Allan, Gary - Half Of My Mistakes Lyrics

Half of my mistakes I made stone cold sober
Half of my mistakes I've made at closing time
Half the time I never saw it coming, until it was over
Oh, and half of my mistakes I've made with love the line

Half of my mistakes I swear, I should've known better
Half of my mistakes were just amongst friends
You get a little distance on it, the truth is clearer
On, and half of my mistakes I'd probably make 'em again

If I had it all to do over
I'm sure I'd win and lost just as much
But spend alot less time on right and wrong
And a lot more time on love

Half of my mistakes I've made 'cause I was moving to quickley
Half of them were made 'cause my heart was moving too slow
Nobody can tell you a damn thing, if you ain't listening
Oh, And half of my mistakes I've made 'cause I couldn't let go


Half of my mistakes I'd give anthing to change how it ended
Oh, and half of my mistakes, God, I would'nt change one thing
You can lean too hard on a prayer but I dont recommend it
'Cause half the good things in my life came from half of my mistakes
Yeah, a lot of good things in my life came from half of my mistakes

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Allan, Gary Half Of My Mistakes Comments
  1. Jeremy shawn Foster

    I love you Maxine never stop loving baby

  2. Jimmy Canary

    I saw Gary in concert 4 year's ago and he was awesome

  3. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch I thought you might like thus song babe it a pretty good song love you love me forever always sweetheart xo xo xo xo xo xo my love babe

  4. Cynthia Dillard

    Love this he’s so awesome

  5. Ben Kissee

    Love Allan, but absolutely not on this garbage.

  6. Brenda Irvin

    Love Gary Allan's music been a fan since he started singing he sings from the heart he can sing anything.😁❤

  7. Cynthia Dillard

    Still making mistakes

  8. Carol Sharp

    I got use to having no one in my life fore 33 years

  9. Sam Sunshine


  10. Carol Sharp

    I have not got married his father did not tell me that he tried to kill him self until he did it

  11. Carol Sharp

    I would never do it again

  12. Carol Sharp

    I had a heart attack 1-10-2017 they put stents in my Artie’s to keep the blood flowing to my heart and on blood thinners

  13. Carol Sharp

    I would never marry anyone again

  14. Carol Sharp

    I would have never got married if I know he tried to kill his self before I meet him after he did it his father told me

  15. Roberta Martin

    So very true!!! I believe as long as you learn something from them _ they become lessons learned.

  16. Robert Hughes

    Very good to hear about Gary Allen sons something about his sons

  17. tamara clark

    Gary Allan will always have my heart with his music. He always sing so deep with in his heart in his music .

  18. Mark Cannon

    I Heard Alright Man & Liked It, Then Heard Man To Man, & Loved It, Now I Like All Of His Music & He's Such A Great Artist.

    Malibu Dolphin

    It's a Radney foster song, his version is awesome too.
    Radney has written a lot of good songs, great singer.

  19. Sam Sunshine

    Truth... He gets it man. Man he gets it. 😍😍😍

  20. CATHY Woehrle

    wish Gary Allan would come back to Seattle WA. Never miss seeing him. You say everything I have been through and I'm 61. Can't find new CD to play in car. COME BACK To SEATTLE. Want to see u again!!!!!!

  21. Wayne Foster

    To Lisa, ur in heaven now baby, I miss you very much, I love you,

  22. Devin Kendall

    Wow how closer could a song get to describe me when I was younger

  23. Eddie Thompson

    Have his autograph on my hat . Bounced at the orange blossom in Mt.pleasant TEXAS when it was open.he did a concert there hot"s night we all had to work. GREAT COUNTRY MUSIC.

  24. Pauline Shirley

    gray Allan I love your music and song

  25. M R

    I have a whole body dancing right now

  26. mark schlageck

    shit i need to make more mistakes they were all great

  27. Sandy Smith

    This song will be played at my funeral... cause having the chance to do it all over again I would win and loose just as much... and my worst mistake I've made is why I have 2 beautiful children and that I would never change!!!!

  28. Gilbert B

    this the man i idolize..

  29. Derick Sevor

    good music.

  30. Kelley Galloway

    great singer love the words to his songs I can relate

  31. Pauline Shirley

    gray Allan I love all his song. I had a chance. to go his concert. in Phoenix, as Before

  32. Amazing Animal Jam

    love all his songs they hit home weather your in a bad relationship or a good one there so heart felt ... hes my favorite singer

  33. piet van breemen


  34. Dorothy Miles

    I love Gary Allen so sexy

  35. Frosty 8 Vlogs

    love that picture

    Karen Byrne

    Jerry johnsa it's in my hometown of Agua Dulce California

  36. lisa hull

    He only gets sexier every year!

    Teresa Altice

    lisa hull definitely. 😍

    countrygirl country musiclover

    lisa hull when was he ever sexy to begin with

  37. 2cLaSsic1

    one of the coolest songs I relate too all the time, every day!

  38. Eddie Thompson

    so true

  39. Austin Elsey

    will be seeing this live tonight

  40. Glen Gregory

    True story! The difference between being 20 and 35 is crazy.

