All Good Things - For The Glory Lyrics

Better back down, you're in my domain
Got the whole crowd screaming out our name
It's a blowout, it's a hurricane
It's over before you know it
Why you shaking, we're a dynasty
In the making, we're the royalty
Now we're breaking down the enemy
Move over for the soldiers

Take a swing, I can take a hit
If we die it's fine, we live for this
It's all for this

We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky
Gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights
For the glory (For the glory)
For the glory (For the glory)
We celebrate with the city tonight
Hear the hometown cheer, it's the ultimate high
For the glory (For the glory)
We do it for the glory (For the glory)

Yeah, we've waited, for our time to come
Calculated everything we've done
We've upgraded, now you can't outrun a champion
Now you're facing one
Can you hear them? Yeah, it's all for us
You believe them, yeah, it's serious
Hear the siren, we're victorious
I'm telling ya, can I get a "Hell yeah"? (Hell yeah!)

Take a swing, I can take a hit
If we die it's fine, we live for this
It's all for this

We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky
Gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights
For the glory (For the glory)
For the glory (For the glory)
We celebrate with the city tonight
Hear the hometown cheer, it's the ultimate high
For the glory (For the glory)
We do it for the glory (For the glory)

You're the chaser, I'm the eraser, I'll ruin your record
I'm back here to break ya, I cut like a razor so call the trophy engraver
I'm gonna get it, wait till I win it, God I'm so glad to be in it
Can't wait to say that we did it, this is my life and I live it
Ready to give it my all when you fall back, taking advantage of all that
Game is on average, you're so bad, playing shorthanded, your team scratched
Time to assess all the damages, I know that you couldn't handle this
It takes a man to stand up to the king and unfortunately you're in bandages

We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky
Gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights
For the glory (For the glory)
For the glory (For the glory)
We celebrate with the city tonight
Hear the hometown cheer, it's the ultimate high
For the glory (For the glory)
We do it for the glory (For the glory)

(Whoa, whoa) This is why we do it
(Whoa) This is what we live for
We're on top (For the glory)
We're number one (For the glory)
Heads to the sky
(Whoa, whoa) Never back down
(Whoa) Never back down
You just know my name (For the glory)
You're gonna know my name (For the glory)

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All Good Things For The Glory Comments
  1. Ondřej Novák

    I remember when i found this song with like 13k views
    Its got pretty huge

  2. Samet Özdil

    where is the picture from?

  3. Hazard Redmane

    Listening to that song while playing RimWorld in 2019 and what can i say..... it's amazing how great that song fits when your very last Pawn fights for his life against a raid AND comes out as the Winner in the end!

  4. Floddy

    3:07 This rap.. WOW.. im impressed..just WOW. This is how rap should sound like , not these mumble shits..

  5. headshot shot in the butt hahaha


  6. Adrien Playz

    if i listen at dis song

    I always forget my other fav songs ;-;

  7. HoodieWoodie


  8. Felipe Jara


  9. The Dragon Era

    Don’t tell me this doesn’t describe the Avengers or other superhero groups perfectly.

  10. Jonatan Tola

    the best music man
    Good job

  11. υnĸnown 0&0

    I remember Shingeki no Kiojin-Attack on Titan ≧▽≦♡

    For the glory of HUMANITY!

    Surrender Your HEATH!


    belgium mary

    Yeeah eren is coming lmao

    that Guy

    Eren is conquering the world in the manga

  12. Anastasia Kutateladze

    My house is shaking.....this songs a bopp

  13. TheTortel

    Why..?why 3k dislikes?

  14. LixoYT

    Is there any similar song that make you so hyped? I love this one but i cant find any similar that can give me this type of feeling!!! Please send me some :)

  15. Cody Cabrera

    We listen to this song as car DJ number 1 ethan

  16. Ally

    3:07 no problem

  17. The Heartless Hero 2077

    I'mma play this on loop when I take over the world.....

