Alkaline Trio - Hell Yes Lyrics

I gave up on you a long time ago
How can you blame me?
We made plans to meet and you never showed
You kept me waiting
They said everything would work out just fine
They said you'd help me
But as it turns out it was all a lie
And they're off someplace far away laughing at me

You've been there for me one time in my life
But it didn't matter
You came and went so fast all my hope
And faith in you shattered
And now here I sit alone in this room
No one to confide in
You watched all my dreams come apart at the seams
You laughed, you left, you waited in hiding

Bless me dark father I have sinned
I've done it before and I'll do it again
Cuz it keeps me warm, and makes you smile
Been beneath me all the while
Hell yes

You gave up on me along time ago
I can't say I blame you
I rejected the faith in your holy rays
Is what it comes down to
They said everything would work out just fine
I just went crazy
But I'm better now having a good time
Being selfish, and drunken, and vulgar, and lazy

Bless me dark father I have sinned
I've done it before and I'll do it again
Cuz it keeps me warm, and makes you smile
Been beneath me all the while

Bless me dark father I can't win
Without you I'm as good as dead
Cuz you keep me warm, you make me smile
You've been on my shoulder all the while

Whispering sweet nothings
Whispering sweet nothings
Whispering sweet nothings
You've been whispering sweet nothings

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Alkaline Trio Hell Yes Comments
  1. Nick Stevans

    This song personally inspired me to write a love song. <3 Thank you Matt.

  2. Richard Rowlinson

    Brand New are shit compared to Alkaline Trio

  3. Charlie Muñoz

    World. The band-song.

  4. BippityboppityBOO

    This song reminds me of giving my father a tuggy before bed time.

    Patrick Dromgoole

    BippityboppityBOO maybe seek therapy.

  5. Industrias Fatmike

    Los comentarios religiosos valen oro.

  6. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Hell Yes

  7. Ginny Savoy

    Love this guy 🥁

  8. Ihave Loot

    And ill do it again

  9. Choose A Better Name

    2003 just broke up with my girlfriend and I was drowning my sorrows with weed and alcohol in my little room ...oh the good ole days LOL

  10. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Yes whispering sweet nothings

  11. Jordan Daughtrey

    To be 15 again...

    Brandon Rodriguez

    Jordan Daughtrey right

  12. Ian Chapnick

    Who else listening in 2018


    December 1st 2018

  13. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    Hell Yes !! 😂👌🏼🤘🏼🎳⭐️🎯⚡️🔥😉

  14. Ava Baker

    I love dark "Papa" and he loves Lucifer and Christ etc. They are all family actually.

  15. Kara Leigh Lakusta

    It was all a lie

    Dan Dubitski

    Kara Leigh Lakusta the lie you tell....

  16. Roly Rodriguez

    We used this song and the lyrics for my 9th grade reading class for imagery and I fucking love this song

    Mariah Halstead

    Roly Rodriguez that's awesome!!!

  17. Justin Manson

    Hail Satan.

  18. Bees

    Am i the only person that is still in love with alkaline trio?

    Lauren Quinn

    Favorite band ever!!


    @Lauren Quinn Liar. You loved Bros two weeks ago!

    Nick Stevans

    No way! I recently discovered my love for them.

  19. Chad James

    Even though it's not on From Here To Infirmary, doesn't distract from the fact that this song kicks so much ass


    It's on the version of From Here To Infirmary that was released in the UK

  20. McKenna Ward

    2017 🤘

  21. miss erica

    Can we not argue about religion. Its a damn good song & religion shouldnt have to be an argument.

  22. Mat Lehr

    takes me back......INFJ crack.


    Do you live in St.Louis

  23. canucks2017

    Isn't this song off Remains? I have the FHTI cd & this song isn't on it, crawl is the last song I think.

    Carlos Reyes

    canucks2017 is from HFTI B-side

  24. Hydro Gen

    Hidden gem.

  25. jake hopkins


    Ava Baker

    damian lucifer thorn lucky 13!!! The G.O.A.T.

  26. apple shampoo

    hail satan

    Ken Smith

    hail Satan.

    Ava Baker

    Lucifer actually;)

  27. Doge noscopes Me

    Heeeeeel yessssss

  28. Adam Wilkins

    I can almost see this conversation happening in a Starbucks. "Sorry, God, it's just not working out. It's not you, it's me. I really hope things work out for you."

  29. Alice Woods

    You don't have to have the same beliefs as the musician to appreciate the music. If it bothers ya, then don't listen to it.

