Alive Like Me - Slip Away Lyrics

I have a hold of everything I've ever wanted

Will somebody please tell me what to say?
I'm lost for words and I can't seem to find a way
around the awful truth
The terrible truth is I'm tired of running from

You are, the only reason I would stay
and you are the only thing that's
pushing me away

Will you please stop asking me to stay
When you know it has to
(you know its has to)
You know it has to be this way

I have a hold of everything
I've ever wanted
I won't let it slip away

I can't stand it when you're yelling over me
I try to speak, calm you down but it's killing me
To dance around the truth
The terrible truth is I'm tired of running from

You are, the only reason I would stay
and you are the only thing that's
pushing me away

Will you please stop asking me to stay
When you know it has to
(you know it has to)
You know it has to be this way

I have a hold of everything
I've ever wanted
I won't let it slip away

I couldn't tell if you were glad that it was over
I should have stayed the night
Just one more night
To make sure that you knew that I'd come back
And I could see it in your eyes
If it was up to you you'd rather have me home
But it's not your choice
I wish I didn't have to do this on my own x2
I can't do this on my own x2

Will you please stop asking me to stay
When you know it has to
You know it has to be this way

(This way)

Will you please stop asking me to stay
When you know it has to
(you know it has to)
You know it has to be this way

I have a hold of everything
I've ever wanted
I won't let it slip away

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Alive Like Me Slip Away Comments
  1. Chris

    What's the after credits song


    Sorry my bad not the after credits. The name of the song at the end of the video?

  2. ngi productions 808


  3. FairyCura

    Can someone tell me the ending of this song is?

  4. Emily Hochevar

    Everyone needs to stop comparing it to other songs and just enjoy the song.

  5. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    What is the ending song?

  6. RedTreeEntertainment

    This band reminds me of slipknot.

  7. Inkd5886 Sterling

    these guys are amazing, maybe will sound even more cool with some screams but all in all I really love the lead singers voice.

  8. Nic _


  9. ImCatWoof

    One of these band members went to my school o.o

  10. Katherine urbina

    Anyone know the name of the song at the end ?😩

  11. (The Weird British Guy)

    What's the song being played at the end?

    aulstin wilkins

    The song is ready for repair by secrets

  12. skateboardingismylife

    whats the name of that song at the end


    @skateboardingismylife Use a song finder, you just put in some lyrics and it will search the song for you and you can just type it in the YouTube search box.

    Sara Frister

    @skateboardingismylife SECRETS - Ready For Repair

  13. skateboardingismylife

    this band is in no way like SWS PTV, or HLH, they are their own music

    Rain Sunshine

    @skateboardingismylife I Agree. SWS just has their high pitch voice and different melodies. PTV sing / scream and have screamo in their songs , this song has no screamo. And HLH is just perfection .

    sarah c


    Chase k

    @Rain Sunshine nice comment

  14. Cody Jjjjj

    I really don't hear any Vic or Kellin in his singing, fan of both of them, but nope, don't hear it. Really tired of people comparing those guys to ALM. Side note - this drummer is awesome. 

  15. hellaella

    I'm in love

  16. Aiden Pilot

    Best song on the album

  17. ThiVids

    A few months after...I like it :D
    Preparing for the concert on Saturday with Secrets, Alive Like Me...

  18. Brandon Gottman

    I hear a little bit of A Skylit Drive" in there.

  19. Tanner Garrett

    This sounds like I See Stars first album more than anything else

    Cody Jjjjj

    Okay, THAT I can see a tiny bit. 

  20. Holy Water Recordings EST. 2019

    sticking to the rules musically, but a I love that riddim guitar switching to a lead in the chorus

  21. Steven Fisher

    Just discovered this band. Totally my style!

  22. Brandon Labat

    If A Skylit Drive, Sleeping with Sirens, I See Stars, and Pierce the Veil somehow got together and fucked. This would be that beautiful illegitimate love child.

  23. Jared Cesare


  24. NizzyNaeNae

    Saw you guys live in mass at the palladium along with slaves and a couple of other great bands about 2 months ago. Glad to see your still Jammin and making new material

  25. AlerDaBear

    Another terrible band from Rise Records. Rise Records... cause who needs unique sounds anyways

  26. Jose Ignacip

    Not my style but I really like it

  27. Jack Chace

    ive been really excited for this album since it was first announced

  28. Justin901000

    why is it everytime i scroll down... there a comment saying a opinion.. and the person in the same comment is argueing its their opinion.. i just dont understand anymore is this what the music society has become or has been?

  29. Kyle Inman

    Honestly there's nothing wrong with this song, so let it be.

  30. El Blvck

    This is great 

  31. Dzimka Bujiashvili

    Sounds like Horizons - Washed Away. I mean in a good way ofc.

