All Get Out - Part Two Lyrics

You're sitting on your bed
You're grinning from ear to ear
I can smell the evening some things seem pleasing to you and only you
I was waiting up for you
I worried about you
I put them to bed
But they missed their dad
Now where in the hell where you

The first step is always truth
That's my first suggestion to you
I can do my best if you'd get some rest
And you tell me just what you do

I wanna help you
I wanna bring you back to life
But your sad sick brain knows one damn thing and it comes out every night

So, don't let me go
Don't let me go

The choices are hard to make
You make this harder every day
Sure I'm leaving it's more deceiving from the words to say
I gave you everything I had
Well, I love you til the death
And the hearts got me, you're able to breathe
Surely you're dead to me
The shivers and shakes your body makes are gonna go away
That's the price you paid for the games you played
And nothings gonna change
I can't help you, I can't bring you back to life
Someone else is there that has time

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

Try to get dressed and put your shoes on
Let's get to the car, let's make this right
The drive is short but it sure feels long
That's just how it is when you're leaving home
This isn't the end of your life
It's more like a pause and soon a start
You'll be back on your feet again in no time
You're still not with me, well I'll be fine

Tried convincing god to change you
We had it out and he said no
Said a choice is a choice and he said you made it
He helped you along but nothing is free

You fill me up with hope, god, and I used it
I used it all, on you, can't you see?
There comes a time when you choose for another
So I'm making this choice, just for the three, that we made
And don't you remember
and you, and you, and you, and you, and me

Don't let me go
Don't let me know
Don't let me know
Don't let me go

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All Get Out Part Two Comments
  1. Vignesh Kannan

    Wow. Amazing man!

  2. INFPeople

    Great video! Part 1 also. There was so much I didn't notice! I already thought the movie was great, but it's even better now after watching your breakdown. I love what you did with this video. I honestly don't think it could have been any better. From the analysis, to the attempts to not alienate anyone, to acknowledging your own shortcoming (you're doing way better than most btw!). Just an amazing video. The world really needs more people like you. Love the channel!

  3. Christopher McGarry

    I hate this system of labeling people by "ethnicity"...its just another person being labeled by the color of their skin. Cant we just all be human?

  4. MH3Raiser

    Ok, fundamentally I don't agree with your stance on 'micro-agressions'. It's ridiculous. What is offensive to an individual is unique to the individual. Yes, you can make assumptions based on race, culture, gender etc. But if nothing else, that in itself is predjudicial; last video, you implied that bingo is an old white person's game, and thus it's unlikely a black audience member would know the rules of the game.

    That is NOT racist to say. It wasn't intended to be racist. It wasn't an incitement of a person because of their race. It was a simple comment based on your own understanding of the game... bingo. When you received comments (I'm assuming) suggesting that, in actual fact, there's no reason a black guy couldn't or wouldn't play bingo, and that assuming they didn't know the rules was a bit stupid, it's perfectly reasonable to then adjust your assumption and move forward.

    But insisting that people constantly second guess their own knowledge in literally every step of a conversation and prevent themselves from accidentally saying something that may, or may not, actually BE offensive to the other person is insanity.

    I was bullied for most of my young life. I was mocked for everything from the way I walked to my hair color, constantly told I was inferior by every role model and friend I've ever had. I've spent years dealing with idea that I am a 'victim' regardless of the situation and the over sensitivity I have to certain comments.

    However, I do not believe it's everyone else's job to constantly police themselves around me so that I don't get upset. If anything, it's my responsibility to grow beyond that limitation, and realise that the vast majority aren't predisposed to be against me. In fact, the very idea of that is so arrogant it pisses me off to think about it.

    I'm sorry if people offend you and it hurts your identity, or as it would be more accurate to call it, your ego. I'm particularly sorry if they do it intentionally: that shows the worth (or lack thereof) of their character. But if someone accidentally says something that offends you, losing your temper with them is not the solution. And the solution certainly isn't to filter EVERYTHING you ever say in order to prevent accidentally offending someone.

  5. Andres Orozco

    "The number of 'racism is over' comments on Part 1 is exactly why movies like this need to exist" Perfect. Just perfect. This is why Cinema Wins is one of the best channels on the internet, no exaggeration.

  6. Carter Neva

    I really liked the commentary but damn did i hear a f*ck that from CINEMAWINS?

