Alina Baraz - Lavender And Velvet Lyrics

Pull up to the city
Tell me I'm your lily
I'll be in that dress you like
Body in vanilla
Yeah, I know it thrills ya
I know what is on your mind
Take you to a place where
You can see stars here
Nothing but the radio on

Baby let me love ya
I just wanna hold ya
We got nothing but the time

I'll take you anywhere you say
I'll take you to my hideaway
Baby just tell me the word
I wanna give you the world

Let my love run wild
Let me, let me love you down
Let my love run wild
Let me, let me love you down

You're the honey whiskey
I'm getting kinda tipsy
You know all the things I like
Lavender, velvet
Yeah, you got me melting
You know what is on my mind
Take you to the islands
I can be the pilot
We can go wherever you like

Baby let me love ya
I just wanna hold ya
We got nothing but the time

I'll take you anywhere you say
I'll take you to my hideaway
Baby just tell me the word
I wanna give you the world

Let my love run wild
Let me, let me love you down
Let my love run wild
Let me, let me love you down

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Alina Baraz Lavender And Velvet Comments
  1. D Prowl

    I wasnt Familiar with her! And hear I am two later play her! Finally a album that I could play all of the songs on! I love all of your songs! Ultimate ears satisfaction☺️😎☺️😊!

  2. Make Me Over WEC

    Why anyone would dislike this is SO beyond me smdh

  3. Roots

    Thank You. From the both of us..

  4. Giddy Pumpernickle

    anyone know who that is in the background

  5. Lankybox 2.0

    Oh she back

  6. Some Dude

    That’s a piece of 3” inch PVC PIPE...

  7. danielle outlaw

    Thank you🍓😊😊😁

  8. D Comain

    Can someone tell me what she's saying? Because I really don't know what she's saying

  9. kely ennis

    if this song and these walls could talk.........

  10. Victoria Denogean

    I dont like the creepy voice in this

  11. Miriam Isaac

    Wow! Amazing.

  12. forhad bhuiya


  13. Lankybox 2.0

    I love this song because my name is actually Alina!!!🤩🤯🤯🤯

  14. Ray Losoya

    Who is the lady in the picture?

  15. Antara Mitra

    More addicting than drugs

  16. Tasha Vicious

    Yes Alina Baraz 💖💅

  17. Zephaniah 1v3

    So perfect

  18. ddarnoc

    Ummmmm, yum.

  19. nicoleking28

    I just love your song

  20. Angelina Casares

    This makes the whole body move

  21. Alina Katuwal

    Awesome you are the awesome music

  22. it's your rat brother jerry.

    Alina Baraz and Galamatias really make the best sexual music

  23. Michael-any Savings

    why am i just finding this 😭 this makes me wanna make a whole new sex playlist!!

  24. Ruthlesss86

    The most underrated artist of all time.

  25. Venus Doutzen Parks

    wow i love this music so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘👍🏻🇵🇭🇵🇭

  26. Luke Hammer

    I was sold with this song. And I’ve never heard of her The absolute voice of this chick and her style Love it !

  27. Luk Bar

    Ha ha😂

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  28. Bryan Corbin

    Her voice woke my sperm up

  29. Éll Gould

    This gave me an orgasm. Omg

  30. Draco Wayne

    this song smells like warm vanilla sugar ❤️

  31. Taeyongdumblitty Nct127

    jungkook brought me🤪here and now I need him😩😍❤️😉🤤

    Shilpi Shawon

    Yo armyyyyy

    Lankybox 2.0

    Oh oh god god god!!!!!!!!! I’ll feel yo pain i need tae right now..........if ya now what I mean.😏😏😏😉😉😉😉💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Roots

    her music is a service to all humanity.

  33. nidhya nidhya

    Nice song and good voice😉😉

  34. Stand Still

    speed this up to 1.25

  35. Rym Marion

    Favorite song ever

  36. 桜の花。

    she’s so underrated but i’m glad not many people know about this angel

  37. Stephanie chimchim

    Came here from multiple ff’s and damn! Thank you!

  38. iixurelia

    Sounds a little bit like Shiloh's bad idea❤️

  39. Victoria Arriaga

    I have never in my life loved every song that an artist sings but I just love everything that she puts out there!

