All Good Things - Beginning Of The End Lyrics

I'm staring into the valley of hell
With a cross on my heart and smoke on my breath
We are outnumbered but I'm not scared
I am ready to die, shoot my soul through the sky

Father forgive us for what we may do
Sometimes we lie when we search for the truth
We sell who we are 'cause we don't want to lose

I hear the heroes calling out my name
In Valhalla they wait, preparing my place
I'll take fire from the edge of the sun
Put the crown on my head, either way I have won

Father forgive us for what we have done
We have to finish what we have begun
And pray that tomorrow we may see the sun

There's a red dawn over the land, fate's dealing its hand
Time's ticking to leave while you still can
Calm before the storm, pride before the fall
Goodbye to it all, good luck my friends

This is the beginning
This is the beginning of the end

Blood in my eyes
Dirt on my hands
I got a bulletproof heart
And I'm ready to dance
Blood in my eyes
Dirt on my hands
I got a bulletproof heart
Yeah, I'm ready to dance

There's a red dawn over the land, fate's dealing its hand
Time's ticking to leave while you still can
Calm before the storm, pride before the fall
Goodbye to it all

There's a red dawn over the land, fate's dealing its hand
Time's ticking to leave while you still can
Calm before the storm, pride before the fall
Goodbye to it all, good luck my friends

My friends, good luck my friends
This is the beginning of the end

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All Good Things Beginning Of The End Comments
  1. Miloš Loub

    This is so freaking EPIC!!!!

  2. Mr.RiceCake

    I see this as a good Doom song

  3. Мото Мото

    Кто после Чернобыля? Гыыы кто тут после него ыыаав?

  4. Danya NiceGuys

    Чзо 3 Да да

  5. Some Guy

    Lyrics : what the guy in doom tells himself

  6. Amik


  7. Юрий Троян

    После чзо 3 пошёл искать песню,теперь клип

  8. Rampant513

    Anyone here after they fucked up the Spotify version

  9. Ксения Попова

    Чернобыль3💞вы здесь?😈🖤

  10. Guschin

    Русские Чернобыль , Да?)

  11. Александр Риловников

    Я один думал что я после трейлера Чернобыль зона отчуждения 3

  12. Master Moment's Inc.

    кто после трейлера чернобыля, ставим лайк)

  13. Ossetian Power

    Чернобыль: Зона Отчуждения

  14. SD Proper

    Чернобыль 3. Кто тут ?💕

  15. Shane

    Чернобыль 3. Кто тут?)

    Mina Mur

    Есть она в вк? Загрузите плз


    @Mina Mur напиши мне, я скину

  16. Spy Freak

    Кто после трейлера ЧЗО3?)

  17. FandubStuck Corporation

    dark souls

  18. Ginger21Snapper

    I love this song my favorite part has to be "BLOOD IN MY EYES,DIRT ON MY HANDS, I GOT A BULLETPROOF HREAT, AND IM READY TO DANCE"

  19. IDoss

    <3 AGT <3

  20. TheDash mapping

    When you got a POP while watch it.

  21. Kaja Siard

    "In Valhalla they wait. Preparing my place." Norse mythology😉

  22. Petr Melichar

    another awesome piece of music, thanks for that! You are one of my 3 favourite bands, I really like the mix of power, rythm and original good sounding melody! Simply good :)

  23. Eclidei a Daniben LP

    OMG. I don´t know why but this song has made me cry. Amazing work AGT. Greetings from Czech. If you come to Prague play this song there pls

  24. Diego Sepúlveda M.

    tienen un fan de chile xd ctm

  25. Marat Avetisyan

    Just an amazing discovery for me... love this project...!!!!

  26. AlLuckNoSkil

    whoever left those 5 dislikes needs to just leave earth cus they have no place here

  27. ninja art

    Best song I've heard in a long time. Also I just found you guys, im now a subscriber.

    All Good Things

    ninja 2 great to meet you! Welcome to the AGT army!!

    ninja art

    Btw I also love your logo, I made myself a fake tattoo of it.

  28. Jake McCullough

    Awesome song. Glad I found you guys

    All Good Things

    Jake McCullough we’re glad you found us!!

  29. Oso Sannin

    Was this song ever used in a movie?

  30. Alex Silva

    Like number 888

  31. Mikayla Marinelli

    I fucking love this song! Also the font. I love that too.


    Yeah a im the 666 like!!!!!!....


    AKATRACHO - I'm waiting to be the 777th

  33. Noah Egert

    why are the vids always going with the song its just so perfect, its always kickass

  34. Billy Berry

    gud ya❤💀

  35. ExcisioNable


  36. Ademera

    I don't know how many views i added to this, but must be over a dosen already


    damn, must be several

  37. Lucius Meyers

    Sounds like the Rapture, tbh.


