All Good Things - I Have The Power Lyrics

I've got this curious fever
Crawling inside my veins
Sparks coming
Off of my fingers
And voices in my brain I
Feel like I've opened my eyes now
And nothing will be the same
I hear you
I see right through you
I'm master of the game

Maybe I'm full of demons
Maybe I'm all divine
They're talking and I believe them
Believe them when they say

I have the power
I could be the hero
I could be the villain
It doesn't really matter

I have the power
The whole world at my feet
And your life in my hands
My finger on the trigger

I have the power
I'm higher on the fire that's inside of me
It's impossible to stop me

I have the power
Don't try to defy me
Don't try to be the enemy
No you don't wanna be
I have the power...

Day by day I'm getting stronger
And I'm not afraid to fall
Thick skinned I'm smarter and faster
It's supernatural
One by one gather believers
Building an empire
Take prisoners conquering leaders
Whatever I desire

Maybe it's in my future
Maybe it's in my head
The voices are getting louder
I believe in what they said

I have the power
I could be the hero
I could be the villain
It doesn't really matter

I have the power
The whole world at my feet
And your life in my hands
My finger on the trigger

I have the power
I'm higher on the fire that's inside of me
It's impossible to stop me

I have the power
Don't try to defy me
Don't try to be the enemy
No you don't wanna be
I have the power...

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All Good Things I Have The Power Comments
  1. andrei Parducho

    I take all the power when I heard this song

  2. GuigaRizzo

    Jenny has a playlist only for All Good Things. Well deserved! My spotify can confirm, it's one of the bands that i listened the most. Thanks Jenny, thanks to you, i discovered this amazing "fan-made" band. I HAVE THE POWER!

  3. Zuuhl X

    So... these day this pussy music is labeled as Epic Rock huh?

  4. Panther22

    just took me till now until i realized this was from all good things wow what have i been missing

  5. Fang •

    I showed this to an amphibian

    It’s the mascot of Geico Insurance.

  6. Alondra Acosta-Mora

    This is an amazing song that reminds me that I have the power in my life!!! 😁🤩🔥💫✨🤛🏻💪🏻

  7. RGBill


    are in the description :D

  8. SCP-069 420

    Oh yeah im a generic 90s singer, listen to meaaaaHHH I add an over flexed sound effectahhh to the endahhh of every verseahhh I sound like tenacious DaHHH AND NOW HERE COMES THE CHORUS IM FUCKING YELLING INTO THE MICROPHONE AND IT SOUNDS MELODIC AS FUCK YEAAAAAAAHHHH AND WHEN THE CHORUS IS OVER, WE RINSE AND REPEAT THE DISHESAHHHH

  9. FrenzyUK

    If this doesn't feature on the soundtrack to the He-Man reboot, they will have missed a trick.

    Caden Anderson

    FrenzyUK wait when was this a thing


    @Caden Anderson


    I first found out watching this (I think it was this one) it has been stuck in developmental hell for years with different studios/directors/actors taking it on then dropping it.. looks like it is finally going to be released this time.

  10. Mango

    Still waiting for something to remix this

  11. Phoenix B

    Armin Arlert listened to this song...

    *Now he's He-Man.*

  12. The Jedi Master

    I was so angry, that I have punched the like button so hard until it becames blue.
    Then I hit the Subscribe Button so hard that I couldn't see it anymore.

  13. Nathan Bent

    I can't decide, is this an EPIC ROCK or SUPER ROCK???


  14. Henryx

    563 people dont have the power

  15. DragonDoomLord

    The verses remind me of an old song I don’t know the name of anymore

  16. Mihai Matei

    Advanced warfare was so underrated. I think the main reason people hated it was because it carried the cod title without feelling like a cod game. But for what it was it had the best gun game in any fps i have ever seen

  17. Серёжа Карпов

    ...Who is SHE? I heard men's voice

  18. Rubenator1234

    im a simple man
    i see an advanced warfare thumbnail
    i click the like button :)

  19. Christopher Bresnick


  20. HoodieWoodie

    I had so much power I broke the mouse when I clicked on yes...

    It still clicked on like.

  21. swindle66

    A fat man listened to this

    Oh he's still overweight, just liked the song

  22. edwin bray

    this has a H.I.M feel to it in some parts

  23. Guglielmo Gabrielli

    it' s music is fantastic

  24. Yami Foxy

    Can't listen to this and not think of He-Man.

    Hard Mode

    How I cant imagine this?

    Yami Foxy

    @Hard Mode He-Man's catch phrase, "I have the power!".

  25. Sindre S Baugen

    this channel ranks among the top five in all my all good Things in life

  26. Terri rainwater-branch

    WERE 🐺💪

  27. Gabriela Bieda


  28. mae saigo

    I know a lot won't care about what i'm about to say but i don't care what they think either so it's ok , well i think this music ,
    this theme goes perfectly with nagumo hajime , the godslaying demon king or demon god , from arifureta

  29. Shuvo Dev

    By the power of Grayskull
    I have the power

  30. Sasha Saitanya

    Who else is here from the Dude Perfect Show?

