Alisha's Attic - Never Enough Lyrics

If we are absolutely still
Then maybe the world will stop
And the time will spin around us
On the outside of us
Hidden from the day
To be reckless again
I will wait for you
I will reach into your lie
And carry you into mine
Never enough
Never enough
Now I am a prisoner
Desperate times
Is never enough
Garden for my love

Oh, my eagerness lets me fall
Oh, only you can reaveal it all

If we are absolutely still
So maybe the world will stop
And the time will spin around us
On the outside of us
Hidden from the day
To be reckless again
I will lay with you
Love you like I do
I will read your lips
I await your fingertips

Never enough
Never enough
Now I am a prisoner
Desperate times
Is never enough
Garden for my love

Never enough
Never enough
Desperate times
Is never enough
Never enough

Desperate times
Desperately, see my heart is open and wide
Desperately, see I've got nowhere to hide
Never enough
Desperately, see my heart is open and wide
Desperately, see I've got nowhere to hide

[repeat to fade]

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Alisha's Attic Never Enough Comments
  1. Thediamondpleb

    I can’t hit the never enough high note LOL

  2. gg jig

    Omg I’m doing a talent show and I’m using song hope me good luck

  3. Brianna Alejo

    Didn’t really care the movie or the songs.....except this one. Gave me goosebumps. Haven’t heard anyone else top this song like Loren

  4. Mira Rae

    Now I want this as my first dance song for my wedding next year.

  5. YJ Ducc

    I can reach high notes if someone says that I cannot eat Pizza for a year

    My friend:Thats enough pizza for you,young lady!


  6. nana h

    I love your song

  7. hong steve

    My aunt fav song and using this for her wedding , me and my lil sis become flower girl

    We were at Jakarta

  8. Ranked Noob

    My parents expectations:

  9. chelsea tai

    when you try to be her but then you end up dying and getting an oscar award for the most people for u to shut up

  10. it's Nicoleeyyy

    Labas mga wattpader!

  11. Elisa Griffith

    Why didn't obamma make a classy talented woman as such our children role model? Instead of deviated humping grinding stripper Beyonce? At least Jennifer Hudson Alicia keys

  12. Anna Zajíčková

    Very good🦄🐵😚😚🦊😘😍😂😄😀🤩😎

  13. Barbara Gáncs

    Vanek Andor from Hungarian X-Factor ❤


    Mom:tommorow is math exam be ready

  15. Tnney skinnr

    Im sing this for my friends

  16. Jacayla Boyd

    I can hit those notes

  17. Jacayla Boyd

    I love this song

  18. Sanaiya Vizcarrondo

    Singing this for the talent I regret it with all these high notes 🤦‍♀️wish me good luck 🍀👍🏽😩

  19. jekson luiz

    Njirrr merinding dengar suaranya... sumpah bagus banget...

  20. Pavlin Yordanov

    Every word begins with a capital letter!😐😐😐😐😐😐

  21. Gatcha Dragon

    I'm one of those people who never can say anything funny enough to get likes.. TwT

  22. Rebecca Fuller

    I can reach a high note

  23. Armas Flororin

    I love this song.❤

  24. Why r u Reading dis

    I can hit that high notes..




    Just joking I can't Im only 15 years old boy

  25. Ernani Acmad

    bagusss nyaaa

  26. Vanesa Kwarteng

    I think of the lost memories when my grandma died it was her favourit songe😭😭😢😢

  27. ᴅ ᴀ ʀ ɪ ᴀ

    I can hit the high note😊

  28. Sumeya Abdullahi

    This gives me high school musical series “Wondering” Vibes

  29. Gladys novelianaa

    I can hit those notes

    Just make a coacroaches fly towards me

  30. Michelle Garcia

    Why does this make me feel like I’m gonna cry everyone lol

  31. Sophia Yvonne Marinduque

    Meh:yeah mom?
    Mom:What are you doing????
    Meh:Uuuhhh listening to music,why?
    Mom:what kind of music are listening?
    Meh: "never enough,never,never,never enough,for me,for me for meeeeee~~~!!!
    Mom:Oh my god!You can sing on 'the kids voice!!!'

  32. Sophia Yvonne Marinduque


  33. Luke Ch

    no wonder Claudia Emmanuela Santoso choose this song in blind audition, very touching and soulful, thanks LA

  34. kat nat

    Somewhere Jenny Lind is contemplating after-death suicide bc of what these asshat filmmakers did to her decent name

  35. Gabriella Hermez

    She is so pretty

  36. Robert Beeks

    My Daughter (kallaB) played this song for our Daddy/Daughter Day, Weekend...It touched my Heart so much to see her try and hit the High notes...I will never, never, forget. I Love you ! Makalla Beeks.

  37. Sphiwe Zulu

    Me of course its amazing never enough.....

  38. Poncho Arceo

    Es una cancion inspiradora ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  39. Monte Monkey

    I can hit that note...

    If I see one more "I can hit that note" comment

  40. soimnash

    who streams this on December who with me?

  41. Liezel Lagang

    this song is high

  42. Stacy Portillo

    This high note are...

  43. Shelly Mcgreger

    My music teacher:*Turns this on because she is to lazy to teach us today*
    Me when this comes on:*Mouthing every word and acting to it and forgetting there is like 16 other people around me*
    My friend: SHUT UP...
    Me: Nope
    everyone:*laughs or just smiles*
    Me:*continues until it ends and acts like nothing happens while blushing on realizing what I just did*

    True story no joke🤣

    Daniela is bored

    Why would she tell you to shut up if you were just mouthing?

