Alkaline Trio - Armageddon Lyrics

I wrote the words to this song on the back of a photograph
Behind your back it goes
A little something like this is way to big to miss
I got a letter in the mail
The sender failed to let me know where it came from
Opened it up and sure enough there we were
arm in arm (up in arms) again
I know it's small but my last call's been called
half an hour ago
I know it's late but do you think you could at least
fix it for me
Then I'll go I'll go alone I swear
I won't tell a soul
I'll drink this beer and write in fear
of a song everybody hates
Armageddon, let the light in
Before we say goodbye give us something to believe in
Armageddon, we're not begging
For too much I don't think
Just need a goodbye kiss (one last salute)
Before we sink
We sink

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Alkaline Trio Armageddon Comments
  1. LTJfan 1992

    I'm crying in nostalgic tears now😢😢😢

  2. The Soldier of QKu

    Who in december 2019?

  3. first name last name

    When I kill myself it will be to this masterpiece.

  4. Charlie Muñoz

    One niss? Hes a male cousin sightful shit

  5. GurahkWeavile

    Makes me wanna win the Slam City Jam, and jump over a helicopter

  6. Laben_ Venci

    Normal People : I love Alkaline Trio.

    2000s kids : **Driving around in the optional car in the New York map at 100 mph on THUG1**

  7. Krystian Bogacz

    Kto od Ziółkowski ego?

  8. Benjie Sketit

    Off-topic but its just sad to me that this vid was uploaded exactly 8 years to the day, before Chester of Linkin Park would pass away 😭😭😭

    Cult Mechanicus

    Benjie Sketit who cares

  9. Dale Nicholls

    Who's have thought u would be sitting here aged 30 when it seems like yesterday sitting in school listening to alkaline trio and sum 41. And all them other punk and rock bands. I miss them days 😔

  10. MaryJo McClernon

    Tony Hawk

  11. Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    1:59 - Love when It Kicks In to that part!!

  12. Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    I Love Good Old Classic Late 90s-2000s Punk, Mahn!!! \m/

  13. Garret Roland 1II 3 i 2 III

  14. Jack the Riffer

    Alkaline Homos...

  15. Rod Stewart

    Reminds me of Manhattan

  16. Deonte Merritt

    Tony Hawk's Underground brought me here.

  17. Vsauce 21

    lol everyone here is from Tony Hawk! Like if you are here from Alkaline Trio! (BTW this song is very underrated!)

  18. Jordan Martini

    Only song I had checkmarked on Tony Hawks Underground!!

  19. Travis Bickle

    Who else ripped the fuck out of the slam city jam?

  20. MGTOW Grim Reaper

    Eric Sparrow was the Gary Oak of THUG!

  21. HigH ResonancE

    Best ending to a song. Just makes you want to listen to it again

  22. heintz256

    anyone listening in 2018?


    heintz256 me! I love it

  23. Carboncrossroads

    I prefer Matt Skiba so much more In Alkaline Trio as opposed to Blink-182.

  24. Julian Delgadillo

    if you stare at the album cover long enough the faces seem like they are floating around...

  25. Parly Rick Larsen

    The Tony Hawk Underground soundtrack is the soundtrack of my life !

  26. Travis Bickle

    Fuck eric sparrow.

  27. Girth Brooks

    Sounds really similar to “touchdown boy” by blink182

  28. ElAdam


  29. plateofshrimp

    Such a fun bass line to play

  30. mesojoe

    Fuck THUG, ALK3 is the shit!!

  31. Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove


  32. Sam Farrow

    To narrow minded shitheads who think this isn't punk can shut the fuck up. I don't give a shit what you lot say, I think this tune still rocks hard! Rant over...

  33. ZomTA鿆

    this is punk rock?


    All these fucking nerds talking about video games pisses me off

  35. Anthony Luz

    seaweed crush is all

  36. timber wolf


  37. Jesse Garza

    Fucking love this song! \M/

  38. Jenovaminigiraffe

    Been listening to these guys since I was like 13.... Depressed I'll never see em

  39. Richard Houle

    Being more of a Thrash Metal dude, this song is bit of a guilty pleasure. I grew up listening to this stuff. Saw them last night with The Original Misfits.

  40. Still Loading.

    Tom Brady

  41. SGRev1

    This comment section:
    60% T.H.U.G. was the best game ever!
    30% Fuck Eric
    8% I miss punk like this
    2% Blink

  42. ??????

    Always knew hed be good for blink 182

  43. \RasmusTheOwl

    Man fuck Eric Sparrow

  44. 3Fekt

    He may have stole the footage, but he could never steal this song

  45. ferdi 25

    I literally just looked up Armageddon, let the light in because that was I all I remembered from a video game song from my childhood.
    Hello friends :)

  46. Joey Milhomens

    Childhood obsession that will never die. Regardless of where Matt Skiba is now he will always be one of my idols. His voice is perfection!

