Alive Like Me - Start Again Lyrics

I never made this clear but
I'm tired of waiting for the right moment to appear
I built my life on something not
So stable
And I've been falling ever since I was able to stand.

They say it's harder on your own and you know it's true

Now I'm ready to break through

I've spent all these years of my life begging for a plan that never came
So, I broke all the bones in my legs
and taught myself to stand alone again to become a better man
Because I hate who I was turning out to be
but I'm sure that this will not be the end of my suffering

I just thought it'd be easier
but now i know that I can't take it back
there's nothing you can do that will change the way i act
so the words will hang over me
"Just give it up there's no way you're gonna win"
It's never too late to pick yourself up and start again

Are we ever gonna change
This feelings taking over me
Every time I think I get it right

And I don't think I'll feel okay
If this ends with misery
But it's just another chance that
I'm willing to take tonight
Hoping that..
This would be easier

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Alive Like Me Start Again Comments
  1. Angel DelaGarza

    I miss this band, they dropped like two albums and disappeared

  2. Haseul's Husband

    Just randomly started listening to them again in 2019 because my mouse accidentally clicked on them in my iTunes list. Holy crap they had a nice fresh sound we need more of. So uplifting for a metalcore-ish emo band.

  3. aye pqh

    anyone somehow, somehow managed to find this song in 2019? cause i'm lovin' it

  4. jay Badloss

    Wish you guys were still putting out music. Your songs bring hope

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  6. Remy Smith

    I will never get tired of this song. I wish they'd come back..

  7. Nerve

    Miss them

  8. Emiko -Chan

    My best friends, life song 😭💖

  9. Pérez Prods

    Drum skills 4 real
    1:10 - 1:24

  10. Theo Hernandez

    Things and stuff

  11. Jusitn Schurr

    This song is my life. I love this band

  12. SenselessBonkai

    to me, it's weird how they sound so different with the other songs

  13. Arleni Ruiz Paz

    They are amazing 😍 it was great meeting them at warped tour & taking pics c: Hope they are more know in the future 👏

  14. Freaky Rainbow

    i always thought this was sleeping with sirens  when i listened to the warped tour playlist


    It does sound like sws 0.0

  15. odd shannon

    <5 dis is nice af

  16. Deijah H

    ...should've been a video for this..


    Looking forward to seeing this band at warped tour 2015!

  18. ShadowCrowX

    the lyrics really moved me....damn totally relate

  19. Mathew Grimes

    Can't wait to see these guys at warped tour!

  20. Kill Sscope

    They need a few screams in their songs but overall good :)

    Reagan Dent

    I agree

    Jasmin Benavides

    Yes ! Just a little screamo session in there.

    Taylor Sparks

    @Kill Sscope they do some screaming live !

    veri sirius

    +Kill Sscope No they don't. I'm not against that, but i think they are just fine without it.

  21. So Wrong So Right


  22. Caitlin Shellenbarger

    They are playing the first half of Vans Warped Tour 2015. I wish they were coming to Ohio!

  23. see real

    Warped tour 2015!!!

    Jonathan Eaton

    Are they gonna be in warped tour 2015????

    Zayda Zimmerman

    Can't wait!! omg!! gonna flip a Brick when I meet them

    sarah c

    Omfg WHEN!?!?!??!

    Zayda Zimmerman

    Look at the Warped Tour website! it gives you all the dates and pirces. AND shows you all the bands that are going. Have a lot of good ones out.

  24. Nintendocore Worldwide

    i hate this kinda post hardcore i love broadway tho


    It's not hardcore. it's alternative rock. They don't even label themselves as hardcore. How dense can you be?

    Nintendocore Worldwide

    @Cristian Hernandez thats why i dont like it then

  25. ACDC666ification

    a mix between SWS AND PVP .... I LOVE IT

  26. Brianna Clute

    Just watched them perform this live at a local bar tonight! Love them! *_*

  27. Shaun Kemp

    I have seen them live 2 times.  I do not like the singer live.  Though I will say the guitarist and bassist make a good pair singing at times.  I am just not a fan of high pitch singing, and of course this is just my own opinion.

  28. Travis Sturgill

    warning i saw them last night at a bear tooth concert and his high vocals will destroy your ears not in a good way but where cool to see 

  29. tristananvilcaster

    So good!!!

