All Get Out - Northport Lyrics

Wait to hear the words
Feeling unsure what you've overheard
You are the simplest explanation you have

Your heads in your knees again
You burned off the last of your filament
Well you are of value you just don't know yet

Nothing matters here
Nothing matters here

Then you wonder if it's any good
If anything's worth what it should
And I recall a journey here
A trustfall to Bama in August last year

Your words written beautifully down line by line

Nothing matters here
Nothing matters here

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All Get Out Northport Comments

    Such an amazing song❤️

  2. Jitensha Music

    Beautiful song, absolutely love it!

  3. Kimberly Repe

    All Get Out 💖


    how you doin'?


    @AssDust Pffff 😂😂