All Good Things - Angry Young Men Lyrics

Can you hear them
They won't cool down
They believe it
They have no doubt
Can you see them
They're pushing through the crowd
Through the crowd

When they spin wheels
Then the trouble starts
With their ideals
And the bleeding hearts
Yes we all hear
But you're getting much too loud
Much too loud

Best intentions
They rise they're spreading like fire
Angry young men
Wanna change the world
They're young a little bit wild
Angry young men
With their hearts of gold
Hearts of gold

They break it to make it better
They think that they can do it better
So young and so naive so naive

As the time goes
The rage will fade
And the fire goes
But the world's the same
And we all go
The new ones take the lead take the lead

They rise they're spreading like fire
Angry young men
Wanna change the world
They're young, a little bit wild
Angry young men
With their hearts of gold

They rise they're spreading like fire
Angry young men
Wanna change the world
They're young, a little bit wild
Angry young men
With their hearts of gold

Best intentions
No direction
Hope of nations

They rise they're spreading like fire
Angry young men
Wanna change the world
They're young a little bit wild
Angry young men
With their hearts of gold

They rise they're spreading like fire
Angry young men
Wanna change the world
They're young a little bit wild
Angry young men
With their hearts of gold
Hearts of gold

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All Good Things Angry Young Men Comments
  1. Zkeletonz

    me and the boys when somebody says frick

  2. TheNinesLegend _

    I just realized, how do Mute and Thatcher (and Sledge I guess) take damage in Smoke's gas, if they all have gas masks?

  3. SebDaSilurian

    this is shit

  4. Zion Brisbane

    This is amazing

  5. 3RSoragaming

    In the end I became a fan of All Good Things xd

  6. Hentai Fapper Supreme

    Thatcher casually has the M870 (German shotgun) and is in the SAS (British)

    Kim Pretzel

    Let's not talk about that lol

  7. Ali Nazar

    If anybody knows starset
    This song is like rise and fall

  8. Sin Cara Gamer

    The Sladge is missing from the Team

  9. An Advocate For Manga

    Is the instrumental of this in WWE2K19?? Could've swore "80's music 1" sounded EXACTLY like this.

    Wrestler- Kickboxer

    It is. That's how I got here

  10. Shogun Chanell

    wow Thatcher with GSG 9 Shotgun xD

  11. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    Might I Suggest and invite you both to sitting the fuck down, shutting the fuck up and accepting your slaughter properly?

  12. Hayden Riddle

    Title "angry YOUNG men" * has 2ed oldest member of seige in picture.

  13. Gloryseeking Spaceman

    Angry young men often do change the world. For better or worse is another discussion.

    Lucas Davy

    Well Hitler and Stalin were angry old men soooo it's def a discussion to be had.

    John Becker

    Young men have their heads in the right place, it's for the better. Even the old men tend to get it right more often than not.
    Repeal the 19th.

    David Duchesne

    totally agree... hope its not what john becker is saying


    I'm getting Anarchist vibes from this. The intention of changing the world for the good of all, but no clear direction, ending in no change at all.

  14. Baba onta

    dota2 supermajor with miracle- was mvp of the event

  15. lknkprkninflamesbest

    This is a great song to workout, drive fast, and shoot guns to haha

  16. Nathan Jones

    Why does Thatcher have the M870?

  17. Kara Arevalo

    LET'S GO LIQUID!!!!!!!

  18. gab riel

    Perfectly fit for team liquid 🔥👌

  19. Jevan Vic Mahilum

    im here cause they played in on team liquid awarding ceremony in china supermajor.. hehehe

  20. ChristianIsHere

    When Team Liquid won SUPERMAJOR

  21. Krishna Rohit

    who's here after liquid winning dota 2 supermajor ?

    Jevan Vic Mahilum

    me hahaha

  22. Mista T

    LETS GO LIQUID! SwiftRage


    Mista T Liquid #1

  23. Njork

    Anyone here because of the End Dota 2 China super Major?

    Jevan Vic Mahilum

    me haha

    Kara Arevalo

    Lets go liquid!!!

  24. Rawrr

    Team Liquid Dota 2 Super Major Champion!