  7. Foe Dickson

    A yo...the fact that you are even you did some research? enough for me.😌❤ Thank you

  8. Brandon Williams


  9. shakia white

    I'm officially a subscriber after watching this video. Thank you for speaking up. You are appreciated!!

  10. g t

    Cinema! Wins!

  11. DeadXQueen

    Thank you for making this video- me whoosh out of existence now

  12. Noelle S

    You did good...excluding that'd bingo shy* grandma loves bingo bruh😂

  13. Hector Gochi

    Someone give this man a global passport.

  14. BEARGeneR

    You hit the nail on the head so many times! 👍🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

  15. Kemi O

    @CinemaWins I watched the video all the way through because I believe in your message, and I think it’s important that this topic is talked about. Thank you for your genuine take on the issue, both as a cinephile and a human being capable of empathy.

  16. Julian C

    You should do fury please

  17. Jaye Alexander

    I really appreciate your stance and understanding on the entire subject and all the little sub-subjects. Give yourself a few a wins for this video *ding!*

  18. Jared Mitchey

    Jesus. Lord. You are hands down one of my favorite content creators because of stuff like this. Being a self proclaimed movie buff myself, watching you dive into all the details and subliminalities of these movies can literally move me to tears.
    I’m fortunate enough to be taking a diversity in contemporary society class at my college at the moment and I hope you don’t mind, but I’m writing my final paper on the basis of this video; the correlation btw Get Out and racism in society today. Sooo many fantastic points here and I hope to further expand on them and get a damn good grade doing it. I promise I’ll cite (credit where credit is most deservedly do) and if your at all interested in reading the finished product, hmu and I’ll send you a copy of it. I’d love to see what you think about all my ideas on the topic and quite honestly your fantastic work on this review.
    Seriously, keep up the good work. These videos make movies soooo much more enjoyable for me personally and I’m sure for many others as well.

  19. R Griffin

    There's a lot I'd like to say but, fortunately, I can sum it up in 2 words...
    Well Done.

  20. Taylor Cooper

    I have been watching your channel for years and (selfless plugging in your direction) will be signing up for Curiosity Stream and Nebula. But today I wanted to speak as an African American woman of Caribbean and Latin descent. I have always appreciated your acknowledgment of what you may not know or be capable of understanding and your ability to see the brighter more positively intended things about any and every film you cover (I also REALLY enjoy the sound of you enjoying something yourself; particularly the laughter). Even though I studied theater and film and have always watched with a keen eye, I noticed I’ve begun speaking aloud “wins” when I watch something for the first time or break scenes down in discussion. You inspire me to want to make things like this for myself and others and maybe focus on the marginalized like me. All this is to say that you swearing in rebelling at the end of your video was not lost on me. When you make videos like this and note people on their merits first, race second while continuing to be respectful and shame the negative comments and reactions to small minded individuals it’s kind of a big damn deal. Sure it’s not political obviously; you like movies. But you still actively use your time, your energy and your words to inform and share something wonderful with others and promote representation. And it means a great deal to me, so thank you. (Also, selfish request here. It would be super dope if you could review “The Inkwell” which is a gem among Black Cinema and a great coming of age story or “Kubo and The Two Strings.” Both films are awesome and so are you regardless if you pick them or not. 😊)

  21. Connor Brinkman

    I wanted to let you know that I liked your video Lee (is that how your name's spelled? Guess it doesn't matter, you probably won't see this comment). I wanted to let you know because I think I disagree with you. I know I don't completely agree with you, and and I am certain that I don't completely disagree with you, but while I'm in the middle, I'm not sure where. I'll admit to being a little bit uneasy about liking this video, and I'm still avoiding the comment section, but I determined I'm not liking it to say I agree 100%, but instead that I am agreeing 100% to your sharing your perceptive, and I wanted to let you know that there are those who disagree, at least in part, who appreciate your sharing this. Thank you sir. And thank you for your positive approach to movie on this channel. Bravo sir.

    Tl;dr: I disagree with you somewhat, but I very much appreciate you sharing your view.

    P. S. I know that since I said I disagree there is the distinct possibility that people will want to argue with me, and while normally I am supportive of that, perhaps too much, I would ask that you not spark a debate under this comment because, A) That is not the point of this comment, and B) I find these conversations usually go terribly online, where one can imagine a person as just on idea on a screen instead, well, a person, and therefore make it not about figuring out their reasons or pursuing truth, but instead just about being right. It might happen anyways, but know that I don't want to respond, mostly to head off my own weaknesses toward acting poorly, and I mean it as no disrespect to those who are seeking to challenge my vague views/assumptions. And for those who made it through my wall of text, or skipped to the end, I hope you have a blessed day, no matter your views.

