he sounds a little like John cougar mellancamp in this one

    Double C

    @Lori Rackley No his record label wanted to release him bc this song did so bad on the charts

    Lori Rackley

    I like it

  6. Gary Shaw

    Gary you are the man you're music is great

  7. ann Crocker

    Love this song and it should of been a single!

  8. Bart BWD

    Yeah, the only station I have on my Pandora is "Gary Allan Station." It ends up mixing in David Cook, Daughtry, and more awesome artists between country rock and soft/medium rock. Had that station for 8 years now. I love his sound and music. Ever since "Songs About Rain" & "Best I've Ever Had" I was hooked. "Watching Airplanes" slowly became my favorite song (maybe tied with "Songs About Rain"). Hope he comes to Utah soon. BTW: I don't know why Gary gets insecure about this song and it getting dropped by radio. Hangover Tonight I think it's a great song... seems by the ratings, many other fans do too. Keep on writing and singing Gary. I'll listen to you until I die.

  9. P Mitchell

    Love this song!❤️

  10. Anna Ellington

    Gary is always amazing. It ain't the whiskey it is Gary panty dropper every time!!👄🍸

  11. Gary Shaw

    Just the coolest cat

  12. Mike Beasley

    Yet another song written by CHRIS STAPLETON! Nice job good vibe.

  13. Brandy Rutherford

    I go next month to hear and see this sexy man live and I can't wait!


    To Gary's label: Please release his new album!!!  It's been waaaay to long!!!  We need more Gary!!!! Cheers!!!

  15. yellward

    More talent than that other [email protected]

  16. ann Crocker

    Gary Allan is one of the true country artist out there right now and deserves to be played on syndicated radio, it is a shame that even the DJ's are falling victim to country/pop and not playing anything other than...shame on them!

  17. kathey fugitt

    Gary Allan my man

  18. Mike Adams

    Who says this isn't country? If I can Arizona two step to it, it's country!

    Walter Shoults

    I got that

  19. Silverblade Dagger

    I think he just became the Dos Equi guy. Easily the most interesting man in the room, if not the world. Stay country, my friends!

  20. Joseph Berner

    I finally got to see him in concert.

  21. Roberta Martin

    Love the Motown beat. I'd welcome a hangover any day with Gary Allan. Keep the songs coming

  22. Mike King

    Had 2 nights of a hangover haha

  23. April T.


  24. O2BQ

    Love the song. This vid...nuh uh.

  25. Ericka

    LOVE Gary Allan❤❤

  26. Vicky Martie

    Love me some Gary! <3

  27. Jeffrey Davis

    The Man knows how to make a video for sure

  28. sadie jane

    I love this song & video  best of gary love it!

  29. The Godfather

    Another excellent song by Gary

  30. sadie jane

    I think this the best song gary ever sang it's great!

  31. Marjorie Parsley

    This guy is a legion

  32. ray1983able

    As a Gary Allan fan I'm glad to see that this video has over 1 million views , Congratulate Gary !

  33. Brittnee Singleton

    only 8 more sleeps before I get to go see Gary again!

  34. Crazy Talk

    This has got to be the sexiest song I have ever heard

  35. sadie jane

    new sound for gary I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. glenda gryba

    Gary, I love this song! Awesome! Great beat! :)

  37. Vicky Martie

    Gary looks happy in this video... glad to see.

  38. glenda gryba

    Oh Yeah! Let's get this party started!

  39. faith pena

    Ugh. From a long-time Gary Allan fan (first local concert in 1995 - my mom had to drop me off) this song sucks. Not Gary Allan quality. :(

  40. Ducky Donald

    I met his brother in law in saltlake 20 yrs ago we tied one at the Western we drank 300 dollars on drinks but , one hell of night never forget it

  41. DwayneUSMC1

    a staple get ya some ga

  42. Dolores Schiller

    Love you Gary!! When is your next album? This song needs more airplay!!

  43. Hunting Junkie

    One of the best songs of all time

  44. Elaine Musick

    Sounds like something Frank Sinatra would sing...not that there is anything wrong with that !!!

  45. Brenda Blankenship

    He is hot ...

  46. sadie jane

    I really like this song.Love the video!!!!!!!!!

  47. Clark Criswald

    222 people suck....

  48. Pauline Shirley

    I love all the gray Allan song. I already. want to one of his concert. I'm going over there this Dec.,1. he is sexy man


    Pauline Shirley I've been lucky enough to see him twice. hope you enjoyed his show

  49. glenda gryba

    I can take a shot with you! Your Hot!!!!!

  50. sadie jane

    I love this song it's great!!!!!!!!!!

  51. glenda gryba

    Gary, I am loving this song! Get loose! :)

  52. Denise Brooms

    I think Gary sings this song with such a style , that only he can swing !!! Great Song ...

  53. Bobby Herndon

    one of the best in concert best country today one hell a lot better than
    Florida geroge line they suck


    He is really not fond of alot of public stuff, he has always wished he could make a living without doing public stuff. He loves pleasing his fans, but would like to do it from his bedroom alone hehe. the impossible dream. Wants his cake and eat it too. He sure can sing a song, of any kind and writes em nice too.

