All Saints - If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin') Lyrics

C'mon now, now
Start it

Hey, what's up? Gather round, everybody get down
It's time for the best party track in town
Kicking it live, keeping it real
Party on time, yeah, you know how we feel

You gotta get up and move side to side
You've gotta release and do it right
It's a funkadelic beat to a funkadelic song
Still kicking it live, with the main man, John

Saints in da house, you're doing it right
Cool rock a jam and party all night
So lets get started baby, you and I
Go on with your bad self, dance all night

So can you feel it, I can feel it hey,
Can you feel the beat? Got the bass drum doing in your feet,
Hear the snare drum tapping in your ear
Yeah, you've gotta get up, gotta move your rear

That's, the way this heart is feeling for you [Shaz, Nat & Nic]
Cos no one does it better
Boy, there ain't no town just what I wanna do [Shaz, Nat & Nic]
So won't you let me switch on

Let's get started, if you wanna party
Baby it's just you and me
I got what you need
Don't conceal it, tell me can you feel it
Won't you let me lead the way,
Cos I wanna be your baby for life

Ooh, come on everybody, if you're here to party
get down, get down
Oh, if its gonna take all night
Mr DJ save my life, come on and get down

That's, the way this heart is feeling for you [Shaz, Nat & Nic]
Cos no one does it better
Boy, there ain't no town just what I wanna do [Shaz, Nat & Nic]
So won't you let me switch on

Let's get started, if you wanna party
Baby it's just you and me
I got what you need
Don't conceal it, tell me can you feel it
Won't you let me lead the way,
Cos I wanna be your baby for life

So on and on, on and on and on
check it, check it, check it out
to the break a break of dawn
As the bass drum stick it to your ear
Can you hear? Move your rear
Wind your body to the beautiful snare

Guys grab a girl and take her from the back
Give it up, give it up, cos we like it like that
Girls grab a guy, showing that you ain't feeling shy
Keep it going as the bridge comes, keep in time

If its right, we could be, starting up, you and me
(That's the way this heart is a feelin' for you) [Shaz, Nat & Nic]
Get it on, what I need, DJ play that song for me
Time is right, in the mood, stepping with the old school
Boy, there ain't no doubt just what I wanna do [Shaz, Nat & Nic]

Let's get, lets get, hey
Hey, oh yeah, lets get started
I say baby, oooh, somebody gotta treat me right

Let's get started, Let's get started, let, if you wanna party,
Baby its just you and me, I got what you need,
Don't conceal it, tell me can you feel it,
Won't you let me led the way,
Cos I wanna be your baby for life

[Repeat Chorus 'till fade.]

(Hey, Mr DJ, won't you play that song? We go on and on and on,
Hey, Mr DJ, won't you play that song? We go on and on) [Nat & Nic]

As I'm watching me
It's just you and me

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All Saints If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin') Comments
  1. Lionel

    *I didn't know that this song had another music video and with the sisters.*

  2. tlee0915

    I remember having the Official All Saints video on VHS and seeing this music video.

  3. Oscar Rodriguez

    may 30th 2019.....and no one does it bettah!

  4. S M

    Coolest girl band. Nic and mel are stunning.

  5. Lee Marie

    December 4th, 2018 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  6. Jerome Barnes

    Yes honey, I am SO here for this!

  7. D!on D

    I woke up with this song in my head!!! I still have the album that I brought in 98!!!

  8. Alex Twomey

    All saints are in no position to be Geo Blocking their content, especially when they are clawing at success 20 years after they were famous

    Jacob HK

    Alex Twomey it's their old label, not them

  9. gareth shields

    So 90's. I fucking love it.

  10. Tania Zorro

    LOL les années 2000 💕trop nostalgique

  11. skyllo

    when cargo pants were so hot. i love all saints so much. my favorite was nat. and mel is so beautiful

  12. Todd Lavigne

    These girls were, and still are gorgeous. Nice to see them back together.

