Alkaline - Queng Dem Lyrics

Hey you wanna be bossy
Yo post mart come test yo possy
Dem a gwaan like dem a bad man in a the streets
Mi know seh dem a claffy

You wanna be bossy
Postmartom yo possy
Bad fi yo likkle friend dem pon yo endz
But man know yuh a claffy

Umbra, none a unuh nah run the street
Nah run the street
Claffy gwaan go sleep
Nah run the street
Nah run the
If a no me who else a go dweet

Nah run the street
Nah run the street
Da broom yah a no fi sweet
Nah run the street
Yow a problem when mi start pop off

[Verse 1:]
Other wise from Bolt Alkaline run the place
Hold a corn yo waan taste hi
Nothing fi fold more than a leaf
Yo try fi page mi
The corn weh yo get it no suh fakie
Andrew Black Myrie is another word fi crazy
Head a fly plat up head Bajie
Wonder if a the cut in a yo face meck yo suh feisty
Supn rice when it likkle gravy

Suh wi queng dem, queng dem
Old time badness nah go work go tell yo friend dem

Queng dem, queng dem
Man nuffer than any man weh dem have a defend dem

Queng dem, queng dem
A bay lowlife scumbag man a fi mi friend dem

Wi queng dem, queng dem
Wi queng dem

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Man a sheller, sheller anyweh mi go
Bomb up anyweh mi tep hi no
Me nah leave nor forsake yo
Hi lodge in a yo vessel dem hi no
Bun head bwoy mi done talk Satan tell yo
Ready fi spend, spend, spend
Put the coin full in a yo pocket
Piggy bank one a clap hi anytime yo ready

Suh wi queng dem, queng dem
Old time badness nah go work go tell yo friend dem

Queng dem, queng dem
Man nuffer than any man weh dem have a defend dem

Queng dem, queng dem
A bay lowlife scumbag man a fi mi friend dem

Wi queng dem, queng dem
Wi queng dem

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

[Repeat Chorus]

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Alkaline Queng Dem Comments
  1. Lex BTL


  2. Travis Usher

    August 2019

  3. casoneil Djmilitance rowe

    2019 detta flaming

  4. Jamaican—sniper—9

    2018 0000sh 0000sh oooosh

  5. team alka

    # pow 🎭🔫

  6. Kxng. Wavy

    You want to be bossy

  7. Mellisa Connelly

    queng dem baby thats what we do

  8. R.E.\9/ Match

    2017 still hot

  9. Raine Berrii

    dis a fuckry

  10. elliott joseph

    da song deh  bad ! who doe like go suk unuh moda

  11. kayla khan

    my bf roger love dis song it he motto fa life

  12. Delcia Higinio

    Queng den Fock heng dem Fock

  13. BlackEaglesJA

    Dance video on #alkaline  song.

  14. Paul Mullings

    Yow uno lef the man
    Him a the boss him mek him own still long time him bossy mi wanna be bossy to

  15. Kristen Scott

    in this case i don't care if he sounds like vybz i like dis song!

  16. TruShattaMusic Gwan Listen Dah Tune Ya Pon Da Riddim Deh

  17. Kyle Dan

    How u going

    Christopher Coke Robinson

    what does queng mean?

    Celebrity Instagram lives

    Christopher Coke Robinson kill dem

  18. Johnus Gustave

    yh bombuclate QUENG THEM..........

    Johnus Gustave

    @Johnus Gustave yeh man we #Queng dem they cye run di straid we are run tings alkaline to the fucking world inna real life man :) (:

  19. Fonando Dunbar

    queng dem heng dem

  20. NyceMedia

    Big bad tune this 

  21. DSV Group Elevates

    Alkaline in concert in the DMV Sat December 20, 2014 at the Loft Ballroom - 9375 Washington Blvd Laurel MD. Get tickets at http//www.dsvgroup.CO/tickets or call 240.691.8027 for more info.

  22. Cloud Barrow

    Weird he dis tommy lee when he sounds just like him. . . 

    shemar brown

    vybz kartel diss...not tommy lee

    King Aza

    @shemar brown weh yuh mean diss? Like, like a cd? Cuz nobody cant diss mi boss ohwoah.

    Di Almighty Spartan God

    +shemar brown It was Tommy Lee diss. Words include post mortem meaning dead and your posse meaning dead friends. Demons much. Stop chat Weh unuh know bout Jamaican lyrics

  23. Alkaline Daughter

    Daddy daddy♥♥

  24. Kiko Bang

    All these band-wagonists and dick-riders on di man video, if unnu don't like Alkaline then don't look up him music fucking haters! Mi nevn a big Alkaline fan, just a casual listener but every time mi go pon one a him video a one heap a ppl a chat nuttin but fuckery. Mi wah fi know if unnu nuh av nuttin betta fi do, kmt.

