All Get Out - Like A Child Lyrics

Hands and feet
Skin and hair
Flesh and bones
For a cross to bear

Love and war
The stories you tell
To your friends and loves and kids
But you look like a child alone and at night

Alone is right
Tonight is the night
I walk unharmed without a single fight
Don't stir up the beast
Inside of me
Got to keep those demons down

But your head stayed high
Didn't stop to think twice

You know it blows my mind
Consider place and time
Thought life was hard until those red letter lines
This book's worn thin with places I've been
Oh the truth would set you free

Try to take it in
Breath it in
While you're thinking
Think about the walk
Let us sink and hope you never feel like this
Feel like…

Maybe it's not bad
It's just sad
Sad to waste your
One chance at life
For a race that will surely die

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All Get Out Like A Child Comments
  1. W41K3R_002


  2. Maya Bulai

    This song is one of my new favourite songs EVeR!

  3. Nagesh Jani

    Only 8.5 million views... And that despacito has 3 billions view.... That means this world is full of shity people

  4. Stella Carrier

    I Would Like by Zara Larsson-I happened to have unintentionally discovered this exciting
    song after seeing it featured on an electronic dance music themed website and
    enjoying this daring melody on the first listen. Zara Larsson’s powerful vocals
    and self confident energy really bring this song to life in a vibrant way.

  5. Katie Dusic

    The main part, my boyfriend says that part is made me me ❤️

  6. Tasmiyah Tina

    I feel exactly same thing about my crush😔🔥

  7. di mention

    I would like to get a takeaway baby like to get some food inside my body

  8. Adriana Bednarczyk

    Greatsong for the jogging and gym 😍💪

  9. Adam Massey

    Just realised how similar the chorus sounds to pitbull’s “sexy body”

  10. Shanice H

    Issa HELL NO for me.

  11. •nana adwoa•

    This was playing in the car... It was an Uber.. awkwarddd

  12. Reivern Ø D.A Star Ø

    Love it but this song lowkey sounds like Dat Sexy Body not hatin y'all

  13. Cupid Honey

    this is gentrification

  14. Mifune -

    Perfect work out music for getting nasty abs or sixpack

  15. Pamela Walker

    Best song ever

  16. King TravisSearles

    Since the queers now have their own protected or special class....lbgtq or wtf ever it is! All the straight men are now the S.B.M! Straight badass motherfuckers! ALL THE STRAIGHT NON RETARDED "MEN" THAT THINK A PENIS GOES IN A VAGINA & NOT AN ANUS!

  17. Jay Syke

    My ears prefer the original Sasha dancehall version. No offense Zara, but this is an untouchable classic.

  18. Olivia H

    try it 0.75 speed

    Aaliyah Shroyer

    Olivia H 0.5x sounds pretty good when the beat comes on.

  19. Model Farmer 6330

    May 2019?????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Steve Jobs

    When Tim Cook Is In Your Benz, And This Song Starts To Bump.. *AWKWARD*


    What's a big deal bout awkward is? Can someone explain please?

  21. Julianna H5782

    Is this a purposeful ripoff??

  22. Delfina Sambina

    I love this song

  23. Phylicia Morgan

    elias zara lassson turn light .com

  24. Phylicia Morgan

    zara larsson 2 bottles

  25. Safia N

    Who else is listening to this sick beat in 2019?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    Safia N

    MoonMan • Yhhhhh u know 👌🏼💯🤐

    Jay Syke

    listen to this and enjoy

    Aaliyah Shroyer

    Safia N the beat is so fire!

    Aaliyah Shroyer

    It’s so upbeat it’s literally the best upbeat song I’ve ever listened to atm. SO BOMB

  26. Adam O Connor

    My ears are pregnant

  27. mutsawashe chiezaaa

    wooooow....lit shoes

  28. Phylicia Morgan


  29. yield of dreams

    Love this sound! Does anyone know how I go about doing a remix of this track? As in how do I get the raw locals? Any suggestions🙏🏽🙌🏽

  30. Phylicia Morgan


  31. Phylicia Morgan


  32. Phylicia Morgan


  33. Absolute Stan

    Remember when this song was a thing? 👌🏻 I’m baccc

    zat rat

    Sister Grande suddenly stuck in my head

    zat rat

    Please tell me thats alex in your pfp

    fuxk _max

    @zat rat thats alex

    Aaliyah Shroyer

    I just found this and I listened to it 10 times in a row. THIS IS A HELLA GOOD BOP WOW