  13. Natalie Grant

    Wow what an awkward video that was!

  14. she7

    that pocketed pants reminds me a lot of my teeny days :'( miss all my friends

  15. thegr8rambino

    i listen to this after i have a big meal its nice lol


    yeah me too love this millenium hit! sends me back to high school times when I performed this with my classmate/friends! :)

  17. Mk Dark

    Que sexys se veian las chicas con estos pantalones! 

  18. Trần Kim Duyên

    i still love this song :)

  19. ThisIsErdoS

    Laberge Remix of this hella better


    Still true

  20. james smith

    wheres this from ? never heard or seen this before and I was a big all saints fan ! :-O


    from their 1998 album

  21. sapphiric

    love love love this song. this track is my fav from all saints

  22. DreamyTruth

    These women look so sexy without effort

  23. Soul Quarian

    Melanie ♥

  24. Tom Hydra-XavieR

    Well we can still agree on the fact that both these decades were better than now, i guess :)

  25. Tom Hydra-XavieR

    ITs True, and im not even from the 90s unfortunately, i didnt have an opportunity to listen to Awesome Music, but atleast i was born in the 90s i guess :)

  26. Robin Agramon


  27. The Truth

    I want the 90s back!

  28. hawicky

    I really love their clothes, I want to dress more like this again!

  29. skyllo

    cargo pants

  30. lilmofan

    this song has always made me feel good, real 90s vibe love it!

  31. Gareth Huynh

    @frenzy9 It's Simone Rainford

  32. Gareth Huynh

    Nicole Appleton's boobs

  33. jon dahlberg

    one word: SEXY'AS'HELL

  34. Zep Floyd

    poor bitches...

  35. nirobi7

    that one girl sorta looks like Piper Perabo!

  36. jon dahlberg

    the glasses are sexy as HELL

  37. jon dahlberg

    there all hot, we need more girl bands that can actually have good songs

  38. Bilal Halim

    @rokusho2009 breasts

  39. rokusho2009

    beautiful girlsss

  40. Jeremy Cai Yixin

    its obviously done for the fun factor more than anything.

  41. Rochelle Johnson

    The good ol 90's.

  42. cul2cat

    to corny

  43. rodenrren2

    what song was sampled?

  44. memo65810

    They are the best ............. wow I LOVE 90'S blatt's voice sound ufff amazin' ooh come on everybody woop

  45. Eunice Leung

    i listen to this once and i cant stop listening to it! <33333 love themmm

  46. Annisa Hasan

    I didn't know they made a video for this one

  47. TheSharkjunior007

    @Offspringfan64 thats natalie!

  48. Offspringfan64

    I don't know how this song got on my music list on facebook, but it's awesome. And the one with glasses is REALLY FUCKING HOT.

  49. YaYa Inspired

    Problem between the 90s and today, is that there isnt much change in fashion and music... and since this is the first time i am watching this video, i hav no idea when it was made. But i am guessing late 90s or early 00s or more recent. Ok i fail at this lol.

  50. alphadaija

    Ummmmmmmmm where did this video come from? I love it!

  51. likewhateva1

    Love the Fatback Band sample!

  52. fabius tube

    @anncasph thumbs up forever!

  53. fabius tube

    her first album is awesome and so are they!

  54. sfij1998

    the song isn't really good, and the video is really boring.
    with 70's clothes is would be more funny ?

  55. themerenguess

    nice song

  56. dwighthoward1

    @JohnGepi1992 1997

  57. dwighthoward1

    this track and this video are so 90's!!

  58. janey1029384756

    @snouty87 you'd never see artists wearing them now, they wear hardly anythin these days. Bring back Combats.

  59. vikingdecendents

    in love with Mel

  60. gahahsjad

    Las pobres No tienen dinero para hacer un buen video musical.

  61. Karen Turlington

    this song is a forgotten gem! they r so poppy here but I love it!!!!!! Ahhhh the nineties haircuts lol.