  22. Devin Johnson

    This was the most well spoken, unbiased, self aware, honest video about race in the world I've ever watched. My love for this channel has sky rocketed and my respect for you has grown immensely.

  23. Kelli Favazza

    Wow...just wow!!! This opened my eyes up so much!!! Thank you for this!

  24. God of Dreamzzz

    The movie was overrated. The imagery, and settle meanings were great but the plot was ridiculous and absolutely expected by someone like peele

  25. susanne anique

    😂😂😂did you just call yourself a "whiteman"?

  26. Saje Sessions

    I love this channel so much

  27. Kyle Newey


  28. someone awesome

    While I don't have much experience with racism I do have A LOT of personal experiences with ablisim since I am on the Autism Spectrum might I just say phrases like "you don't look Autistic" make me want to do violent things. Let me also say it's really nice to see HUMAN CHARACTERS coded as Autistic

  29. Matthew Bright

    Very well and insightfully written/spoken

  30. 4ever CJD


  31. daniel dass

    The video is so good so are the comments

  32. Trevor Dustin

    Good thing racism isn’t a thing anymore

  33. MylaMinoki

    understoond? 3:57 ok, i understoond.

  34. Santiago Garza

    Make The Truman Show

  35. Uma Nerd com Auto-estima Muito Elevada

    Please, do _Everything GREAT About Rise of The Guardians!!!_

  36. Cambria Wuethrich

    This video my dude👏👏👏👏

  37. Neb 2002

    Well said mate. I know how you felt I'm white not from America but I still get what you were saying hopefully films like Get Out is something we can learn so we can be better and make lives of those less privileged than us that little bit better

  38. reboons

    Yeah but we all should realise that without these parts of our history we wouldn't be here... It's bad but still would our world be at this point if it wasn't because somebody got mistreated... Nowadays we underpays lots of third world countries and that problem gets so little attention compared to people complaining about something white people did years ago.... And yes I am white but it seems the problem is so much bigger in America than in the rest of the world... And because of everything happening in the past we wouldn't be such a unified world now. So look at it this way: make a better future

  39. SuperBadspeller

    Kung Fu Panda 3 everything great about it please

  40. Denzel Ortiz

    Better to have little understanding than no understanding at all.

  41. dboyzero

    This might be the best and most well-researched video I've seen you make since the beginning. Great work, and thank you.

  42. Christopher Caluori

    Dude. Hell of a video. So so well said, what an incredibly underrated video and channel

  43. Flare FrostFire

    One of the things I can’t stand about my family is that they claim to not be racist but clearly are. Like the biggest example I have which someone always manages to bring up if I say I have a boyfriend or like a guy would be repeatedly making me promise not to ever date a black guy because of an experience one of my cousins had. She dated and later married a black guy who ended up getting arrested for dealing drugs and leaving her to raise three kids by herself and idk how but they have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t depression, an eating disorder, and unhealthy living styles that made her severely overweight but that she had kids to a black guy. I’m always told that I can be friends with black people, preferably women but the fact that they repeatedly make me promise to never date a black guy just because my cousin married and had kids to a drug dealing asshole frustrates me to no end. It got even worse after I had a black guy stalking me all over campus and repeatedly asking me out while not knowing no means no in college. I personally couldn’t care less about race love is love and so there’s two records of black guys not being the greatest, big deal that’s only two people not everyone who is black.

    The other most annoying racist thing they say is “We’re only looking out for your future kids so they won’t be bullied for being mixed” like bitch I’m part Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, and I’m pretty sure I am a small part Mongolian if you go back far enough, just because I don’t look mixed doesn’t mean I’m not mixed.

    My older sister was adopted from Japan and that’s part of why I love Japanese culture so much, but I still occasionally make remarks that could be considered racist. Luckily my sister just laughs it off because she came to America when she was two and doesn’t remember anything and she knows it’s not intentional but if it were anyone else they probably wouldn’t laugh it off the way my sister does. Some might even take offense and for all I know I do offend my sister by accident and she just doesn’t let it show.

    Anyway this is getting long so my point was you can’t really make accurate conclusions on a race just by one or two individuals.

