Allan, Gary - Forever And A Day Lyrics

The say nothin' lasts forever
Honey, I've got good news
Whoever said that
Never got the blues from you

This cloud I'm under
Looks like it's gonna stay
The thunders gonna roll
Forever and a day

Nothing's gonna change
The way I think and feel
My heart is so heavy
And my fate is sealed

Lord, stop this misery
Every night I pray
'Em knowin' that it's there
Forever and a day

Forever and a day
You're stuff here in my mind
Forever and a day
Is such a long, long time
I tell myself again
That I just can't swim
This river of regret
That I'm drownin' in

You've left with this feeling
That I just can't shake
My spirit's gonna sink
Forever and day

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Allan, Gary Forever And A Day Comments
  1. Jason Atomanczyk

    Why won't he play this song in concert

  2. Deb Blevins.

    Nobody can sing it like you Gary. THANKS A

  3. Cambbott Anakin Jedi Hawk

    I liked it now he dragged the rain cloud with him.

  4. tjerwin1

    I liked Gary from the first time I heard this song. Smoke Rings in the Dark is epic. Too underrated.

    mal chick

    Your absolutely right

  5. james lindstrom

    when i first heared this song i could definitly hear a Buddy Hully influence in it

  6. kelly Hodgson

    Love this song one of many of Gary Allan's best

  7. Kay Mcguire

    Don't miss this song dancing 🎵

  8. Scarlet Baker

    I absolutely love this song....and the cloud!! A fabulous voice!!!

  9. Jason Atomanczyk

    to bad he wont do the song in concert

  10. Francine Guernon

    J'adore ce chansteur et cette chanson.

  11. Geoffrey Bowman

    I live this

  12. Marisa Beaird

    How did they make this video- with that cloud hanging over him?

  13. highdesertyard

    Keep makin more music! We need to move this new crap music aside for Gary

  14. Tammy Johnson

    Who in this world can NOT love this mans music.. He's so amazing!! I just him for who he is

  15. Butlermuffin

    Last concert I went to with my mom was a Gary Allan concert in Raleigh. I will never forget how much fun I had with her, singing every song. I miss her so much. 5 years without her have been hard but Gary's music has helped me through it.

  16. KatyTheSimmer

    You join the group of rebels that sing actual country instead of that pop shit.

  17. FJ80Coop

    This song was from way back in the day,back before the drugs,before the every day,and night alcohol,back before she died..I think I remember Gary went through all of that shit too right around the same time...

    Peggy Baumert

    +FJ80Coop Sorry for your loss,.

  18. Kathleen Kidd

    I love it and I LOVE him

  19. Babybluebbw

    I like the song, but whoever thought this video up.... they missed the mark by a mile.

  20. Allen Beckett

    Gary still has a great voice, such a underrated singer.