All Good Things - I Surrender Lyrics

You say a word
And the ground breaks underneath me
No you don't have to try to defeat me

You watch me fall apart
And slip into the dark

My will is wearing down
I can't recall why I resisted
Thy will be done
My god my mind is getting twisted

Your will is my command
Now it's slipping from my hands
Slipping from my hands

I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender

This is war
This is love
This is not what I expected
Now my heart has been infected
Feel like I could die

Through the eyes of your storm
You oversee the agony
You might just be the death of me
But you make me feel alive
The floor is giving way
This is all that I can hold
My back will finally break
You'll have me for your own
Your sedatives addict me
Kicking and screaming
Limbs without feeling
So come and get me

I surrender
I surrender
I surrender

I'm am a prisoner
I'm your guest
But still I'll
Fight you
To the death

Trapped like rat
Subject to tests
Give up my life
I'll give my life
At your request

The puppet's hand
Inside of me
Controls it all
My destiny

This living hell
Has come to life
Open the gates
I'll stay a while

The ground will split
From underneath
My heart will play
It's final beat

I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
I surrender

The ground will split
From underneath
My heart will play
It's final beat

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All Good Things I Surrender Comments
  1. Cringe Boi

    I came here from Spotify from one of the shuffle songs of All good Things!

  2. Filantrop Blog


  3. Z4J3B4NT

    i'm not saying this is bad... iz good. but come on. EPIC/SUPER rock? to say that is egoistic/narcissistic is an understatement. and stop inventing genres, we have enough... your music is okay, but its not epic nor super rock. i can name dozens of bands that would crush you and they haven't had the need to declare themselves SUPER or EPIC. ridiculous XD you really need to check the dictionary for the meaning of the word extreme... here comes the kraken is extreme. this is "meh rock".

  4. TheUltradad

    Love this song. Heard it in Rebal Galaxy Outlaw :)

  5. InSearch OfSpace

    Toatally shit controls, don't buy

  6. InSearch OfSpace

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

  7. late night gamer

    Best song for being mad. Great for raging x_x

  8. Rasen Destroyer

    Just think about your foe
    coming to you
    "I surrender"
    like this
    Would you surrender
    to his surrender?

  9. ankuboer

    Your Music is good for Wrestling Theme Music
    Proud of you <3

  10. Hell Manson

    I hate to be now one of those "I'm here because of Dope", but God honestly, the serie is so good as this song.

  11. Charles Chicken

    I came from Netflix😂


    This song is DOPE!

  13. AliaGinger

    OMG i need more songs like this in your
    channel please!!!!

  14. Ashlee Jarret

    sexy as hell 😍😍 here from dope.

  15. xreaL

    I'm here because I like All Good Things and rock/hardcore music.

  16. Mister Jay

    So when ever I hear this song I imagine a soldier who once fought for good serving some master with supernatural powers and he was forced to serve him but mk ultra and his view of the world is like he's seeing everything in a dream view (meaning he's not in control) and he's trying to fight it but he can't but he still tries yk

  17. Ununpentium

    france's national anthem

  18. MAPLE

    Heard this song on a cop show. Pumped me up and made me wanna go smash Liberal sjw's

  19. Don Ham

    Just watched "Dope" and here I am!

  20. insjen

    This is fucking epic

  21. Doobie- -Doo

    This is just amazing ! I listen to this EVERYDAY. All Good Things, you are my number one favorite band !

  22. FutUnico

    man heard this jam on dope and it sounded dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. TimberWolf2016

    Spotify URL:
    You're Welcome

  24. Kryss

    The Nature of the Game

    your surrender
    my pleasure
    your disgrace
    my embrace
    your life is shallow
    I am cold
    your death meaningless
    so be bold
    do not fear
    the gauntlet near
    in the end
    the right decision you will hear

  25. Mr. Me

    Do an amv that’ll get a lot of views

  26. Braggski

    I surrender to you, replay button.

