Alkaline - Son Of A Queen Lyrics

Mummy I'll never, ever
Never will I leave your side
Never will I turn my back on you
Or stand and watch you fight

I'll never, ever
Never will ignore you cry
No girlfriend can take you stripe
Or wear your heels that's not your size

Mummy you nuh si seh yo bwoy come far
You friend dem muss a seh you bwoy turn star
Mummy a general you cyaa punk her
Love mi mother watch how you talk bout her
Seet now you get you house and you car
And you nuh haffi worry bout no more landlord
Mi know you long fi wi go out spar
But the field lock yah now mi haffi go out and war
Mummy haffi stay paw mi toes
Mummy get the money find the melody dem
And the her money
Still a wonder how you manage her
Now everybody good, dem supn deh nuh happen normally
You a legend and mi love you to mi heart
Goose bump full up mi body now as mi a talk
Member seh you deh-deh from the start
Cyaa pay you back but mi a tell you this

Mummy I'll never, ever
Never will I leave your side
Never will I turn my back on you
Or stand and watch you fight

I'll never, ever
Never will ignore you cry
No girlfriend can take you stripe
Or wear your heels that's not your size

Delicate as a flowers
Tougher than a cobble stone
Mi a the son of a queen
A nuh prince Charles alone
Don't worry you self just kick back pon you throne
Anything weh you waan mi give you that how mi sound?
Rather some advice could a me just alone
Member the times mi use to follow you go a town
And a seh how you carry dem big heavy bag deh pon you own

Mummy I'll never, ever
Never will I leave your side
Never will I turn my back on you
Or stand and watch you fight

I'll never, ever
Never will ignore you cry
No girlfriend can take you stripe
Or wear your heels that's not your size

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Alkaline Son Of A Queen Comments
  1. Chadwick Henry

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Reynold Providence

    Nuff Memory Come Back From Me Listen This! R.I.P Mommy 😞😞😭

  3. Taevfia Burke

    U di best alkaline😙🤗😗

  4. Neville Heath

    October 18,2019, torch 🖖🖖 🖖🖖 🖖


    I love you Allison Glasgow (my mom)

  6. Gunman Innahole

    Who is here after the clash with the 6ix?

  7. truth isalie

    This song made me cry yo...... keep pushing Alka dem cah fight greatness memba dat!!

  8. Kelvin Morris

    Jah know Popcaan need fi find a hit him a walk round and diss ppl bout Dem need a hit

  9. TruckerBoy So_Unique


  10. Chris Harris

    Squash HAD TO siddung & listen the entire song to know seh alka mada name charmaine.

  11. Berto muzik

    Love my mom to the end and behond

  12. Tori thevisionary


  13. Deanna Stubbs

    Big up the queen everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. J J

    This songgg wickeddddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥 oooshh ❤ mada watch how yuh tlk bout her! ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Shamonique Williams


  16. Senetha Siddo

    Big tune big up my mother 💗🙏🇯🇲

  17. Kimo Dan

    This was always a big chune happy mother's day who listening In 2019

  18. Nashane kelly

    Perfect song for a mother big all mothers on a mother's day peace and love to all

  19. Shahid Latham

    A mothers day today this should be the #1 song playing everywhere

  20. Electric Sounds

    Done know this a fi mummy today.....any one here btw

  21. Richard Tetteh Annor

    Who is here listening MAY 12 for mothers day ????

  22. Anthony Entertainment

    Happy mother's day to all the beautiful mother's 💕💕

  23. Steve1 Flemming’s

    2019 still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Kofi Khalid

    Happy Mothers day 2019 vendetta Queens and all moms. Big up Rebecca Loyalty.

  25. Rainet Benjamin

    Big up to all the mother for thy r spiceal.

