Allan, Gary - Get Off On The Pain Lyrics

I don't know why I love women
That love to do me wrong
Don't know why my life sounds like
A heartbroke country song
I ain't really happy
Unless the sky starts driving rain
Maybe I just get off on the pain

My whole life I been picking fights
There ain't no way to win
Got a hundred scars I should have run away
Now tattooed on my skin
There's a side of me that just won't stop
Dancin' in the flame
Maybe I just get off on the pain

Cause I love the long shot
And the left out lost causes
Hanging out in the back of the pack with the dark horses
I ride the wrong road just as fast as I can
God knows there's no one else to blame
Sometimes I think I get off on the pain

Wake up every morning, a thousand miles from home
Praying for forgiveness
For this aching in my bones
It would be so easy
To find a better way
Oh but I know I'll never change

Cause I love the long shot
And the left out lost causes
Hanging out in the back of the pack with the dark horses
I ride the wrong road just as fast as I can
God knows there's no one else to blame
Sometimes I think I get off on the pain

Cause I love the long shot
And the left out lost causes
Hanging out in the back of the pack with the dark horses
I ride the wrong road just as fast as I can
God knows there's no one else to blame
I know I'm the only one to blame
Sometimes I think I get off on the pain
Get off on the pain

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Allan, Gary Get Off On The Pain Comments
  1. Lori Wetzel

    I like your musical heart scar:)

  2. Keith Stringer

    I can fully relate to this song because my whole life has been full of pain

  3. Maggie Red

    This reminds me of my best friend who is a female bull rider! Competed w/ the big boys in her hay days! She retired when she got married & when she found out she was pregnant! I tip my hat off to her

  4. Jack Zarate


  5. Rick Bane

    It's definitely most powerful wording for a song.writer most definitely was a genius with the lyrics for the song and of course the guitar players intensified the song when they play the chords on there guitars. I would think it should have won a country music awards wouldn't you think..? If it didn't it should have so if he didn't he got robbed from it. Heard a lot of songs my day but nothing like that'll and I mean that as a honest compliment.....

  6. Niall Karger

    still listening in 2019 great music powerful soulfully done...……………………..

  7. Lori Wetzel

    What is the bulls name?

  8. jcrevard

    Saw Gary Allan a couple months ago, concert was amazing🤘

  9. Jeff Higgs

    Bad ass that can bring it and take it on home. Gary,you gotta make it to south fla. I promise you that you will make bank

  10. RubyLeona Rogers

    Come on Gary I'll never do you wrong

  11. andrew Sauvie

    I'm enlisted and gods know I get off and thrive on pain

  12. Wheezy Mae

    Gary might not get the awards but he sure is loved and listened to around here DAILY!!!! I have anxiety especially around crowds but he's coming to our town! We'll see ya in November!!!! Can't hardly wait! :*

  13. Shane Stewart

    That's s good one! maybe they were only on pain. Because you demanded to see it. Women hate me but I figured out how to get them to buy me a beer while they hate me.

  14. tom lund

    CHANNEL THAT SHIT BABY... punkin rods at the twins stadium HUP! Lessgo! and the dude says “ fuck man what happened to you when you were young!?” Haha how much time ya got?

  15. David Smith

    Hell yeah! This is STILL great.

  16. Melinda Pemberton

    Mitch I like this song I think you will too love you love me forever always my love xo.xo xo xo xo xo love me always sweetheart

  17. Marion Cobretti

    badass song

  18. silent screams

    God bless this man💜 he's saved me MANY times with his music 🎶

  19. randell wyatt

    This is country Music

  20. Derek Bradley

    This is a drinkin man's tune ol buddy

  21. Robbie Wiley

    Only a sick son of a waste of air n space enjoys watching another hurt

  22. Teresa Evans

    I love Gary Allan, he has such a great haunting voice and great lyrics and he's easy on the eyes too😉❤️

  23. Teresa Evans

    Great song =Gary Allan
    Get off on the pain!

  24. Steven Fields

    How the hell ain't this dude all over the charts? Seen him at the KY state fair last year. He still putting out good ass live shows & bomb ass new music!!!

  25. jessiemaepoopoo

    Love Gary Allan!!!!! My favorite

  26. Southerngurl68

    There’s only one word to describe this man; HOTTTT 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

  27. Khousley Blair


  28. Ruth jones

    True that, Gary, you are a true grit of country, 💓 felt!

  29. Lochricolife

    Damn these dreams

  30. kawabusakid

    Still jamming it 2019!!

  31. Jennifer Harrison

    No I dont

  32. Bohica1966

    I know an ole' boy in Chama, New Mexico who's part Cherokee and he told me he's doin' much better in life since he stays away from mean horses and mean women.

  33. Whitney Davidson

    My first real date with my husband was a Gary Allen concert. Married 12 years so far. We still listen to him.

  34. Jeff Hoier

    He must of time traveled cus this song is my life now! Awesomeness.

