All Good Things - We Shall Overcome Lyrics

We've been fighting the midnight ghost
Drowning in the sea of bones
We've been trying to hold on
To any hope we've come across

Falling and falling
Through all of the giants I've come to fear
Calling and calling
I won't heed the warnings I'm meant to hear

We shall overcome
We shall not be silent
We will rise as one
You can not deny us
Won't be broken by the fever
We'll get stronger, not get weaker
Now not dead, not done
We shall, we shall overcome

We were buried under hell
Covered by violent spells
We were broken without cure
Pulled apart from the truth

Falling and falling
Through all of the giants I've come to fear
Calling and calling
I won't heed the warnings I'm meant to hear

We shall overcome
We shall not be silent
We will rise as one
You can not deny us
Won't be broken by the fever
We'll get stronger, not get weaker
Now not dead, not done
We shall, we shall overcome

Don't lay back down
The fight is on
We must be strong
And fly our flags
Of victory into the sky
Above the smoke and the fires
We will rise, oh

We shall overcome
We shall not be silent
We will rise as one
You can not deny us

We shall overcome
We shall not be silent
We will rise as one
You can not deny us
Won't be broken by the fever
We'll get stronger, not get weaker
Now not dead, not done
We shall, we shall overcome

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All Good Things We Shall Overcome Comments
  1. KendraBarth14

    I have fall in love with you guys! I found for the Glory and now I am hook. Each song is another whole new experience and I can't stop listening

    All Good Things

    KendraBarth14 thankyou!! Great to meet you!


    @All Good Things I can't wait until your next album/song! And thank you for replying to me. You made me year! Thank you

  2. Alexey Svetlov

    WHo do you have on vocals guys? Can't distinguish where is Joe and where is Dan

    All Good Things

    Alexey Svetlov hi! This version has Dan Pringle on vocals. If you would like to hear Dans version, it’s currently on Pandora and Spotify.

    Alexey Svetlov

    @All Good Things Thanks! To me it sounds way too similar like Dan and Joe are brothers siblings :) Hope you guys will become big soon and visit Russia. I just discovered you yesterday and seems that I like every single song :)

  3. ViSiONinCHRiST

    Loving all 🔊💞

  4. Lord Steve IV

    If only the song was a bit faster

  5. Essex 37

    How do you do this word song magic.

  6. JFK5* Kennedy


  7. TheDashing Invader

    AGT:We shall overcome!
    *_Soviet anthem begins_*


    This is my favourite band all good things is the purfect name for them every song they make is just amazing

  9. Eclidei a Daniben LP

    amazing work agt :) nice song

  10. Scott JS

    I keep running into a weird spot with some of AGT songs, as they are not up beat and good for getting pumped while I know others are, but this is one of those songs, along with "What Have I Become" that I don't intentionally listen too because the beat is a bit slower but then when it comes up I keep getting surprised by how epic it is. I would certainly like to hear a version that has a faster pace, including Fight because that would be boss, but I still love it the way it is.... WHAT IS LOGIC?!?!?!?!? THESE SONGS ARE GREAT!!!!

  11. Rhazien

    I am the 60.000 person so see this here is a print:

    can i get a cookie for being the 60.000 person to see this song =D

    now being serious, love you guys, it is a pity that you guys are a under the radar band, I would love to see you guys in the radio one day.

  12. Bleak Victory

    Love this song!


    I'm in love with your music

  14. IgnusIncubus

    Great lyrics + Great beat + Great songs = Great band.
    In all seriousness, I really loved this song and it is my favorite one from you guys. I'm just now realizing you have so many other songs that I didn't knew about and I'm loving each one of them.
    Anyway, do, please keep it up, I really hope that someday you'll be famous!
    Love from Brazil!

  15. Golden Cobra

    Why this band is not famous? They got great music and excellent lyrics. Let's make em famous

  16. blue bird

    Listen it in speed 1.25 ... enjoy!

  17. Pollo

    Great as always! Can't wait for more!

    I suggest a apocalyptic theme for an album nonetheless, great music! :)

  18. Dorina Horváth

    Im here to say hello, and I want you to know how much I love this band.♥♥ Its may fav band ever. I found you guys about,, 4 days and now all your songs are on my phone! Ahh your voice is I N C R E D I B L E!! I cant stop listening your music. This is the future of rock!
    Love from Hungary

    Dorina Horváth

    Ahh thank you so much for the heart!! I love you guys ♥♥♥♥

  19. Maczu piczu

    Loveee song 💗❤❤

  20. mateusz kochanowski

    Best music forever <3 All Good Things The Best ;) Best band

  21. Jay Tee

    Love it as usual <3

  22. FerociousKilla

    Amazing lyrics

  23. Raimondas Dubauskas

    Pressed like before even hearing the song. I knew that it's gonna be awesome. I'm hoping that maybe one day AGT will come to Lithuania and i will have a chance to hear every your song live. <3 from Lithuania.

  24. wilson steiver Bayona

    Amo está banda ... porque me hace sentir como si fuera un ganador sigan haciendo grandes canciones


    We are the unknown and we can overcome that #overcometheunknown

  26. Christy Writer

    So amazing <3

  27. LoneZtarGaming

    So I see you guys played live, when are you coming to Denver?

  28. stefy cute

    This is a song when you slam someone on the waĺl and make him lose his senses. I shall not be denied :) always orgasmic songs

  29. ariel mwpro_532

    This band doesn't know what is a bad song.
    Great music, continue like this✌️💪

  30. Kara O ke

    really nice but is this album available on CD?

