All 4 One - My Child Lyrics

Girl I know you think thats its me you hurtin
by denying me the right, to take part in his life, that aint fair to him and it just aint right.
And I know you think that I dont deserve it, but for our child sake, dont make this mistake, dont make him choose between us
(Remember the words that I told you he's resent you when he's older)
And trust me you dont want that kinda pain No....
(He's apart of me that you know you cant deny and baby no matter how hard you try)
and when you look at him you'll se me in his eyes.

It may seem right, but soon you'll find out, just who your hurtin baby, now let me see my child,
before its too late, his heart fills with hate, but we've got to work it out, now let me see my child.

You cant tell me he dont ever asked about me, can you tell him the truth, about me and you,
or will you tell lies cause it easy to do. You have to know this is not a game, cause I'm to stay, this child bears my name,
My blood runs through his veins ... so swallow you pride, he needs me in his life
(I'm hurting every bit as much is you, so just try to put yourself in my shoes) cause if you were me what would you do.

It may seem right now, but soon you'll find out, just who your hurtin baby, now let me see my child,
before it's too late, his heart fills with hate, we've got to work it out, now let me see my child.

Now I know we both have regrets, for the sake of that boy, thats forgive and forget,
And I know that it easier to fight, but just look at him, you have to see the thing we did right

It may seem right now, but soon you'll find out just who your hurting baby, now let me see my, child...let me see my, child.....
I've got to see my, child... your hurtin him, your hurtin him, child...he needs me in his life, child...
I gotta show him how to be a man, child...I gottta see him, I wanna see him, let me see him, child...

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All 4 One My Child Comments
  1. Infidel14?

    When I first heard All4One singing this song it tripped me out because its so far removed from the 'I Swear' sappy teen-Pop sound that made them famous. This here is str8 grown folks music, both in terms of arrangement and lyricism. I like the groove of this song despite its difficult subject matter: Child custody is rough road for all parties involved.

  2. rhea Virgin

    someone please tell me the name of the movie with theo in it please

  3. DIW KupJoke

    2018 I love this song.

  4. Monta jones

    This song got me tearing up 😭😭

  5. Kolokea T

    Thank you for My Child. My son loves his Dad.

  6. SlimJones

    Great song, it really made me cry thanks for making this record

  7. MrBlactye

    All 4 one harmony is undeniable incredible. I have no words on how amazing this song sounds. Please keep up the good work.


    I hope men and women listening to this song. If that man is apart of his kids life please don't deny him from his kids. But if He not trying do right by you and your then you go to do what you have to. But Please understand there is kids in the situation. I pray that both men and women come to some common ground when it comes to their kids. I want to give a big shot out to the man who are doing right for their kids.

  8. Tom O'Donnell

    This song is Jeremy kyle in a nutshell

  9. Le' Git

    I just got full custody of my son!!!! This song helped me get thru it. Mother started violating my visitation rights. I spent the past 4 months without seeing him, i filled over 25 visitiation violation reports, went back to court & she still kept my son from me then she moved it was hard locating her to serve her. On the january 8th judge granted me full custody since mother showed up late to court but she didnt have my son with her. So i had to wait till today the last court date since i didnt know my son's where abouts & judge granted me everything. Today at 6pm she is supposed to turn my son over to me at the police station. This isnt easy for us fathers but believe me when i tell u. Its all worth the fight! Thank all for one for making a song like this! #fatherswithvoices

    J. Bo Battle

    Wow... Brother I'm glad the judge saw it in your favour! Congratulations man!!!


    Congratulations to you. Because We more man like you when it comes to their kids. Pray that God continue to bless for your due diligence. I am so proud of you.

    Tootie Adams

    Le' Git amen our father god was with u all the way I'm glad for u n keep that smile on both of u guys face man ain't nothing like the love of ur child....

    Mark Williams

    I’m so very happy for you because I know what that feels like congratulations to you and your babies

    luquhan coe

    Stay strong young black men!

  10. Natalie Andrea

    There's always a reason why a mother would keep a father from seeing their child. And that's bad environment behaviours such as aggression, domestic violence, alcohol and drugs.
    I am a mother of a boy and my son's father and I have been through crazy problems due to his drug addiction thanks to the Lord and His grace things are better as my son's father is in rehab and getting himself together so he can finally be a good example for his son, I've always told him you are the head of this family under healthy circumstances there is nothing more satisfying being a mother and seeing her son and father bond and show each other affection and love. When the your partner respects you and has a responsible attitude there is no other reasons why things cannot be forgiven.

