Alkaline - ScumBag Lyrics

Notnice yo no si seh dem a poppyshow
Dis wi and still a moggle pon the road
Still a go a bar, still a play domino

[Verse 1:]
Pu–y mi no fi get nothing yo know
No matter how yo feel a long time ago
From blood fi drink, it haffi drink hi no
But mi no like hi hot mi like it when it cold
Bet seh mi meck yo tan a yard lock in a yo place
Yo just deh dis yo put a foot out a yo gate
Yo waan buy all a food and haffi hold the faith
Meck yo feed pon soso water lose whole heap a weight

Mi a the scum bag a the earth and it evident
Tek whole heap a life and mi wi dweet again
Mi ready fi whatever if a dead fi dead
Send mi a jail mi want the experience
You fi member life no mean nothing to me

Suffer yo likkle kids to come on to me
Prepare fi disaster yo life a end
Yo should a follow ODPEM

Bombohole gwaan breath
Anyweh yo tek it yuh a go dead set speed
A funeral haffi go keep
Lone white rice and curry haffi go eat

Bombohole gwaan breath
Anyweh yo tek it yuh a go dead set speed
A funeral haffi go keep
Gwaan enjoy yo life till mi come fi it

[Verse 2:]
None a mi bullet dem no response fi no clocka
So yuh can hold the hour when yo life a stop a
Yo could a in a crowd mi still a slap a shot a
Or a could a when yo left and a go over the shop a
Mi haffi put a sacrifice pon somebody head
Yo could a gang up likkle more yo still a dead
Yo ring protect yo finger but what happen to yo head
What's a f–king ring to a motherf–king led



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Alkaline ScumBag Comments
  1. miz Toya

    what ah tune bawddd mannnn!!!!!!! can't stop listen this to backside

  2. Loyal Chick

    How can you not rate this man 🙄

  3. Ĕjåý Wīllįąms

    Me memba when this mih drop me did a listen it everyday

  4. Detta World Tv

    Yuh ring protect yuh finga but wahappn to yuh head? Blam!

  5. Detta World Tv

    Grimy AF

  6. Keishawn Candy

    Ice hot 👌👌👌🤣

  7. One Leffaz

    “Lone white rice and curry” #blam

  8. Claude Rangana

    Dancehall Youngest Lawd

  9. young generation

    Wonder if me write song me can buss to 🤔🤔

  10. 4seven11

    Prins to a King! Oshhhh!
    Dancehall 2.0 🎭💥🎭

  11. Akeem Jinnah

    2019!!!!!! Blam dem 💥💥...:

  12. Lewey Gooden

    Who still lesson dis in a 2019 drop a like👇

  13. BOBBY6IX webster

    This alka would put an end to the 6 w one song
    Bring back this aggressive flow detta boss put back your heart in the music

    fxxk Dem

    Back then alka had a point to prove so he give 100% heart in his music now is different

  14. MIS Bachelor

    Who's listening to this in 2019????

  15. winterton daura

    2019 who's here

  16. Thelyricallibrary Ent.

    Bad nuh rass 🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019?

  17. t0riian

    king of dancehall🖖🏾🤴🏾 all who nuh wah hear dat can guh suck unnu ma

    Nash Clarke

    t0riian str8888!

  18. Ackeem Patrick

    Who Still Listen In 2019

  19. Travis Usher

    August 2019

  20. chop head

    Who deh yah 2019 ??

  21. Tallguy Singleton

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. chronixx chronixx


  23. joel thecreator VEVO

    still one of my favorite 🎬☟

  24. Nayelli Nezahuatl


  25. Uechi Ryuk

    Im stuck in the past and its evideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent

  26. Enreekez

    How about 2019 🤷‍♂️


    I'm here!!

    Tanniel Barnes


  27. munashe karasa

    any 1 IN 2019 Booom BOX

  28. Bodacious boo

    2019 ❤️

  29. Nashane kelly

    Bumboclattt the dwag mad

  30. Christina Hines


  31. Omar Williams


  32. Steve Flemming

    2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. i N D I C A L i V E

    who's listening in 2019? #detta19

  34. tariq james

    lol 😂😂😂suffer the little kids to come on to me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. CentLess Channel

    Who else still listening today? #Ush #Vendetta

  36. Travis Usher

    Dem dead

  37. Alana Banwarie


  38. Arcille Warrior

    Love the song

  39. Chevil Gould

    Fucking 2018 listening

  40. Shamareo Perrier


  41. michael brown

    Who's listening to this in 2018????


    Mi deh listening in 2018


    2019 nigga

    Davez woodz

    lord  woodz

  42. Kevin Gordon

    Who listening this in 2018!

  43. izzy coolin

    2017 still listening

  44. jayfrass 2666

    Hope a this flow u use in a wet dem up!