  25. Hakeem Corbin

    yow all ah wanna that saying alkaline to the world dumb as cunt all these young new artists come and copy somebody style whether it be mavado i octane kartel ro tommy lee dem int got no creativity of their own big up world boss


    please subscribe to my channel,upcoming dancehall artist SS THE SHOWSTOPPER.

  27. Jackie Jaxx

    I liked and made it 666 lmao. Illuminati ish I guess

  28. Asheka Daily

    queng dem and heng dem

  29. andre smit

    Mad lirics yute

  30. applecandy folks

    suck unuh mada back way an low alkaline, watch him keep rising while all your basic broke lookin ass nigga sit n the corner baking spliff and talking about him....obsess much.

  31. Geo Vanni


  32. Spartan Bway

    People saying he was not ready for the music life... But listen to him he's on point with his music why hate on the dude Alkaline is a good Artist like real talk...

  33. kevin smith

    Tommy Lee lost....

  34. richardo wilson

    uno lowe d man bbc man a wah do uno kmft alkaline a mi artist fi life but kartel a d don love dem enuh so wat if d man a tek kartel style no body else nah run d streets dem nah run d streets but nobody cah tek kartel place aka addi innocent!!!


    Nuh Have Nuh Time Fe Join Criticism... Big Up Alka Str888
    Once A Artist A Shub Dem Own Energy A Bare Ratingz!!


    Chillout - Do Not Try (Queng Dem Riddim)
    Download Link -

  37. ricardo lampart

    thats why you bigup Vado and octane true u thief d man them flow, run which street

  38. Jelani Terborg

    Double standards unnu a yuse!! When Kartel tek Shabba Ranks flow weh unnu did deh??? When Kartel tek Bounty image weh unnu did deh?? When Kartel thief Blak Rhyno flow guh look fi yuhself Roach said it weh UNNU did deh pussy hole???? Every bloodclad artiste tek dem inspiration from somewhere but at di end of di day Alkaline have him owna songs him owna hits but is di style weh teacha bring inna dancehall. Mi nuh know wah unnu a mad fah bare fuckry unnu a chat dunce haters go pon Kartel cacky!! Unnu a mek like Kartel a own dancehall fi him own dats why di business a mash up! Wel news for yu fools gaza fans Dancehall will always ne bigger than Kartel!! When Aidonia did a buss di same thing unnu did seh bouh him sound like di teacha bla bla suck unnu madda wid unnu double standards be fair to yourself! Di yute have talent and tou cyah deny that!!

    Raymond Ravaz

    Rubbish ^ 

    Shomari Simmonds

    A true still , Di man a talk fact lol but ppl nah guh waan hear yuh yute cah kartel a dem god. Nuh get mi wrong most a dem a wagonist, cah dem deven know kartel from him name addi banton suh di whole a dem a wagonist, Kartel a my Dj from vybz kartel was a group , but di yute alkaline talented and a double standard di whole a dem a use true dem nuh wah see di yute rise. And nuh pussy cyah come to mi wid nuh battyman or batty wash argument are mi bun out dem bbc. Cah to be truthful di man a sing bout wah a gwan ina society from long time.

    Kiko Bang

    Di whola a dem a just dick-ride Kartel like some bitch, dem feel like Kartel a some type a god and a him create every ting.

    lover girl

    The point you made though :)

  39. Jelani Terborg

    Now him sound like Mavado tooo hahaha wah hate mek people do my Gad! Unu gwaan hate a lve unu gi him di same way if yuh nuh like it ignore cause if yuh a hate yuh still a gi him attention dunce fools!! Unnu guh suck Kartel cacky inna jail hahahaha

  40. Jah Mekon


  41. Ricardo Flores

     Alkaline will have to come hard like this tune and Ready on the Desert Riddim if he wants to stand a chance against the spartan king

  42. marshall anderson

    IF alkaline did stay in a him mother one more day him badda than kartel  alkaline bad nuh rass !!!!!!

  43. Ditler TV

    living in a society like Jamaica where about 60% of the population is educated it's weird, How one person can describe them self as a scumbag & everyone wants to be a scumbag or me called a scumbag? Lol. Please don't bring up vybz kartel because he's no different. Jamaica will forever be a prideful shit hole.

  44. Andean Beckford

    Mad Tommy Lee and alkaline dis strip lol a so it Fi go man dis

  45. Vk 20

    Alkaline u r a big fish c copycat world boss u no alkaline is a batty man undercover wiff the batty wash lyric kmt

  46. TaYLoR GaNg OrDiE

    People fool yuh fuck enuh everyday unu come with a different artist talking bout Alka tief style.. If unu only know how unu sound dunce stop badmind di artist and enjoy good music.