    Kathy Delp

    Try 35 and 43....IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!!!! 😔 Moral of the story: LIVE and LEARN. Have NO regrets.

  41. Sandy Miller

    rgleather48 agree wys. i am trying to learn to let my mistakes and regrets go. lol 95% of my life is mistakes regrets what ifs except my kids n grandbabies.

  42. Josh France

    can't wait tell I stop being screw up

  43. Josh France

    am a crew up

  44. Lorie Jordison

    Not my fault.

  45. Lorie Jordison

    Now I am in Louisiana doing it all over again Shit when will it stop.

    Dennis Holden

    Lorie Jordison how are you doing now? Hope it has turned around.

  46. Lorie Jordison

    Saw him him in Florida almost got in a fight. But I didn;t ha ha ha

  47. Lorie Jordison

    HE IS ONE FINE MAN!!!!!!!

    Lori Meeuwenberg

    amen sexy as hell

    countrygirl country musiclover


    countrygirl country musiclover

    Lori Meeuwenberg NOT EVEN CLOSE TO SEXY

  48. Tyler Oh

    damn love the strings in this song!!! they really add so much to the already awesome lyrics, Gary Allan is the man. God bless him

  49. TosTinMan EasyCooking

    There's always the mistakes! LOL Oh well, hindsight's 20 20. We all have them! :)

    April T.

    Amen baby!!

  50. Ann Graybeal

    Awesome song and singer!!

  51. mandycolyer17

    very few people can hear songs,they just listen me and my wife got together in 07 every song gary allan put out fit me or our life at the time one way or another. that guy really pulls it from the heart.he is so down to to earth we went and seen him about five times in concert.Daniel&mandy colyer. keep it up gary allan thanks

  52. zena3546

    great song..and i love Gary Allan. my man.

  53. Andrew mcmahon

    I like Gary gllen

  54. rgleather48

    "you can lean too hard on regrets, but I don't recommend it"....amen

    Cool song.


    never one do what ya do

    Malibu Dolphin

    Radney foster song, his version is awesome too.
    Radney has written a lot of good songs, great singer.

  55. Alan Bonnet

    Like Gary Allan , plus it is so crazy to hear someone so famous sing a son written by a friend.. Radney Foster right here in Del Rio Tx wrote this song.. He is great and sings but he is better song writer than singer..

    Mark Mashburn

    I saw Radney just 2 weeks ago at a small venue in a small town in Georgia. Radney is still amazing after this long.


    Mark Mashburn I love Rodney Foster I remember cassette tape I had to he had a blue jean jacket on and did he have glasses on? I'm just going purely by my memory and I loved that cassette tape and I know he's a MASTER songwriterAND one of those songs really got to me ON THAT C.TAPE of Randy Fosters!! now I have to go look it up and listen to it and read the comments LOL

  56. greycat2n1

    199,174 hits and only 817 said it was good and 7 soulless bastards disliked...what's wrong here Gary's version is  equal at least to Radney:s original ...and a theme song to a lot of lives including mine

  57. Tim Hodges

    This song sounds exactly like my life's story.

  58. SWGSSSlacker

    Gary Allan...... todays REAL country music. Country music pretty much died for me the day it went hip-hop. I can listen to Gary Allan all day long.


    Muito bom.

  60. Toni Carlson

    He's my Boy!!

  61. Walter Dehmer

    just found this video song and I must say he is good have not ever heard of gary allan but now he's on my play list keep up

    B Y

    Check out Radney Foster


    Already a fan. Foster & Lloyd were great together. Radney wrote "Godspeed" for his son, which was exquisitely covered by the Dixie Chicks. Another favorite is Nobody wins. :) 

    B Y

    @myloridarlin I hate that mainstream country didn't see the brilliance of Radney.  Thankfully, there are stations that are dedicated to Texas Country! 


    +Gary White - Also the Roberson Brothers. Bruce Roberson wrote "Angry All The Time" and recorded it with his wife, Kelly Willis. It didn't really become a "hit" until Tim McGraw and Faith Hill covered it, but I'd take the Roberson/Willis version any day!


    Were you living under a rock? Lol. Great artist. Glad you found and like him

  62. zeke Porter

    4 people have no soul

    Rachel E. Hanson

    Make it 8 now.

  63. Debra Lauterbach

    I absolutely love this song. Gary you are so under rated as singer in country music.
    When you sing a song, it has so much emotion in it. You have such a universal voice,  you can sing country or you can  sing bluesy  or you can sing rock and roll. 

  64. Scott

    Great bluesy sound...sort of a depressed John Mellencamp...definitely underated.

  65. Brenda Hylton

    i can not belive how awsome this song is

  66. Chuck Hutchinson

    half of the mistakes i made I made, stone cold sober

  67. natbazan

    Best song on the record.  The rest of it was a disappointment.  Gary needs to get back to what he used to do and stop singing fluffy music.  I loved him because he was real and was gritty. 

    Stephanie H

    fluffy music? lol


    Haha, yeah.  Don't really know how to explain it.:)

  68. shanna k

    I love all of his music!!