    Koddex Vloggs

    Wet dem up an den we do Di dash

  45. Kayla Nicholls

    Dem cah beat himmmmm no wayyy love this man

  46. Meshach Atkinson

    Who listening in 2017

  47. Younglawd 16

    Yah go dead same speed

  48. Abiegale porteous

    Try 2017

  49. baron samedi

    who listening in 2017

  50. Vendetta Gully

    Who a listen July 2017

  51. Toni Ann Williams

    🎶suffer you likkle kids to come unto meee🎶 🔊 Sameway Inna 2017. #SuckYuhMaddaNotWise.

  52. Kxng_kkj

    flash back Saturday up #dettaboss

  53. Sham Baboolal

    dats not alkaline😒😒

    Champion Bwai

    Yes ah him

  54. Katie-Jo

    Big up Alkaline

  55. Vendetta Gully

    Who listen April 2017

  56. Roopchand Sooknanan

    Who's listening to this right now?

  57. Hasim Nahra

    Bad u bad alkaline no matter what stai bless vendetta

  58. Godschild

    Alka you come far! proud a you my general knw you would have made it never doubted you my nigga. Detta in 2017

  59. Rajae

    Send me go jail me want the experience

  60. Skull Choppa

    this is the first song I don't mind

  61. dujon henry

    vendetta it bun uppp

  62. sayyidwauchope

    go fuck ur self

  63. Eazy Hamzaky


  64. Michael Amosu

    this sounds a bit like spice-me like it

    One Knock

    Same beat


    Michael Amosu same riddim

  65. Ablaye Ndiaye

    so i like this soon

  66. Teriañ Tanner

    alkaline is danceall the man bad

  67. V-clan str88888

    Di baddest

  68. Jay Holt

    dis go hard alkaline and sleek go hard dem a neva ugh stop yuh

  69. Aisha Richards

    loving this song

  70. Haitian cheveprav

    I   love   dancehallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  71. Delmont Campbell

    upp upp

  72. Eddy Wizzy

    I really like about you your music everything keep it up bro

  73. ryan cooper


  74. Mauricio

    Dwl the only reason people give alkaline the time of day is cause he copy Addi

    Shane Ryan

    guess that mean he copy Sparta too


    He did 

    Kobe Sealy

    Its tru

    Tacara wilson

    not a fact

    Mich Elle

    Mauricio gσ ѕυ¢к уυн мσ∂∂α

  75. One Don

    Yuh ring protect yuh finga but waam to yuh head ?

  76. Timothy Baggot

    yo g he got it but he have to stop fucking around tommylee

  77. Lime Lives Matter

    I Hate Dancehall But Alkaline And Tommy Lee Sparta Got My Respect. I Wish They Collaborated 

    Lime Lives Matter

    @zaakir yakub I'm not even going to take you on. I'm 17 and you're only embarrassing yourself by insulting like a dirty-mouth child. Gasa you mehm, grow the fuck up and stop belittling yourself with that asinine comment over my damn fucking opinion.

    Lime Lives Matter

    @zaakir yakub Okay then....

    Lime Lives Matter

    @zaakir yakub Go on.....

    Ceaz I N F I N I T Y

    +Cap-Cap Pon-Di-Locka pussy bwoy

  78. SouFLoTV

    tek whole heepa life and mi will do it again, YEAH RIGHT>>> any ways, for the artistic factor, its a great song, ..

    tommy aidrogen . lindo

    Well no one can tell if the artist is telling a lie stop underestimating him

    tommy aidrogen . lindo

    The man done choose him path im on badness music as career no one decide whether him bad or sing that's his choice and maybe he will a little more respect from you all


    SouFLoTV yaah gogo

    Ryan Murrihy

    SouFLoTV alkaline could not take d life of an ant but love d music bit superfichal though n convinced he may n a battyboy because keeps going on about it as if it sits uncomfortably with him

    Papi Chulo

    SouFlotv Vendetta Boss Still Deh yah in 2019 and growing more from dem hate and fight. Thanks for the negatives

  79. jenna stanley

    idc wtf he sing i loveeee this fucking nigga 

  80. dede donaldson

    Star song

  81. Carlos Castillo


    Shanel Lodge

    Luv this song 😍😍😍😍

  82. Alliance Chrome

    Yall hate too much

  83. Thutmosis7

    Kartel eventhough was expelled from high school he still able to get his degree and passed his CXC at that time. Kartel is a very educated guy

    shemar brown

    @GMHannibal ok i get ur point but even if he isn't intelligent...he chose not to be. and he is educated..talking about alkaline


    @GMHannibal Educational system is brainwash education like bob marley said. You have to self educate yourself like you said.


    what does that have to do with alkaline or his music ?

    CentLess Channel

    dumb comment. Come off the man page with ur illiterate and ignorant fuckery