  54. Lynn Hutchinson

    You look so great in a nice blazer!

  55. Lori Hunter

    one of my fav songs

  56. Brian Keller

    sorry  I like his older "stuff". this is just more of the crap that isnot even country.  still I love him, so please take no offense.

    Jeremy Scott

    He has not released anything that is reminiscent of his older work this decade. Adobe Walls, He Can't quit her, I'm doing my best...etc. Still my favorite artist but his last two drops are not that great.

    Simi Bro

    You're right but I save this track and "It ain't the whiskey" cause they're more classy and old sound as it's first songs. But even in his first stuffs there's some corny sweetish things.
    My absolutely favorite album still "Tough all over": real, classic, good lyrics, but enjoyable. ;)

    Jeremy Scott

    Tough All Over is by far the best Record he's done IMO. Next to that is Alright Guy. Lyrically Both records are ridiculous. My best friend plays guitar for Kenny Chesney and Gary had toured with Kenny a few years back. Ive been to every Kenny Concert backstage and every artist has been extremely nice....with the exception of Gary Allan! LOL. Go figure, my favortie artist was the least personable. No big deal. He's the only celebrity in my life I asked for a picture with...he obliged....reluctantly! Just really like his newer stuff...don't LOVE it though. It aint the whiskey is really good though. Hopefully he's next record will be less mainstream.

  57. Diana Trevino

    Sexy hot!

  58. Laura Perry

    I'd hangover with Him !!

    niccolas estrada

    i have a hangover where near my morning lol

  59. loves2cook41

    love Gary Allan. this song is so much fun ... :)

  60. David Curless

    Great song wish the album would be released. Still waiting!

  61. pavan kumar

    what is the name of the lady coming at 3:09, timing?

    Trey Stone

    Good question sadly no FAV part of the video lol

  62. Shannon Schwab

    Huge MISS on this video....I LOVED this single and was so looking forward to the album.

  63. Matt B

    could be one of the best song writers in our generation. he nailed this one!

  64. Sharon Stakes

    Love this guy! So talented, so sexy and makes the best videos.

  65. Sharon Stakes

    Love this guy! So talented, so sexy and makes the best videos.

  66. Brett Dalton

    well this sucks this song won't play on the radio sorry I didn't know country had to be pop now fucking sick of it that why I have my real country Playlist gary allan alan jackson george strait tracy byrd and waylon jennings

  67. Michelle Nguyen

    I don't listen to much current country radio so maybe I just missed it, but this played in my Chris Stapleton radio on Pandora, why wasn't this song a bigger deal?!

    Matt B

    +Michelle Nguyen really good question- does not get a lot of radio play

  68. Bethaney Floyd

    Gary Allen your an amazing singer

  69. Prelasting ツ

    He's ugly..

  70. Faye Kanaan

    Gary Allen is the top of my list he has a style that nobody.. can copy I love the way he has it going on. i get chill bumps when I hear his voice. he's got to be the sexiest man I have since a long time man being born.I love him so much i can't hardly wait for his tours will come my way.

  71. Kimmy Browneyes

    Saw Gary on the 27th he was outstanding as always!!!!!! It was a fantastic concert his new song High As I've Ever Been was Great!!!!! If you haven't saw him in concert please do It only makes you love him and his music more......

  72. Tandy Warwick

    Love the video, Gary, and the suit is so beautiful on you!

  73. Kimmy Browneyes

    Although Chris is country !!!!!!

    Roy Olnhausen

    seen gary at ho chunk wi dells did meet and greet sign my flag on both side s his music is the driving life aint always beautiful but its a beautiful ride and yes were all on ride

  74. Kimmy Browneyes

    Going to see Gary at Winstar Casino on the 27th of Feb,he is the best in country right now in fact always has been:)Be our second time to see him.

  75. Miranda Murphy

    Love his songs! My mom's country man! Will share Tim. K

  76. aldonardi

    molto carina!

  77. sherri bartz

    telling me your single doesn't help me at all across town

  78. Yolanda Cuellar

    Hello old sailor, I really appreciate your comment about what I said about gary's song. I was reading my msg and I can't find anywhere that says that this song is not country. I believe I just said it had a different beat to it, but that idiot that made a comment on what I said (not you) is making a big deal about it and I thk you for agreeing with me about Gary's music. That idiot wrote "I LOVE GARY ALLAN" What guy would write that unless he was gay. just saying!

  79. Yolanda Cuellar

    look dude, I never said his music wasn't country. it just has a different country beat to it and you don't have to be vulgar with bc you don't even know me. so please don't say things like that to me. bc I can be a heartless bitch and you ain't gonna like what I tell you. so keep your comments to yourself.

    Lorenzo Floris

    actually you said "country music doesn't have to sound country", which is untrue lol by the way I guess his comment was not towards you, it was towards what you said.

    Yolanda Cuellar

    Look country music doesn't have to sound or have that country traditional beat to be country that is all I'm saying bc there is so many country band that don't sound country but yet they're considered to be country. I've been listening to country music since the late 70's. So since then the rythm and the sound of country music has changed. If you listen to the music from back then and now you'd agree with me. But it's ok as long as Gary understands what I said is ok bc we have talked about this before and he even agreed with me, just saying. AND I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE ABOUT OUR CONVERSATION.