    Jevan Vic Mahilum

    i was looking for this comment hahahahhahahahahahaha

  25. Kamu Kepo

    Liquid Win Super China Major SONG XD

  26. nash a7x

    team liquid won super major

  27. Black Man


    Emmanuel Young

    Black Man yeah bro hahahaha

    Jevan Vic Mahilum

    finally fellow dota 2 players.. im here for that too haha

    Gede Johanes

    Ace Young yeah

  28. 夜空が素晴らしいです。

    Congrats team Liquid!

    Jevan Vic Mahilum

    hahaha this

  29. Udeka

    lol the pic tho, none of them are even close to being young


    Mute is very Young and smoke is not that old

  30. Rawr I’m a deinosaur

    This song describes a SJW perfectly

  31. Pumanic

    The way the straps shows off their crotch though >w> rawr!

  32. Nate Hale

    why does thatcher have a 870?

  33. Sirosa Gaming

    Niko Bellic: I was very young... and very angry.

  34. Top Nep Nep

    its funny cuz Thatcher is 56

  35. Axel

    I'm just a simple All good things fan here, amongst the r6s crowd, jezz it's too many ppl.

  36. kinglevidevicus VG


  37. Raul Cab.

    The rage may fade, but never die, never cool down


    I guess its saying: our hate may past but some will remain in hate.

  38. Raul Cab.

    Yes yes we know its fucking rainbow six guys

  39. Raul Cab.

    This song gives me mixed feelings


    Thatcher isn't that young tho lmao

  41. TheWolfInspiresChaos

    Thatcher shouldn’t be there he is over 50 lol



  42. TheWolfInspiresChaos

    Thatcher has a m870 wth

  43. Grin Grenadier

    for what its worth, its been almost 3 years and this only has 49 dislikes,

  44. Jay 0327

    He'll yeah,make way for the troops

  45. Cody same difference

    Oh no its smonk


    NO it’s smong


    🇧🇷 🤘🤘🤘 ...

  47. Dog

    >Angry Young Men
    >Sees Thatcher
    (He's over 50 years old)


    The image should just be a squad of recruits


    Hes fooking angry

    Gavenn lohrey

    Someone has to be there to guide them

    Angry Salad

    Thatcher is 50 years young ill have you know

    Crimson Snow45

    but he was an angry young man when he got started.

  48. Sapper 508


    Grin Grenadier

    Turt Reynolds, playing his bagpipes

  49. Jan S.

    This song is EPIC!!!!

  50. Henry Lewis

    Thatcher is walkin around with m870...

    Paprikagamezz lols

    so i wasn't the only one who noticed

    Lord of The Whales

    Mute also has the PMM which is only supposed to be a Spetsnaz gun.


    the SAS uses whatever guns they want

    Paprikagamezz lols

    Sas op af

    Lord of The Whales

    The SAS are just badasses all around.

  51. Zialen

    Seems like 90% of all comments on this video has to do with the picture and not the music itself.
    Kinda disappointing to be honest, so let me be special and say
    This music is really fucking epic, song name a little weird, not gonna lie, but i sure as shit weren't disappointed when i heard it.

  52. drey santillan

    Gas masks are so cool :3

  53. rawwar66

    But but but, wheres sledge?

    Grin Grenadier

    he's off playing his bagpipes


    He's scottish, he doesn't count.

    Dominic Heier

    This is a stealth op XD

    Florian Stadler

    He's taking the picture

  54. Steven Grogan

    Right wing death squads anybody?

  55. Orbit55


    The Lone.R.

    WoT's In ThE cAnIsTeR?


    I dont remember Thatcher having a m870

  56. HAZMATgamer843

    The SAS look like they're about to drop the hottest mixtape of all time

  57. Mr. Monkey

    Can someone upload the instrumental version of this?

  58. Patrick Zidaric

    do you think these young men are angry?


    Patrick Zidaric smoke gases people, Mute acts like a dick, and thatcher just... FOOKIN LASER SIGHTS

    Hawt Dawg

    And Thatcher is over 50 years old.

  59. Hetzer

    We have every right to be angry. Smash establishment!