    Velvet G. Breaker it to me feels like a ww3 with soviet russia red dawn and with with lyrics like dear father its its from the view of a christian allied soldier

  38. Emre Özer

    It would fit very good to the bad ending of Metro 2033.

  39. Jonathon Stephens

    This song makes me feel like I can literally do anything! I love your music!!!!!!

  40. Elias Hirsch

    All Good Things you are the best Band I have ever heard snd seen. I hope you come to Germany someday.

  41. Roxymiopet 1997

    Happy Birthday Andrew. :) hope to meet you all in Hamburg Germany soon.

  42. Dogukan Hosver

    All i can say about this is "Magnificent"

  43. Eliton Roxo

    Porque todas as músicas dessa banda tem que ser épicas!? Isso é música de verdade, isso é música para meus ouvidos!


    Eu amo essa banda desde a primeira música que escutei deles. Pena que eles não tem o reconhecimento merecido..

    RockStar Morallys

    Ora Ora, Temos Brasileiros Aqui!

  44. Roxymiopet 1997

    All Good Things when are the Tour dates coming ? (With Hamburg Germany hopefully) 😎🤘♥️😍 Please answer me. I miss you all so so much. 😥


    Imagine Dragons Fan never heard of welshly arms, are they good?

    Roxymiopet 1997

    #ViciousWolf91 they have done a song called "Legendary"


    Imagine Dragons Fan I'll check it out🙂

    Roxymiopet 1997

    #ViciousWolf91 cool have fun 😎


    Imagine Dragons Fan just listened to it, from Den of Thieves, knew I heard it before now but didn't know the name THANKS!!!

  45. Inferno R3apper

    Dam all goog things
    Since i found your musics i never get disapointed
    And the titels of the songs are so cool
    Keep whit the good work

  46. Neit Morgan Drake

    Fucking asome song

  47. Yessy Christanti

    this video is the best present for my birthday !

    Yessy Christanti

    All Good Things thank you! ❤❤❤

    nick marhen

    yessy happy birthday!!!!!
    god bless you!

    Yessy Christanti

    nick marhen wahhahah makasih bangg! Gbu too


    One month late but happy birthday :D

    Yessy Christanti

    thank you! ^^ Mr Snowy

  48. TheSleepingInsomniac

    Holy Hell do I love this song.

  49. Balázs Farkas

    Is nice!!!!!!

  50. Felipe Riquelme

    Son lejos mi banda favorita

  51. VeneArmy

    Wow you really make excellent music, I love it!! beautiful sound
    Greetings from Venezuela

  52. Jeremy Blanco

    You're wonderfull, this song it's fantastic wait for more of this amazing band.

  53. Jay Tee

    Good song, and the videos are getting better and better!

  54. Omer Buljubasic

    "In Valhalla they wait
    Preparing my place"

  55. Katerina Korkutoska

    I love your music so much. You are simply amazing!

  56. marcelin tmnt

    Lo amo, me encantan sus canciones, su fan latinoamericana aqui 🙆

  57. Random Elite


  58. Slade Willson

    This song should be played in Valhalla.

  59. Lunageek520

    awesome video, very well made.

    maybe the effects on the words themselves were a bit overdone, but that's more a preference thing than anything else

  60. Nachi Junior

    "Blood in my eyes
    dirt in my hands
    i got a bulletproof heart
    and i'm ready to dance"

    Roxymiopet 1997

    Nachi Junior love this lyric <3

  61. Apocalyptical Deconde

    Well... I love this music. I'm so happy to hear this. All Good Things you are the best. Your video inspiring me every day and help to write my own story. Also shorts stories to the best book in my life. My creativity needs you > < <3

  62. someone

    Metal boi

  63. codeman 59608

    another great song from you guys. keep up the good work... and all good things... keep on ROCKING!!!

  64. The Collier Report

    Another great song by a great band!

  65. Alex Day

    You guys are sick! Love your stuff

  66. Nerdfan Music Video Oficial

    epic music epic rock epic all good things :)

  67. Srpski SSJ

    good song

  68. Super3D50N

    I really love our music :D

  69. Chaman B

    I have been following you since my 15's. I'm 20 years old now. And all you produce is still so powerful... You played a great role in my teenage years. Congratulations from Paris, France.

    All Good Things

    Wow Charman B! We are so honored! Thank you for your continued support! We rock to serve you!

    Eric Byers

    Hail Valhalla brother. Agt your music is an inspiration.


    @Eric Byers no doubt about it

    Bart Vandemaele

    Chaman B I am 15 now and ALSO listen to them

    Traumatized German Soldier

    @Bart Vandemaele same, All Good Things is where its at

  70. gmanla40

    You guys are the fucking best. Keep up the amazing work!

  71. Roxymiopet 1997

    All Good Things Thank you so much for this. I hope that there are more Videos coming. And of course a Live Stream as Well.

    Lots of Love
    Imagine Dragons Fan ♥️