Alkaline - Ready Lyrics

Bomboclaat, mi ready when you ready
Fi line gunshot in a yo face
Pussy from a war then a war mi no care
Alka no have no fucking behavior
Mi ready when you ready
Fi flat down yo bomboclaat place
Anytime, anywhere no matter the place
Miller 9 a shoot yo same way

[Verse 1:]
Bomboclaat mi mother should a just abort mi and done
Now a bag a fuckry a go go down
Mi no have nothing a live fa
So a no nothing fi mi tek weh couple like with mi under the ground
Big up every bloodclaat bad pickney
And big up ever bomboclaat man weh fire gun


[Verse 3:]
Notnice mi ready
Somebody have to go deddy
Rather bite, chop in a head or stab in a belly
Mi a grant death wish fi all who no beggy
Notnice the wrecker paw mafia gi weh leddy
Baby a give weh free but mi no mean sell hi
A the one weh meck yo black right before you berry
Mi get it black before you berry


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Alkaline Ready Comments
  1. Okelio Palmer

    Sumady affi guh deady weda by chop inna head or tab inna belly mi a grant death wish fi all who nuh beg it (not nice!) Di red coppa mafia ki weh leady!! #osshmove #fulltorch #dettalife

  2. Andrew Brooks

    2020 anyone

  3. Ĕjåý Wīllįąms

    Detta nah nuh behaviour! Always ready ooosh

  4. Okelio Palmer

    If Di man could a pree like diss wen him a teenager and now dat him get older and wiser a now the 6ixx choose fi clash Di man 😒

  5. Rihanna Small

    Bad nuh f**k

  6. RoseAnn AointedOne

    BBC 2019

  7. Fila Nike

    I wish him and NotNice were still cool..

  8. Michael Tucker

    what is he saying in 0:48?

  9. Noodelz 187 Coleone

    Him still nar clash 2019

  10. Llogo muzic


  11. joshua Hamilton aka rendetta

    Who still listen 2019

    Diallo Ibarahima

    Hanks jarde bautefull niece di the loofo 🤣😁😁🤩🤩😷

  12. Kevin Branford

    When G6 Can drop a #Devil song like this,tell him start the War,him nuh Bad like that yet 🤣😂😂😂

    Llogo muzic

    Them say them represent the devils pet and CAA drop no substance to this fucking day

  13. treyyzz stylez

    Still a listen 🎭🎭🎭

  14. Ashley New York’s Finest

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 need back this Alkaline fi di bloodclaat turtle neck an frog face germz dem 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    michael dunbar

    Dem nuh ready fi this kinda smoke

    Llogo muzic

    This is too much for them bredda

  15. Antonio Clarkston

    Diss ah de alka we need fi diss 6ix😈🔥💪

    blessed king

    Fr 🎭

    David Reid

    No dawg if a dis fi gawn wi nuh hear bk from di 6

    Diallo Ibarahima

    Nego tu yu wene tu anni far🤣😁

  16. Chevil Gould


  17. Tj West

    Seems like the Bc 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢neck over weight boy them never listen them old school alkaline yea them fi get say the young lord no have manners

  18. Shannette Gordon

    Here after state of emergency

    Jordan Ebanks

    Done know

    Shacquille Edwards

    Shannette Gordon taaahhh

    Dotdrumming spot

    Torcha dem nuh know Dem nuh fi ramp wid dis bredda💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥oosh

  19. Ralston Roland

    The 69 dem fi know the vendetta boss a nuh somebody fi diss cause dem aguh need 6 ball beareas 🖖🖖🎭🎭🎭


    Ras if this had drop today!!! Mashup the whole war.


    Squash don't want this Alka no way...son of di devil. If this had drop today whole place Mashup

  20. Sor Bryan

    Ruwwoqi pwuqpowiuowlznzzlekkkiwawl as p as w

  21. Djnaseem

    A this man squash want to clash 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Unknown killer Jackson

    Djnaseem ukr


    squash kill dat quick,watch yuh mouth

    bless child

    That mi a try wonder

    Llogo muzic


  22. marlon bishop

    When am angry i listen this song

  23. Travis Johnston


  24. john lall

    2013 and still listening? 😂

  25. Glock9ine

    Him bad, but fi stop disrespect worlboss. Worlboss cannot be touched period! He’s too great. Also stop acting like you didn’t imitate Kartel. “Black before you berry (bury)” 😕

  26. FFamatta

    Mad tunes

  27. Shanni Campbell

    Listening nw 👌💯

  28. Sandy Andalcio

    Tuuuuu it up please? 🌸🌹🌼🌺

  29. Sandy Andalcio

    Tuuuuu it up 🌸

  30. Dominique Chatoor

    😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕🤟🏾🤩🤩🤩 love it❤️❤️💕💕💕💜💜💜

  31. shekeila charles


  32. shamzad iqbal

    Me mother should a just bought me a gun

    shanz williy

    shamzad iqbal lol that’s not why him say

  33. Dylon Edwards

    Fully bad...who still a listen to this in a 2019?