  26. kxngz Icon

    2019 anyone 😀

  27. Joa-Kim barnett

    2019 anyone

  28. Lawrence Grey

    popcaan dropped "suck yuh mother dwag"....alkaline dropped "son of a queen"

  29. Nadia McPherson

    I miss u mommy

  30. Skinny Razoa

    All how love them mother still listening to the in 2019

  31. jj medick


  32. Dj Teranova

    *** alka fans*

  33. Prezzy Don

    2019 who ere drop a 👍

  34. Realest Way

    Mommy a mi general yu caah punk r , love mi madda watch wey talk bout r 😘😘😘👸👑 # still listening in 2019

  35. kabelo matshube

    For the queen... Always will be my firstlady!!!!!

  36. TruckerBoy So_Unique


  37. TruckerBoy So_Unique


  38. Fransisqo

    Damn.... I love this song

  39. badgernikes

    This song deserve more views

  40. Sherine Williams

    Forget haters an focus on someone ho love alkaline love this song 2018!

  41. ELI

    after listening to mostly all of alka songs and my hype is all gone I come to this song for humble awareness

  42. Allyyy Greatness

    Memba seh yuh dideh from di start ✨✨


    One Of The Best Mother Songs # 1
    Mingo Vendetta , Money 16 Queens New York

  44. Sherine Williams

    Ho d fock putting dislike on this song is just focking haters alkaline thank u for this song big up urself straight8 one love!

  45. Oday Daley

    mumy's for life

  46. Supreme Javii

    MOTHERS DAY 2018?

  47. Damion vendetta


  48. Martinez gazanation

    mothers day tune 100

  49. lex 876

    2018...still my fave... mommy MI LUV YUH!!!!!❤🙌🏽

  50. JahJahyute

    listening this in 2018 on Mothers Day ..bless up mi Mother straight... Detta way

  51. L'amour Belle

    Always on repeat 3 boys they treat me like a Queen

  52. mvp 4eva

    Mothers day coming up and this is the only song I'm gonna play for my mom!!! Big up alkaline!

  53. ajah d

    What riddim is this, please

  54. ultimate gamer XD

    Real tin alk

  55. Jennifer McGuire

    My mother don’t give a damn about me, but I still love mommy songs.

  56. Kiwonna Somers

    Good song yzt

  57. FELIX Amedee

    I love sog😘😘😘😇😇

  58. Daniella Charles

    Thank you mama. No amount ah praise can even be enough to how much love you. I wish I could give you the world mummy jeez

  59. Ramesh Vernon

    Vendetta fa life big up alkaline

  60. Coco Chanel

    The best song alkaline ever sing

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    Damn this song is sooo good, I can't stop listening 😍😍 2018✔

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  65. Lester Gomes

    Alka you is a boss keep it up

  66. Marvin Francois

    Never stand and watch my mom fight

  67. So friggin Amazing

    always will I take care of my mother!

  68. Nisha Santos

    RIP mama love you to bits, ❤️❤️❤️😘

  69. Little Stunning Reborns


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    This is one of the most beautiful lyrical words that you dedicate to your mom #forevermombaby👪

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    Can't get enough of this song..

  72. Kids Toys and Gifts

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    Seriously lyrically inclined

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    The dancehall throne has new king all hail king alka

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    Buss head 💀

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    Mom love mom😘😇😭😞😖😪

    Andre Amadee

    Mom I love mom😇👸🙏🙌💪👣😢😭

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    Mi lose my grandma mi sad😂😂😂

  81. Burberry black

    😢 jah know! Big up yuhsekf Margaret!!!

  82. OuttaNothingProductionVEVO

    "Love Mommy to mi Heart" Big Up #DJFrassRecords #Alkaline

  83. Cristel Williams

    Yes mama love is d greast alkaline big ur moma up son of a Queen!

  84. Cristel Williams

    Alkaline y u dose sing songs to make PPI cry I love this song focking baddddddddddd!

  85. Liyah Cort

    when i here this song i sing this to my mother everyday to her like now

  86. Reeana Paltoo


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    I love my mom to death even she sometimes unreasonable

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    Just rewind this my mom died today just a hold a medz off this song big man ting

    lex 876

    MrWaltergordon my condolences... make her proud!

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