  27. Haytham Alwahhabi

    This is the real dope to me creative

  28. Mohammed

    nice epic rock... i like

  29. Billy Block

    that scene in 'DOPE' where the cops getting ready for battle...with this song.. man epic.

  30. ScardyGinge

    Thank you Dope for showing me such amazing music I never knew about. Whoever was in charge of the soundtrack... whew. You need a raise. All Good Things, y'all are amazing!

  31. carlos calderon

    Came across this song by accident.... Loved it!

  32. John Becker

    I got this song from the show dope love this song

  33. Gee Martinez

    Here Because Of Netflix’s Dope !

  34. Lindley Runnels

    Well fuck..... Man this song.... Is badass.... Just found you guys..... Gonna share you on my fb page..... I have friends from all over the world on there.... REALLY diggin you guys right now

  35. Funkstreife 5-3



    🇧🇷 🤘🤘🤘 ...

  37. bilal ayhan

    Rock baby Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helllll yeahhh

  38. Charles Epworth

    You guys are amazing!!! discovered you in the new series on netflix!! Can't wait to here more from you!!

  39. Alex Manning

    I only listen to metal and my only favorite band is Motionless In White and my role model is Chris Motionless! This is an awesome song!

  40. F R

    I'm here from DOPE. This song is awesome!

  41. Rex 101

    R.I.P my replay button

  42. James Dozier

    On Netflix watchin Dope and heard this joint....I googled the first verse...."You say a word and the ground breaks underneath me", and low and behold...Damn I LOVE Google!!!

  43. TheDarkenedOne

    I have noticed that netflix and hulu are using alot of this off brand stuff. And i fuckin love it, found alot of good music, alot better then most of the normal music these days

  44. William Bawdon

    This reminds me of the band RED

  45. Tommy Gun

    Good tune for driving on the highway at night.😎

  46. Михаил Комов

    I came across this song while considering others on your channel.It's really fascinating for me!Of course,I'll never accept the main slogan of it cause,in my point of view,people should keep on fighting till the last moment.Nevertheless,in some cases it would be better to retreat or even recognize defeat instead of resisting the fate,but it also depends on humans and their willingness.

    Aaraamasree Sreekumar

    This song is about fighting to the last breath even when you know you'll die.

  47. shaun whitaker

    Heard this on Netflix, I’m a big fan now!

  48. Mike Marales

    Who else looked up this song from Netflix series "Dope"😏

    Aran Davison

    Hundy P, Mike.

    James Dozier

    Mike Marales I did..bad ass!

    Santiago Miguel

    Me 🙋‍♂️

  49. eLyoUDi

    Dope ;)

  50. katsafrenacus

    start of the song is similar to one from Queen of the damned. movie. lyrics are different though.

  51. Pedro Ortiz

    This song is Epic.. Am downloading it.. Beast.. Powerful and dark. Motivation and it opens you imagination.. And listening to this everywhere and specialy when working out.. Great for exercise and relaxation of mind and body.

    Ze Ro

    Pedro Ortiz same

  52. Josh

    Came here from Dope on Netflix

  53. Desstrik

    Awesome song!

  54. juozas stankevicius

    Dope: Season 1 ep1 brought me here!

  55. All Good Things

    Thanks everyone for the support, and as always, thank you to Jennyni20 for spinning under the radar bands like us! This song recently appeared in episode 4 of the new Netflix series "Dope".


    Brought me here!

    Farrell Tamke

    That's how I found the song, absolutely love it

    Hell Manson

    I'm so fucking glad I discovered this. Love it so much!!


    Watching that episode as we speak!


    Ah ah . Sss ah . Fuck. Delicious . Gay sex

  56. A Movement Journey

    I just love their music, it's so good it makes me wanna cry, fucking hell.

