Alive Like Me - Better Off Lyrics

I was never something that you made important
Every time I think of you I can't ignore that I’m
I’m better off without you
You won't get another chance to take it back
You left me with a choice now I have to act like I
I’m better off without you

There's always somewhere else you'd rather be
I can see it in your eyes and if history repeats itself
Soon I'll be treading water just to stay alive
I can't live like this
I'm too far from home tonight
I won't fight for it
Because I feel like I'm already down and out

You lost your self in your reflection
Once you give up on me
I hope you finally see

I was never something that you made important
Every time I think of you I can't ignore that I’m
I’m better off without you
You won't get another chance to take it back
You left me with a choice now I have to act like I
I’m better off without you

I can't live like this
It's hard to say you were the best thing for me
I can't live like this
And all along I should have seen this coming

Wish I could take back the words that I said
I swear to god I wish they never left my mouth

And maybe I'm just like you say
But maybe losing you made me
Point the blame [x2] (Woah)

But now I finally see

You were never something that I made important
Every time I think of you I can't ignore that I'm
not better off without you
I won't get another chance to take it back
You left, I made a choice now it’s clear to me that I'm
not better off with you

I wish that I could have been there from the start
because the day you leave you'll take all my heart
And I don't ever want to live alone another day without you

I wish that I never let this fall apart
Because the day you leave you'll take all my heart
And I don't ever want to live alone another day without you

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Alive Like Me Better Off Comments
  1. Jaron Carr

    Can't believe it's been damn near 5 years since this was released. I was a just freshman in high school

  2. Jace Coleman

    Reminds me of RWBY a lot

  3. Andrea Brooklyn

    Hey! please change the god to God (in the lyrics).

  4. Goh Souza

    The ending of the song when he says "I wish I could be there from the start..." makes me kinda sad. The song itself shows much emotion, something spoken as a way to free whoever wrote this from the sadness of not being able to cope with the pain of thinking about living another day without the person... This song got me on the guts.

  5. Micah Preyer

    One of the most slept on bands today

  6. Ana Nóbrega

    The last 20 seconds really sound like sleeping with sirens

  7. nihonjin rikugun

    I hope the guys keep making music, are they still writing or anything?

    Val A

    I hope they are !!!

    Saying Farewell

    Nope broke up for some reason.

    Vicious Oz

    really? they get signed with rise records and decide to break up. rise is one of the bigger record company.

  8. Jon T

    I'm kinda new to rock but is this metal?


    not really imo

    Kailey Kill

    Post-Harcore mostly. (:

    Cade Roman

    Young Musician it's mostly recognized as metalcore now

  9. Jusitn Schurr

    Swear they are the new saosin

  10. sherman

    dont really think they sound like sws very much, but the singer has a similar voice in only the best way. those high notes are AWESOME

  11. dont slag off the tim tams

    Jarius holy shit

  12. Jenna Craig

    what exactly is this genre of music?

    V :3

    +Jenna Craig look it up in wikipedia

  13. Matt Nuguid

    You know what these guys sound like? Good Music. End of story.

    Strawberry Deathcakes

    +Matt Nuguid their music reminds me of sleeping with sirens tho..


    Micheline Fong yeah, except this is actually good

  14. Víctor Arias

    They sound like Broadway in Kingdoms album , good stuff btw

  15. Taylor Sparks

    I find this very interesting to see everyone say they sound like SWS. I didn't even think for 10 seconds they sounded like them. In what world do they sound alike...? SWS was posthardcore the first two albums then changed to alternative rock. And in no where in any of that do these guys sound like them. Maybe the voices are similar but I see no alike sound. These guys are pretty original. I honestly don't think they sound like any band I listen to at least. I think they had a unique sound! There great live too! Alive like me is a great band and im excited to see where they go!

