Alive Like Me - Our Time Down Here Lyrics

You’re growing up too fast they said
But I don’t want to live my life like them
and I just want to think about tonight
because the past is my ghost

Let’s meet up in a shady part of town
Where they don’t want to see us lose
our crowns because we’re kings to them
Well I don’t think we’re kings of anything
(No I don’t think we’re kings of anything)

Sneak out to the rooftop scene
Surrounded by such evil things
I won’t admit this but I hate it here

And what they don’t know
is that the place they told me I should never go
Was the place I learned to love the most
What they don’t know
is just something they forgot when they grew old
You have to fall before you grow

So I’ll say thanks for the advice
The choice is mine to make tonight
I’d rather do this on my own than fall right into place
And we will never be alive
If we don’t learn to live our lives
I’ll run in circles till I die
Rather than have to retrace your lines

I am so sorry if you think I didn’t need you
But my heart has never lost a place for you
I just got tired of the way you stopped my movement
All I ever truly wanted was to live

And what they don’t know
is that the place they told me I should never go
Was the place I learned to love the most
And what they don’t know
is just something they forgot when they grew old
(You have to fall)
You have to fall before you grow
(before you grow) [x3]
And after all you have to fall before you grow

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Alive Like Me Our Time Down Here Comments
  1. Skyhawk 95

    The song of the end in the video?

  2. Brandon Harley

    my home boy j and d are awsome this is such a sick song to listen to straight up they should come back i love this kind of stuff that you dont need to think twice at all lets rock and throw the roof off this joint

  3. Suigetsu Kun

    That guitar is insane!

  4. jay Badloss

    Wish you guys were still putting out music

  5. Zion

    The band that taught me that not every guy can sing this high.

  6. best channel

    It was a very good band....

  7. tom

    wow the lead singer looks a lot like jairus kersey !

    Forrest Gump

    tom that’s cause it is Jairus


    Forrest Gump don’t worry I know :p

  8. Кирилл Кросс

    oh it's a very good video) Hello from Russia

  9. Anthony Spinelli

    Broadway x SWS x her bright skies

  10. Emi Miller

    What's up with these guys? Do they have new music?

    A Wild Elliott Appeared

    They released "Only Forever" then split unfortunately. They're pretty dire live to be honest so I guess that played a huge part in their decision.

  11. Matt Pierce

    I have been looking for new bands all morning. No luck until now. Think I found a new favorite band!

  12. Jem Gallardo

    Why does his voice remind me of Jag from ASD ;_;

  13. Travis DeValois pst

    Remind of me of youth in revolt but wes will from something you whisper as vocalist

  14. Shlee


  15. Allie LL

    Was I the only one who was singing along with the SWS at the end? Also how did I not know about this band sooner, there amazing!

  16. Bec Waller

    What happen to this band?

  17. Douglas Wears

    Two and a half years later, this album still holds up. Glad I got to see em live while they were touring.

  18. Brandon Harley

    this is one sick awesome video that's my boys knox and jkersey they are my homies for life rock on

  19. J M

    Midi never sounded so sterile.

  20. Saying Farewell

    Rip an amazing band


    pop music killed them so sad though

  21. Izzy Ink

    i saw these do their video in Portland OR man it awesome

  22. Error Default

    Someone wrote listen to Alive like me in a changing room in Portland and that's why I'm here :3

  23. Sari trixie

    omg an indefinite hiatus?

    It's very sad... but good luck to you all!

  24. Katy May

    They aren't even a band anymore because of acacia? Is that true?

    Ray Slavenburg

    But what happened then? Still wondering


    Katy M lol acacia didn't do anything, stop pushing this yoko ono shit on her

    Katy May

    fourteen I was simply asking a question don't flip your lid

  25. Jessica Jordan

    You guys are amazing I love your music

  26. Erica Oliver

    Jairus had it made... but Acacia came along. Don't get me wrong, they're cute together, but I wouldn't give up everything for someone that early on in a relationship.

    samira adan

    he gave the band up because of her ? I remember when they first got together he was still. part of it and had jairuslikeme or something as his user but as time went on he changed it and was spending more time with acacia so I checked and the band didn't post anything for awhile

    Erica Oliver

    He kind of did.... because he moved out of Oregon and away from the band to live with Acacia in LA.

