Alkaline Trio - I'm Dying Tomorrow Lyrics

I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right
Did I remember to sleep in
Take lots of pills
Commit irreversible sins
Did I at least try to kiss the prettiest girl
At the right time
Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine
Did I remember to say cheers
Did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time
Had the best time
Did I remember to stay up late
Drinking for the fun
Singing for the taste
Did I run outside to kiss the rain
Under electrical skies
I'm dying tomorrow
This house, this street, Chicago
I'm dying tomorrow
Did I do it right

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Alkaline Trio I'm Dying Tomorrow Comments

    I wish I was dying tomorrow. This planet is boring. I'm ready for something else.

  2. silverscreen studios

    did i did i??


    I'm gonna buy a fish and call it "Did I"

  4. The Best Of 1997


  5. Caleb Wolff

    I wish I could psot A picture of the the half sleeve I have on my leg based on the lyrics of this song. Got it on my 7 year sober date from opiates. This song always reminds me that I will always live for tomorrow, one more day when I wake up.

  6. Daniel MacLachlan

    Friday march 20th 2017 bye Ella Margo Maclachlan my daughter

    HalfTone Press

    Daniel MacLachlan woooow..... fkn breaks my heart! I have a son, but cannot imagine! My heart goes out to you whatever that means. Sooo sorry!!! Wooow

  7. Daniel MacLachlan

    By the way did I?

  8. Jonathan Crompton

    what can I say one of the best bands

  9. Adriano Marcio

    Otima musica to curtindo de mais

  10. Grover Asylum

    you did it right Danny you dirty fuck

  11. Francesca Olivia

    <3 Rock on, this is perfect <3

  12. shiera athan

    yeeh!! this one is so fuckin nice!! rock on!!

  13. Jason Chewning

    Dan songs rule!

  14. zanechaos

    I liked Armageddon from tony hawk's underground and I fell in love with this dude who liked this band so I bought an album and this poppy shit made me buy the album with the blue cover or sumthing and has that song blue Carolina or whatever shit is poppy but I can listen to it even after 7 yrs

    Tom _

    I feel kinda bad cuz I played T.H.U.G. #1 and did not remember the song at all

  15. LJfromIB

    dan's voice is flat,i love it

  16. PeckerwoodNation

    your gay as fuck

    Chris Hainey


  17. TheHilikus89

    "did I did I at least try to make sure everybody had a good time had the best time" that is so me

  18. Zack takelotswithalcohol

    "Did I, did I run outside to kiss the rain under electrical skies" --- That fucking line

  19. J03Mutha

    Song is gay as fuck.

    Diem Turner

    So's ya mutha.

  20. FattMattwithaHatt

    one of there most memorable songs

  21. Brandon Blazer

    :D ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  22. dakota of earth

    I like dans voice better than matts

    Caleb Wolff

    Matts voice has more pain and grit.

  23. Rave!

    Its Dan whose actually singing here and also on other songs such as: dine dine dine my darling, off the map, and we can never break up, to name a few... great work by the way.. more power to alkaline trio,, \m/

  24. Seanie B

    BEST Alkaline Trio song of their career! :)

  25. rob032

    I don't wanna see adverts for Aggro Santos' new single on Alkaline Trio videos. k youtube?

  26. forevermurphys

    @Brian07891 lol really?

  27. duhduhduhda poop

    did i remember to take lots of pills and commit irreversable sins?

    always live life as if you were dying tomorrow!