  44. Christopher Shafer

    I'd probably remove the "Part 2," and just label it a discussion. I like the video though.

  45. Billie Hart

    *STANDING OVATION* FINALLy.. just thank you. Even I as a black person didn't even notice or acknowledge what you so eloquently stated. Thank you for being THAT person, THAT white person, who sees through all the bullshit, because honestly no matter how many 'conversations' we have as a nation it's like people are refusing to see things as they are, what they are, and how they are. You did that shit in part 1 and 2 of "Get Out", fuck everyone else who can't seem to understand or even take a minute to try and learnt it for them selves, THANK YOU.

  46. thediamondshard

    We can’t keep blaming one group for one thing and one group for the other, we are all in this shot storm we call life together doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is or what is or isn’t between your legs or any other dividing fractures. We are all in the same boat, not tip it over.

  47. Dandre McDoe

    I know I don't know you. You might not even see this comment. But I truly love and appreciate your outlook on not just race and the core issues in America and some of its people but I can tell you're one of the people in the world that genuinely just cares for others. I'm black and I can tell you that your analysis is spot on. It isn't just about us though. The take away is that we all do it without even realizing we do it. It's the knowledge that we might be and our attempts to be better than our base thoughts that make all the difference. Knowledge is power isn't just a saying.

  48. Jeffery Walls

    "If the system is already in place, who am I try to change it? Fuck that" damn man that hits hard
    Edit: As I was looking through other comments I saw more good lines. Damn man you said some really good quateable stuff. I'm glad to have this positive light say relevant stuff

  49. Its Lit

    That "fuck that" at the end really completed the video and I love that

  50. Mads Laursen

    Please do a everything great about the saw movies, it is actually a good story and not only a gore fest

  51. Ricky Johnson

    Well done video!

  52. PresAviss

    If we treat each other as equals and not something different from ourselves, I believe racism wouldn't even be allowed to exist as a concept to begin with. No one is just their skin color. We should just try our best to understand that racism only exist because not everyone will change and not everyone will turn away from it. It's the decisions we make as individuals that matter the most to me.

  53. strikingVapor

    as a person of multiple minorities (bisexual, transgender, and autistic (however im very white)), your words during this video were absolutely gorgeous and i agree with all of them. absolutely stunning. thank you

  54. MEME Master

    nice can you do full metal jacket next?

  55. Burnin SpaceHaze

    .. Death by a Thousand cuts..

  56. Noah Daglio

    As a biracial guy, I really appreciate the acknowledgment of micro aggressions and the underlying systemic racism that still exists today.
    Good on you CinemaWins guy
    Also thank you for the beard inspiration


    Honestly constant micro-aggressions irk me more than blatant racism(like when someone yells the N-word at you). Like he said that's like a death by a thousand cuts vs someones racist outburst which only feels like a punch you can shrug off. Both suck but the former hurts more since even supposed "allies" do it.

  57. jin

    I loved this video. 🥺🥺 As a black woman, this was so refreshing and an amazing video to watch. Thank you.

  58. Fajar Setiawan

    All these debates about injustice and inequality can be simplified into one simple initial topic; "where do we draw the lines?" Notice that I said lines, plural, it means that lines are for many things. It can be meant as gaps (of class, wealth, privilege, etc), finish line (i.e. outcome) and/or starting point (opportunity).

    But the problem as to why many people don't understand about this is that because most people think these lines are static, it is given. The starting line (or opportunity) is begun from the moment you are born. The finish line (outcome) is perceived as vague, almost non-existent, as far as your desire want it. And finally, the gaps are understood as, for instance, the poverty line, disparities of access and privileges, etc. This is why people who deny white privilege and elitism are seemingly not able to understand, deliberately or not. Because they're used to such given condition. They don't want these lines, gaps, finishes, and starts to move from its original point, and they don't want theirs to move as well.

    But the fact is, these lines and gaps should've been dynamically progressing. As the host said, "it's all about going up." People should feel empowered together along with the disadvantaged who really deserved that. Yet, this is not just about a mass, communal act of empathy, but a real act, be it politically, economically, socially, or culturally. Your choice.

  59. JJH %

    I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis and your well-thought-out insight on societal issues. SO glad I found your channel. Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom.