  32. lifelessshit123

    oh my gosh ive been waiting <3

  33. phizzle wimpinden

    Singer sounds like the alive like me singer

  34. Jose Ignacip

    This is like HLH i like it

  35. NaeSoSilly

    Saw these guys at Nashville's Warped '14, they're all super rad and nice.I'd be honest and say I've never heard of them until Joel stopped me and my buddies, asking us to listen to a song of theirs. After watching them perform (They were the last performance at the Kevin says stage), like me and my friends promised, I got a shirt and took a group picture with them (I had gotten a signed poster when I first met them)! They even hugged me when I was leaving. I didn't mind the sweat because I was pretty sweaty after a day of jumping, moshing, screaming and walking myself, but anyway I'm loving them and their music

  36. Busta_reims

    Did memphis may fire change their name?

  37. Busta_reims

    Did memphis may fire change their name?

  38. Austin Bates

    sounds like palisades mixed with pierce the veil. I like it! cant wait to see what they come up with.

  39. reb !!

    i fucking love them 

  40. Shayla Riley

    The leads voice reminds me of Kellin Quinn 

  41. Simon Rhiger

    This is so powerful without being heavy, nice

  42. Andrew Malinowski

    So many people hating, this band is absolutely amazing. Favorite song so far is searching for endings but everything I have heard is fantastic

  43. Travis Fahy

    Love this cant wait to see them

  44. Josh Lipman

    Sounds like WCAR

  45. Robert Wells

    This song sounds like a straight copy of the wretched by attack attack just autotuned turned to shit . Waaaay to goo

  46. MJNHardcore

    Hey, it's The Wretched by Attack Attack! Wait what....

  47. Vote Cartman

    When did rise decide to add this garbage to their music genres

    Vincent R Gilmore

    I will not vote for Cartman now.

  48. Kiana Thomson

    Feels like it's missing something... Generically good. I'd give them another shot on a new song.

  49. Kyle Kowalski

    No. Drums are way too loud. Singer sounds like most other singers. Its so mainstream. This is all my opinion. No harsh feelings to anybody that likes it


    Mainstream? Bud what even are you talking about

  50. Donna Ramos

    personally this is my least favorite release

  51. Askthekid17

    It has kind of a mellow undertone.  I like it.

  52. summer p

    I don't know why people are being so harsh.. They sound amazing live as well as recorded 

  53. BMO Blood

    I saw this band live they sound exactly how they sound Plus the coolest dudes to talk :)

  54. Michael Graham

    le sigh, gaycore

  55. Ophélie M.

    It's perfect ! I loooove ! 

  56. Jackson Pickens

    The vocals sound more like Our Last Night than Sleeping With Kellin.


    @TheVirtualMeridian dude hes a singer with his own voice ,so dont compare.


    Don't know why you tagged me because comparing range is pretty rational. A 1.5 octave range is not as much as a 2 octave range. Never said anyone's voice is better or worse, so calm down. 

    Well Ok

    This sounds nothing like OLN

    Cedric Orenji

    +Jackson Pickens what the heck? that's not the name

    Shekinah Hughes

    sounds like both of them lol

  57. Jenna Voller

    I've been waiting for this album ever since I heard Start Again and this song is just amazing, can't wait to get the album in October :D

  58. Le Forteine

    Me gusta:)

  59. Kris Hilton

    Def sounds like I see stars and I have no problem with that :)

  60. Admire

    Kind of sounds like I See Stars digital renegade album 

  61. Chris Dawson

    Drums are way too heavy and not in a good way. They are supposed to compliment the song not overpower. Yes Mr. Drummer I can hear your toms just fine, I don't need to be reminded of their presence every other line. Song would be way better if they toned that down a bit like their other songs.

    Chris Dawson

    @Braden Lail
    No, I have a problem with beats that remove instead of add to songs.

    Gerald Wiseman

    @Ganjasaurus Rex I know what you're getting at but it does just boil down to taste. As for the decisions made, it was the producers call when deciding how the mix would sound. Besides any of that, the new trend in the scene is to make the drums a more prominent feature and write the songs much more rhythmically opposed to the more traditional melodic approach.

    Chris Dawson

    @Gerald Wiseman Although this is true, it is not even mixed right for the drums to be prominent. If you listen to this in a car, or on a stereo the drums are literally the only thing you can hear. I get bringing the drums forward, but throwing them at the audience is a bit overkill.


    Idk what the fuck you're listening to. But it sounds to me that everything is over powering the drums. But maybe that's just the percussionist inside of me speaking.

    Jeremy Gryphon

    Your issue would be with whoever mixed the album, not the drummer.

  62. DemRiffs

    His voice sounds like a cross between Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn. A bit too much auto tune though.

  63. ImNotClifford

    I like it. Sounds nice!

  64. Brandon Maciel

    rip off of Dead Like You

  65. tayshna dupree

    Love et !

  66. Kermit Rattazi

    They sound like pierce the veil a bit

  67. Rachel Schaar

    New favorite band

  68. Nicolas Arias

    What genre of music is this shit?


    i believe its a mix of post-hardcore and pop punk

  69. Nick Drago

    This is very reminiscent of HLH's Ground Dweller. Def not a bad thing at all.

    Vincent R Gilmore

    Glad i'm not the only one who feels that

  70. Mike Rivera

    not bad upload more!

