Allan, Gary - Best I Ever Had Lyrics

So you sailed away into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay, love can be so boring
And nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now.

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had.

So you stole my world, now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl leaves me down and lonely
Well send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better.

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You dont want me back
You're just the best I ever had.

And it might take some time to patch me up inside
but I cant take it so I, I run away and hide
And I might find in time that you were always right
You're always right.

So you sailed away into a grey sky morning
Now, I'm here to stay, love can be so boring
Was it what you wanted?
Could it be I'm haunted?

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You dont want me back
You're just the best I ever had.

You're just the best I ever had

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Allan, Gary Best I Ever Had Comments
  1. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  2. Conor Wells

    Reminds me of my ex Kelly.. I had to move back to Arizona from Kentucky for my job. We were so good together. Wonder what would have happened if I had stayed... 😢

    Jason Lee

    Why didn't she go with you?

  3. Heather Danielle

    Funny out of every song that Gary had to pick to show his grieving, he picked this one. It brings back so many memories. Life house was my group back when I first started dating my boys dad. He has been gone now 5 years today and just listening to this crying and remembering how much I miss him. 2-21-77 to 12/14/14 💔

  4. gabrielle longworth

    Gary allan has been my favorite since i was a kid always loved all his songss!!

  5. Vannicax3

    "You're only the best I ever had.." Love this song!!

  6. KowboyM

    This is when he stopped wearing the cowboy hat, sad song : [

  7. Beverly Davis

    No wonder this dude don't have airplay in Texas much less Houston ..
    This dude brings out everyone's emotional word vomit.

  8. Ceci


  9. Dee Griminger

    I heard him sing this live 2 months ago. He stopped singing and had the audience sing back to him during this song. Awesomeness

  10. Annette Mazziotti

    Happy to see the real you.... god bless you son

  11. Emanuel Jenkins


  12. Angryfarmergamer21

    About to go on 4 years, without a thing. I guess sometimes love is so boring. Nothing is ever the same. I guess you really were the best, and only I ever had.

  13. Ruby Anaya

    Thank-You 💜

  14. Joseph Backus

    That's you Angela...

  15. Timber Rat

    Who is the actress in this video?

  16. tonya allen

    I absolutely love me some Gary Allen and totally love seeing him in Mobile Alabama ♥️♥️♥️ He really deserves more notoriety... He is at the TOP OF COUNTRY SINGERS..😘🤗😍

  17. William Wilson

    I don't know if I'm complicated or stupid but I loved her then and I love her now

  18. James Guenard

    That’s you Jackie. I don’t want anything else. Never will.

  19. David Kool

    He looks like Paul Walker

  20. Jason Johns

    I love this song 2k19🤘🏻❤️🥰

  21. Natalie Cline

    I know I’m still a kid but as a child I would listen to this song on my iPod nano nonstop. no matter what it always makes me cry, such an underrated song


    He’s one of my favorite singers!

  22. RagnarBocephus

    who's still listening to this in 2026?

  23. Elizabeth Torres


  24. Duane brandlein

    My grandma died 4 days ago this song is perfect

  25. SuperLucylola

    his voice is so raw and emotional. one of my fav male singers

  26. Holly Hallack


  27. moose.

    my favorite country song

  28. Faith Beam

    Great song😍

  29. David Call

    Who's still rocking this good stuff 2019??

    Holly Hallack

    Me too....❤

    summers lover

    who tf isnt lol

    David Call

    I know right lol

    Blessed Trinity

    Hello I am

  30. XxUgLyBoYxX

    The best I ever had, her parents broke us apart. Haven't had any contact since then

  31. Heather Halstrom

    The best I ever had pulled the trigger and left me with a 6 page letter that makes me question every move I make.

  32. Janet Welly

    Miss Graman you are the best thing that I have ever had I was thinking about you today and I will be back on Monday I will make it up to you to decide if I should just give up and get on with my life and I will get sad when you have a chance to talk with me about you leaving for Chicago I can't let you leave me alone I won't allow you to leave me alone and I'm lonely and when you leave for Chicago this Friday

  33. Deborah cote

    Great song. Great rendition.

  34. Jay Belcher

    Absolutely my favorite singer. Love this song

  35. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin It's Not So Bad You're Only The Best I Ever Had

  36. Chrissys Critiques

    Love him!

  37. Bonita Hoskins

    Such a beautiful song you can feel his hurt!

  38. William IV

    Saw him last night in Charleston SC, absolutely amazing show.

    Blessed Trinity

    Wish I was there

  39. Timmy Perkins

    Love it!!

  40. Daniel Ricci

    This song hurts , like . . . . . . Deep , love it and it's a great song but sheeeeshhh

  41. Daniel Ricci

    When I'm depressed I put this on and cry in the tub

    Daniel Ricci

    @Stacie Maxwell 🥰

    Daniel Ricci

    @Stacie Maxwell 😭

  42. Rick Grimes

    I don’t want you back
    You’re just the best I ever had

    To S.P.