  57. Andy Ceaser

    Dope Show bought me here

    Ze Ro

    Andy Ceaser same

  58. All Good Things

    Check out this song on episode 4 of the awesome new documentary “DOPE” on Netflix!

  59. Moynul Alam

    Who came from Netflix Dope? Shazam

    Juan Rios

    Broo I did the same thing

    Tommy Gun

    My nigga. 😎 this tune is for driving at night on the highway.

    Marios K.


    KnockOuT_ o

    did it :D haha took a bit long to find it via shazam

    Jizzy Tv

    me I just did it. looooool

  60. K M

    I was watching Dope on Netflix. This song was playing in the background but did not know who was the band, Shazam led me to this video.


    haha so did I just now !!

  61. BioHazard

    I came from the new netflix serious Dope!

    loli protection agency

    Lmao I was just listening to every song from them

    Thomas Perullo

    Same here


    me 2, its Dope!

    Chet Huck

    Me to ha

    Santiago Miguel

    Yes me too 😍 😘

  62. Arthur SOLA

    As a french man

    I disagree with this song

    The IronGolem

    gennaroita as do I

    Siddhant Sharma

    As an Indian man I disagree from the call center.

    Jonathan Swavely

    As an American I have to disagree, but fashionably late like always.


    As a German man I have to disagree with your decision.

  63. BinaryFour

    ... Get Up !

  64. loli protection agency

    The war it began as the rebels rose to fight the government both where right in there ideas but wrong to fight over it many die rebels watch as their lines faulter and crack as the more equipped force breaks them many fight to the death in the mess many forget what they are fighting by the thought of just surviving Finally the rebels surrender with no hope to survive many died and the country was destroyed who really won?

  65. Metal Triops

    georgie wants to surrender

  66. loli protection agency

    This is a french song cause it says I surrender

    Carmin Red

    Kai Germinario fuck you

    loli protection agency

    What is a name it's just a joke no need to get so mad

    Sean Liver

    Kai Germinario lol up til recently I thought the same. The Nazi's were given the laid out defense system of the French why they were to take it so quick. Countless computer simulations prove they attacked at the exact perfect soft spots in the defense. "One in a million" scam war

    loli protection agency

    Sean Liver yeah I know the French where at a complete disadvantige and they never really surrendered

  67. Kokorocodon


  68. Dirty Grin

    Reminded me of the Prince of Persia Warrior Within soundtrack... Ahh the memories...

    Dezzy Wezzy

    Aw man Prince of Persia those were the days, that game was awesome

  69. Fantasy NC

    To Those Who Hit Dislike, I Respect Your Decision, Even Though It's Wrong.

    The IronGolem

    Not wrong, but erroneous


    They're entitled to their wrong opinions :D


    Why The Fuck Do You Write Like This?

  70. Anderson Aquino

    someone can help me, I need download the that song and the album too... Thanks.

    Jeffrey Sebastian Tavera Camelo

    There's an compilatory album of all their works 'til this 2017, I have a link for download it, but the download is toooooo slow (the .rar archive is 300mb, and the archive is full downloaded in 2- hours).
    Srry my English.

    Mészáros Kevin

    Los Gmi2 de Makina so what's the link?

  71. Carlos Pomares

    Has anyone ever notice the light heartbeat in the background and how it stopped at the end?


    Carlos Pomares It also alternates between normal (if not slightly raised) and tachycardia


    It also ends at "final beat"

  72. JOHN smith

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

  73. Nazifa Tasneem

    Damn I love this channel. Keep doing what you do.

  74. XIX BruhXIX

    This Song is awesome!!! jeezz!

  75. music music

    LOL :) :) :) XXX

  76. 見知らぬ

    by far my favourite

  77. Maagiiikk

    Is very very good song a love you evoryone song Jennyni is very

  78. Igor Malinowski

    I get a 'Ergo Proxy' vibe off of this.