  47. bastiano33

    tony hawk underground anyone?

  48. Kebert Xela

    Who loves this song because it's a great song and has never even played Tony Hawk before? This guy does.

  49. Ashton Wilkins

    this could be love, anyone?? is it just me??

  50. grainy123

    I love this song more than i love my mother

  51. Northernlights4

    always have loved the bass to this song. the scaling over the bridge, and throughout the verses

  52. TRebel Beats

    Tony Hawk... one of the best games to ever be released

  53. street lamp

    this nigga in blink 182 now,


    Did you add a comma instead of a period instead of period? Now that's edgy, kids.

  54. Michael

    Uh. Today's Easter.

  55. Daniel Ritchie

    Growing up I, sadly, was raised on country music. Up until sixth grade and 2003 I did nothing but just listen to my favorite country songs and stuff I hard on the radio. Then I bought THUG. It literally changed my life musically. I love all the punk tracks. Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, Blue Collar Special, Angry Amputees, Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, just all of it. Great soundtrack that introduced me to something completely new that I love and really started my love and passion for music. Thank God for THUG. I literally do not know where I would be today without it. THUG2 had a great soundtrack too btw

  56. Ron West

    ready for operation deez? deez what? DEEZ NUTS. 2003 motherfckerz. recognize.

  57. pepto bismol

    Fuck you Eric Sparrow

  58. Hydro Gen

    I still own Crimson.

  59. Michael Page

    Eric was a Fucking dick of a friend

  60. Jordan Martini

    Tony Hawk Underground! !!

  61. Bryan Wilson

    Tony Hawk's fucking Underground on ps2 Manhattan

  62. Francisco Iturralde

    damn, this sounds like true punk

  63. timmer919hep

    Oh man, I was such a fan of Alkaline Trio when I was a teenager...

  64. William Cullen

    is that tom delong

    Vsauce 21

    no... thats Matt Skiba...

  65. GetawayDriver

    Its small. Lol

  66. Ghanshyambhai Patel

    I'm fucked

  67. Bill DeMong

    BRUH fuckin Eric sparrow

  68. AL Reeder

    Tony Hawk Underground, best skate game ever, so many memories!<3

  69. ben nu

    okay! I won't bring my tuba.

  70. Alex Lutz

    Just imagine how amazing the new blink album would've been if it was this mixed with dude ranch

  71. CheeseFudge

    Obligatory 'Fuck Eric' comment


    You back stabbing Mob flipping COACKROACH!


    Yeah... It's been eleven years, but fuck that guy so much.

    Mister March


  72. Zac Crist

    and I think 2them00n was wasteland???

  73. Zac Crist


  74. BGM Live!

    I got into skating when I was about 7 years old, then I got into the old Tony Hawk games and grew up playing and loving the crap out of them (thank god they didn't start being shit until after I grew up). I owe those games my lifestyle, they introduced me to underground hip hop and punk rock!! Now that I'm an adult I'm way more into music, and I'll always have a spot of nostalgia for anything on the TH games, those soundtracks (and most of the games) kicked major ass!

    Blind Liberty Art Kollective

    LaMusica the craziest thing is that I didn't realize Till many many years later that my favorite underground hip hop duo Atmosphere was on one of the games. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I missed out on years of music exploration and maturity. Haha. but I'm glad I have the music now, and I still pop in THAW or the THUG games every now and again

  75. EllieTheWizard

    playing thug today!

  76. Crack Rock Music

    best tony hawk ever


    @Just A Gremlin Man thanks


    I dunno. American Wasteland was kickass. (No loading rocked)

    Crack Rock Music

    @TheLastRaven6 American wasteland was bomb dude! I dunno though I just love THUG because it was the first story oriented TH

    Manic Maniac

    No loading? You mean those dull-ass hallways? Or the longest loading memory screens in TH game history.? Or the loading screens in every other game mode?

  77. Nathan Derham

    THUG was the best! THUG 2 pretty good, world destruction was okay
    new tony hawks is awful

  78. The Laybacks

    I can't help but hear the River by good charlotte when I hear this song

  79. Steve-o Moreno

    Eric Sparrow is such a dick.

    Daryll Corbett

    Stefan Moreno yeah, even on sick difficulty, his goals are still well easy

    pepto bismol


    pepto bismol

    Colton M i got the tape back in the end though smh 😤

    Leo Leonardo III

    Eric Sparrow is way more worse than Gary Smith from Bully, General Shepherd from MW2, Pigma from Star Fox, and Sticky Fingers from Def Jam: Fight for NY

    Leo Leonardo III

    Colton M
    But Eric came back in THPG

  80. PrizePirate

    It's sad nobody here knows Alkaline Trio songs/music other than from Tony Hawk's Underground.

    Chad Glidden

    i hope everyone made you see, pennywise was my gateway drug.