  60. M Inez

    Fak, mate... This video start making me think so much. About racism and about myself. How I try to hide that, despite all, I was born in Brazil. That I'm not just some European bloke, I'm bloody Latino too. Easy to forget that. I think I might be in a existential crisis right now. Fak. I'm so lost right now.

  61. M Inez

    Well, I like when people tell me I'm wrong, cause how am I supposed to become a better person if they don't tell me anything? Am I the only one to see that?
    Plus, I might be white, but I'm transgender, so I kinda get how dangerous the world is, I think I can be a little more empathetic than other white blokes.

    Everytime I wanna go to te toilet is a nightmare. I never know if some cis man is going to try to rape me or beat me up. Everytime I'm introduced to people, specially parents, and they are all "hey, who's this lady?" and my mates or dates are "this is Mikael..." It's always so awkward. The fear of someone killing for either think I'm a "gay man trying to be a woman" or a "woman trying to be a man".

    Anyway, my experience made me understand racism a little better. And really put an effort into changing.

  62. AGreenCup

    Thank. You.

  63. Esther Hills

    Thank you so much for breaking this down for everyone. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  64. WildBaguette

    The thing is I'm Irish so i can't even be connected to slavery. A lot of European countries had nothing to do with slavery.

  65. Maybe Aum

    Please do speed racer

  66. KASPER

    Please do Arrival

  67. Keirkan

    I'm "Humancist", everyone sucks

  68. The Smilling Dm

    Sooooooooooo... there isn't a way to like a video more than once is there?

  69. Maple Yuri

    You made me a fan of Jordan Peele

  70. Maple Yuri

    *roro enters*

    me lose hope

  71. christianrapper

    Totally freaking awesome video and well articulated.

  72. Jonathan Granskog

    Well done!

  73. Dr.Black Phil

    Awesome video

  74. Ungo Fisher

    Well im out.

  75. Jemale Darby

    Hearing that definitely felt like a subtle victory for me. Great verbalization and mindset.

    Racism is a complicated thing that for some can be hard to comprehend throughout it's many levels. I experienced a case of this when a White/Mexican mixed friend of mine said you can't be racist and have black friends. I told him about instances in my past where growing up in a predominantly white town I had friends of my friends openly call me racist names like charcoal, or blackie as nicknames. We frequented the same parties and since we shared friends I stomached the comments and remained composed. Because of this in their eyes I was one of their friends. My friend learned something new just by me sharing those circumstances from my past.

    Now I'm not saying this to only say one side doesn't know and needs to learn and be aware, but more so that both sides do...around the same time as the story's experience I had liked a female who was connected to the networks of real and fake friends I mentioned. I was with a group of friends finally hanging with her. I finally got to spend time with her and it was going pretty good. So good that from that day on she made a nickname for me and started calling me Hershey. I must have been blinded by liking her cause all I saw was her making a name for me and giving me attention. At the time I liked it. About a year ago, 13 years later, I looked back and could see that she was in her own way playing with me, playing off my shyness at the time, playing with me being the "token" and throwing in some racism for the fun of it cause she could. In that situation I allowed myself to be numbed to consistent subtle racism being thrown at me so much so that when it came from someone I had liked I was completely oblivious and during that time proudly claimed her as my friend despite the reality.

    I've heard some ppl say we should just forget about racism and not bring it up and in that instance in a way I had done just that and unbeknownst to me I was the standing butt of a joke. Just because I took a higher road it did nothing to stop an outsider from being racist to me. In turn it just made my non racist friends not stand up for me cause they thought I was cool with it. It changed nothing. It just allowed racism to be there and the "weight" was put on me to just ignore or get over it and if I didn't like it then that would be my problem.

    I believe that we can't treat racism now like I naively did then. It must be acknowledged for it's existence and negative intent. We have to recognize what it has done and what it can do to everyone. With knowledge comes innovation and as we continue to open our minds and perspectives we will begin to find ways to flush out racism. Society as a whole is too smart not to. Effort and understanding goes a long way.

  76. Diamante Mirabelle

    I see. I think I’m starting to understand all of this now. Thanks. Now I finally know what i have to do.


    Believe in yourself?

    Diamante Mirabelle

    christianrapper lmao yeah, somethin like that

  77. Sydney Rollins

    Please do everything right about the hotel for dogs

  78. Christopher McGarry

    This video is very resonating and I have to say resonates with me really well. I appreciate the honesty and real statements you made on the vid. To all folks who are getting something from the vid, just make sure you always feel comfortable under your own skin. Improve yourself as an individual and be your best self. Be human.