  31. Sanjib Chakraborty


  32. wolfdoc _the_dire

    Bows to u and all good things* it is awesome, it makes me feel good when I play this out loud. I love this band!!! They deserve the gramy!! Thank u for giving me a chance to hear them

  33. Wonka's Willy

    The Atlas .45 in CoD: AW (the gun the dude's holding) was underrated as hell, just like CoD: AW as a whole. Change my mind.

    the King

    Which im not cuz i agree

  34. White Knight12

    me encanto

  35. HatsumiHD TF2

    I’m getting doom eternal beta vibes here

  36. Dakota Pietsch

    519 people do not have the power

  37. Matthew Hatton

    When I click on beast mode

  38. R Moore

    When you kill a hacker


    فهد السبيعي

    R Moore Loooool

  39. Mr Weber

    There's no such thing as diamond I'm only deals Hooper stress levels in their potential life it doesn't mean that there are threat to society some people can deal with it in a rational way some people can't it depends how the evolution brain is working

  40. Ángel Guardián

    Ja dosao ovde nakon reklame na Prvoj TV

  41. Support guy

    Hhhhmmmmm this pistol looks like as a atlas pistol from call of duty AW

  42. Enenra

    when ure palpatine

  43. Artem Savchenko



    2019 anyone? ✌️✌️

  45. Skulltax

    This song is nice to playing Halo

  46. Pavel Filimonov

    And suddently I deadlift 20kg more... I guess I HAVE THE POWER!

  47. Roduki Gollum

    I have the Power 🤟🏻🔥

  48. Kaleb Grochow

    This song is amazing I wish I can use this as my ringtone or better a song I can have playing 24/7 but keep posting songs it is awesome keep it up!

  49. Matteo Cassina 2.0

    Oh My God. This is perfect!!!

  50. Camille Dehaese

    Petit air de Miracle Of Sound pour les couplets ^^

  51. Eternity_Knyte OFFICIAL

    pppffftttt dat Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare background thou

  52. Iza Bella

    I'm hypnotized by this song and the voice of the singer!

  53. PhenoxSlayer 15

    just realized this song will go great with the game DOOM

  54. Certified Hood Classic

    So that moment when your an illegal immigrant and trump hasn't found you yet!1!1!

  55. Sirosa Gaming

    If He-man had an anime, this would be the right theme.

  56. Juan Moreno

    When i hear this i think of an amv with naruto or dbz

  57. Painmaster Pinhead

    Love this kind of music!!!

  58. prosektorium

    1 odcinek z samym sobą i nie tylko ja mam pytanie odnośnie tego co pamiętam z dnia dzisiejszego

  59. Shiva Black

    Boss Theme from Saints row LoL

  60. Russian Amigo

    Офигительная музыка

  61. Haidonomus rex

    Is it just me, or does it seem like this song would work with the first two infamous games?

  62. Robert Pierce

    2000 push ups a day listening 2 this song just go in beast mode f*** the world because the world is trying to f*** you chase your dreams and become that beat

  63. Darth Avenge

    If someone's interested I made a gmv outta this

  64. Frost Wolf

    Great, found another song i can't stop listening too... I love it

  65. cheese bugger

    Biggie cheese

  66. j p

    thanos song

  67. hits crits

    great music, sucks that it was ruined by the Advanced Warfare image

  68. Pele sch

    guys if you love this song , go subscribe to "ALL GOOD THINGS" Channel show them some love


    Awesome i have the power

  70. Ozan Şanlı

    By the power of grayskull, I have the power....

  71. Dennis Grandt

    2,2 mil in here they have 10.000 on the original song pls help them out

  72. Leila Zayde

    Their songs are

  73. El Tatas

    When you punch someone so hard and he starts bledding(sorry for my inglish i am from argentina)

  74. charly zarazua

    ai hav te pawa dijo eldios

  75. Coalwrench

    Dude, you make/upload the music i like.
    Until now i listen to heavy metal, but this is is the perfect mix of melodie, singing and power...

  76. pulvitron

    sa sugi pula

  77. Rav En L

    Whats this background picture. Can have the link?

  78. Clark Kent

    Entrance song 💪👊💥💫💤

  79. Mateusz Klicki

    Ktoś z polski

  80. Shawn Thornton

    When your playing skyrim and you unlock your first shout I have the power to be the hero... or the villian *shouts everyone to death*

  81. James Deegan

    anyone else wandering what calibre that gun is?

    Stijn van Lankveld

    big enough to hurt like hell, is my guess

    Broken Shadows

    0.50 is my guess

  82. TheGrandmasterfro

    need this in the new broly movie

  83. nathan harmer

    I we have the power

  84. Mechø Mask

    My favourite song ever, hasnt changed since i first listened to it. Aka when it came out <3

  85. Martin Bezdíček

    When I am listening to this song, I can´t help but think about Ainz from Overlord.

  86. Nektar Pomarańczowy

    Mamed vs Narkuj ;D

  87. Coder hex

    if ı were a girl, probably ı would fall him love without seeing him.

  88. The Tuba Crusader

    my parrot listened this song

    now it's a pterodactyl...

    Ger W


    Dumb Ass

    @Daria Marinescu r/wooooosh

    Caden Anderson

    He became Rodan

    Ka Agnor

    So extinct?

  89. Bjarne Detlefs

    When i read the title i somehow had to think back to He-Man xD

  90. Кейто Амано

    One of the best song of tgis channel

  91. Sanoss Sanoss

    *how it feels to be a BADASS* :

  92. Richard Soliwoda

    Does anyone think these air head ads are just cringy and cancerous