    Robert Walker

    Thps was the gateway to so much great music and a great youth for me, I'm 29 now and working solo, just found the THPS Underground soundtrack and it's so full of memories. Nothing sad about it at all 🙂

    The Mad Hattress

    Hell, if it weren't for THUG, I probably wouldn't have found them when I was 11-12. If anything, the Tony Hawk series has introduced a lot of really good bands to me. Nothing wrong with that.


    I feel ya, I grew up on this band. Halloween at the Metro was my shit too.

    Sage Derrig

    The only reason I know Trio is from THUG. When I went to Riot Fest a few years ago I checked out Trio because I was like "hey, they were in Tony Hawk once." Seeing them live made me a fan for life. Definitely one of the most overlooked punk bands of this style.

  81. Lazy MuthaFkr

    I can do a mctwist over a helicopter ez


    fuck that. i can do 2 360 variel mctwists of the Hawaii hotel roof with cheats


    Cheats? Bullshit


    Yeah, but can you get the secret tape in Vancouver without moon gravity?

  82. Daniel Ritchie

    Why don't they make games like THUG anymore. Back in the day extreme sports games where the sh*t and they had awesome soundtracks. Now it's all first person shooters and open world RPGs. While I do like open world RPG's I miss simpler games like this with awesome soundtracks. Unfortunately THPS5 was a cash grab that sucked. I'd give anything for another skateboarding game with a kick a** soundtrack and a great story.

    mono dead

    Just play the old tony hawk games. Also, the gaming industry changed a lot. It's about cash, stories and cinematics now. The old titles cared about graphics and music, but not at the cost of the gameplay. Emulators can go a long way, they're convenient. All that's missing is the sounds of the console reading the disc, that's got some value too.

  83. Aaliyah Blanchard


  84. Cole Rasmussen

    Fuck Eric Sparrow.


    With a giant rubber dick? Then break it iff and beat him with the rest of it?

  85. zeoalexo

    My favorite song off of this album

  86. ryan widener

    can someone tell me what year this was made

    Estevan Martinez

    April 3rd 2001

  87. HurrenVisuals

    Mx vs Atv

  88. THE Z M4N

    Is Alkaline Trio still around anymore?

    Jori Haanpää

    +TheZGang They sure are!


    Matt went to blink 182 I think, idk, I like both bands


    +Xraystorm i think matts still with alkaline trio, hes just juggling between trio, blink, and the sekrers (his side project), kinda like how maynard juggles tool, a perfect circle, and puscifer

    tyler McElwee

    Skiba is touring with blink-182 this summer and dropping an album with them. I think he's still going to do alkaline as well

  89. Deely Stan

    i n s a n e n o s t a l g i a


    This ain't vaporwave though.

  90. Miciyeal Robbins

    I always get this vibe when I listen to music of this era.. I love it

  91. marcjon000

    I don't care what people say THUG 1 has one of the best stories in ALL of video games...fckin Eric..

    Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    Yes THUG1 Is KickAss, Dude, but I love the Tricks you can do In THUG2, like the Front Flip and such!! \m/

    Captain Dethwish

    Skateboarder hating drug dealers Was the most original Idea I heard all year.

    KnightKow Animations

    Man Eric is such a betrayal


    Hahaha I've actually played the game recently !! Its insane how hes able to keep up with your character with the amount of times he loses 🤣🤣

    Knotty Buds

    Every time I replay it, when Eric talks I can’t help but frown and roll my eyes. Fucking backstabber.

  92. Lewis Aaron

    I wanna like this because of blink but...I just can't

    Christine Wozny

    your loss!

    Kenny Coraci

    yes u can like it, alkaline trio has a lot of great songs


    +Lewis Edwards WALK ON HOME BOY

    Lewis Aaron

    @Jordan Giroux dude I wasn't even hating so why say that

    Roberto Miranda

    +Lewis Edwards You're on the verge of hating if you can't like a song because of another band. Matt is Matt and Tom is Tom. Blink 182 is Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio is Alkaline Trio. The point I'm trying to make here is that it's that simple: if you like the song, click like. What's holding you back from clicking like? I'm a fan of both bands and I think it's dumb not to click like for some dumb outside reason. Not hating, just stating.

  93. Boromir Of Gondor

    arm and arm again

  94. iLoveJackingOn

    T.H.U.G. Life

  95. JC Denton

    THUG is the game of my childhood. I will always have such fond memories of that game. I still re-play all the Tony Hawk games at least once a year :)

    Kyle Meade

    +Rick Harrison Ok well, I'm gonna call in my buddy who's an expert on fond memories and ask him what he thinks of THUG.


    +Rick Harrison Same here!

    Nani Sore ღ

    Great game, 'Eric' needed to get his ass kicked tho. I'll never forget the weasel saying ''The dealers grabbed my board!'' in one of the early missions haha.