  35. Zanna Shirmana

    What an awesome voice!

  36. Curtis Gordon

    There's truth here

  37. Marilee Woods

    One of my favorite songs lol Marilee shared worldwide

  38. Panhead Josh

    This song could of been wrote about me.

  39. Brad Davis

    Great performer very underrated seen him numerous times in Atlantic City even got engaged at a show.

  40. Jeremy Welch

    Shame on CMT promoting all these people that don't have a clue what country music is and don't even want to know. Half the so-called country music singers get their start through CMT because they can't cut it through the other classifications of music. Shame on CMT they did this and let it take over country music. No doubt all this BS inspired the song Murder on Music Row which is exactly what they did.

  41. Aleisha FORESTER

    Wouldn't do anything different in my life, proud of every damn scar I got

  42. Sylvia Hom

    Gary Allan is the best, still listen to all is music

  43. Crystal Rushing

    Ain't really happy till the sky start driving rain

  44. Root Beer

    Yup, this is me.

  45. Scott Amos

    Theme song to my life

  46. Majors Brandon

    One of the best counyry singers!! Just under-rated but one of the best!!

  47. Tony Burkett

    Sometimes I get off on the pain !!

  48. Lori Wetzel

    Anybody know the bull riders name?

  49. Lori Wetzel

    Awesome video! Soothes my soul:)

  50. Lori Wetzel

    Hurricane Micheal

  51. Terry P

    He's in my top 5 of favorite country singers

  52. GMS GDog

    I wish this didnt sound so damn good.

  53. Patrick Richards

    He's as famous as he wants to be. He don't give a shit what they think, its what we think and he knows

  54. Mr Right

    Labor Day 2018... discovered this guy today. Wow! All the so called country artists take note from Gary. This how real country music sounds

  55. Joseph Berner

    He could sing anything.

  56. 3628ranger

    Where is he now ?

  57. Ricardo L. Brown

    "I rocks this!!" "PBR!!!!"

  58. Your Forrest Gump

    I thought I found the one 26 years ago and to this day she is still the one for me we have been on again of again relationship but more off then on I would give her the world if she would just stayed with me miss her EVERY day! wish she would stay

  59. Samantha Hoog

    i dont believe this man is 50 same age as me

  60. Everton Fernando

    good old banjo

  61. Sheila Pollock

    He is the. Real deal..

  62. Sheila Pollock

    Real pain....

  63. gomerpyle

    You just dust yourself off! Brush yourself off! And you get back on it my friend

  64. xxnoobslayerxx gameing

    Way better than rap

  65. Curtis Little

    Very underated

  66. Dale Montgomeey

    Hanging out in the back of the pack with dark horses. 🙄 man ya gotta love it

  67. Lucky Martinez

    It never was the whiskey...just didn't come out right a lot of times...true story... Would it change anything if I said nothing...

  68. Robert Orrantia

    That's why whiskey is there

  69. Robert Orrantia

    Got to love it pain

  70. victor rosas


  71. Craig Pitts

    This my theme song an it never goes my way but I'll keep getting up an rolling with the punches till I get knocked down again an so on I like it

  72. Todd heath

    I love pain!

  73. zuko 57

    624 dislikes wierdos trolling my country.

  74. Kathy Chapman


  75. eyehit

    Justin McBride

  76. Lori Wetzel

    Gary Allan, You are AWESOME!!!

  77. Mallory S

    I know this song because of the PBR

  78. Lori Wetzel

    Awesome video.....I get off on the flames!!!

  79. Claire Wroblski

    I agree Mr. Allan is severely underated.

  80. Al Gilson

    He's an amazing guitar player. Respect the man...


    gary i love you and i always have!!!!!! from dans girlfriend

  82. Randy Johnson

    The best

  83. T.J. Niemi

    Seen this man 6 times in concert and will go to every show he does in my area until he stops or I drop, lol. He is sooo underrated as an artist that it is ridiculous. #GaryAllanFanaticForLife

  84. Lori Wetzel

    Please tell my biological family to quit picking on me!!!

    Lori Wetzel

    Hey, they didn't listen:(

  85. Lori Wetzel

    Please Elect Hillarym Clinton For President in 2034!!!

  86. Don Holmes

    very nice, exceptional Gary... put me on your sub-guitar list... would love to play...

  87. Cooper Turner


  88. Tabitha Baker

    Gary has always been one of my favorite country artists. 💋

  89. James Statler

    Hell yeah

  90. ray1983able

    Gary Allan's Album Allright Guy is the first country album i ever bought . And along with Guns & Roses Appetite for Destruction an Steve Miller Bands Greatest Hits this is one of my all time favorite albums EVER !

  91. Matt Burns

    i like that pbr clip, badass goes hand n hand

  92. Kelli Collums

    Gary Allen is very underrated he is so talented. He is my favorite"! I love this man!! Know every word to every single song...