Alisha's Attic - God Lives There Lyrics

Pretty sky
I could paint you
When you're angered such a wonder and I think
God lives there
Hey - hey slug
You're moving so slow
Aren't you afraid you may be left behind - do you think?
God will care

I had an urge to buy a little wrong to be put right
I live in hope
I think I went the wrong way down a one way
Waiting just to hear
"Is there somebody here?"

Hey - hey girl
Why are you so scared
Don't you know I've got my watchful eye on you?
So take care
(ooo - ooo - so, pretty sky)
So, pretty sky
I'm gonna paint you
Then hang you on my bedroom wall cos I think
..that god lives there
(and you think now)
God lives there

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Alisha's Attic God Lives There Comments
  1. Ryan Ward

    Yay! Someone finally put this on YouTube...I had the Alisha Rules The World single and used to listen to this magical 💕

    Carly Worland

    It's one of my favourites, so pretty and dreamy. I just about wore out the CD single as a teen!

    Ryan Ward

    @Carly Worland haha ... Nice to meet an Alisha's Attic fan

  2. Kainlarsen

    Always loved this song... <3

    Carly Worland

    It's beautiful, isn't it?