Alkaline - Ride On Me (Remix) Lyrics

Mi waan tek out mi dick and push it in a you
And yo ride on, ride on me
Naw use no boots, plus your naked pussy paw mi cockey

Tek out mi dick and push it in a you
When yo ride on, ride on me
And mi done get already, and mi still want more
Want more of your body

Me know you love it when mi slap up yo batty
When mi choke yo when wi a fuck that meck you happy

Tek out mi dick and push it in a you
When yo ride on, ride on me

And mi done get already, and mi still want more
Want more of your body

[Verse 1 - Sean Kingston:]
Gyal ride, ride on it
Got me think about the time
When we was making good love
Use your body on mine
And I love it
I wouldn't change you for nothing, noooo!

When you gimmi head, then you gimmi brain
Gyal love the way you climb pon top a me
And the voice weh you meck screaming on mi name
When you feel mister Kingston sugar cane
Girl you love it
You know that you love it

You ride, you ride, you ride on
You climb, you climb, you climb on
Anyweh you deh and yo waan fuck
In a mi car mi drive gone

Everywhere mi go you go deh to
Mi gyal, mi friend, mi right hand
Mi could a never believe seh a really me you have eye pon
No way!
Up and a fuck every night
We use to fuck every night
You tell mi seh wi would a never left
Yo lie
Mi love you today, tomorrow, fi life
Anytime mi look paw you picture dem


[Verse 2 - Alkaline:]
Mi miss you girl
MI wish you could a stand by my side
My love, my love
Fuck one bag a gyal but jah know a you have the style I love
Just fi think seh another man a fuck out you hole
Meck mi cry my love
Cyaa get another fuck like yours
Not even fi buy my love

You use to give mi the fuck a mi life time
When you ride on ride
When you girt mi buddy and shrub it in a yo hole
What a vibes so nice
Suh wi fuck, suh wi sweat
Dripping wet all night
Member dem days deh like a yesterday


[Verse 3:]
Give mi one more chance, one more chance
I'll sex you alone
One more chance
Believe mi when mi tell you seh mi still have the video dem in a mi
Still member how yo scream
Still member how yo morn

Still member how yo scream
Still member how yo morn

Me still member the first time when you lick the ice cream cone
Wonder if you dead how mi cockey feel in a yo belly
If you still a think bout mi a night
Since wi left 04 in a December no Christmas no merry
Mi have a new gyal but if you seh the word mi left she

You use to give mi the fuck a mi life time
When you ride on ride
When you girt mi buddy and shrub it in a yo hole
What a vibes so nice
Suh wi fuck, suh wi sweat
Dripping wet all night
Member dem days deh like a yesterday


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