  43. Sugar DonWon

    Anyone crying over this in 2019?

    Kristopher Hasenbuhler

    Be happy


    Yes at 3 Am


    Sugar DonWon me!


    I Wrote This in 2009

  44. Amy Gannon

    One of the only times I think I might like a remake of a song better than the original. 👍✌😊

  45. Parzival Anonymous

    Writen and sang by Vertical Horizon. But Gary does a wonderful cover <3🤙✌ Just as the Hurt cover by Cash, it was from nine inch nails about heroine addiction. Beautiful, deep songs... but all cover work.

  46. Dennis Garrett

    Thank you Gary, your music is still better than that so called country shit thay play on the radio in 2019

  47. Lonnie Schmit

    Dear Mr. Allan, as a suicide survivor of a deceased husband, your strength and kindness helped me through a very dark and lost place in my life.

  48. Terric Oost

    This cover is better than the original by Vertical Horizon.

    Dipa Anggara P.

    Wrong. You can't cover the song if there is no Vertical Horizon

    Terric Oost

    @Dipa Anggara P. What the hell do you mean wrong? Look it up.

  49. Jason Shrader

    Vertical Horizon wrote this song in 1999 and they sing it better... Gary Allan is good though.

  50. Craft Beer Pours

    Who ever sees this comment... stay strong things will get better ... keep fighting

  51. Eric Stanek

    God, I miss her

  52. Chrissys Critiques

    Thank you for sending me this Matt, I love you ❤️

  53. Ben Branstner

    Got the chance to meet Gary--intimidating looking dude in person but could not have been nicer. Strong grip on the ol' handshake too. This song depresses me but I listen to it a lot anyway.

  54. Susan Valladares

    I love this man, he always brings out the person im hiding from, me, with this man, this artist, this song, and all his music, i cry, an face what ive done, an still am doing, to the ones i love most in all the world, wow😢 This man is so raw, and emotional, an sexy, an vunerable, and i could go an on.....

  55. Surya Ananda

    Heard it then & still love it now; 2019.

  56. Candice Larson

    Beautiful song. Beautiful tribute. Glad he stayed true to the original released by Vertical Horizon in 2001.

  57. Kimberly Jones

    Written by Vertical Horizons singer guitarist Matt Scannell

  58. Who Me Bry ???

    Oh wow i remember when this was on cmt countdown and hearing it on the radio. Good times when i was a kid listening to his music. Always on my playlist. Come back to the Navajo Nation fair. Love your music. #rezboywelder

  59. Henry A

    That guitar is beautiful

  60. Lexny Ji Yong

    2019 anyone?

  61. Chelsey Hartmann

    He has such a nice voice

  62. Brandie Ovard

    Your music is so good I love it so much it's the world to me and I love it as much as you sing and I want you to keep seeing every song that you have been riding down and listen to I want you to sing everything that you make up

  63. barbara estes

    beautiful song Gary

  64. John A

    Didnt really feel until I had to walk away. The pain has stretched me to the edge. I have no idea why I cant get over this step. Gary Allen sir you keep me spin for now

  65. Paul Maples

    I'm in love with a beatiful woman Sherri

  66. Stephanie Jenkins

    To you Jerry Wayne Scoggins love you always

  67. Stephanie Jenkins

    Love everything this beautiful man sings

  68. Bolt Theaussie

    Oh my heart 💔

  69. Cliff Salsgiver

    Lost my mom two and half years ago, I'm still learning to live on my own. Song reminds of good days I spent with her before her health went bad. Sure do miss her, and contemplated suicide after she died. I thought about running out in front a car, over dosing, jumping off a bridge and drowning myself. That was before I returned to church and made turned my life over to Jesus. I'm glad I'm not dead because there's still more in store for me. Work two jobs I know they say you shouldn't consider coworkers friends, but I do consider them friends. Had I been successful and killed myself I never would've met them.

  70. Wesley Mitchell

    Wrote this to Mr. Allen
    " Didn't Change Me Much"
    P' oz

    Didn't change me much
    My face was already wet
    My hair too
    I was already chilled to the bone
    Soles of my shoes already ruined
    I was already miserable and blue
    Thinkin about not seeing you

    Getting caught in the rain
    Didn't change me much
    It just made me smile

    The thunder told me what I already knew
    So loud and clear

    Wesley Mitchell

    " My Jambox Never Lies "
    P' oz

    Don't know what I got
    I know it isn't perfect
    I'm ok with that

    Don't know how to see this clearly
    Or tell myself what the deal really is when the subject matter becomes so intricate

    That's why My Jambox Never Lies
    A song can make you feel something special every time
    There's more to it
    When people are expressing these thoughts and emotions it can be so revealing
    Not just about the artist
    Rather life in general
    Concepts that cannot seem to be disearned suddenly can be so clear and rewarding
    L8ke revelation before your very eyes
    That's why my Jambox never Lies
    Been through to much that can't be described
    That's why
    To many times when you opened my mind
    To a new concept or something
    That's why
    So many times when I was alone and facing something wicked with vicious teeth
    That's why
    And all those times in between when romance was so alive
    That's why
    Because it would be much more complicated to unravel a web of deciet
    That's why
    Because we've gone to far to turn our backs on each other
    That's why
    Because it would hurt so bad
    I don't wanna make you feel that
    Don't wanna make you feel bad ..
    That's why
    Because the truth may hurt but you can always respect it
    That's why
    My Jambox Never Lies

