Alive Like Me - Searching For Endings Lyrics

Are you still standing here watching me sink?
The words are filling this room and suffocating me
You can't keep telling me
What I'm supposed to think
I've become so numb to the truth
That I don't feel a thing
(No I don't feel a thing)

And I think I've done enough
Pretending for everyone
That I don't think I'll have to waste
Another breath it always seems

To be pointless and endlessly
Filling me with doubt
And of all the words you've said
I've never heard them for myself

When there's no turning back, nowhere to run
I keep on telling myself

That I've been here before (woah)
With thoughts I can't ignore (woah)
When there's no exit
And we're just searching for endings
We just might get what we want
What we want

And I don't know if you can hear me
But I'm feeling so alone
And I don't know if you're here with me
I've never felt this low

Why have I been searching for things
For things I can't obtain
But I still never feel anything
Unless you're here next to me

Are you still standing here watching me sink?
The words are filling this room and suffocating me
You can't keep telling me
What I'm supposed to think
I've become so numb to the truth

But I've been here before (woah)
With thoughts I can't ignore (woah)
When there's no exit
And were just searching for endings
We just might get what we want
What we want

And I don't know if you can hear me
But I'm feeling so alone
And I don't know if you're here with me
Why can't I let this go?

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Alive Like Me Searching For Endings Comments
  1. Slavko Spico

    Anyone here near 2020?

  2. Alana Harvey

    just recalled how much of a bop this was.....damn

  3. Devasre

    what happened with this band?

  4. Caleb Rawlins

    Y'all say sleeping with sirens. I hear Pierce The Veil.

  5. Braeden Ballard

    Really wish these guys were still around, so much potential!

  6. samira adan

    urgh his band had such potential, now he doesn't even make music anymore and has 2 children. I don't want to hate but the minute he met acacia he changed and stopped everything for her. this band could've been big today.

  7. Blonde Ambition

    Got the chance to see them at Warped Tour and they were so nice and talented.

  8. Blake bolduc

    so sad they broke up.. they had so much potential

  9. elleguisma

    The poor lead singer got trapped by his psycho baby momma

    xSol Badguy

    Huh, did she admit to this or something?


    xSol Badguy No she would never admit to this lol. There's so much evidence against her too. She's an animal abuser as well

    xSol Badguy

    Any chance you can direct me towards some of this evidence please?


    xSol Badguy yeah buddy I got you

    Also go through the #acaciabrinleyisoverparty tag on twitter

    xSol Badguy

    Ah, I appreciate it, but all I can seem to find is people upset she doesn't daily vlog and considers herself really hard working regardless, or something. Also that she said something to the effect of only caring about money over her fans, but I could only find this out of context tweet:

  10. Timmyville

    I have not found a replacement for this band. #sadface

  11. Shanya Johnson doesnt sound like sleeping with sirens, but it is the same style. Reminds me of SWS but also PTV and also HCR...long story short, Trace Cyrus' band...metro station

  12. Pérez Prods

    2014-2017, im still waiting for new stuff (i knwo the broke up)

  13. NeLa-love

    give me Like if you come back after two years...just because this is a Fucking good song.

  14. ForgetAndRegret

    Why'd you guys have to break up :c

  15. Jaz Alvarez

    Miss this

  16. Sergio Castillo

    Is he talking to God?

  17. its_taelyn

    I remember I seeing them at warped tour ive heard their music before but when I heard this song I cried they're so good still sad they broke up

  18. gabby rodriguez

    Holy shit I like dis

  19. Jalatan Ibrahimobitch

    Jairus is an amazing person and I still cant believe that he is with that bitch

    Commes de Garcon

    Larina xcx Ikr, she doesn't deserve him. She's such a clingy bitch.

    xSol Badguy

    What's wrong with her? I genuinely don't know.

  20. Jinxy Kitten XO

    it was so sad when the broke up :(

  21. sophvdh

    He can hit the really high notes without screaming, that's impressive

  22. WeldingWizard

    They had some really good potential


    they're taking an "indefinite hiatus"


    Alrighty then...

    Ethan Heath

    Jarius is with that acacia chick

    Ethan Heath

    They have a YouTube channel

    Commes de Garcon

    Ricky lopez Jairus is stuck with a clingy bitch that got pregnant because she wanted him back.

  23. Alexa Miyar

    This was such a good song

  24. Evil Poony


  25. 리.페

    Holy moly

  26. Dadeth Erika Villafuerte

    The first time I heard Jairus, I thought he was Vic.