  11. raymond harris

    so many feeling when im listening to this song because im going through this bs off in on with my child's mother you rather look for love somewhere else then fix your situation easy way out it's cool child's hurt on you trying to look for love when its been here infront of you r.i.p of what could have been


    I love this song!

  13. Nate Carson

    Had to revisit this song, it's been exactly a month since I last seen or heard from my 2 kids......

  14. DanTheMan Bardo

    its an interesting peice i like the theme original or them to sing about.

  15. allanya74

    What happened to their comeback? They released this song and disappeared.

  16. Delan Carter

    Real song baby daddy song right here.. oowwwwlll!!!!

  17. korleonevito

    Is that Theo from the Cosby Show? Looks very much like him!

    Edit: Malcolm-Jamal Warner?

    justin mcrae

    Yeah it's him

    John Fogarty

    @justin mcrae Grace falls hard. 

  18. Dominic Reed

    This song if amazing

  19. rudolph pickett

    great song!!!

  20. Theresa Davis

    OMG, the 2:00 minute mark kills me! Please ladies, do the right thing by your children. If he's not the type to put them in harms way, you have no right to deny him. You are equally a part of your children.

  21. sjune11

    This song makes me cry all the time. Still waiting on my child to come around because its clear she'll never change. Its been over three years since I seen you my son but know I'm not moving in hopes that one day you'll show up at the door. Some people are so heartless in this world

  22. 01mallick

    Did not no hear this in the uk

  23. allanya74

    This was a great song that was slept on...

  24. david stanley

    I don't even remember this getting any air play on the radio or television

  25. chalcedony100

    If people would stop hoeing around and getting knocked up with bastard children, there wouldn't be all these issues of baby mama and baby daddy drama.

  26. Jota Jones

    I'm from Brazil and I'm here just to say that I love this band and I love Delious voice.
    He's the best.

  27. 01mallick

    I'm from the uk. Just want to know was this a hit in the USA? Cus it should be

  28. Chitanda San

    what the hell with 3 dislike

  29. Mataiasi Lomu

    They might be the weirdest looking singing group but they are one of the classics back in the 90s. Them Boyz II Men, KCi and Jojo, 112, Blackstreet and many others.

  30. DanMarc Bardo

    man dont be nsync the others voices are unknown cuz only two sang by them selves is there a song were the other too get a solo?

    Cici Robinson

    DanMarc Bardo thought the same thing

  31. Edward Hardison

    Great song... My son is 6 and im still fighting this fight but she will even admit that he's a better child when she lets me spend that time but will still hold him back... I don't know if im happy im not fighting this alone or sad because some many people are fighting it. Lets keep our heads up and keep fighting for what's right

  32. olive theresa

    as a mother, when i see all the sad comments on here it makes me sick to my stomach that women actually do this. my husband and i don't have the greatest relationship but i would never stop him from seeing my baby. i know my son loves the both of us and it would tear him apart being made to choose. the reason i listen to old skool music is because there is so much meaning behind the words of the songs, and they actually touch people. on behalf of the good women out there, i apologize to u men.

  33. onegreatfamily2009


  34. laura vega

    my son is going threw this , these baby mamas dont realize your putting that child through some pain, that later on in life has its concequences. and the anomosity that child will have towards its mama.

  35. MrKenrock85

    When your a good dad this is what you get but if you are one of those deadbeats dont do shit for there kids they see them all the time. I bust my ass but since the ex is bitter and wants to try and hurt me she uses my kids against me and tells them lies and makes them lie. Its amazing what a woman would do out of spite!!!!



  37. Tie Wilson

    Great song

  38. realexhousewifeoc

    To ALL the Parents who have left messages on this thread. PARENTAL ALIENATION IS THE ULTIMATE HATE CRIME a Vindictive Ex can do to A CHILD. Help me to create new laws against such a Heinous Act. CHILDREN NEED BOTH PARENTS TO LOVE & FEEL LOVED. Only Narcissists USE children as weapons when things don't go their way w the child's other parent. Join me on Twitter @RealExHousewife


    I am with you on what you said. Because The kids need both parents. I hope they find some common ground for the kids sake.

  39. Coffee N Creativity

    but i love this song true rnb (in whitney voice) r.i.p queen

  40. kesia brown

    @sjune11 dat really saddd im soo sowwie for what you been thru

  41. Michael Quezergue

    @JordanXL I can relate!!!! I have a 6 y/o daughter that I love with all that I am, but at times to my daughter's mother I am the worst person on earth!! I give not only money...I give my time and I am always wanting to give more!!!!!!

