Allan, Gary - Do You Wish It Was Me? Lyrics

When your phone rings
When there's a late night knock at your door
When you slow dance, when you hold hands
When you're looking for more

Do you wish it was me
Waking up next to you, pouring you your coffee
Making love all night long
Do you ever want me
When the sun don't shine
When the rain pours down
When you reach for somebody
Do you wish it was me

At a red light
On a bar stool, buying you drinks
When he looks at you, when he kisses you
When he tells you that he loves you

Do you wish it was me
Waking up next to you, pouring you your coffee
Making love all night long
Do you ever want me
When the sun don't shine
When the rain pours down
When you reach for somebody
Do you wish it was me

Do you with it was me
Cause I wish it was you
Saying your mine baby one more time
Do you wish it was me

Pouring you your coffee
Tell me baby, do you ever want me
When the sun don't shine
When the rain pours down
When you reach for somebody
Do you wish it was me

'Cause I wish it was you
Do you wish it was me
'Cause I wish it was you
Do you wish it was me

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Allan, Gary Do You Wish It Was Me? Comments
  1. Kim Holmes

    I want it all , #stillwaiting

  2. Tanya Webb

    Gary is that dude😍😍😍

  3. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin Do You Wish It Was Me Wakin Up Next To You Pourin You Your Coffee Makin Love All Long Do You Ever Want Me Allea Pippin Do You Wish It Was Me Cause I Wish It Was You

  4. Dexter trimble


  5. Danny Cam

    "and then for the video we'll tattoo the lyrics all over a naked lady while she sleeps!"

  6. Debbie Atchison

    Does he really needs to ask.

  7. Joshua Stewart

    "Do you wish it was me.
    Bleeding out, next to you
    while you drink your coooooffeee~

  8. Vilothonie Francis

    awesome song

  9. Josefina Havens

    Love this song

  10. brigette Kucherry

    One of the most gorgeous men ever, the absolute greatest voice ever......luvin this song!

  11. crystal thayer

    Love love love gary allan! !!! This song is great just like the rest of them!!!

  12. Jenn Neal

    congrats on coming out :)

  13. April Katile

    your anazing gary!!

  14. wlverine1

    Gary Allan I love your music but this sucks!!!!!!!!!

    Gerald Helzel

    theres nothing wrong with this song. i love it.

    Gerald Helzel

    theres nothing wrong with this song. i love it.

    Gerald Helzel

    theres nothing wrong with this song. i love it.

  15. Pamela Whalawitsa

    Love this song.
    Just a dream that will never come true.

  16. Theresa Hertlein

    I love this song very sexy so is the video and yes I wish it was you Gary

  17. kathey fugitt

    I wish it was you!

  18. SLN74

    I just saw Gary Allan in concert last Friday and it was awesome!!! Let me tell you, his new song, mess me up, is very cool.


    josielongoria Damn! I bet you guys freaked him out.

    Josie Salinas

    @Sarah Noble Abilene is small we hardly ever get anyone especially anyone major like that. It was sold out at first but I was lucky to get to get my last 60 tickets left just 1 for me. It was $55. . well c who next they said they want to bring more people. 😁


    josielongoria Yep, Gary Allan played at our casino (Spirit Mountain Casino, Lincoln City, Oregon) which is a small venue as well. He was very gracious and kind towards everyone. He definitely rocked the show! Loved it. I paid $60 for the eighth row. I brought 80 yr old grandma with me. I told her, this isn't the country you are used to, people will be standing up hooting and hollering acting foolish, chanting and so forth. No one ran up to the stage though. Security had an easy 2 nights compared to Abilene, Texas.. Lol you are lucky he didn't get pissed.

    Josie Salinas

    @Sarah Noble you took Grandma.. aww that's sweet my Grandma is Spanish she would not enjoy the show lol... Well cool chat with me anytime ttyl....


    josielongoria lol my grandma didn't like it either. She likes the old stuff.

  19. Charles Deyoe

    I think we all can relate too this song

  20. Dᴇᴇᴘ Vᴏɪᴄᴇ God


  21. Cristina Costa

    Love it

  22. Kimberly Doran

    Love it!!!!!!

  23. Christina Gifford

    love all of Gary's music♡♡♡♡

  24. Rebecca Gleason

    Very nice video! Keep it up Gary Allen - good music coming from you.

  25. Madison N

    My favorite song😍

    Cindy McAlister

    Madison N ww

  26. Ira Moore

    im sorry the music does not match the lyrics it be good song if it wasn't for the music I love all you songs but this one just don't match

  27. Sylvia Livingston

    Barry white

  28. Just draw it bro

    Not a huge fan of the song, but still love the voice. Saw him this weekend at the Horseshoe Casino, and he blew the roof off of that place!!! I would have stayed all night as long as he kept playing. played for 2 hours, with almost no break in between songs. I'll go see him again as soon as I know he's coming somewhere close.