    Carl Johnson

    good luck ill be rooting for you

  18. Kraken Is Gate

    "para a glória"por todas as coisas boas

  19. Adriana elizabeth rojas rojas

    Es mi cancion favorita no la dejo de escuchar es buena.👍🎶😘

    Juan jose Martinez tenorio

    Hola guapa :b

  20. SkullBuster 1920

    The song was so Good 3.5 K people had to flip there screens up side down to like it again

  21. Michelle Brown

    It is wicked

  22. Trintn lickmaster

    Plays these during d&d wile my barbarian slayes all the vampire army

  23. Andres Serrano

    PAAAAAAAAAHHHHH sssssssssssss

  24. whinderssonnues

    Pegaaaa nas minhas bolaaaas

  25. The Boi Who Likes To Yeet


  26. Geraldine Bayos

    I did search this bcoz of SKT T1 haha

  27. messi boy

    Great pump up song

  28. Eric Gonidzz

    2:41 after when you got revived in fortnite and you go ham

  29. Michelle Brown

    It is Epic

  30. wiktor Kraków

    Best song for heavy deadlifts


    3:07 especially this part

  31. Mohammad Alaida

    3:35 🤘🏼

  32. seven thefallensins

    This works as a opening for my hero academia and seven deadly sin.

  33. vnzlano

    This song smell to thestosterone pure

  34. YORK18[RCAF][411]

    when u listen *activate sicko mode*

  35. MaestroPlanta Garantizar


  36. ErsteerYT

  37. Murilo Ariati

    This Video: 22.000.000 vews

    Original Video: 200.000 vews

  38. Siddharta Gautama

    how the fuck do you call this rock when it's 80% synthetic bs

  39. ErsteerYT


  40. Justin Jerkins

    Your squad is dead song plays Eyes turn read u kill the whole battle feild blood covers body looks at what u done laughs evily*

  41. Emilio Mercedes


  42. Kevin Leonardo Guerrero López

    He is The Score?

  43. Travis Clayton

    I was mad and not standing up for myself or the glory now this helps me

  44. I'm a Emo Furry

    When you take on the entire enemy team instead of reviving your own

  45. Michael Hartley

    Watch this at 2x speed

  46. Scared Doctor

    On the war, there's no glory. You just have to suvive

  47. Cleyton Morais


  48. Henry Paleveda

    Anyone see an image/character/story when they listen to this? Mine is a "Scyfi fantasy (it's one part that is Scyfi and the other portion is fantasy and they eventually bleed together).

  49. NoRisK NoFuN

    This Song = literally Part of my Body And Soul Thx <3

  50. Pugiron

    It's like someone took a shit on the microphone

  51. kalep st.louis

    this is good song I like vare mush

  52. james mullins


  53. Santino Aguilar

    This is the Theme Song for the Legion Of Doom

  54. Pxl Bot

    When ur last one alive on ur team and clutch a 1v5

  55. Justin Wilkins

    This is my daughter's softball walk up song. We listen to it in the truck on the way to tournaments to get in the right mind set. Our family loves this song!

  56. Floddy

    It randomly played when was listening to Spotify. Loved it!

  57. Gordon Bush

    When your the only one on the dodgeball team

    xStep 295

    Hell yeah!!

  58. John Woods

    Sounds a little better at 1.25

  59. Raiden Senshi

    showed this to my dog..
    he's a dragon now

  60. ikwan juminda

    I came here cz after watching montage video mpl Indonesia season 4 anyone ?

  61. Santino Aguilar

    When He says "We've upgraded, now you can't outrun a champion" That Is Perfect For Thawne

    Games Android


    Santino Aguilar

    Games Android yep that’s the one

  62. Santino Aguilar

    This Song Is Perfect For Seto Kaiba, Eobard Thawne And Loki

  63. hungry4abba


  64. hungry4abba

    I LOVE this song so much

  65. alexandru dumitru

    the last time something dropped this hard it caused the japanese to surrender

  66. Vitali Drago

    Yujiro Hanma from Anime Baki 💪✊💥

  67. TheSnookermaster

    Khabib brought me here

  68. SOVA 123

    if this gem didnt have knights as thumbnail,i would have missed this
    this is the epic rock ive been waiting for

  69. SuperSonic2mO/ jakethecagaru

    Man I was just listing to music on the road and hit a bump and accidentally clicked this song and I decided why not let’s listen to it and boy it was great

  70. Endergirl21twins Minecraft Angel

    When your the last one standing in call of duty. Or at school in a fight lol.