    Lorenzo Floris

    +Yolanda Cuellar but that's really the problem in country music: a lot of singers have no clue what country music is (for example florida georgia line) still they're considered country because their label promotes them as country artists. What I'm trying to say is that country music needs to sound country, either way it's not country. A song like Burnin it down by country music douche jason aldean is anything but country, yet it is labeled country. and that's basically what's destroying country music!

  80. c Sims

    sounds like a john mellencamp song

  81. Yolanda Cuellar

    I'm one of his biggest fans and I'm sorry if you people think that his music isn't country, but it doesn't have to sound country to be country. He has a killer voice, he's gorgeous and sexy. If you don't like his music then don't listen to it. Just saying!!!!!!! Love you Gary Allan and you're music from Yoley in deep south Texas, the Rio Grande Valley.


    i love gary allan and this song and he's country, but what the fuck are you saying?? "it doesn't have to sound country to be country"??? stupidest thing i ever heard! country music MUST sound country, either way it's not country music. it's like saying yellow doesn't have to look yellow.

    Brian Keller

    sorry, aint country to me...   and im from texas.  Iknow country when I hear it.

    Nathanael Hamby

    I love this song but it isn't country. Gary combines country, jazz and rock here. Still a great song.

  82. Faye Kanaan

    garyAllen is the best going on for today's country he's sexy great voice just 100 percent perfect

  83. Jordan Fenn

    Love this song and Gary Allan

  84. Madoz

    Thank u brother lots of pretty women

  85. Rebecca Gleason

    He's very cool, love his music - and you owe me one.  Remember a time in San Jose, CA at the old Saddle rack?  You were going to do a show and had the flu/throat problem and the Doctor said, no singing you said you would be back in town?  Oh, well!  Love your music.  I don't like this V'd with all the Bimbo's why, why!  Get rid of your V'd guy!!  Your better then this.

    Sheila C

    Rebecca Gleason I feel the same way about the video, ya know, the girls want to see Gary, not all these model chicks primping and pimpin him out to the got to be a model girl to swing with this guy, the song is ok, but I don't think I will rush to buy it... He's just hanging with chicks that are more CALIFORNIAN if that's what he likes, go get some more of it, I can see he's not liking Tennessee much and climbing that social ladder, so, like the man said, he liked your old stuff better, to tell the truth, so do I, but I sure don't matter... I know what he went through and, it was really bad on him, I guess I just don't connect with that song nor the She's so Californian, driving a sharp car, well I can't relate to that one neither... Folks, Gary Allen has did the same thing Blake Shelton did, get famous in Tennessee and head right for the west coast... thanks for caring about us country folks, so just go on and do your thing and I hope get plenty of those sex pots, and mud in your eye...Bad interview and a worse song... You and Blake need a lesson on being who you were before y'all got the big head, maybe that's where the cowboy hat went, it don't fit your big Head...

  86. David Puckett

    +autumn mist hey yeah you're right the last song he recorded that was up beat was.... right where i need to be? correct? and that was years ago wow now i get that song every storm runs out of rain these 2 just click....somehow

    Shaina clements

    +David Puckett No, it was "get off on the pain" in 2010 and before that, "a feeling like that" in 2006.

  87. Arlene Thomas

    Love, Love Gary Allan ever since he started!  Nice to see him smile in this video.  Very sexy and what I wouldn't do to meet him.  :)  Keep sending us those songs!!!

  88. Patrick Pavone

    easily best song of 2015, Gary Allan owns.

  89. Cks57 Youto

    great west coast dance song...

  90. Autumn Mist

    Glad to hear him record an upbeat song.

  91. Vicki Jones

    Gary is an awesome guy and performer!!!!!

  92. Kay Dyess

    i just saw him live friday night 8/21/15,he is better than ever ,,looks great and his voice is stronger if that is possible,simply fn fantastic!😍😎,from hylo

    Sheila C

    Kay Dyess Where is Hilo ???

  93. christie hull

    I'm a HUGE fan of Gary Allan!! Love this one!! His music always hits the spot.

    bowhunter 85

    +christie hull yes mam! If i was gay.........LOL but i am definately not! Man crush!

  94. LenTex Brew

    Gary... what happened, man? You were one of the traditional country hold outs in Nashville. This isn't country, sir.

    This makes me sad.

  95. NATHAN

    I want that suit. What a Damn good song.

  96. david still

    One of the best singer, song writers in country music today. His music has evolved so much to the point its hit song after hit song and yet he's snubbed by so many
    As toby keith was in Nashville because he chooses to play "his style" music and not theirs. Keep playing it Gary...I'll keep buying it!!

    david still

    I know that right now he has more creative say than ever over his music. This style song is a throwback in a way not like the teen country your relating to.

    Greg Droman

    +Richard Brinker Actually, he wrote this song with two other writers and the idea was his. We had been looking to do something with an R&B feel for some time.