  30. Max Stavro

    I think I remember seeing these guys at the monster stage at warped this year. I forgot who they were lol

  31. sola

    They remind me of Saosin and old Circa Survive, cant wait for the album!

  32. wolfe84au

    anyone maybe a little bit of secret and whisper vocal style?? just a thought I just found this band love em!

  33. Devin Sweely

    This song is incredible, pure talent. Rise did well with getting these guys.

  34. William Sears

    Kinda soft, they'd be a lot better with some unclean vocals mixed in there.


    I agree.

    Wimbledon Alley

    inb4 people then say its too generic

  35. oliver kamie

    Sounds like devin oliver from iss??

  36. Steve Pintimalli

    Sounds just like Saosin

  37. Melek Salah

    Great song.

  38. An Endless Grove

    I talked to these guys on warped, having no idea who they were

  39. HubbubOtaku

    Wait a tick

  40. Haley Milkie

    They are amazing live guys, just saying. Ah may zing

  41. MayraAlicia Glz

    *u* sweeetttttttt

  42. Yazan

    This band is perfect.....

  43. Cody Beck

    Some parts of his voice reminds me of Kellin Quinn or the singer for the band Horizons. Anyone else?

  44. Ryan Arsenault

    Glad to say I partied with Dakota :D fucking chill dude

  45. TheRayger1

    My friends, we were here before fangirls take control. Never forget this. 

    Karla Douglas

    Love this comment lol


    @Ari Louise ??


    @Ari Louise I mean you commented on those posts too, are you gonna do that for every one? You must be one of the fangirls. Dammit, it has begun.


    @Ari Louise And here you are replying to me. Go ahead and share it, get them more popular. 

    Маша Елисеева

    I hope crazy fangirls never find this band.

  46. Nathan McCammon

    His voice reminds me of Devin Oliver from ISS in some sections of this song!

    Reagan Dent

    Holy shit I never noticed that but yeah it does

  47. theycallmeclam

    You guys are awesome if i can go to warped tour i for sure will see you guys!

  48. Emily F

    I thought he was Kellin Quinn at first.

  49. Smitty Jensen

    Yes please

  50. j l

    beautifully done.

  51. Alex Ben

    Is this like a new band or something... Cuz they're good ...

  52. Alex Ben

    Is this like a new band or something... Cuz they're good ...

  53. Neck

    Welcome to Japan!! We waiting for you & issues!

  54. Sweetxcatastrophe

    This is amazing! Can't wait to see y'all in San Antonio

  55. Daphne Ferren

    Stop saying Jairus sounds like so and so, blah blah blah. He is his own voice. All these guys are talented and sweet as hell. Just watch. They are getting ready to jettison!

  56. kaylietrbl

    Brandon Banton (the guitar player for this band) JUST FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM AND THIS IS AMAZING!


    He's following me too!


    He's my friends brother, so I got to meet him :')


    No fair XD

  57. Kenro Don Ego

    Beautiful voice! I like this one! :D

  58. nick Persaud

    It's summer already where is the album

  59. Liz Espinosa

    Loving the vocals <3

  60. Julia

    When does the album release? I cannot find the exact date anywhere

  61. kyo aya


    iHeart FlavoR

    He's there grandpa, dont know what you're talking about.

    kelcie stegall

    The lead singers name is Jairus Kersey. I met him this weekend 😍 hes so nice

  62. Burak ULU

    This reminds me Hands Like Houses. Yeah it did. Love this new bunch of guys ;)

  63. Michael MacEachern

    This band is a product of mommy and daddy's money. Oh, and they suck live.

  64. mykol tokyo

    amazing live dude can sing

  65. ZeroFox75

    Give them a while and they could sound really awesome! Their sound is kinda like Hands like Houses and early Sleeping with Sirens, they just haven't' had time to perfect it yet. So pissed their not playing Hartford on Warped, missing them by 2 days I think

  66. 2WheelHope

    Saw them live yesterday they were fucking amazing and they're super chill dudes he got off stage to take a picture with us and shit, awesome band.(:

  67. Seefa

    These guys are amazing to see live

  68. GokuTheAndroid

    These guys are like a version of Sleeping With Sirens that I actually think I may end up digging.  Hope the LP comes out soon.