  47. michael stifler

    alkaline vs gage ... who go win de war ???

  48. tamara gooden

    smh Alkaline him self thief! cuz queng a nuhh fi him style!!!!

  49. dray lewis

    the reason why he seem similar to kartel is because he works with notnice notnice use similar beats that he used with vybz 

  50. Platinum Wire Records

    a vybz kartel flow that str888 pussy unuh nuh know about music di man inna di man style till him dont even know it, and the reason why alkaline nuh rate di teacher is because the man say him nuh good and run him from the studio run him off a di gaza. Dem boy deh use to idol teacher ask notnice nobody never rate him when him a go school him never ready fi the bizz yet and him go home listen teacher and craft the man style. go and chek out the alkaline dem wah him a use him own style on youtube before him bust and you we know..... alkaline inna teacher style flow image him just cream him hair and him a rub too so unuh tell me if a fi him style that?

  51. 7200 Records

    Hes stling mad flows, makes me sick,

    pat row

    but he has his own lyrics 

    Delmance Francis

    @pat row which one is his?

    Kiko Bang

    Tell me somebody who's never done that and then run yuh mouth.

  52. Divine PT

    I don't think alkaline thief anybody flow or style at all. some ah uno need fi just low di yute. Its been a while since dancehall has had a young witty and outlandish dj like vybz kartel. So ppl will be quick to say alkaline copy kartel style. So if another dj buss next year weh bad like kartel or alkaline; wat are we gonna say then. Ppl need fi pree seh di music is evolving and maybe for the worst. But di yute dem weh ah buss now ah get more lyrical and outrageous than the ones before them. Remember alkaline tell notnice seh him ah guh come take over dancehall and be more outrageous than anybody else. This was when alkaline was like 17 year old him tell notnice this.

  53. john dee sparta

    alkaline big up mavado an ioctian pan on stage check it out look up. alkaline wat is a gage. an ppl wi c seh him use d man dem flow 

  54. john dee sparta

    movado ioctian flow god know 



    Shomari Simmonds

    Yuh still wrong , the producer and riddim has nothing to do with a flow or certain style a artist use , me personally don't think him sweet purposely , if you look at old alkaline b4 him even buss he had the same style suh di man honestly don't think him a use the man style and kartel deven a use the style long cuz from him hardcore Dj days him did Ave a different style is around late 2010 kartel change up him style to the one alkaline uses today

  56. all over the world

    Lol he sound like mavado and I octane cause now some people a go vex everything little hurt them .....

  57. mandrew blake

    but a mi bosss

  58. mandrew blake

    fucking foolish

  59. Philip Foster

    mi hear a little kartel too, gwaan mix up dem brain ute

  60. PlyCity Records

    Waapn - Teaser Riddim {Notnice production by Chancela on SoundCloud -

  61. Shay Mula

    I'm dead 😝🔫these comments talking about akaline using vybz kartel, mavado, I octane and tommy lee flow. Lmao this is never gonna end.😭😂😝

    AfroJamaican Kween

    @Chrisana Bailey true

    lover girl

    😂😂😂😂😂 how does he sound like mavado, I octane an tommy lee.people always find dum shit to talk bout.

    Shay Mula

    @lover girl lol they say his flow is similar to them lol.

  62. Prince Solomon

    lol the comments on this video is funny, person saying this song is a fusion of vybz kartel, Mavado, Octane and tommy lee, lool   sound like 4 diff persons in one song, lol it jus funny

  63. Lava Vein


  64. david thomas

    him really sound like mavado an 0ctane inna him voice!!!

  65. Dateeno Johnson

    nah run the street part...... sounds like  #MOVADO


    Fucking likkle Thief yu.

  67. nicolin williams

    Alkaline seh ah bare low life scumbag ah Fi him friend dem jah kno d youth Eva ah diss himself and other people!

  68. Front-line Gaming Store

    this sound like alkaline ft i-octane man can sing like i-octane to rass.

  69. michael stifler

    mad quen dem now a problem when me start chat in a boboclaat greek

  70. Joshua Harvey

    Mad mi boss

  71. shamar s

    Take Demarco style .

  72. SwickViews

    Maaad. Days one yah #Swick alkaline. Producer big up urself too cuz d riddim #swoswick.

  73. Steven Zagarski

    this song needs to see the doctor #its  too sick..... yow alkaline the clock say a your time!!