    Brian Blake

    i'm an atheist who can dig on some gospel and jesusy music

    people need to get over themselves

    Jake Smith

    @Gary Clements So you went out of your way to search and listen to a band you dont like? Then comment a negative opinion on them while proclaiming you dont "listen to them"? What a joke.

    Gary Clements

    @Jake Smith - incredible how people can't stand it if you don't agree with them. Well let me rephrase that "incredible how leftist, liberal, atheist attack everyone and everything that dares to have an opinion other than their own. Much like someone deciding they don't like a particular food without ever trying it, I listened to this once, had an opinion that it sucks, commented....and moved on. Yep....I like Christian Music, I'm not going to apologize. I spent the first 45 years of my life living in the secular world. All it got me was bars, depression, more bars, friends dying from drugs, alcohol. ....friends getting divorced because of drinking, drugs etc. Show me 1000 atheist and I'll show you that the overwhelming majority have serious problems that run deep. Laugh all you want but I have more happiness, purpose & fulfillment than all my first 45 years combined over the last ten years. It always makes me laugh to read comments from those blasting Christians. In their comments they completely expose themselves as the very people that most need what I have already found.

    Jake Smith

    @Gary Clements ok boomer

    Evil Koala

    I believe there's a god but fuck him

  30. MrAwesome

    I believe in God and believe I'm Christian and I really love this song and akaline trio

    Humble Guy

    MrAwesome I believe in god too but Satan is way cooler


    Its satirical their not serious

    Christopher K

    @I Drink Milk so edgy


    @Amanda Hall jesus wept


    Some of you lot are clearly thick as fuck

  31. Stubb Adubb

    "bless me dark father I have sinned"!

  32. Jo Venables

    I have a distant memory of losing my discman (!) with this cd in it on a train and being reeeallly annoyed. 2000 years later I'm having myself an emo sunday, even though I'm old enough to know better, and I come across this gem of a compilation, oh the flashbacks, that's how good this is. Thanks Vagrant.

    like hell we are anxiously waiting

    Jo Venables of course it would be an alkaline trio CD in there lost !$#@+#%

  33. Val Jee



    +Val Jee
    Congratulations. You can be married in the majority of states now.


    +TheZombie lol

    Val Jee

    +TheZombie Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahah, yeah so can these guys. Good one btw!


    @Val Jee
     2/10 troll points

    Ava Baker

    Shut up Richard

  34. Blood AJ

    hell yes is a song of him losing his beliefs in god


    +only one crazy gaming Is this like an opinion or do you have a source? I'm not trying to put you down, I would legit really like to see a source for this.


    Awesome, thank you!



    We Remotely Low

    Actually, it's about how he's a satanist.

  35. William Abraham Slayer are Satanists.

    The Bridge

    Alkaline Trio is not a metal band nor do Christian churches call them satanic. Stop

  36. Josh Pepe

    they're Lavey Satanist which is just a form of extreme atheism . not actual devil worship . Skiba wrote this song about Anton Lavey...

    Josh Pepe

    did you actually read that interview ?


    That was a terrible fucking interview...

    Abaddon Guecubu

    +Josh Pepe he's not a fan of LaVey


    I will always laugh at an atheist retarded enough to identify himself with any form of religious system.

    Ken Smith

    Abaddon Guecubu Look up the guitar center acoustic set of this song on YouTube. Skoba says he wrote it for him and always saw him as some kind of anti hero he looked up to. Sorry to say. I'm sure you can look it up if you want and hear it straight from him.

  37. Tristan Gold

    @lukescholar the death of any solider is terrible, regardless of blame but even more so is the death of a hospitalman (HN) blame it on the controls but the truth is the PS system has caused two, but probably saved very many. Those simplistic controls don't complicate it, since many younger service members are familiar with the controller

  38. chisel chin

    satan said you lie

  39. Katie Reutter

    13 jesus lovers

  40. Trent Chournos

    "bodacious mam titties..." xD you are amazing

  41. Jon Witt

    anton lavey!!!!!!!!

  42. aifrench14

    I introduced my ex to the Trio (well their music anyway) Trouble these days is while I still love listening to their music it reminds me of her...

    Salami Slut

    aifrench14 same thing with me

    Jake Farron Merlin

    i turd that -- conor mcgregor

  43. heyyyyyynow

    Great song. Thanks to my ex for introducing me to these guys.

  44. Amanda Pizzo

    :( I' m sorry

  45. hellocamelot

    Dude, shut your mouth. Just close it and sew it shut.