  27. Motionless Lover

    My new favorite band :)


    +Motionless Lover they broke up

  28. Valerie Celeste

    that key change tho

  29. Marina Ellison

    hands down best song i've ever heard

  30. Greg Mulaski

    This song is so helping me right now. OMG!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  31. EvelinKardosArts

    OMG! is he Jairus Kersey??

  32. Cheyfii

    this is bringing back major Warped memories, no one knowing them so I got to be in the front of the crowd 😍

    Ashley Dominguez

    +Cheyfii SAME!! But now that he is dating Acacia Brinley, he will definitely be getting a lot more attention...


    +Ashley Dominguez the band broke up tho

    Kyrie Jaramillo

    +raymond and now jaruis has like no job

  33. Cali B.

    Is that Vic Fuentes on the drums?

  34. collins corner

    Fuck you thats not you.😡

  35. Valerie Quijano

    His voice at 0:08 got me hooked. And that's how I fell inlove.

    Yashi Subrio

    you mean 0:23 to :26 :)

    Valerie Quijano

    +Yashi Subrio i really meant it started at the 0:06-0:08 range but have to agree on you with that too haha

    Yashi Subrio

    +Valerie Quijano ever tried listening to As it is? and Defeat The Low?

    Valerie Quijano

    +Yashi Subrio I haven't heard Defeat the Low before but will definitely have a listen. but AS IT IS IS ONE OF MY FAVESSS. State Champs still wins for me tho idk haha

    Yashi Subrio

    +Valerie Quijano State Champs yeahh i love themm especially their acoustic album

  36. Jess Rosero

    Mad respect for that drummer

  37. Laura Palman

    wow didnt know jairus is that good

  38. fuddles

    this song sounds like Monster by Paramore, just an opinion

  39. Brandon Turner

    I feel like this is one of those hidden gem bands on this label. I really really like this.

  40. arvidbjork99

    They are awsome!

  41. Deenie Linquents

    This is awesome, I'm getting some Of Machines vibes from this band

  42. Cedric Orenji

    It reminds of how Kellin Quinn sounds when singinng but it would be cool if did song together but this is still great

  43. Guillermo Martinez

    don't insult kellin like this people their last album wasn't the best but come on he doesn't deserve this

  44. Sadeem✨.

    I did not expect his voice to be like this, hes soo good😭💞

  45. casey rectenwald



    Watch this song live... I cried man

  46. Beverley

    his voice sounds similar to the almost on the lower register parts.

  47. Andrea Tovar

    He doesn't sound like Kellin Quinn.
    The band doesn't sound like Hands Like Houses.
    He doesn't look like Luke Hemmings.

    It's just Jairus, get it over. Stop trying to compare every band and singer that has ever existed. Every one of them are different and amazing in their own ways.

    Yung Juicebox

    @Mystical Person Kellin can't sing for shit live.

    Shanya Johnson

    Succulent look up the hot topic sessions. you're full of shit.

    Yung Juicebox

    Shanya Hanson You must not know that Hot Topic sessions edits the audio. It is not 100% raw. Literally every other actual live video shows that he can't sing accurate to the albums due to how much they edit his voice.


    Majority of the comments are saying that bc it’s obviously true, it’s not rude to compare voices they put out their music out there for opinions. You’re just lying to yourself to stand out.

    Quinton McLilly

    There's nothing wrong with bands or singers sounding similair. Idiot.


    Dear lord......

    i think i came, & found a new favorite band! <3

  49. Ale Castaneda

    anyways I love them seen them live on warped tour they did fucking awesome 👌

  50. Ale Castaneda

    anyways I love them seen them live on warped tour they did fucking awesome 👌

  51. Sergio Rivero

    Sounds like Oliver from I see stars!


    He looks kinda like young Paul Rudd mixed with Luke Hemmings

  53. beaky

    i love the lead singer jairus! i knew him back in high school and i used to love listening to this touching acoustic song he wrote about coping with loss at a young age

  54. Matt Northrup

    These guys are so amazing live!

  55. elizabeth hernandez

    He kinda looks like Patty Walters

  56. lizvthh

    I met them at warped tour and I took a picture with them I'm so short 😂💀


    about to be 2 years later and i still remember what a awkward 15 year old i was

  57. Melek Salah

    <3 *___________*

  58. Divine

    This song is honestly amazing, stoked to see them at warped tour

  59. lindsay dean

    I just met them at warped Nashville and they are the sweetest band and had like a 10 min convo with me lol

  60. Killing Art

    love this song!!!!!!!!