    Blonde Ambition

    Well they have a child now so I'd say it all worked out, despite missing out on a lot of new music that could've been made

  27. Sari trixie

    like it!

  28. Del L

    wish they were still together

  29. Olivia Diehl

    These guys sound EXACTLY like d.r.u.g.s

  30. SabrinatheTeenageVlogger

    Do they still sing and make music?


    Nope, Jairus (lead singer) left the band


    +Sabrina R Official announcement of them having an indefinite hiatus:

  31. EvelinKardosArts

    omg jairuuus

  32. yourgalmach x

    Oh Jairus 😍

  33. unknowndinoducky

    Waiting for them to release new music I hope it's very soon .3.

    Bailey Belle

    they broke up..


    wtf when




    T.T thank u +frigglefraggles

  34. Cleford Pongo

    i love the way he sings <3

  35. dαmαgєd wαfflє

    this band is awesome asf

  36. Gino Simplicio

    This band reminds me so much of Youth in Revolt mixed with Hands Like Houses.

    Travis DeValois pst

    Gino Simplicio me too

  37. Nala []

    I like this band...

  38. ImCatWoof

    when one of the band members lives down the street from your house o.o

  39. Krosho Krosho

    second son anyone?

  40. Hoodie

    This is cool but it just sounds done to death. It's hard to do something that hasn't been done already but there's nothing about their sound that makes me think oh I haven't heard this before.

  41. Caleb Roberts

    Anyone get a Saosin kind of feel with this band?

  42. Graci Hicks

    am I the only one who thinks jairus and Patty Walters from as it is look kinda alike????

  43. Tommi Ingram

    pause at 1:14 ^·^ your welcome

  44. Rita G

    Already waiting for the next album to be honest

  45. Janet Orellana

    am i the only one having trouble downloading their songs ?

  46. Joseph Stigall


  47. Rita G

    Absolutely love this song

  48. Amber Key

    I used to love this kind of music when i was younger but now I swear its allllll the same and very generic

  49. Carson Samone

    They are actually really good. I'm definitely going to keep listening to them.

  50. Alya Yasmine

    im a big fan of sws and ptv how can i just found this

  51. Cedric Orenji

    Bruh, This dude has clothes like Deslin rowe.

  52. Elizabeth Baca


  53. Victoria Clifford

    they are actually amazing

  54. Emily prescoot

    why was sws at the end

  55. Joy Devii

    wow this is good

  56. jazmine Gutierrez

    Love them and there songs when ever i git for a run i listen too there songs sometimes.

  57. cheese y

    damn u sound like Kellin omfg 💜

  58. Ice Bear

    Ice Bear finds good music

  59. PierceTheBellybutton

    If SWS and PTV had a baby, it would be them ..


    More like Sws, ptv and I see Stars had a threesome

    Lindy Mae

    +PierceTheBellybutton my exact thoughts!


    +Fedra Pichardo why not say they're their own band and not relate them to shitty emo bands

    Jaime Reyes

    Shut the fuck up.

    Olivia Sue

    I love your username oml

  60. Rosalie B

    Acacia brought me here

  61. Lole

    here bc of acacia


    +mila kline me too

  62. Douglas Wears

    I met these guys on their tour with Sirens and Sailors/ Beartooth last summer. They're such humble and nice guys. Live performance was killer and this entire album is dope. It will be a cool story to tell in 5 years when they're headlining their own tours with the next future crop of alternative music to say I met Jarius and the boys when they were opening small shows and hustling their own merch.

  63. RickySlays

    Gosh damn Acacia why are you so fucking lucky

  64. SlapHappy

    Is the title a quote from the goonies?

  65. SuperKiwiArmy

    Vocals seriously similar to I See Stars.

  66. B R E N N A N

    maybe they shouldn't try to sound like SWS, music is losing all originality.

