Alison Krauss - Through The Morning, Through The Night Lyrics

Believe me when I tell you
I will try to understand
Belive me when I tell you
I could never kill a man

But to know that another man's holding you tight
Hurts me, little darling
Thru the morning thru the night

The bond has been broken
The promise you gave
The words that were spoken
I can not be your slave

But to know that the trust you had in me is gone
Hurts me, little darling
Thru the nightime thru the dawn

I dreamed just last night you were there by my side
Your sweet loving tenderness
Easing my pride

But then I awoke and found you not there
It was just my old memory of how much I care

Belive me when I tell you
I will try to understand
Belive me when I tell you
I could never kill a man

But to know that another man's holding you tight
Hurts me little, darling
Thru the morning thru the night

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Alison Krauss Through The Morning, Through The Night Comments
  1. starman714

    #GetGeneIn - get Gene Clark into the songwriters hall of fame -

  2. victor58010

    If you took the time to listen to this wonderful song till the end , how can you possibly dislike it?
    Have you no soul?

  3. Vicki Mingus

    Plant as Alison 2 times to work him

  4. bubba hughes

    I hope they make another album together !

  5. Karen Riches

    Play it Loud and educate the neighbours. Karen

  6. Ivy Hoss

    I watched my dad lose himself after mom left. He always considered her his wife, even after everything. He was far from perfect, but I think he loved her more than anything or anyone. This song is very reminiscent of how I think he felt.

  7. Gregory Wheless

    Listened to this song after my lovely wife left and I tried to take my life . God had different plans for me .

  8. Four Suns Productions

    Supplies of our feature length documentary 'The Byrd Who Flew Alone' about Gene Clark (the writer of this song) are getting low. If you'd like to order one, better do it soon. @t

  9. Alice Woods

    Love this album got it when it came out damn it's beautiful x

    Vicki Mingus

    The show was one of the best

  10. legendofzeldafan 3762

    Alison. You are a siren straight from the seas, and an angel straight from heaven combined. Your voice is one of the most beautiful i have ever heard.

  11. Chrisina Whaley

    Just wait

  12. Chrisina Whaley

    If you were only in my brain

  13. Susan Sheppard

    Gene Clark

  14. Shannon Smith

    If you like this you should check "the logans- moving on". I just stumbled on them and my god am I glad I did!

  15. stargazer

    Yes, great song by Gene...but there is no comparison and shouldn't be one when music is this true n pure. Nuff said

  16. By Myself

    They work So Well together Love the songThank you Kostas💋👀🖤😊

  17. kaya lluppino

    My mom would put my sister and I to sleep with this album and it still gives me that same feeling as when I listened to it as a child. There's something so magical when they put their voices together. The sincerity of their harmonies warm me everytime

  18. jaimejaime

    This is the kind of touching "depressed" I really love. Incredibly beautiful song. You all should hear the original by Gene Clark.

  19. Elisabeth Dabrowski

    absolutely sweet as, sound nice with some blues scales improvised over the top. But I love the lap steel there

  20. Lance Fraijo

    She definitely school'ed Robert Plant to sing right for once.

  21. Charlie Lorancejr

    Beautiful song

  22. Eduardo Costa


  23. Ingebjorg Mosberg

    Beautiful.... LOVE IT...!

  24. HarmonicMovies

    Thank G-d for this record.

  25. ari tiemen doppenberg

    prachtig nummer

  26. HarmonicMovies

    I for one, thank G-d for this record. =D

    Peter Harding

    harmonicmovies b

  27. Jody Burton

    Wish they would play this type of music on the so called" country "stations. Ther is NO country played over the airt now days.

  28. HJ H

    wundervoll und schön...die beiden treffen immer meine Seele...meine Stimmung...!!!

  29. samuel moraes da silva

    wonderful and sweet

  30. Ben Hear

    Her voice is phenomenal. played this at a bar, they asked me are you depressed? I said not currently but good music is good music. this has to be appreciated.


    This is the kind of touching "depressed" I really love. Incredibly beautiful song.


    Ben Hear a lot of people think it’s depressing. It takes a true country and western listener to realize it’s the sad songs that make you feel good.

  31. fred michaels

    When T bone Burnett decided to pair these Two ; he hit One out of the Park.


    Couldn't agree more!!

    Gregory Wheless

    Amen my friend !

    Vicki Mingus

    Robert wanted to work with her...He called her twice. He'd never sang harmony

  32. David Edwards Jr

    Great version!  Gene Clark is one of greatest song writers ever.

    Danny Dine

    A very underrated songwriter he was.


    Only artist they covered twice on the album, and that's saying something considering who the others are

  33. Vogelkinder

    This is just one of the wonderful tracks from a wonderful album. Still in my top ten today.

  34. T Bone

    Their version of this song came along at the worst possible time in my life.  It's beautiful but causes a description of pain that will echo in my life forever.

    Karen Maren Miller

    +T Bone Thank God for music. Uplifting, cathartic. Life saving

    Gregory Wheless

    Amen to that my friend

  35. vuk96zj

    HD my ass. You set the levels too high.

  36. Amy Always

    they sound so sweet together.

  37. Chris Warr

    Excellent version of Gene Clark's song. I'm so pleased Gene's songs are finally getting recognised, now cover "Radio song" please!

  38. McLushi

    I think Alison can make every song special !

  39. Tommy Tucker

    If there is a heaven i hope angels sing like Alison Krauss.

  40. xg1027

    It's very hard to find any music as beautiful as this song anymore. Nowadays, everything is commericalized and over dramatic. We need more real and down-to-earth musicians like Alison Krauss and Neko Case, and of course Robert Plant

  41. James Hurt

    She sings like an Angel and their harmonies are amazing ! Gives me goosebumps ! This whole album is superior !!!!!

  42. fenellablue

    Sorry but it's not a patch on the Gene Clark version

    William Burke

    That's not what matters.  What matters is that Gene is living on through his songs, and is enjoying fame that never came to him in his lifetime.

    And it does Gene proud, and you'd might as well admit it to yourself.


    @William Burke
    Yes William you are so right. It's brilliant that Gene's songs are living on. But who knows if someone read my comment they might search out Gene's version and discover a whole new world of music!!

  43. kitana kitany

    I don't understand how this song don't have more views.

  44. Phil Thomas

    Great song and performance. Thanks for posting.

  45. CCthebat


  46. Parul Gahlot

    Love this song :)