  69. Ashleigh Marie

    So amazing...even better live, so much emotion.

  70. Nicholas Riselvato

    dude sick performance yall made 4 kids nights spectacular! thank you and keeping making kick ass music!

  71. Jessi O'Donnell

    this sounds really good.... however i saw them live and was not a fan

  72. Inleaguewithliars

    Sick song. Good meeting you guys in hartford. You killed it. Glad hands got me in. Im gonna do a cover of this song look out for it on my YouTube and let me know what you think

  73. Carmen Lopez-A.

    They from Eugene, Oregon! My brother lives there!

  74. ka i

    I absolutely love this band! And I know the guitarist/one-of-the-vocalists-i-don't-know-who's brother of this band :D I go to school with him and it's absolutely amazing cx

  75. FireMonkees

    Great song! -from the random dude at the gas station at 11pm

  76. Morgan Smith

    Im very impressed, Dakota you and the guys did an awesome job with the song!

  77. Catie Howitt

    this band is awesome, definitely seeing them on warped

  78. BMO Blood

    these guys are freaken awesome on stage and in person    one of the coolest bands i got to hang out with

  79. Codie Dunham

    My friend from Umatilla high school plays in this band!

  80. Yann Keller

    Drop that album already ! I'm getting sick of listening to it over & over again.

  81. Dylan Speer

    This song is beautiful, to me. I personally love the sound of the song and the vocals of the lead singer. The message behind the song is very powerful and very original. With so many bands in the market these days, you're going to find a band that sounds similar to one another. To me they have their own original sound. I am addicted to this song and cannot wait for the release of their album. I love this band already and definitely stand behind them. 

  82. Jared Wood

    cant fuckin wait til this album drops

  83. Adrianna Bradley

    the singer's voice is a mixture of Kellin Quinn, Matty Mullins, and Vic Fuentes. Maybe even a little of the singer from Ghost Town. But overall, really good!!!

  84. TonyWyzenGaming

    I need more screams, this is too soft for me.

  85. Robert Becker

    Singer reminds me of Devin Oliver and Dyan Anderson. Dope fresh sounding band though. Can't wait to see them next month

  86. Blake King

    Pretty excited about this band. I just wish people wouldn't care what other peoole think he sounds like, everyone has their own opinions.

  87. LegitHurricane

    I want to hear the entire album soon!!!

  88. Heather South

    At first I thought did Kellin move bands or some shit if so how come I didn't know? Then I listened and I said holy fuck shit this guy is better than Kellin, lyric wise.

  89. Brittany Muir

    Am I the only one who is concerned that all I can find about/ from them is this one single?

    Kayla Watson

    They have only released this song haha xD

  90. ZomBzQlimax

    Cant wait to see them in San Antonio :)

  91. Philia // Phobia

    reminds me of hands like houses

  92. Brian Begeal

    @AliveLikeMe i freakin cant wait to see u guys @WarpTour in Mansfield MA

  93. Justin del rosario-kitajima

    This band is going to be beast! Sounds kinda like a MCR in a Kellin Quinn range or SWS meets Secret and Whisper. Lol. No matter though. They sound promising.

  94. FadiWhiskeyHands

    Im sick of fucking reading "Oh he sounds like so and so". He sounds like Jairus Kersey, not Kellin, not Matty, not Vic and not Michael. 


    Ladies please, can the fighting stop?

    Mohak Bhatt

    @TheRayger1 It's been stopped for about 2 months now so why the fuck would you bring this up 2 months later from the last time a comment was posted?

    iHeart FlavoR

    Kinda sounds like the kid
    from weather, I.
    (just a li'l bit,& a li'l Devin here & there)

    Yo Fozz

    Yeah, definitely sounds like Vic Fuentes!! Maybe Kellin too


    I dont care what you say, he does sound like Vic and Kellin.

  95. marcela zaragoza

    am i only the who thinks he sounds like Kellin? love the song though! would love to see them on warped

  96. Josh Fowler

    more like devin oliver than anyone

  97. Paul Ingraham

    This is my current favorite upcoming band. Can't wait to hear more.! \m/

    Jnew Dtd

    yea howd that turn out

  98. cgleason92

    Another boring, generic band from Rise. When are you going to sign some talent?

  99. figgsmania

    Sounds hella like Hands Like Houses