  71. knight0924

    I honestly don't hear Hands Like Houses in the slightest, but its very spot on to Sleeping With Siren's older stuff. Not a bad song, just in my opinion Hands Like Houses just do it so well that no bands could compare :(

    Vincent R Gilmore

    I hear it in the instrumentals.

    Jackson Pickens

    The instrumentals have a Hands Like Houses feel while the vocals sound more like Devin Oliver from I See Stars to me.

    Vincent R Gilmore

    @Jackson Pickens Yeah. I thought Kellin Quinn but listening now, it's really more like Devin.

  72. Kyle Mullen

    This band got signed only a year after forming! Give them time to mature, this is a great starting point for them

  73. Isaac Ferrari

    Just ignore everyone, you'll have your fans and you'll have your haters, but atleast you have a sound, keep going, can't wait for the full album release.

  74. Nutella Jizz

    REALLY?! there's more, I can't even handle this 😩 I replayed 'Start again ' when it was first released infinite times, then the second song NOW THIS MAGNIFICENT TUNE. Officially can't wait for the album. I think the became my favorite band tbh. After Slaves Bc Jonny craig is life.

  75. endseason

    Honestly pretty boring.

  76. RobynPark94

    Love this! Want more! ^^

  77. psycchob

    Its like Palisades without screams, and a hint of hands like houses

  78. ToBeScaredByAnOwl

    love this!
    though i like searching for endings the best with start again as the least.

  79. Jonathon Fussell

    And mother fuck those falsettos are great.

  80. Jonathon Fussell

    I'm very impressed with all of this band's stuff lately. Can't stop listening. Good shit.

  81. Charlie Mize

    I do not believe all bands need screaming, but if this band had some really freakin sick screams randomly thrown in some spots, I'd give birth to a gold brick.

  82. Hannah Blackwell

    Amazing! Can't wait to see them at warped!! August 3rd baby!!!! :D

  83. Bree Carlile

    This is great

  84. Flame Crimson

    I've waited for more Alive Like Me for a long time. Love every song so far!

  85. DLRS Nate

    For fans of Broadway, 2009-2010 Sleeping With Sirens, Hands Like Houses first album.

  86. shaRp. meL

    Still best but not at best as Start Again...

  87. Sebastian Babicz

    maybe a little less autotune


    @Jake Burkitt Autotune is a proprietary pitch correction plugin. The original pitch correction used by Cher, as she was the first to use it. Autotune was developed by Antares. But there is other pitch correction VST plugins in the market. Melodyne is another popular one I believe cheaper, and it supports polyphonic. 

    Jake Burkitt

    Yes, but although they can be considered similar, they are very different. With autotune, you can take someone that is regularly talking and automatically tune their voice into the melody that you desire. However, pitch correction is used when ever someone is singing, mainly because they might not have hit the pitch spot on, but fairly close. Believe it or not, recording a song with perfect pitch is among some of the hardest things to ever do. VERY few people can do that.

    Morgan Boughey

    @monsterhunter445 Fuck of n die u r ugly n i h8 u haha


    @Morgan Boughey You are absolutely retarded and should not be able to comment on YouTube videos.


    Obviously you don't know shit about music if you think this is autotune.

  88. Zack Sessum

    undoubtedly the best thing rise has signed in a while.

  89. Devin West

    One of my new fav bands

  90. Trever F

    Seeing them live in a couple days. Hopefully they sound good live.

    Jackson Pickens

    I've seen them live with Hands Like Houses and yes they put on a great show. They sound even heavier than in recording. The only thing is it sounds like the vocalist is straining to sing that high and when I met him he didn't have that high of a talking voice.

  91. Elijah Ezell

    Hm not my favorite..but I'd definitely download their music!  

  92. Vincent R Gilmore

    They don't have to scream to be good. Just saying.

  93. Lauren Sabino

    Theyre not breaking down any walls musically but it's still good


    It's still amazing*

  94. Steve Ciampa

    I like it but I wish there were unclean vocals


    I definitely agree with you. It would be amazing with uncleans.

    Jordan B

    @Inkays Planning to become malamar anytime soon?


    @Jordan B Maybe, can't count on it though :3

    Jordan B

    @Inkays well, either way you're a tentacle monster, so I guess it doesnt matter.


    Check out Deathcore if you don't like cleans mate.

  95. senna hynds

    <3 :O <3 :D <3 <3

  96. 614Demi

    sleeping with sirens 2.0. enjoy it while it lasts kiddies

    Jackson Pickens

    Sleeping With Sirens was never this good.


    This is like sleeping with sirens with breakdowns.. That's why this bands a pile of shit


    its more hands like houses than anything

    Vincent R Gilmore

    @Brendon stacey Too each their own

  97. Tristan Pearce

    new band im most excited about this year. ive been waiting for the album since start again just a bit disappointed ill have to wait even longer 

  98. ThatsMrBio



    Haven't ever been a fan of bands without screaming, but this band is definitely led me to liking other bands like them. Great band and definitely can't wait until the album!

  100. Amjed Abdelghani

    Not bad I love when he says youuuuuu!