  16. Ryu Hiraki

    Love this chanel... all their singers I already listen to are different than what the radio puts... Love every song I have run into by now... <3


    ''chanel''.....dude xD

  17. Ethereache

    checking out bands before my warped date, i mean they're alright. I Started listening to like SWS and PTV 3 or 4 years ago so my taste has shifted, like now i only really like SWS acoustics and every now and then a PTV song, I like new things you know? this doesn't really stand out to me but that's just my opinion, i'm sure they work hard and put great effort into playing for their fans.

    Tyson Stapp

    You going to Atlanta too?

  18. Katicus

    They sound like Alive Like Me.

    Richard Marotta

    @Katicus ummmmmm, scroll up?


    ^^^ ummmm chill out

    sarah c

    .....HAHHHHAHAAA OHH..I WONDER WHY....Have you TRIED looking who this song and album was by??? 😂😂😂

    D.O. Esquire

    @Katicus Could've swore it was Darude

  19. Darthmarlow3

    Good song.

  20. Stubular

    I can dig it.

  21. Figgy

    All I have to say is...
    New Favorite Band!~

  22. tmt 43

    okay so im gonna show my age....they remind me of poison from the 80's  i know ill get alot of greif over this one....but oh welll

    Jonny Bryant

    in what way would they remind you of poison at all

    tmt 43

    @Jonny Bryant the lead singers voice....

  23. D Pas

    Hard Saosin Vibe! SWS?... PTV?.. It oozes Saosin for days. 

  24. Alex Smith

    First time listening and they sound amazing

  25. Lovely Skela

    <3 this song

  26. Hug Outcasts

    This band is nice they’ve made it to my favorite band list

  27. nicole loves you

    They sound good but pierce the veil is better and always will be but they have great potential

  28. Jøsh Dun and Tyler Jøseph

    I'm so glad I saw them at warped! They are amazing I just hope they don't get big in the scene and go generic

  29. Jinxy Kitten XO

    "I'm better off without you" best lyrics

  30. Spagoob

    SWS? Pierce the veil? Try Broadway, bros and hoes

  31. lightningspeed719

    Really, I don't see why people keep comparing this band to Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. If anything, they sound more like a cross between Hands Like Houses and SECRETS. 

    Matt Lofton

    I think they sound like Alive Like Me but idk maybe I'm just dumb.


    @Matt Lofton Agreed I think they sound like Alive Like Me too


    Defnitly Sleeping with sirens lol

    Logan Cook magic

    lightningspeed719 they are just their own sound stop comparing

  32. Jade Jarosz

    Seeing them live tomorrow!

  33. Adam Whitehead

    I'm just waiting for the fan girls to pounce on this band... I hope it doesn't happen because they'll become so generic its un real, we need some form of repellent for the band xD


    This band performed sooo well tonight! I was one of like..VERY FEW that got energetic for them. Didn't feel right for a great band to not get much attention, but at least I knew what others didn't -.-


    @Adam Whitehead 
    That is true. I may be a girl, but I won't squeal for them like a pre-pubescent girl to one-direction. XD

  34. Jordan

    Been a fan for about 2 months now, but I think it's just crazy how much he sounds like Devin Oliver from I See Stars.

  35. Ashley Fuentes

    I honestly love everything about this song ✊💓

  36. Sean Bell

    I love this song

  37. ThatBritishGuy

    Do people actually listen to the music before comparing it with sws sounds fuck all like them seen as kellin sings like a girl. They have a similar sound to PTV but other than that they have their own sound.. Big future for this band.

  38. Jordan

    He sounds just like Devin Oliver from I See Stars

  39. Aiden Pilot

    These guys are gonna go farther then Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil period. They just have a sound that makes you wanna listen to it over and over again! Keep it up guys! You guys rock!

    Shane Peterson

    I doubt it. They aren't doing anything new or completely different. They are very good, but will never be on the level of PTV.

    Quinton McLilly


  40. LuViiCo

    Love this!!

  41. AtTheSkylines92

    It's like a mix of Broadway and Hands Like Houses (ground dweller) very legit

  42. z GᄒBᄂiN



    Since you said so nicely :)

  43. MrAyyMz

    Combine the vocals of ISS with SWS/Saosin's guitarwork.