  74. Kean Rodney

    It bad man...almost believable, couldn't call Spartan name either

  75. youngfanvendettayouth

    Where in this song do you hear vybz kartel flow and mavado flow tell me which line i wanna know, people just need to shut the fuck up d man have his own voice own style own lyrics....... He has his own brain with a education in it...... So people if you got something bad to say dont listen to d man music dont come on his page so fuck off.. #alkaline mi say to d world #fuckadem


    To be fair. His opening lines were kartel like. But at the end of the day. I agree with you. They all vibe off one another. Alkaline is a unique talent. It's funny how people say, why doesn't he respond to tommy lee. Like tommy lee is something special. He never had staying power. Alkaline does.


    @alberto atkins you still talking smh gone from here don't got time for your petty war .This fucking fag cannot shut the fuck up right through so dude, we all know your faggot from baby only have mouth on  computers so shut the fuck up and see if you get some pu**y  nah and leave this educated youth alone ......only throwing one set of batty words ..  READ CAREFULLY I NOT REPLYING BACK BECAUSE YOUR IMMATURE !!!!!!!!!

    Vybz Nation


    56 NIGHTS

    U rite ppl only lining up KARTEL songs wid his an saying alkaline is a copy cat. As alkaline say there is ah comparison in vybz an alka music. Not follow a comparison.


    @JOEWIN thomas true sigh 

  76. MrMassive100

    "the run street" part kinda have a lil mavado flow but it baddd same way mawwd

  77. shemar brown

    Wa do dem pussy yah bout mavado style?? Unuh nuh know di meaning of versatility all now??? Fucking dunce n fool


    sound like something Movado would do  ,, yooooooooww stop fallow di man demmm

  79. oshae Rebel killy

    a wah im deh seh

  80. Lisa Dornelly

    Yea this is for Tommy lee pussy

  81. Ireloaded3

    He sounds so sexy when he says Congrats. Lol Every song he makes is fire.

  82. Mussbuss Productions

    BomboWhole None ah unno nah run di streets #QuengDemQuengDem
    lowe' di bloodclat youte bout movado & tommy-lee flow psssshhhhh ~d(-_-)b~ Headfones on #CHECK  

  83. Amv Crazy

    new chune

  84. Kemar Jackson


  85. Ooops! yes

    Seet deh

  86. Marcia Williams

    Even trying to sound like tommy lee

  87. Bryan Reynolds

    Yow thing bad queng queng queng dem mad yo fuck

  88. Webster Genus

    Lol alkaline can use mavado flow tho aleast he big him up in the onstage interview lol he also big up i octane so watch out he might start singin like him too


    @NakisUltimate in the chorus dont it?

    applecandy folks

    shut the fuck up, game channel dmx and use it to diss rappers so fucking what!!! you know nothing about music clown ass.


    Lol smh

    Stéphane Barthes

    I agree in the sense that there he obviously takes the flow of Movado, when at I-Octane, I find Alka stronger, so Alka has a more precise and striking style, in my opinion.

  89. Stars Ent.

    Great riddim, Great lyrics

  90. Island bowy

    song bad but a vehicle alone run street sidewalk the ting dah  #Subworld

    jamaican sample yutes

    #Sub #sidewalk #sincity str888

    Jamaica Land We Love

    @jamaican sample yutes #CURRENTAKICK

  91. freshmusic

    Now the abc 123 lyricist a bite mavado & kartel style inna one

  92. Johanna Wilson

    Mad rass alka bad stulla don


    Mavado a di stulla don an in dis song alkaline aka a-like-kartel bite mavado & kartel flow/style inna one song


    @swaggarific451 and demarco flow to u zeet lol

  93. 1 Alligetta

    Yuh couldnt call di spartan name doe!!!!....not pon anju blaxx riddim. Yah fish alkaline...yuh nuh bad.

    Alberto Sergio

    Alkaline is dead pussy, fraid fuh call Sparta name...

    Keisha Williams

    1 Alligetta suk yu ma

  94. Story Tella's aite .....i like ready more and when he gonna ansa tommy lee

    Alex Pusher

    actually dis is d Tommy Lee diss.........#fuckadem caah run streeets

    1 Alligetta

    Alex hypolite tell yuh dj fi call the spartan name mek di war start! Bout run street....alka bline nuh bad like nun a di spartan likkle pickney dem!!!

    Alex Pusher

    well Mrs r Mr white I was quoting d song n I don't give ah fuck hoo run d streets.fuck u and fuck dem

    Alex Pusher

    @Alligeta white I don't care about your opinion

    Alberto Sergio

    Alkaline is batty boy always sucking he mudda pussy and got girls licking he batty. He fraid a tommy lee. Sparta gon murda him career if he answer...