  71. 20cebreit Pokemonking

    So i used too weight 456 pounds 4 monthes ago. Now i weight a cool 210 pounds. Thanks to the most amazing workout music by the greatest band ever. Much love to ALL GOOD THINGS.

  72. _exe_ dark

    Esto tiene mas vistas que el video original (? :v

  73. Raheim Al-Kaabah

    😭I listen to this before every football game first playoff game today

  74. campalyz1214 YEET

    For honr with is song OMG

  75. kiritosrage456

    best song for playing pvp matches in any game


    Yeah man. Pumps me up!

  76. Blace ùwú Blxce

    I was listening to it in 1.25 :3 sounds cool

  77. Sparklewatermelon


  78. wolfenboomer

    I found this on a mix playlist and i gotta say. I dig it with a shovel. Good jams!

  79. DJ PON3

    This song goes perfectly with one moment.

    You and your team have been beaten raw, leaving you the last player alive. Your enemies are waiting for you to reveal yourself.

    An instinct kicks in, your mind going into overdrive as you re do the entire John wick movie within the span of 4 minutes. Only then, can you feel free


    This comment is so true, fella. This song fits any PvP game.

    Can you imagine, you in PUBG, against an entire squad of great players, in a match being watched on stream by thousands, and you're the only one alive in your team.

    You know where they are, but they don't know where you are. Then, you throw a perfect grenade into their midst, and gun them down as they run, and you've won!!

  80. Raquel Dioquino

    Playspeed to 1.25x
    Your Welcome

  81. NoobPlays625

    * adrenalin kicks in *

  82. _marba_

    this is perfect for csgo you can tap the Deagle to the beat and its perfect

  83. RED

    Try it at 1.25 speed, it really pumps you up.

  84. Mohammed Rahman

    tryhard mode activated I found my gaming soul song tat helps me defeat enemies and bullys WOOOOOOOOOO

  85. Nikauteen

    A fcking masterpiece !

  86. Real Earth

    My deadh star now can destroy entire universe and this song gives it power

  87. Adrien Playz

    Me: *Founds Obsidian Armor
    My sis:they homan

  88. Luiz Guilherme

    Algum *BR AQUI EM 2019?*

    Thiago Rodrigues

    Você disse BÊ ÉRRI

    Arthur Scherer

    Salve galerinha

  89. Barasingha

    When you're the last one standing in For Honor and your team is breaking

  90. OVERLORD lord

    For The glory! For The glory!

  91. Kaezzos Noldrath

    This music fits so good with the chinese anime The Kings Avatar) and the MMORPG Glory that they play.

  92. AZ Battle School

    It acts like it wants to go hard… But then it becomes candy and soft and gets a little R&B like with the bravado-not dark enough for the bad ass name the bad ass grab it in the bad ass intros! Forgivable if it’s a Christian rock

  93. All Good Things

    ERMEGERD!!!! Thanks so much for all the love everyone. We rock to serve you. And as always, MUCH LOVE to the queen of Epic rock Jennyni20 for hyping epic rock songs, and supporting under the radar bands like us. We read every comment guys, and we love to hear from you. You are ALL Good Things.


    All Good Things for the golory!

    Holli Ann

    Jenni i20✝️💯🕎🤨🇺🇸❤️🗝️🔏😔✴️✴️✴️🙃..222❤️🗝️🔏✴️🙃

    Holli Ann

    Luv u Jenni i20❤️🗝️🔏..Ty

    Preston Allen-Hernandez

    There is not one song of yours that I have heard that I don’t like. There are some songs that I think are okay, but then I go back to listen to them and I freaking love them.


    I admit. I wasn't sure at first if I should like it or not. then the official bad commented shouting their support to the heavens, so I knew I had to do it.