    Well, I would not call Trump a young man

    Rawr I’m a deinosaur

    Trump is making US better make Merica great again

  60. marco uchiha

    。・゚・ 。・゚・。. . 。・゚・ 。・゚・。
       / ̄ ̄ ̄\
       / 。___)
      /  /  /
    )ヽ/とノ   /つ
    メノ\___/ Whale Den

    Specter Assassin


    dean warrington

    Made me laugh way too much


    Specter Assassin stop faping


    if u dont hit read more looks like a xbox

  61. marco uchiha

    I think I need to download this

  62. An Advocate For Manga

    I feel like this song is singing to me. Anyone else an Angry Young Man?

    Michael J Caboose

    Yeah, I'm pretty fucking angry. Our parents and grandparents ruined the environment and the economy, housing prices are through the roof and environmentalists predict that another 1103 animal species will go extinct by 2050. Automation and industrialization are destroying jobs faster than you can say "I would like to apply" and the school system is preparing kids for the 20th century. By the time we're done with school only 20% of children born in 1999 or later will have the skills they need to get a sustainable job in the future. And to add to that the world is on the brink of nuclear war. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

    Special Agent Stoltenburg.

    Same man.

    TheBunkerBuster 105

    Mars Rover

    This. Seriously man, anybody who’s not a moron, has a work ethic and a marketable skill can make themselves a decent living in America.

    These damn commies are just gonna completely break that and they’re too stupid to figure it out.

    Enigma O'Dell

    An old-fashioned ticked-off idealist college kid.

    Shy Owl

    yep, hence why mgtow is so appealing, im angry at feminist bullshit and am doing my own thing, I hope for this to change but it falls on women to change how they act but how the world is going that wont happen, also this song speaks to the side of me being tired of terrorists killing our brothers, and I always have believed I can sit here and bitch about something or I can do something about it hence why I plan to join the military after college assuming my health isnt a issue since ive had a few issues in my life

  63. Mintay

    1.25 speed. Try!

  64. monkeyo Archon

    SAS is pretty badass with the gas masks


    Picture is from Rainbow6 siege :D Smoke,Thatcher,Mute :p

    monkeyo Archon

    @D3MoN3 I know, i love that game :D


    still gas mask look bad ass with guns. any mask looks bad ass with some sort of tactical gear


    monkeyo Archon naw man the GIGN got dat SG-CQB shotty

  65. Sümegi Johnny János

    Cool and nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. uhsting

    Am I the only one who found that the chorus sounds like P!nk - Try?

  67. Fantallana

    Epic Rock - YouTube Comments

  68. Ocelot Revolver

    the squekers song

  69. Niv Elbaz

    R6S = <3
    This music = <3

  70. Body Counter

    Thatcher is actually 55 so he's not young hahaha


    Maybe he's young at heart?

    Austin Smith

    Body Counter the veterans always influence the young.

    Grin Grenadier

    Zach Hunter sledge is also pretty old

    Grin Grenadier

    thatcher is also indeed, an angry man



  71. Ivan Dyshlevich

    who is singing thet, I really like it))))


    +Ivan Dyshlevich It's Dan Murphy.

    Marine 4gaming

    Andrew bojonic

    Marine 4gaming

    Andrew bojanic

  72. CommonSenseCreations

    ok i cant turn this song off and i haven't noticed the quality issues that others mentioning. oh well im used to low quality music and vids with my internet so oh well

  73. Tobi

    the voice is so off...
    Please put a better version

    Sapper 508

    your comment is so off...please change it

  74. andrada karina

    say All Good Things and you just described epicness...

    An Advocate For Manga

    Say _All Good Things_, and you just described *_all_* good things.

  75. Alex Lewicki

    Rainbow Six Siege XD
    from left to right it goes Mute, Smoke, Thatcher I play this game way to much.
    I love the song though :)

    Jonathan Carter

    Alex Lewicki thatch and mute main

    Dominic Heier

    Cause these guys wanna go mess up stuff with out being loud and using a hammer XD

    Dakota Jensen

    Hey I guess Thatcher stole bandits gun

    Jordan Willimas

    Dakota Jensen bandit’s in the armory wondering where the hell his 870 is

    Fighter Motivation

    This guy has to be a Copper, I won't even believe Bronze.

  76. Dim Elantris

    Nice as always ;)

  77. khalidran Warriorgaming

    Woo r6 pic nice love the song too

  78. BattleArrowX


  79. NZvectris

    this is good! but the quality goes up and down throughout the song can you fix that?

  80. Karito Fernanda Tilit Gongora

    si primer comentario y 4 like