  40. ilia raye

    Put the speed to 1.25 and thank me later

  41. Pii Ro

    The best song

  42. BaburuRōzu

    in love

  43. Don Hutcheson

    Oh my God shes so sexyyyy 😍😍😍

  44. Javad Ahmad

    mera naam bhi alina h

  45. Elijah Quinoñez

    Damm the beat the tone makes me wanna dance.

  46. Jeyd Yasmin

    Her music gives off such a sensual effect. You can’t stand but do inappropriate things and won’t feel ashamed right after. I love that about her music.

  47. sxdnxynicole

    i love this omg

  48. Melissa M

    The intro to this song reminds me of another song but i cant put my finger on what that other song is. someone help lol

  49. Alina Ferrante19

    I am so happy because my name is Alina!!!

  50. Wittmann Kou

    Feel free, :)

  51. Winnie Blair

    this song goes straight through my body, got me feelin some kinda way 🔥👅💦😍

  52. Missphotogenic Baby

    How can I use this for YouTube videos?

  53. immi K

    BTS Jimin FF Brought Me Here !! 😛😛
    & Im Still Thinking about That FF while Listen To It !!! 😳🤒🤒

  54. Jenn Smith

    Alina is gorgeous - in every way!

  55. Purple Moon477

    Alina, what do you want to do to me?

  56. jungkook AMY

    She us an angel ❤

  57. chimowo

    This is so beautiful ughhh

  58. crazycrizzy123

    I was supposed to go see her to ight, but u had to work. 😢😢😢😢

  59. Shay Maxwell

    She and a PND collab is a guaranteed pregnancy.

  60. Lily

    My sister invited me to her concert so I started to listen to her. No regrets!! She has an amazing voice!!

  61. X Poekie

    I'm gonna marry the love of my life, I can't wait to spent every day with her :D

  62. Karly

    listening to this high...holy fuck!!

  63. Gabrielle Carrington

    Bts one shot brought me here!

  64. Thélia

    hi:) please listen to my song and tell me what you think?

  65. rosangela souza

    maravilhosa essa música mano !

  66. Blue Shadow Haze

    God dam this is impossible....I feel soul dancing °~°

  67. Elshadiaha Hardin

    My new jam

  68. Nobody

    Her voices is so sexy.

  69. Jiru Candy

    I wish this was on bandcamp~ please put it there~~

  70. Nenet Gvhnage

    I feel Park Jimin vibes from Bts.

  71. b qualitatskontrolle

    Man if u thumbs down this*u need to cut your thumbs off*u don't deserve em*

  72. Fresh Potential

    how did you add hashtags above the video title?

  73. Marlowe Michaelson

    I heard this once in an uber, and immediately had to find it. Its soooo sensual yet not super dirty or provocative. From there, I have listened to almost every song from alina baraz and from this channel lol

  74. Ashley Slaughter

    Just love u it’s been 3yr

  75. Saddie Nighter

    Thank you Jimin 💖💖😌😌

  76. ·Mal·

    For the longest time I thought the girl was Cara Delavigne

  77. stawberryFajitas

    I fucking love u alinnnnnnna 😭🔥💕

  78. BlackPower Goodgame

    I love all her music man im a new fan

  79. J E R Y L

    i just want her to be a hidden gem, because if she'll get famous, it'll be questionable for some ppl. if y'all know what i mean.

  80. Crabbyzoo


  81. XO candyfliptrip

    The best no doubt

  82. l go

    How can one person capture so many emotions in one song. She hits every nerve with every word and every beat.😍💚

  83. IsMyAesthetic LonyeYellow

    First, i love the picture, second the vibe is everything

  84. Drone On

    The entire vibe is heaven.

  85. damn you.

    *"Let my love run wild."*

  86. Noah Hall

    Love making song ❤

  87. Taryn Eva Tea

    Damn this song I’m really feeling it...

  88. Juana Camila

    I was thinking that this girl, was Cara Delevingne

  89. Divya Depp

    Alina Baraz has really sexy songs.

  90. Janoi Hamilton

    Most def will have some sensual sex. When im done with her she'll love my performance

  91. Axel Ramirez

    How does this only have 1 Million views ? Wtf.

  92. XO candyfliptrip

    So in love with this fucking song

  93. Michael Davis

    After a good hard work out, some stretching and yoga on a velvet mat with lavender in the air

  94. Lucifer Morningstar

    Imagine Eminem with her

    Andrew Witham

    Lucifer Morningstar no lmao just no. The Weeknd however...