  46. Dave2807

    Great song.

    Wasnt sure if I should've had another beer,..

    Hell yes... I wont argue.

  47. Jesse Belcher

    Holy crap dude. Learn to focus all your thoughts into one post. Sorry, I was out having a life while you clubbed away at your keyboard with your sweaty sausage fingers. I know it must have been tough to make it this long without any attention online.. I hope this helps. I'm not even going to bother reading the 10 different posts you made, all no doubt probably saying. "My penis is so fat and so is my friends and this is faggy music we like to rip on after we have sex" Hope you respond soon.

  48. Jesse Belcher

    Lets see, you still haven't answered my question why you knew the size of your friends penis. See, saying you like vagina is one thing, knowing the size of your friends penis in actual inches is another. You admit to trolling and it being fun and then go on to hint at you actually having a life. What an oxymoron! Music is music, it's an art. I'm sure some people would say that liking Shakespeare is "pussy", but i'm willing to bet that he got more than you ever will.

  49. Jesse Belcher

    I brought up penis size correlating with feelings of anger and the need to bash everything you can to compensate for your own insecurities. I also agree with you, most men are curious about the size of their penis.. but not their friends. You failed to comment on the important of knowing your FRIENDS size. Faggy.. yes, you are.

  50. Jesse Belcher

    So yeah, you're probably right. deep rooted unconscious feelings of homosexuality may the reason for your ripping on things.

  51. InciteDATRIOT

    anyone who uses the word "rather," unnecessarily is a deucebag, always.

  52. InciteDATRIOT

    quietics epicer or whatever is pretentious. "yeah you havent listnd 2 deep music b4? yeah i hav" who cares?

  53. Jesse Belcher

    The fact that you've measured your penis suggests that you were concerned with it's size in the first place. therefore you are a liar

  54. Jesse Belcher

    Anyone who tries to find things to rip on ALWAYS has an extremely small penis.

  55. VcExPos3d

    'Satanism' is like Christianity; it has multiple 'sub-beliefs'. Some idolize Beelzebub, others admire, or just prefer him. Some see him as good as well as "DOG". I don't know Matt and Derek's exact view but Dan does not follow that ideology. Anyways enjoy the Trio.

  56. Courtney Tackett

    Satanists don't even worship Satan. People need to get a grip.

  57. Grayson Cash

    not true.

  58. Matt Pierce

    For anybody debating whether this was on from here to infirmiry, this was originally on the UK release along with "standard break" and was not officially released stateside until the remains album came out

  59. masterdutchy

    Great song.. stupid kid is still my fav

  60. Andrew Ford


  61. Kasperi Ekqvist

    It was an UK bonus track on From Here to Infirmary.

  62. Stefanie Marie

    hell yes isnt from the from here to infirmary album, its off the remains album....

  63. Nick Ortiz

    so its atheism? i love the millions of names for one thing... lol. thats why i dont pick stupid ass religions cuz they are all the same with different names

  64. brezzy666

    I have From Here to Infirmary too...and it's on one of two bonus tracks... lol

  65. Jack Campbell

    hey still cant munch a bacon sandwich without guilt... my main deterrent from faith

  66. ladyintheradiator187

    Yhis wasnt on From Here to Infirmary...because I have it. lol.

  67. Brent Cornwall

    You clearly have no clue what your military does. You know that every 'fight' your country has been involved in since world war 2 has been to either block communism so they don't lose capital, or to get full control of resources. You clearly support neo-colonialism if you still support that military, or those who do it. Bradley Manning is a hero, but in jail in your country.

  68. Brent Cornwall


  69. TheInterestingCrap

    Exposingchristianity. com in addition to my last comment. Very interesting

    Another good site, joyofsatan. Org

    The singer is probably not referring to that particular thing but close

  70. TheInterestingCrap

    Sounds like hes referring to christianity! Hahs because its so true, they help once and watch lives crumple!

  71. Brent Cornwall

    Don't listen to punk rock. Go to a republican convention. Fucking imperialist pig.

  72. Brent Cornwall

    All you military goofs shut up and die for your government already.

  73. lukescholar

    The Air Force's PlayStation approach to the drone program is responsible for the death of two of the closest friends I've ever had, HN Benjamin Rast, USN and SSgt. Jeremy Smith, USMC. The Air Force's recklessness took my brothers' lives in an embarassing and extremely preventable friendly fire incident. Google their names if you don't know what I'm talking about. Don't talk the talk unless you've walked the walk. Keep trolling from behind your crystal screens, faggots.