    Donald Keas

    Jeremy Hof

  29. Faith Broman

    omg this accuracy hurts

    Chiarina Dorety

    Faith Broman 💊😫😱👿💀👹👺🌏🥀🌹🌸🌕🍀🌳🌲🐾🐁🐇

  30. Jennifer J Buchmann

    Yep~I Do

  31. cheryl chambers

    I like this but I like pretty much everything Gary Allen does

    Big Fudge

    cheryl chambers yeah it is its call making awesome songs that people can connect to

    Korinne Mcguiness

    cheryl chambers

  32. Instead we are above

    freakin awesome song

  33. Brad Connors

    Great tune Gary Allen but a word of advice in todays world .... do us a all a favor and keep da L word outaver ......1:16 mark

    Gerald Helzel

    take a chill pill with that christian bull

  34. Sabra Shirley


  35. Jennifer Pearce

    love it!

  36. Lisa Christian

    Love Gary Allen.

  37. Ima You

    Love this!!!!

  38. Jake F

    That's Jordan Tofalo! We went to hs together

  39. James Larry

    yall ain't fans if you don't love this song. I've been hooked since it was released!


    fuck yea gary allan is awesome


    i like his music but this song is ok i know a few of his i like better but this one is ok

    Angela Fehr

    This song is AMAZING!!

  40. Kari Terry

    This is not my Gary 😢😢😢

  41. relopez29ca .


  42. Kayse Salmon


    E B

    I miss good music to be honest..😩

    Kayse Salmon

    Sung by anyone else probably a good song but this is NOT Gary Allan caliber!!!

  43. DwayneUSMC1

    keep bringing it GA I see see some comments stateing it isnt you brother I hear alot of the the old Gary hear it's all good keep a crankin buddy

  44. Dalton Hyde

    I really used to love him. This song to me seems incredably simplistic and the emotion in his voice that makes me love all his songs is completely absent.


    his label MCA Nashville is FORCING this on him. they are refusing to release a new album by ANY of their artists unless they have a big hit. MCA Nashville fucked Josh Turner so hard, his album was to come out 3 years ago but they won't release it because the lead single tanked at #27 and it took them over a year and half later to release his next single. Gary is done, this song is doing horrible on the charts, he will lose his label altogether...his career is over so be happy hes able to put out ANYTHING at this point.

    Laura Cooper

    I love Josh Turner

    Music Planet

    WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ I agree that MCA sucks, but Gary is on EMI Nashville now. His last single for MCA records was Hangover Tonight.


    @Music Planet (Dave Cobbs) EMI and MCA are owned by the same company...

    Music Planet

    @WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ yeah, but while MCA never allows artists to release music unless they have a strong hit (see what happened to David Nail and Josh Turner), EMI seems to have a better promotional team and a less narrow minded system. At the moment, MCA Nashville remains the worst record label.

  45. Donna Jacob

    I thought this was a cover of Jason Aldean's song with the same title. This is OK, but I like Jason's better.

  46. aubrunmom

    he can be my baby daddy

  47. aubrunmom

    I do wish it was gray Allan because he is so sexy

  48. Matthew Montgomery Sr

    sorry Gary, just ain't your style bro. still a fan of your work though....

  49. Crystal L

    love this song! !!!

  50. Diane Taylor

    I really wish this song would grow on me but it still hasn't. :( Not "classic" Gary Allan music.

    K Baby

    Doesn't have to be "classic" Gary to be good. I like it. It's nothing like 'Smoke Rings' or 'Her Man' but, then again, he isn't the same artist that recorded those hits. He's in a different place in his life and his career. At least he hasn't quit. So many talented voices fade away...

    Lawrence Crecy

    @WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ His new album is crap but his last album that came out last year was pure Chesney style and that's a pretty damn good track record. 

    Joy Lahman

    Diane Taylor no it could be

    ms V

    Its ok, but definitely not pure gary. He's got a demographic to appeal to.... I really think the label pressured this out of him. I still love Gary. The show in Boston he even said he still wasn't sure how much he likes this song.

    Debbie Bose

    I was able to see him in a small venue up close and personal, singing. Nothing like it

  51. Marie Renée

    I ALWAYS wish it was my honey! #MissOurEndlessConversations #MissOurPillowTalks #MissMyFavoriteSpot #MissMyBestFriend #MissHisBeautifulSmile #MissHisHandsomeFace #MissHimSingingToMe #MissPrayingTogether #MissHimFacingTheWall #MissReadingToHim #MissCuddlingOnTheCouch #MissOurBreakfastsTogether #MissOurBubbleBaths #MissCryingTogether #MissHimStaringIntoMyEyes #MissHimTellingMeHowMuchHeIsInLoveWithMe #IMISSEVERYTHING

    Carin Ison

    Marie Renée

  52. jmluvs MFD

    good song stupid video

  53. Debbie DeBorde

    love it that awesome thanks for just keep them coming

  54. Teresa Ross

    Yes yes i do 😏

  55. Cathy Williams

    Absolutely Love it!!

  56. Salvage Squad

    he needs to rap

  57. Salvage Squad

    I HATE it❗❗❗ 😠😠😠

  58. greeneyedgirl1975

    Mmmmmm..ohhhh yeah!

    Robin Peryea

    I hope he is not married

  59. Nancy Goodman

    Oh his voice is super awesome,still! Keep em coming and I will keep on listening. Thank you so much.🎼🎵🎶🎧

  60. Janice Rochester

    Hell yea I do!

  61. Carissa Venable

    Gawwwwd he does wonders to my body

    Stephen Santos

    you and me both. jk

    Carin Ison

    Carissa Venable

    Micheal Sandwell

    Carissa Venable

    Micheal Sandwell

    Carissa Venable