    Flower Girl

    Absolute Stan I remember when it first came out everybody was obsessed with it

  34. Natty nat

    Love this song

  35. James Buckingham


  36. pink starplanetx

    its still good in 2019 xD

  37. Kendall Taylor

    She is so amazing 😊😊😊😊

  38. Kieran Pickavance

    Genuine angel, God bless you zara 🌹🌹🌹

  39. Bryan Leong

    This is one of my favourite song and singer.❤️❤️❤️

  40. Stacey Aggett

    xggflxnt gh y

  41. Lena Meier

    Its 2019 and i cant get enough her Songs😍

  42. izzybella

    I remember when this came out and I was obsessed with Zara 😂


    ik everyone was

  43. Mgp91122

  44. Lonely Star

    Zara for
    Z for the last letter of the alphabet
    A for being Amazing
    R for being right
    A for the first letter of the alphabet

  45. Lucy Hamilton

    Love this song ❤

  46. Liam a.k.a. ghost kamo

    Somone 2019???

  47. Julie Hardingham

    What there's no video to this shocking

  48. Nyevil11

    My friend i play fortnite with told me to listen to this...he likes me but im not single

  49. 10k subs without a video !

    2019 y'all ???

  50. iveta deksne

    Zara l want to know were you live so bad

  51. Adnan Rajput

    I lövê īt ..

  52. Amber Cole Wallace

    Love this song

  53. dont dare

    Every time I hear the song .I feel like I'm n the club ! 💃

  54. Verone Pillay

    I love the beginning i wish it was longer

  55. ShAkEw TfUe98


  56. Phoebe Kelly

    good song I get stuck on the words

  57. poison89

    Girl: do you think I’m pretty?
    Boy: no.
    Girl: do you even wanna be with me forever?
    Boy: no.
    Girl: do you even like me?
    Boy: no
    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?
    Boy: no.
    She heard enough and was hurt.. she walked away with tears in her eyes.
    The boy grabbed her arm
    Boy: your not pretty. Your beautiful
    Boy: I don’t wanna be with you forever. I need to be with you forever.
    Boy: I don’t like you, I love you
    Boy: I wouldn’t cry if you walked away, I would die if you walked Away..
    Boy whispers: please stay with me
    Girl: I will..
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    Get ready for the shock of your life!
    If you don’t post this to 5 other comments... you will have BAD luck in relationships for the next 10 years!
    Good luck

  58. Chihiro Banos

    0:00 0:10 0:20 0:30 0:40 0:50 1:00 1:10 1:20 1:30 1:49 1:50 2:00 2:10 2:20 2:20 2:30 2:40 2:50 3:00 3:10 3:20 3:20 3:40

  59. kishan debbarma

    i like zara


    You remade “dat sexy body” by Sasha! 😡😡😡😡

  61. Hadeel Al-mutan

    2019 anyone???

  62. Lasma Upenieks

    where did u get the shoes???? i love them!!

  63. Serenity McQueen

    Going down on her to this 😂;) 🤫💋

  64. blazinqbacon - Roblox


  65. kpulle n

    She is a legend

  66. chanel Gez

    What a hell of a tune BOSS

  67. Matheus Rickellme

    Waiting the video

  68. ali sousdi

    lord it sounds so goood

  69. NewBerlinWall

    Here because of Gigi Gorgeous

  70. EddysWelt!

    *2019?! :D*

  71. Nika Elson

    January 2019?

  72. Rainbow Sprinkles

    🥰 I love it

  73. pika chu

    Anyone 2019?

    Sinead Grimes


    Khalid Arshad

    Shut up very old comment me copy paste


    @Khalid Arshad 2020?

  74. Ashab Ali5

    Still rocking it in 2019

  75. Sandwich


  76. KI KI


  77. Meio Meio


  78. Ava melia

    Instagram workout vids bought me here!!! ❤️❤️❤️👌🏻

  79. lily welch

    under ur sexy body xxxxx

  80. raja ram chopade

    I love you zara

  81. Fiza Adam


  82. Just Dee


  83. Gaming&Chilling with Bloodybrains83

    This song is a old song redone whoever thinks it's new there wrong cause I do believe this songs been around since the 90's or something.

  84. Acid_peppermint

    30 november 2018 anyone

  85. Natalia Angarita


  86. alisha Hearne

    2018,2019.2020.... I love this song

  87. Ruby Miller

    I love it

  88. Heinrich Miller

    I would like to get to know you baby like to get on your sexy body sexy body

  89. addgrav

    That weird voice gives me the creeps!