    Stephanie H

    You would be gorgeous if you wore makeup :) I mean that in a nice way. 

    Tymen Lor

    +Stephanie H she looks amazing already

    Truman Collins

    shanna k I'm just bored . Last 2 days setting my big ass chair. High & finding songs.

  69. Horace Au

    i never used to be a fan of country music, but gary allan has made me like it. Great songwriting.

  70. Connie Aldridge

    Half of my kistakes?  yep... 

  71. forest_animals

    Gary #1 Country!

  72. Laurie Kester

    Radney Foster wrote this song. His version is great, too! Gary Allan is so underrated!

    leanne Vosberg

    Laurie Havens ... love radney foster

    Shannon Hale

    Laurie Havens nice. Rodney he wrote a true n beautiful song. totally relate to this song. love the beat, turn up the bass n turn it up. lol. I like this.

    Rocco Sapareto

    Radney does this song so much better than this guy. He commercially countrified it and ruined it ....just my opinion.

  73. Donna Allard


    Kathy Karlson

    I'm in lust with Gary

  74. jeffllind

    Somewhere, some when, somebody.

  75. Sonia

    Super, je regrette de me pas comprendre ce qu'il dit...

  76. TosTinMan

    Great song. Gary is one of the most underrated guys in country music, in my opinion.   

    Theresa Mitchell

    I havre every song on my photo. If I am mad or upset than I will jump in my car, put Gary on the radio & I let go of whatever was bugging me just by hearing his voice. A bad day just got better

    Steve Newsome

    He is none of the best singers of this generation for as am concerned

    Country Girl

    TosTinMan Gary Allen is Real. He's honest and he's lived life. Thats clear in the lyrics of his music ❤ and i can relate! He's the best in my opinion.

    Eric House

    I'm really glad that Gary Allen decided to sing this Radney Foster song.


    TosTinMan definitely but was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen

  77. Steven Overbay

    Awesome !

    Veronica Gonzalez

    Steven Overbay so funy

  78. leonard bloom

    I agree Gary
    is the bomb saw him in Sturgis 2013 damn he has a good concert and a damn nice bike also!!!

  79. rgv2006tx

    So true! Thank you Maria Brooks. Awards are given to popular artist who sing for the radio not the fans. Love is given to true artist who sing from the heart.

  80. batoutofhellthree

    ok for all the ones that say write your own music if u want to be talented listen u must not like music I bet your fav. song wasent wrote by the guy or gal that sings it so quit being a dip shit and learn show bizz crotch cricket !!!

  81. LPMD

    Write your own music, if you have any actual talent.

  82. DoranthePCgamer

    does* should* than* does* Because* I* he's*
    Learn to spell.

  83. Tom Grove

    he was the most gracious artist i've ever met by far

  84. Ju Lopes6

    he's sexy

  85. Maria Brooks

    So in agreement.

  86. Maria Brooks

    Gary is the type that is happy as long as his fans love him. He doesn't needs awards to prove his is great........he's happy making music that people love.

  87. Maria Brooks

    Gary is so his songs.

  88. Maria Brooks

    I totally agree. What were they thinking?

  89. Anna Laszynski

    Just love his songs they are great, yet i've hardly heard of him. certainly deserves more

  90. Nola Green

    Gary, June 4th I will be seeing you. Me and my cousin Margaret are your fans, and we were lucky enough to get two tickets to board the General Jackson Party boat on June 4th in Nasvhille...we are so excited to be partying with you while sailing up and down the Mississippi river for 3 whole hours. Oh my gosh!! you are absoloutely amazing Gary. We went a couple of months ago to see you as well in Salamanca, NY.. at the seneca casino.. we are your number 1 fans.. always and forever... love you ♥

  91. Michael Ferrell

    That ONE person who thumbs downed this song must really feel like a jackass! What an idiot.

  92. Billy Cordle

    Hes one of my #1s to he is freakin awsome heart touching music

  93. Crystal Southerland

    I totally agree with you. He is #1 in my book too.

  94. duxbeware1

    Just keep buying his CD's and that knocks Nashwood out of it. I'll tell you how good a guy he is. He just came off of kitchen duty (kitchen duty on a nuclear carrier is rough work) and came up to V-1 and played for a bunch of guys who came off the roof and all were in underware and T's. He crooned V-1 that night on CVN-68. The man can do it and I was one of the LUCKY ones to hear him live and acoustical before he hit the stage. I am a lucky man.

  95. Marie Phillips

    they aren't that bad but every song does sound a little like every other one

  96. Papa Bear Larry Gabbard

    I have always loved this guy and it broke my heart when his wife died while he was touring. But really - you can praise him without having to resort to "dishing" other artists. It diminishes your comments. I guess as my Mamma always said - "to each his own."

  97. Jan Robertson

    Love, Love this song, thank- you...

  98. Christy Hotchkiss


  99. Lauren Wheeler

    He is AMAZING!!!

  100. Bucky Buckhalt

    I think Gary Allen should get more"props" then he does I mean seriously!