  67. Killing Art

    How about they sound like themselves, they might have some sounds that sound like others, But They have there own unique sound gosh

  68. Josh Hayes

    Dang, this band is good, I can't believe I've never heard of them until now. Does anybody else think they sound a little like old sleeping with sirens, like from their first album?

  69. Gabs R

    I instantly thought of Vic and Kellin when I heard his voice! This band is very talented from what I can see👌🏼

  70. Douglas McCardle

    Give them a FB like! 17K is nowhere near what these guys deseve.

  71. Katherine urbina

    Saw these guys at warped tour 😭😍

  72. Ale Castaneda

    I got the chance to see these guys at warped tour and fell in love with the music and i got the chance to meet them they were so nice and down to earth im a fan now!! Love them and ladies omg they are so much cuter in person 😍

    Kylie Joiner

    @Ale Castaneda I saw them as well and I feel like they were one of the most underrated bands at Warped tbh, super chill and sound amazing!

    Ale Castaneda

    @Kylie Kitty​ @kiraxoxolove​ i just love them look forward to seeing them again 😃 glad they have other beautiful fans like me lol 💋

    Åme. Gllrd

    @Ale Castaneda you are so Lucky !!! I like this song but it Is the first time I listen to it and the band ! Are they famous !?

    Ale Castaneda

    Yes keep listening they have other really good ones 😜

    Blonde Ambition

    Same here!! Jairus was so sweet ahhh

  73. Riley Lassiter


  74. Divine

    damn you sound just like Vic

  75. Cameron Whorton


  76. Christopher Brown

    Why the Vic Fuentes vocal dubs :o jk

  77. Katie Morrow

    This is a better version of kellin quinn

  78. Elise

    Gonna see these guys in two weeks! Can't wait!

  79. nicoshii —

    is it me or they kinda sound a little like i see stars too

  80. richard munar

    q w e r t y u I o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m wath this ABC or formant

  81. richard munar

    So bord this wath this music puck you im not girl boy

  82. Liana Bautista

    haha. Sometimes you have to fall before you grow....Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly ~Sws. Even the lyrics sound the same lol but i kinda like it, i guess

  83. Trey Pope

    These guys are GOOD. I love it!

  84. ryandantinne

    Am I the only person who thinks they sound like a mix of SWS & PTV

    Morgan Kierstead

    That is exactly what I think

    Ian 9876

    +ryandantinne you know what they really sound like? Alive Like Me! Stop trying to put labels on different bands by comparing them to mainstream music, they have thier own sound.

    Seth Dingle

    what the guy above me said. and sws and ptv are not even close to good and these guys are great so dont compare them to other horrible bandd


    Damn people it was just an opinion

    Seth Dingle

    +ryandantinne yea but about a thousand people have said the same thing

  85. Brad LaPlante

    Did Jesse Lawson write their music too?

  86. Joana Filipa

    This reminds me of old sleeping with sirens 👌🏻 this band is awesome

  87. kim

    He sounds like vic fuentes and kellin quinn's baby 😀😀 i like a lot

  88. Taylor Sparks

    I saw these guys on the hold on pain ends tour for the color morale and honestly, I'm usually not a fan of opening bands, but wow they were amazing. There so catchy and I really love there lyrics. Really wish I would've bought a CD or something. Also, the lead is SO nice. He had a 10 minute conversation with me and a ton of other people. Love this band so much!

  89. K.J Lowe

    He sounds like Kellin from SWS I swear

  90. Saffron Duckworth


  91. - Drak -

    This guy looks like the main char of infamous second son lol

  92. Logan Freecs

    Derek VanderMay do you know if of machines new cd is out?

  93. Kirsten Weidenauer


  94. Lyza Giroux

    I love this song so much, honestly. It relates to me so much with the lyrics "I won't admit this, but I hate it here," and "what they don't know is the place they told me I should never go, was the place I learned to love the most." I think of my life right now and I think about how much I want to escape the world around me, and just discover the places everyone tells me I should never go, it's just amazing. I love it.