Alison Krauss - How's The World Treating You Lyrics

I've had nothing but sorrow
Since you said we were through
There's no hope for tomorrow
How's the world treating you
Every sweet thing that matters
Has been broken in two
All my dreams have been shattered
How's the world treating you
Got no plans for next Sunday
Got no plans for today
Every day is blue Monday
Every day you're away
Tho' our pathways have parted
To your memory I'm true
Guess I'll stay broken hearted
How's the world treating you
Do you wonder about me
Like I'm hoping you do
Are you lonesome without me
Have you found someone new
Are you burning and yearning
Do you ever get blue
Do you think of returning
How's the world treating you

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Alison Krauss How's The World Treating You Comments
  1. Glenn Backes

    wow! Louvin Brothers update even more heartbreaking when sung by Alison Krauss with very subtle harmony support by James Taylor. I've been playing this in my car, creating potential for weeping and car accidents.

  2. Tommymec

    Two of the Best, Performing to the Utmost....Magical, really!

  3. John Gusdon

    Pure perfect.

  4. Vlamir Sandrini

    The piano player sound like Floyd Cramer!


    you are correct sir, I was trying to think of the classic country pianist that was so just answered my question !!

  5. Gianfranco Sansone

    ehh ... let's put on new socks! <3

  6. JeanNo Moral

    Precious and priceless.

  7. Gerwyn Evans


  8. Terry Cushmore

    This just kills me, so sad and beautiful. Really hits close to home...

  9. Denis Sanacore

    The best together !

  10. Lewis Gerald

    I love your duet of Elvis s 1956 song=How s The World treat ing You. Cause u put extremely more feeling into that song thanks for the great almost duet u guys.

  11. bryson west

    Perfection! Both of them!

  12. Dolly Dimplish

    This is the best duet I have ever heard! Two of the most beautiful voices, complimenting one another on every note.

  13. Carl Henry

    Wow! Beautiful!

  14. WomackFanFile


  15. John Bruno

    Always thought the great Barbara Streisand had best female voice ever and Celine Dion a close 2nd. But Allison Krause is so amazing I'm just loving her and rethinking my decision.

  16. Bonnie Mcmillion




  18. jdpymetube

    Hope I can learn to sing the harmony.

  19. Valerie Griner

    Heavenly...that's all I can say. Two of my all-time favorite musicians...beautiful duet!

  20. Dennis Warren

    Beautiful song, sung by two national treasures!!

  21. Gregory Larry

    Some sweet vocals.

  22. Irish Field

    So gorgeous song ever adore so much Both artist to thank you James and Alison

  23. Angie Taylor

    Since you said we were through, there's been nothing but sorrow - all my dreams have been shattered... Got No plans - every day is blue Monday... Though our pathway has parted, to our memories I will always be true.

  24. Kitty Bruåsdal

    So beautiful duet

  25. Martin Odhiambo

    This is a good piece,I play it again and again

  26. marinemomtoo

    Absolutely beautiful I think she has one of the most unique voices and I’ve always like him

  27. Dirk Yarborough

    If there are two voices singing more beautifully, I've not heard it.


    Spot on Dirk

  28. Charlie Kucharski

    Country music doesn't get much better than this. Beautiful rendition.

  29. PocoPortillo

    Precious moments with your loved ones can bring you memories forever remembered. That's how these songs come to be great.

  30. Trevor Hinks

    What happened to the beautiful classical guitar opening?

    Martin Smith

    Trevor Hinks edited away 🎵

    Trevor Hinks

    Martin Smith They should edit it back in!

    Ellen Falls

    @Trevor Hinks

  31. Debunker246

    Thanks for this..

  32. Robin Gagan


  33. William Tolton

    My two favorite singers together. I think I am in heven.

  34. The Fox

    originally done by The Louvin Bros. This song has personal meaning to me, since my ex wife of 25 years left and came back four times (I know I allowed it, but the heart does what it wants to) last times a few years ago. She left my two girls, who they were very close to because she was a stay at home Mom and does not know her now four grandkids. The horrror has left me drowning in a River of Tears. (Clapton I believe?)


    The Fox ,sorry to hear that.

  35. joe smith

    One of my favorite songs. Well done

  36. Eric Olsen

    Nice, but not Elvis.

    Noel Kerns's better.

    Noel Kerns

    With no offense intended to Elvis.

  37. MDHenry4 Henry


  38. JohnnyBG112

    Well sung, technically. But with the feeling, heart & soul, hsp, Elvis' his version is the best.

  39. Sploek Griffy

    that's what we call music kayne, you miserable hack

    Firaz Mohideen

    Well said!

  40. ArleenDel

    Beautiful....two gorgeous voices and one unforgettable song...

  41. OldDogNewTrick

    Beautiful song, beautifully sung.

  42. Les Reed

    It's a very nice job but, all those who think it betters Jim Reeves's version are deluded.

    j logan

    Maybe I think your opinion is deluded.......

  43. Mary Catherine Pace

    James on harmony makes a much better duet. Lovely.

  44. Made in Mexico

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Allison Krause so angelic

    ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Thank you so much Norma
    . Glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping by.

    Made in Mexico

    +ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman) u r welcome sweetheart

  45. Billbothebear14

    That that.! dear ones is how you produce a quality duet.
    Lovely production.

  46. Lindsey Joseph

    sad but sweet song and beautiful lyrics thanks for sharing,

    ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Thanks Lindsey.....glad you liked it  :-)

    Lindsey Joseph

    @ItsWaldo I can listen for hours cause the melody,the words and voices are so amazing,just love itt,hanks again,

    ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    @Lindsey Joseph  You're welcome

  47. Anthony Coleman

    beautiful, I recorded this too.

  48. Bobby Hutchinson

    Such beautiful harmony,beautiful song,beautifully done.So ptetty,thanks for posting it.

  49. serpent650

    Thanks Waldo

  50. luluymatu


  51. katrina Hall


  52. TheHickoryhill

    I love this old song. THX