  44. Al Ladin

    Cold For June + Saosin = Alive Like Me

  45. Jay Ryan Clark


  46. ThiVids

    YESSS!!!(This was the first song I heard off the album).
    No...(After listening to the rest of the album and can't get into a single one afterwards.)

  47. Yuri Drumond

    Awesome album

  48. FeEdThEmAcHiNe23

    Great album!

  49. Butt Hole

    Why do people compare these guys to SWS and PTV?
    They sound like Alive Like Me let's be honest.

  50. Matt Wallak

    Am I the only person who thinks they don't sound like SWS and PVP? Either way they are better than both of them haha

    Sawyer Martin

    You literally made that comment solely because you saw multiple other comments from other people comparing the two. You're an idiot. Quit begging for attention. 

  51. Yvelle Zom

    Did SWS change their name?

    Adam Whitehead

    @Samara Rae Nope these guys are better, even though I'm a sws listener, they're still better

    Yvelle Zom

    @Adam Whitehead I really hope SWS makes a good comeback next year 'cause "Kick Me" was very impressive. I am not ready to give up on SWS, ya know.

    Adam Whitehead

    I haven't given up on them because I love kick me its a brilliant song, however I enjoy these guys better.

    Yvelle Zom

    yeah. I guess its 'passing the torch' or whatever huh?

    Taylar Larson

    Exactly what i thought

  52. hortohesus

    This is just like Sleeping with Sirens, but.... better :o

  53. goofy4life760

    Why do we keep comparing this to SWS and PTV when it really sounds like Kingdom Of Giants.

  54. S Sullivillain

    Sounds like everything else.

  55. ThatBeardedGuy

    reminds me of Broadway

  56. Taylor Stewart

    This is awesome. Reminds me of the days back when Saosin was huge

  57. Scott Moore

    God these guys are gonna go far, love this album so much already!

  58. Kakeru Ken

    that SWS clip at the end really annoys me.. someone please delete it.

    Cynn V

    Yo your default! Sensei!!!!

    Katrice Buchanan

    Lol its not able to be deleted. Chill 😂

  59. Chan

    so pro i swear

  60. EndingsWithoutStories

    Sounds like a mix of Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil and Broadway. Love it!
    If you like this come like my music promotion page


    Mentioning Broadway saved your comment.

    Sam K


  61. K0Bruh

    The Used.....

    houndz tooth

    to me its more of a cross between Saosin and Hands Like Houses

    Tyler Rex

    tbf I do get a The Used vibe from them. It's different, but I understand where you're coming from


    I'm glad someone understands! haha. @Tyler Rex 


    The beginning vocals is the only thing really similar. The whole song definitely inst The Used.


    BTW i love Parkway Drive also!
    @Jason LovesPWD 

  62. diamond angelic

    This is so good! Definitely gonna check them out more!

  63. GinjaNinja2690

    This is more of the direction I thought the new sws was going to head in.


    They remind me of so many bands :p like if hands like houses were American this is probably what they would sound like (ground dweller not unimagine) there's nothing really refreshing about them but they give us more of this style to listen to :p

    Cpd Hyrule

    Old sws was good and enjoyable now what ever feel is just shit in my opinion

    Vincent R Gilmore

    I actually enjoyed Feel. Just not something I would jam regularly. It's one of those I can stop listening to, then one day be like "I wanna listen to this"

    Cpd Hyrule

    That's understandable as long as it's not blood on the dance floor we can be accepting XD


    Feel had some good songs, I really liked how they brought in MGK in on Alone and congratulations was fun but for the most part the rest of the album bored me. I like his style of vocals over energetic instrumentals and Feel didn't give me that. That's what I love about MMF, every song has so much energy, and that's also what I miss about FYS :(

  64. matthuffles1

    Just in time, i needed some more great music

  65. Nutella Jizz

    First song I've heard off the stream so far, and I can already tell I'm gona love this album. You guys are phenomenal.

  66. Shély

    muito bom >.<

  67. jamesfov017

    Sound really dope can't wait for more :)