    All Good Things

    Kara O ke yes! You can buy it on amazon on cd!

  31. Dennis Steffens

    As i saw that you guys Made a new Song i was so Happy cause i knew IT would be awesome Love from germany

  32. mahmoudi farouk

    another good song to the list <3

  33. Lauren Tennent

    Great message. And we WILL OVERCOME! No we won't lie down and we are NOT DONE! #TheResistance

  34. Caleb Grimes


  35. Hayden Riddle

    Man I love you guys, your way with lryics and how they're sung just give me chills. Btw my favorite song is Fight hope one day you make another akin too it.

  36. Der Mit Den Fröschen Laicht

    Another great song. Greetings from Germany, hopefully hearing you live someday <3

  37. Louise Zaar

    Love love love! All good things <3

  38. Krystiaff

    Love you

  39. Rene Krainz

    Love your songs
    Greetz from austria

  40. The Dovalord

    is there a chance you guys will come out to Ohio to perform?

    All Good Things

    Of course! We are currently working with an American and a European agent to break into the touring circuit. Hard work for a new band like us, but with awesome fans like the AGT army, things are starting to happen. Stay tuned for a song to drop on Octane Nationally, followed by some promo appearances. We want to be EVERYWHERE....... And remember, if you're coming to our show, let us know - the AGT army get VIP treatment.

    Alcor The Dreambender

    All Good Things love to see you at the Cincinnati venue 😄

    Roxymiopet 1997

    Really can't wait for the dates. You are making some dreams from me come true... Thank you all so so so so much.... <3


    @All Good Things, your music is perfect, keep up the great work!

  41. JennyMusic

    Joe, I'm always in love with your voice !!!

    Hayden Riddle

    You were the reason I discovered all good things so thanks for your videos and man this was a good song eh ?

    Alex Volk

    Fancy seeing you here...

    Vishnu Kanth

    thank you jennyni for helping us discover such a wonderful song

  42. Akantha Wortamon Master

    I love this band♥#agtarmy

  43. Co Ri

    Damn, I love this band SO much 😍❤
    Greetings from Austria 👋😀
    So underrated ..

  44. lou3ezz

    2018 is the best year ever as my favourite band went steps forward to be world wide known <3 you rock guys ! And can't wait to see you in Paris !

  45. Gijoe 300

    I became a hungry wolf after listening to this...

  46. luca megioranza

    I really hope you make new songs guys. <3

  47. jeremy sims

    I heard you guys on spotify 2 days ago and now I'm showing everyone I can this band is AMAZING

  48. Roxymiopet 1997

    And one more good song AGT, Keep it up!!!!! <3

  49. ดีต่อใจ ใครว่าไงก็ช่าง

    I LOVE IT !!!!

  50. Luiz Carlos

    My new favorite band.

  51. Fresh devil

    The song is so beautiful

  52. Flóra Tóth


  53. Scotty Bro

    You deserve more subscribers, this is beautifull guys. You’ll reach the top on one day and we will all be there to witness that moment. Keep up the good work!!! 👍

  54. Xavier Gruebele-McCurdy

    Always excited to see another release, great job guys :)

  55. Pedro

    I'm from Brazil, and this is the best band of the world !!!

    Leandro Alves

    verdade man

    Aleatório pro


  56. Patucca Neven

    All good figs is back!

  57. Bugpip

    I slammed that thumb up button before the song even started because when it's AGT it's bound to be golden ♥ love from England!

  58. __Spectre_

    you are so special guys, wait for next song but plz faster 😬😍

  59. Pitax125

    Love this! This should be playing as main theme for Fifa World Cup!!!!

  60. Matěj Šrámek

    Fantastic song, keep it up <3

  61. Polaria

    Nice! Love this song so much! Keep up the great work 😍

  62. danlove1998

    I love the lyric videos! Keep up the Amazing work!

  63. Cameron Sams

    You shall overcome make you popular like five finger death punch
    I <3 you guys your one of my favorite bands I really appreciate your music

  64. Giannis Kotsovos

    Much love from Greece guys! Keep it up! \m/

  65. FPSSteel

    Awesome work guys!

  66. Tio HollywoodUndeaDz #MRM

    Greetins from Brazil , really love the band


    EPA eu n so o unico br aqui lol slk mano

  67. Nokaru

    My favorite band <3

  68. Yoshka

    Underradet band

    Heejoon Shin

    False, rated perfectly just not very popular

    Ovidiu Ionut

    @Heejoon Shin totaly true..2.2k likes and 42 dislikes

  69. laura cano

    This song is amazing! I love a lot 🌺💝💝

  70. ExcisioNable

    You guys are gonna get big !!!

  71. Yu Se

    Oof another good song to the list <3

  72. Revox

    Nice one!

  73. jackson schuck

    Holly sh*t. I have been waiting for a new song, so excited.


    this song is not so "new", is avaliable for so long on spotify !! Look, there's a lot of songs that's not here (youtube)

  74. doomageton731

    All good things has a very accurate band name

    Mikayla Marinelli


  75. Ali

    They name doesn't lie all good things here
    Anyone else think of all the slavery and racism from the whites to blacks and native peoples when hearing this song?
    No hate please

  76. codeman 59608

    every song of yours is amazing. keep it up guys

  77. DenofWolves •

    I love it and u guys

  78. Florin Ciocan

    Awesome! ❤