  74. Darkness Herself

    Some are actually. The Satanic Bible, is about self worship, why he used Satanic I'll never know, traditional satanist do in face worship Satan. Satanic it isn't and bible it's not, what an oxymoron you are Lavey.

  75. Darkness Herself

    I beg to differ, the air force strike action is far from being a laughing stock, the airforce are the boys and girls who win wars, these are the brains behind the operations, anyone who is anyone knows it's the elite only who are allowed into the airforce, it requires precision skills. You should be proud of them, not slander them, that kind of attitude isn't satanism, it's ignorance.

  76. Ronnie Matlock

    Oh. We got a badass over hereee.

  77. Blake Estes

    Alkaline Trio isn't really about being deep, more so being blunt with what they're trying to say and using a great choice of words to say it.. well, that was the case anyway. And I'm not sure how relevant saying "today" is (or "2day" as you put it) considering this song is over 10 years old now. How did you even get on this song in the first place if you weren't searching it out?

    Class on Bread

    It's a year older than me now lol

  78. knives564

    love this song!!! but wrong album....

  79. MrDRIFTER1000

    @MrDRIFTER1000 guess no one knows any more songs that are so catchy but with dark meaning's like this.If any one does please let me know!

  80. Pandyland

    This is my new theme song.

  81. MrDRIFTER1000

    @QuietusEpicus WTF dude you gotta put shit down just because it's not shredding guitar and deep growls? I love heavy metal and even priest for that matter!!! But ALK3 is very far from mainstream teeny rawk bop or wtf ever you called it but can you tell me another song about satan thats SOOOO fucking catchy?.....just so everyone knows it is about satan and losing faith in god....I got the dvd he talks about it on!!!

  82. Cyril Prinsloo

    I love this band, I worship them. Got the opportunity to seem them live in South Africa a couple of months ago, so disappointing, I was crushed. Still fucking love them though.

  83. epyonblitz

    @QuietusEpicus far from that sir. i respect your choice in music but you seriously CAN NOT say they suck. they are very talented.. matt skiba plays piano drums and guitar, derek grant plays guitar and drums and has filled in for the gaslight anthem as a guitarist, and for good charlotte and the vandals as a drummer, and dan andriano plays bass and acoustic guitar and piano as well. you may not like their music but you can't say they suck. they all write ak3 songs too.

  84. monach22

    @QuietusEpicus haha, dont lie. You dont have any friends. Thats why you troll youtube purposely starting arguments because your so desperate for human interaction. And you talk like the pissy goth kids on south park. Your just mad because goth music sucks.

  85. monach22

    @QuietusEpicus Totally, that's why your listening to their music on youtube. Douche....douche doesnt mean feminine for a womans vagina. Your a douche and you'll probably never see a vagina

  86. Jessica Elliott

    You're confusing Satanism and Hedonism. You should go read a few books.

  87. Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit

    guys they aren't satanists in the Traditional sense, they just dont give afuck

  88. franciscotalancon

    I can completely relate to this song. This has happened to me twice..

  89. chaplain327

    @al3xaraq your math skills are superior

  90. dailymanny

    makes me feel like dancing!

  91. Tobirama Senju

    @thatcrazypanda414 no they are, skiba did an interview abt it and evrthing, but satanists dont believe in satn or god just living without guilt

  92. Dave2807

    I am so fucking happy that i appreciate Alk3... best band ever

  93. shalalalauren

    Satanists aren't people who worship Satan. They're people who live for themselves. You guys should check out the Satanic Bible. It's not about worshiping a higher power at all. It's just about doing what you want without guilt. : )
    (I'm not a Satanist. I'm just interested in other faiths.)
    Good day and God bless.

  94. Dave2807

    Satanists?.... haha... get a fucking grip. They are a rock band.... listen to their fucking catalogue then you'll know. When you gaylords can show me a satan worshipping song... get back to me.

    Alk3 are the fucking mutts nuts!

  95. Mike Giannotti

    its not a B-side, it was a non-album single released in '01 and put on their compilation album Remains in '07. The B-side to this single is "My Standard Break From Life", which is also an amazing song!

  96. Mark McTaggart

    @rationalnihilist i didnt even know bands made records like that anymore

  97. Joel Embiid's official burner account

    these lyrics are amazing

  98. InvaderChrissy

    Love the feeling I get from this freakin song. Thank you Alk3 for life<3