    Bear badness come on

    Dwayne George

    I have it on repeat most times

  34. Tori thevisionary


  35. guyana_ sharukhan

    2019 who still listening 💯

  36. vghfhfu Saldenha


  37. Manhimself morris

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2019

  38. Young B

    Classic Legendary 2019

    Speedy Fernandes

    Bruddah da ting dey pon di roof mi yout!

  39. Marc Nel

    Starting 2019 like MI READY WHEN YUH READY

  40. H Rhooms

    2019 ANYONE!

  41. Arcille Warrior

    Alkaline music's is the Bades

  42. Tyrone

    BB a gi weh free but mi nuh mean celle

  43. Jacqueline D'Aguiar

    Gaza gennah syde meh seh but dis stile hard

  44. shamzad iqbal

    Don’t think too hard or u might just get it

  45. Djnaseem


  46. Jennifer Smith

    Vendetta boss! A so u a gwaan😱😦

  47. Melord Dilworth

    #2018 gunshot fi gunshot!!

  48. commenter Reviews

    From u drop this u nuh drop a decent bad man song


    Ja Reviews u frass????

    Everaldo Walters

    like yu mad and blind .....stop bun fuckry weed

  49. dre Prime

    💯🎭💪🔥🔥🔫 osh move

  50. shauna berry

    Still listening in 2018 😌🔥🔥🔥

  51. Yunqkinqz Entertainment

    Yuh get it????


    Who Still Listening To This In 2018



    Stanley Williams


    Stanley Williams

    MERKA L ENERTAINMENT suck u mada

  53. Justin Ellington

    Nuh tell me bout weh you ago do when you know yuh cyaa defend that

  54. Arcille Warrior


  55. Shabana Rafikan

    Me ready when u ready defend u bomboclat place nah
    Big up alkaline
    Vendetta fuh life

  56. Loyal Chick

    Love this man

  57. Daneile Moore

    My baby💟✌Ossshhhhhhh

  58. Laurie Foster

    Ha ha real tarch English seh so

  59. Nigel Anderson

    baddest ting

  60. Nigel Anderson

    baddest ting

  61. Richard Whyte



    Not wise mi ready! Yuh an floppy haffi guh deady! Whether shot ina head or stab ina belly! Not wise 3 stars a gi weh free but mi nuh mean sell it, a the knife weh gi yuh 3 points before yuh bury!!!

  63. LW 9

    big up u self nuh bomboclaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! song shot yeah u nuh have nuh fucking behaviour

  64. jones di yardman

    OOSH!!! Bbc Mi nvr did realize seh dis tune hard yoo fuck

  65. Janoah Walker

    Damn i like the cleaner version

  66. Lamin Touray



    vendetta is the best

  68. Heckler & Koch USP

    This man jus come out of nowhere n fukin up di place (2017)

  69. Smiley Piley

    this still bad yfff

  70. From5889209 jamella guy

    badddd like fuckkkkk

  71. Sudath de Groot

    his is the best

  72. Tj West

    one up inna 2017 ready when ready

  73. team alka

    # pow 🔫🎭

  74. Donovia woolery

    anything a anything if a war gunshot fi gunshot!!

  75. Younglawd 16


  76. Keton Baptiste

    meh ready wen u ready ahhhh

  77. tek buddy

    god damn this nigga went in on 2nd verse

  78. Jason Fogah

    who a listen inna 2k17?

    Sewell gully princess Carvel

    Jason Fogah me a love this track baaad

  79. mickyle forbes

    dance hall king bad children

  80. Katie-Jo

    Big up Alkaline

  81. Vendetta salza

    looooooool yooooooooowwwwww addi wickest alka badman chune this ever me convince

  82. dank memes

    this bad nuh bombo

  83. Jason Wright

    alkalies is the fucking bosssssss

    Yamiyn Yisrael

    Jason Wright But Kartel is the wolrd boss! 💯💪

  84. Jason Wright

    rel bad man song

  85. Nioka Carey

    When alkaline touch down at inception fete it was lit.............although I was trampled in the crowd. #noinjuries.

  86. Javi detta

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🎭 the king of dancehall

    Supa Mariio

    yuh deh ova ya dawg

    Yamiyn Yisrael

    Javi detta 👀

    Gazapain vevo

    Javi detta lol you Mean the next life time hahahah 2018 an still not the king.... yeah right 😂

    Roy G

    Look like you did drink some bleach when you mek da comment ya!!
    Song ya tough yes, but Vybz is king bredda!

    yfl prince

    Roy G right

  87. corey da boss

    he's speaking Greek & he said he & da devil is the same & the world Is going down & da devil is takin over

  88. Cassandra Prescod


  89. Conrad Conyette