  61. hailie vanisi

    I was literally not even one minute in and I fell in love

  62. Neon1Ice

    People that are claiming Jairus sounds anything like Kellin Quinn, rethink about it. Does he have a high pitched voice compared to most male vocalists? Yes. Does he literally sound like a girl when singing? No. Sorry but I can't say this reminds me of SWS at all. More like HLH or PTV but even Vic has a more high pitched voice than Jairus.

    Candy Xoxo

    No one gives a shit, just enjoy the damn song

  63. nicoshii —

    i was listening to this band without the video and all i hear was sws and i see stars combined and when i tried to check them out i was like 'woah son arent you from 5sos'

  64. Zach Mirsky

    Sleeping With Houses?

    Sarah Mitchell

    +Zach Mirsky lol that's just wrong XD

  65. Natori Richardson

    Cant wait to see them live!

  66. Mia Garcia

    sounds like sws

  67. jennyBear

    Sounds like pierce the veil!

  68. Amber Montalbano

    I keep falling more and more in love with Alive like me. 😍

  69. ZayneThyler

    Vocalist looks like Lucas from Mother irl. x'D
    I think it's the hair. 
    Yeah, it's the hair.

  70. Katicus

    Once one of their songs hit one of those mainstream radio stations the fangirls are going to pour in. I don't know if I can blame them though they are awesome.

    Jdot Lee

    Poor in. lol

    Mojo Witwicky

    +Jenile Mirage lol


    Pour.. Bruh


    Sorry grammar nazis I was thinking they were poor instead of pouring in. Thank ya fur korecting me I'm sure u've never made a text error before. I couldn't sleep and it wuz prubably bugging you so much you couldn't sleep eether. All gud now?

  71. Sara Dollens

    Saw these guys tonight in Minnesota! Awesome music!!

  72. Aline Salazar Hernandez

    Tu voz <3 , son geniales.

  73. Jimmithy Winterbear

    I feel like we were just all playing smash bros with Jairus and now he's touring! Lol crazy shit sounding sexy though, big boy (;

  74. Tania Ramirez

    The beginning sound like paramore - monster

  75. Benlikesdamusic

    pretty generic and emo but not terrible

  76. Manuel Eduardo

    A bit too poppy for my taste but the vocalist is alright.

  77. Kerry

    I dont think they sound like ptv or sws, but I feel they have very similar styles. Not genres, but style of music. Like the music overall sounds like someone ptv or sws would play. But he doesnt sound like vic... His range is similar to kellins but I wouldnt say they sound the same

  78. Jerry Worsnop

    The sound is like cove reber of saosin

  79. Bandsizlyfe98

    Lead singer reminds me of kellin

  80. Peyton Legitt

    What's the song that plays at the very end?? I'm stumped

    Tj Swanson

    Pvris - St. Patrick

    Peyton Legitt

    Thank you

  81. Taylor Sheets

    To be honest I thought he sounded more like Devin from I See Stars...

  82. gcn7878

    I hope people don't start liking this band because of the lead singer being decent looking, but if they do I will still be proud because fans are fans and then they can grow as a band :) I really like their sound, like sleeping sirens but better

  83. madison

    saw this  playing in journeys and I just had to search it!!

  84. Leslie Griffith

    My new favorite band 😍

  85. Nicolete Smiley

    im in love with this song and band <3 :)

  86. Belle Faragher

    Saw these guys last night at The Fleece in Bristol and they were so sick! Fell in love straight away, props to them for opening what was an incredible night! 

  87. whitechapelmusic123

    This is pretty damn good, love the vocals.

  88. Paola Castañeda

    I honestly love how they are slowly making their way up!

  89. Robyn Bates

    I went to see Crown The Empire last night with my sister on Glasgow, we traveled really far just to see them but these guys were supporting them, they gave off a really good vibe performing, honestly it was so good! After the show I went to go meet them and only found Jairus, he took and picture with me and we went to the merch table, I only had £5 left after I bought a t-shirt but I saw Jairus, I asked for a hug and he squeezed me really tight, he then said "you gonna buy our Cd?" And I said I couldn't because I didn't have enough, the cd was £15 (I really wanted it though) and he asked me how much I had and I said I had £5 and my sister had £5 left, so he said he'd take that and he took the rapping off the cd and signed it, then he gave me and my sister a group hug, he was really nice :( I miss them already.


    I was there too :)

    Juliette Denetris

    omg ur so lucky *^*

    Genesis uvalle

    Robyn Bates love this!❤️

  90. Clairvoyantbliss

    I'm so excited to see them in June!

    Pinky Winky

    Warped tour?

  91. xNinjakitty7

    Did he flip us off at 1:01? xD


    generic core,but i love it <3

  93. Sujith S

    One more good band to the Alternative scene, nice and tight sounding..Keep up the good work..!!