  79. Gabriel Gregorio

    nice song

  80. zhawmedia

    A veces me parece que tiene subidas y bajadas de volumen que resultan como molestas

  81. t103Ninja

    came into this thinking it was going to be a cover of the rainbow song, still good though :)

  82. Théa Bones

    Merci fabuleux dessin de Nyo ^^ !

  83. Jeffrey Sebastian Tavera Camelo

    Seré de los únicos hispanohablantes que ama esta banda. Pero, mierda, tengo que decir que esta banda, el día en que se haga famosa, nos devolverá a otras épocas mejores. Porque, a la mierda todo, es la puta mejor banda que he escuchado en mi vida.


    Sebastian Tavera Camelo No eres el único c:

  84. All Good Things

    Hey All YOU Good Things. Thank you SO much for the support and comments. This song was actually written at the request of production company for a new movie coming out 2017. If you want to help support All Good things, check out the official lyric video at or buy your very own copy at Thanks again guys. Your support is what keeps us making music.


    is this the real all good things? because you guys only have 68 subs. If it is I just want to save love your music

    Jeffrey Sebastian Tavera Camelo

    *Too late* Yas, that's their channel.

    Martim Motim

    Know i'm late, but it's for a movie called Dope. Now out on Netflix. Definitely recommend it.

    Smoogy Woogy

    Martim Motim that's where I came from

    Marco Antonio Fabra

    The scene when this track kicks in the Dope serie was AWESOME!!!! I’m really proud to hear bands like this making such nice music on this time.

  85. Demon Abysm

    One of the best songs on your channel by far.

  86. Derick Espinosa

    yaw you are doing a great job in your musics but please if you can add super raps i that will be good

  87. jvnpXXI jogos


  88. rome stil

    omg i love these song. thx for the upload...

  89. ma reano

    I see all good things insta-like

  90. TheFilthyCasual

    This would work great in a vampire-themed movie or video game!
    I've been on a VTM Bloodlines bender the last few days, hopefully we'll get another one some day, with music like this in the soundtrack... *sigh*

    Demon Abysm

    Would go well in Vampire Diaries or even the old Blade films.

    John Becker

    Hell yea


    Best way to playing that game: a bender

  91. shadydragon22

    Am I the only one who just doesn't find "All the good things" songs that good?

    Zachary Chapman

    shadydragon22 yes

    N.M. Dimmick

    Initially, I didn't care much for them, but they grew on me.

  92. PhoenixNDSTRY

    I'm not fully sure what to say on this one cause I cannot tell if your surendering or if your relaying a message from Xanes.
    if it's from you:
    NEVER SURRENDER, live or die so long as we have a smile on our face we win. these demons, darklings, THESE CRYPT WALKERS! ALL THEY WANT IS TO SEE OUR PAIN! so let's give them there own pain. show them that nothing they can do will effect us. then they'll have to surrender. but I'm not sure if this is actually from them.
    if it is. I won't accept their surrender. not after they nearly killed us all. no... but I will show... a small bit of mercy and make it quick.

  93. Alhussain Ali

    remind me of Prince of Persia warrior within


    Aaaaaah yisss man!

  94. Khroniclas

    in my opinion, the best song u uploaded in weeks, maybe even months.

    Lt. Bain

    +Nonenowhere How bout "heroes-zayd"

  95. Darth Max


  96. Isaias G 117

    this is cweit interesting i never would have known you were in to this kind of music come to think of it i remember now you also made one with the band called RED the song was called of these chains it was cweit lovely not mention it came from one of my favorite rock bands i recommend you make one with starset the song is called dark on me that's only if you haven't already done it because i haven't seen all your videos neither but if you haven't made one with that song than i would recommend you should i also believe others would like it as well and this was incredible keep up the fantastic my friend see you later.


    +Isaias G 117 quite, not cweit...

    Isaias G 117

    +Mercuraz thank for that sometimes i do mistakes in some of the words that i write with out realizing it thanks.

  97. Nyo.

    Thanks for credits <3