    Wesley Mitchell

    (What wouldn't J'sus Do"

    The voice ask me
    What would Jsus do

    I ask the voices
    What wouldn't Jsus do

    What would God do
    With broken and defeated men
    Who just don't quit get it yet or
    Have a clue
    How strong you are or have to be just to deal with the world the way it is now

    Look up to the sky, no
    Rather look today in the eye
    No b.s.
    Just whatever's coming up and tryin

    Just not enough information to
    Solve the riddles
    A disadvantage
    That has a tendency to cause the

    Try to shut up and just endure it all and be brave
    Even if it fell down on both knees
    It wouldn't be enough
    And how to be a champion now?
    I just don't know

    Asking myself why would Jsus even try under those conditions

    What's my mission

    Wesley Mitchell

    " so hungry I got honorary citizenship as a hugarian. "

  71. Bridget Johnson

    The lyrics don’t make any sense. Love is so boring? And doesn’t even fit with rest of lyrics that also don’t make any sense. Followed recommendation on my feed. Took a listen but it makes no sense to me. Odd song.

    t JoJo - topic

    the song is about his wife when she killed herself. hes saying she thought the love was boring


    @t JoJo - topic ... the song is not about his wife, he didn't write it at all. It's a cover of a song by Vertical Horizon about breaking up. Gary dedicated it to his wife who commited suicide because it's still a lovely song.

  72. Grant L

    Damn, this song makes me cry because it makes me think about my ex girlfriend who I did absolutely everything for her and it all meant nothing to her and I’m hated now because I was the best I could be but I still think she was the best I had and it just breaks my heart


    ... sometimes we try too hard and women just want assholes. :( Hang in there and find someone who respects you more.

  73. Tracey Here

    When he died I quit living.

  74. Cookie Cooke

    But it's not so bad ....your only the best I ever had.....u don't want me back ...your the just the best I ever had ❤️💋 and it might take some time to patch me up inside so I can't take it so I run away and hide ...I might find In time that u were always right ....ur always what I always wanted ....❤️💖

  75. Violet Love

    Heck yeah, i am. Lol

  76. Randy Nyberg

    T.s head best

  77. Jane Roth

    Great talent

  78. Idwiw

    To everyone who thinks this is a country saw its a cover song by a rock group. The original is the best.

  79. Nuclear Hippo

    Something about this video, the water, the randomness, the emptiness, gives me anxiety....

  80. Hike with Mike

    Strong and powerful song!....this is a song that it you in the heart!

  81. Autumn Smith


  82. Shane Stewart

    That happened with my first wife now I keep my dignity admite my faults and walk away. When you get to this point you can't blame her for kicking you in balls and laughing at you. I am speaking from experience when I say this.

  83. Denise Moore

    I want to do this for a lot of drop dead gorgouse black haired sanbernardno Calif police and put black roses white roses blue roses and pink roses peach roses red roses in that boat the boat with my toy police car roses the color of San Bernardino police cars

  84. Ralph Pastine

    Gary Allan's songs are always so beautifully sorrowful and deep...very talented artist...that's dealt with some dark times and it shows in his brilliant work

  85. chasworkout

    I love you Lisa B.

  86. Mary Thomas

    Missing someone you love hurts worse than anything

  87. Lashorna Washington


  88. Rachel Schmudlach

    Gary is so relate able and his songs help with all the pain of the world so let's get Gary more fans

  89. PsychoBabble Empires&Puzzles

    Best Country artist out there

  90. Kim Holmes

    Oh my goodness, first time hearing Gary , no words to describe the feelings

  91. Patrick Coatney

    Gary allen, has the most smoky and sultry voice ever. Hope his career goes well, im courting this wonderful lady, she enjoys his singing

  92. Christi Schultz

    For those of us who have loved and lost. This song pulls at the heart strings ……. what an incredible artist.

  93. Brad Alvarez

    He got the true true jeans

  94. Kcee Kaakill

    Damn it Woman

  95. Johnny Clay

    I love you johnny clay.

  96. Edcel Dy

    Use your Guitar noob

  97. Edcel Dy

    I like more the original

  98. stef 1

    My favorite song. For over a decade.

  99. Jody Lunzer

    Lost my husband. Music brings me comfort or haunts me

    First Last

    This song is is about being left intentionally by someone. As much as we have nostalgia for the song, it is not for us. Enjoy it's beautiful melody, but do not dwell on it.

    Through death or otherwise ( from which your your loss stems) we will persevere. We will overcome. I wish only be best for you, sister. May you find peace and happiness once again. You are not alone. We are not alone.