  79. Megan Powell

    Brilliant conclusion to an important film. Please can you finish The Hunger Games series xx

  80. Debora van Loo

    Wow, you are good.
    That's all really...

    Love your vids btw.

  81. Illidanek

    0:57 - What exactly did Black Panther do for blockbusters??


    It showed Hollywood that movies with black protagonists and mostly black casts can make money...but it didn’t. Hollywood has not learned anything.


    @christianrapper And somehow the 83714 previous movies with black protagonists over the past few decades did not do that?


    Illidanek some actually did. You are also deliberately being snarky. This movie was actually promoted as well as movies with generally white protagonists. Most movies with predominantly black audiences have lesser budgets and are marketed to predominantly black audiences. This was actually marketed well and given a huge budget. Also, your math is wrong. There aren’t that many movies with mostly black casts.

  82. Jae

    I love you even more than I did. It’s important to have “white allies” especially those who are white men. I appreciate your understanding and trying to explain it to those willing to ignore or be defensive. 👍🏾👏🏾

  83. SearchingforSelena

    Just binge watching your videos and this was the next on the playlist and when I say I wasn’t ready to hear all of this I mean that in the best way. This is so well stated, executed and delivered in such an easily digestible way. Really wow I’m speechless

  84. Arcenus Béthago

    I've watched your videos from about a year now and I want to say thank you for being brave and putting this type of content out, with research and thought behind. Negative comments end up weighing more psychologically speaking, so I hope you can think of this one when you are feeling down. Much admiration, and much love!

  85. Josh Skudlarek

    I love this and I really hope that one of the upcoming videos is Everything Great About Us

  86. jay2thaudy

    Well. This one earned you a sub 🏆

  87. Steven Tarsitano

    man. i wasn't expecting such an amazing speech about racism. it's hard to realize sometimes that things you don't realize are racist, are. i mean, i don't think we should go around blaming everyone for being unintentionally racist, but i do think learning and educating ourselves is good. i do think the speech was a little uncalled for, but not necessarily unwelcome. the past is still felt today and that's by no faults of our own. we don't necessarily have to be hateful towards people of another race to be considered racist. sometimes it's as simple as making minor assumptions about a person, which i'll admit i've been guilty of.

  88. Sibani Khomo

    Have you ever wanted to be someone's friend just coz of how they think and the things they love? Yeah dude, I want to be friends with you SO bad!

    Mikee Cork

    For real he seems like an outstanding person

  89. Scattered Skill Society

    As a young black male i think u analyzed this perfectly👌

  90. IfyouBelieve

    this anaylsis was impressive.

  91. Josh Work

    anyone else want to see an Everything Great About "Us"?

  92. mandala jones

    I honestly didnt think you’d be brave enough to outwardly comprehend and articulate systemic racism like this on your successful channel. As a black man, having allies like you keeps hope alive

  93. tomi olukosi

    shoutout to that disclaimer tho

  94. Marcus Braithwaite

    You're invited to the cookout.

  95. Forte cloud

    You my nigga

  96. Jc 321

    Thank you for this. It’s nice to know there’s more ppl willing to learn and educate others about things they may have been ignorant to.👏🏾

  97. Peydon Bush

    I dont think ive ever commented on a youtube video before. Long time fan before, lifetime fan now.

  98. Douglas Wallace

    CinemaWins' sequel to get out - "F*ck That"

  99. matt roberts

    Did Lee...swear!?

  100. CinemaWins

    For anyone posting links for other resources, please also email them to me: [email protected] Post them in the comments as well, but links get auto flagged by YouTube, so I might end up missing some.

    Adam Howard

    Do everything great about don't breathe

    Isaac Wilson

    CW: Drops mic
    Me(a 16 year old black kid who's a fan of this channel): *Applause*


    I want to thank you so much for the information, and for having the ability to explain it without being preachy. Your analogy was spot on! I actually watched it a few times. As a woman in an oftentimes marginalized group, hearing you (a white man) explain systemic racism in such a way that wouldn’t make other white men defensive or feel attacked. I actually want to show this to a couple of people, just so they can understand that the things that they do and say can really negatively affect others. The information was invaluable. I love watching all of your videos, but this one was incredible!

    Luke Dejong

    Does anyone happen to know any other movies like this using a psychological aspect while also being a mysterious/ thriller type like get out does?