  42. Tommy Mac

    I'm so glad that this song continues to touch people's lives... :)


    I agree


    me too SJune11

  44. sjune11

    when I 1st heard this song I cried for like a week straight, thinking of my son I miss u so much Jaray. It's been 3 yrs now, I know u need me just as much as I need u. Please women stop keeping us black men from our children, we're not bad father's. Please, Please, Please get over the simple things and allow us to guide our children b4 the system does. I love u son and one day we will b together again.

  45. yurfavorite ahmed

    i really like the video overall, but i dislike the dancing..i dont think it was needed. but other then that, great great!

  46. babygangsta91

    @MsEleonora7 things are startin to get better.

  47. babygangsta91

    they speakin how it is for some of us to many of us hav to feel this pain.


    That's why we need artist like this. Because They make music that gives us a voice. This is why we need to support singers like these guys. This is an amazing song great job guys.

  48. Cherrell Bovain

    So amazing how true they are to their original sound even after all of these years!!

  49. Cherrell Bovain

    I had heard this song 'bout '09 too & I so loved it, but I'm just now realizing who sings it!! Wow, I'm so warm & fuzzy so happy to see the return of a 90's group! Yaaaaaaay!! All41, please don't stop!!!!

  50. Wakil Melton

    I listened 2 this song in "09" its message will never leave. I've just spoken to my son after 29yrs...I had never met him...we're

  51. Ms. Purple Haze

    Not all women do that, I give my kids dads the right to see them, they chose to point fingers and avoid their children. Time outweights money anyday to a 5 yr old child!

  52. Rocboy146

    wow i almost cried at the end this song is amazing

  53. cmahdi

    @whatever99xxx look for the website fathers with voices Brother Eric Leggette without getting all tangled up in Lawyers fees

  54. cmahdi

    @TheTristansteve try looking up Fathers with voices Brother Eric Leggette cabn help you!

  55. ihavechappedlips

    Is that Theo Huxtable?

  56. Shell Won

    oh this song is soo sad :....(

  57. llhkissme30

    love this song and this go out to all the good days that want to see their kids and the mothers want let them n you want to take care of yr kids

  58. monas

    lol the white just look so odd in this lol

  59. 011giant

    is that theo from the cosby show

  60. Yongen Tito Pelupessy

    thanks GOD. it's 90's Rnb ( The Real Rnb ).... I hate Present RnB.

  61. Temptap

    @joohsay This most DEFINITELY is All4one! I always said you can't under estimate the talent of these guys.

  62. Ferdy Halim

    long time no release single or album and i agree with beeldspraak "this is how true R N B sounds".
    Goodluck All 4 One....

  63. joohsay

    This isnt All $ One.

  64. Nostal Jack

    I just clicked on this on this video 'cause I wondered what they'd sound like now. Glad I did. This is great stuff. Lemme find out I need to get this album.

  65. kiexiza rodriquez

    brought tears to my eyes.. the thought that there are so MANY fathers feeling this same way...

  66. Alissa Hanamaikai

    im sitting here in tears right now preach!

  67. damond med

    now let me see dat grand baby!!

  68. tracegnet

    omg soo amazing they need to come to New Zealand we luv this stuff and appreciate their amazing talent

  69. KalaBeautiful

    @M5IAN Mari Morrow

  70. Brandon Archambault

    They just died out popularity wise, but they haven't quit which is what counts!

  71. pfatpat32

    whats wrong with the white guy....dude when in the group before they started so don't even trip

  72. alisalynn76

    awesome song... VERY DEEP LYRICS!

  73. missuniworld

    The new name of this group is ALL-R-FAT

  74. Bre McGhee

    I actually only heard this song on the radio once. It's sad that radio station DJ's will only play music about sex or booty-shaking instead of music like this. Don't get me wrong, I love a little R.Kelly every now & again, but situations like this go on everyday and more songs like this should be played. I love this song and I play it constantly. R&B songs like this with actual stories behind them are always good.

  75. oxoPCetoxo

    I dedicate this tune to all the fathers who are experiencing a woman's vengeful act that is stopping you seeing your child(ren) for no reason other that it's going to hurt you. This is for the GOOD FATHERS WHO GENUINELY WANT NOTHING MORE THAN TO HAVE THAT CONSTANT CONTACT WITH THEIR CHILD(REN)

  76. Ken G

    Excellent song!! To bad I never hear it on the radio.

  77. beeldspraak

    This is how true R n B sounds like people.
    forget about the shit like jason derulo mayne
    bring back honest good music.