    Shelly Mcgreger

    @Daniela is bored you could kinda hear me and she saw me moving around in my seat

  44. SimplyMora

    I can hit these high notes but I have to be loud in order to sing them I have to be really loud

  45. Angelina Maatz

    Beste kann so gut singen👌👍👏

  46. Lara Drozdik

    Is anyone emmbarist to sing Infront of their parents cause I wanna know

    Lara Drozdik

    @Aneta Więcek like if I sing in my room and my parents come in I get so emmbarist

  47. The Gaming Red Wolf

    I hit the high notes during pratice

    because i hit my elbow hard

  48. 다이애나

    ㅜㅜ진심레전드다 네버부분 고음 넘조음❤️👊🏻

  49. Agustina Camaclang

    It's too hard

  50. C_dog 4life

    The high notes be like:
    Me be like:

  51. Queen Thomas

    Those notes aren't that high.

    I only took 15+ years of vocal training. And had it locked and loaded by year 4🤷🏾‍♀️🤞🏾

  52. Pedro Bronel

    Quem veio por causa da Any Gabrielli-Now United 🇧🇷

  53. Little monkey Rules

    Put the play back speed at 1.25x ❤️❤️

  54. Gracia Keitany

    Mom: Time for bed. Tomorrow is church

    Me: Never Never!

    Mom:* rise hand up*

    Me: No one can joke with you again. Sorry ma in fact I will go for Bible study

  55. Laura Hendrickson

    Well that would work if Aerial was a girl
    But he’s a boy lol

  56. Titiya Sadkit


  57. sea- em-tsaa

    Try and your head will blow

  58. Jacqueline Mangold

    Goosebumps....she's just wonderful!

  59. Di suwa

    Me: Dear god, for christmas i want just one fav song i can sing.
    God: Defying Gravity
    Me: no
    God: Into the unknown
    Me: No
    God: this

  60. reema deema

    Me goes to mcdonald
    Me:eats too much
    Me: never enough for me

  61. Mootez Kaabi

    why does she look like Ginny Weasley from Harry potter

  62. Nicola Kleinhans

    I wish i coud sing like that 💜

  63. Akpa Polaris

    Another never enough

  64. Jan Parmac

    this shit gives me goosebumps

  65. Katie Young

    marry some love TJ bass show white king he monster wolf had together wedding ring flower chocolate Bady boy girl... smile you love like you true love sorry love blackpnk change IM Kate... ⚘🍫🍾💸💵💲🎂🍕🎸📱📕📖📗📑📃📄📑✉✏🖊🗂📂 for KatieYoung

  66. Sergio Rodriguez

    Wow I'm amazed

  67. Job's Creations

    Wow.... fantastic

  68. Matei ,

    Can't decide whats better. This song or the great duel theme from SW revenge of the sith.

  69. Thai Jesse

    omg @@ The song and the voice are awesome. Liked form VN ^^

  70. PnPmonster

    Sitting in my room at 8:44 hittin' them notes while my brother continues to turn the TV up in the living room.. Why is that my everyday life?

  71. Kertamaja Made

    December 2019🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

  72. Lexiah Keza

    This song is really big I can’t try to those notes though am good

  73. Lexiah Keza

    It’s one year this song when it’s out but still cherish and still want it more of it,
    She is real ⭐️

  74. ƒӏօաҽɾհօӏӏɑղժҽɾ

    I can hit those notes..

    *If I lose at arsenal. (Roblox)*

  75. Bác Quân Nhất Tiêu

    Me : Hmm that song .....hmmm like never never never ...or something like that ??
    Youtube : Never enough
    Me : Oh fuckkkk

  76. Itz_Boneng Gaming

    Desember 2019??
    Still hear this song :)

  77. BTK Gaming

    1:34 I lost my voice 🥺

  78. Kim Jong Skill

    Never be Dimash...

  79. Aleynakeeeh Akpinar

    So I have very long hair
    And my friend cannot stop saying: your hair is too long!
    You know what I did?
    I send this song to her and said: NEVER ENOUGH

  80. Lily-Rose Mildren

    On a maths test at school I wrote something that person lookes

    Me: I asked teacher can I go toliet

    Teacher: NEVER NEVER

    Whole class starts singing oh my gosh this is a nightmare

  81. Lily-Rose Mildren

    Me put on the song and mum leaves the house

    MUM: bye sweetie I'll be a minute okay

    Me okay byeee

    She is gone starts playing NEVER ENOGH NEVER NEVER

    She comes in I don't notice still signing I turn around ahhhhhhhhh

    She is there

    Lily-Rose Mildren

    This is true

  82. 주썰

    1:31 2:38

  83. •RAWAN •

    Here because of taehyung-ahhh 💜💜💜

  84. Wanlapa Suksomnak

    ฉันรักเพลงนี้ตั้งแต่แรกได้ยิน ❤️❤️

  85. Emery Camp

    Are all y'all bitchy ass people happy it says by Loren allred now

  86. Sohial Mohammadi

    I love singing who doesn’t either!

  87. hendro fiber

  88. Meeli Nomani

    😥😥😥nice song

  89. Shawn Hensley

    DydgsgdgxjeksowpskFuck with you you dumb ass while I was being naked

  90. Shawn Hensley

    DydgsgdgxjeksowpskFuck with you you dumb ass while I was peeing

  91. Maria_Theodora2 2

    Hi sisters !

  92. Bella Sophia

    I love this song sooooooooooooooooooooo much

  93. shaina cortez

    i can hit those high notes...

    if i step on legos..

  94. Sarah Gordon

    MY COVER: love from IRELAND 🇮🇪

  95. sithu 89tayza

    i like very strong

  96. Arian and Star

    Helo hahaha

  97. hillary mongkaren

    How like like

  98. hillary mongkaren

    How like

  99. Pain is Beauty

    I see her as a Beautiful woman how's looking for her lover