  62. johnny cash

    what the fuck is this

  63. Squizree

    I think they're all really pretty to be honest. It's such a cute dance song.

  64. Jessica Ford

    what happened to All Saints!!!???? I loveeee them!

  65. Jordan Luces

    I miss them... like so much, and for real!

  66. OntCanGuy

    Wow! Nice!

  67. Mara

    Nicole is the nicest (:

  68. aimejade618

    They dont this anymore they had 2 albums didnt they and died out and all do their diff stuff nicole is with liam gallagher!

  69. Damon Albarn

    Natalie looks so cute with glasses :')

  70. AcousticUplift

    Shaznay is a beautiful girl so I don't think that comment is necessary. Mel had the best voice by far but I don't think any of them were amazing vocally. I did not know of this song with the Appleton sisters. There's another video from the days with the original line up of three. I think it was shot at the Notting Hill Carnival although I don't know the name. I thought this was it but clearly not.

    Lloyd john Lyons

    Shaznay is the best vocally in the group and writes all the songs always has been the Appleton’s on the other hand don’t remember them being massive and Mel Blatt can sing as well

  71. kazzam99

    i want those combats!!!

  72. billiefan2000

    happy 36th birthday

    natalie appleton of the all saints

  73. Astrosisphere

    Even if they did it wouldn't be a bad thing! Although they're both good in their own unique way I think...

  74. Astrosisphere

    Kind of sounding like New Jack Swing but at the same time Housey, the Housey bit (a bit 'Coffee Table' House) is making me thing post Millenium (not a good thing!) but the New Jack Swing, early 90s (and it doesn't come any better than that from how I hear music)! Anyone know the release date

  75. janey1029384756

    Lurve this song

  76. BlackGothMetalia

    Fuck you,you sucks !!!

  77. BlackGothMetalia

    Total scheiß Song , das ist das schlechteste von dene !

  78. xihopeyouchoke

    never remember this song being released? terrible vid

  79. gungrave4701

    ya somos 2 viejo....

  80. MercuryX

    i liked all saints! its a shame they didnt get the proper marketing and promotion they could have used to succeed. the spice girls were unstoppable at that time but all saints had some cool tracks. this one, booty call, i know where it's at.

  81. Ravid Ravidr

    my music taste is different from this songs style, but I think it's a good song.

  82. gahahsjad

    las pobres no tienen dinero para lanzar un buen video musical.

  83. paolo migliaccio

    my fav is mealnie ^^

  84. Elvis Ojeda


  85. kazzam99


  86. xxannabellsxx

    shaznay sounds like bart simpson when she raps. mel was the best singer, nic was the prettiest and shaz ws da most talented. i loved all saints...

  87. Wilderness Junkie

    sorry was that a threat?

    so your original comment meant what exactly.

  88. Turd Ferguson

    i hope that's a joke, because i am white. just calling it like i see it.


  89. Wilderness Junkie

    racist. why isn't right to discriminate blacks but you can do it to whites.


  90. Wilderness Junkie

    probably because it was never released I believe it was a promo video for the album.

  91. Turd Ferguson

    it almost looks like a commercial for the gap

  92. Turd Ferguson

    shaznay must get know, carrying those skinny white bitches around.

  93. akwejfgbiegbfvilgbebgv gbdabd

    This video is too simple to this great song.

  94. Rogue849

    Hey but they made a video for almost every song in their first album! Like six! Or more?

  95. Jordan Luces

    my all time favorite band!!!!

  96. Jamie Storer

    this was the first video i seen from them. the two blondes i had such a crush on when i was young.will never forget them now i found them here.

  97. Bridget Weet

    haha yeh i thought them forming in 1975 didn't make sense!! thanks!

  98. janey1029384756

    I mean year of birth not when all saints were formed!

  99. janey1029384756

    Its the year the original All Saints got together. But they shortened it when Nic n Nat joined.