Alien Ant Farm - What I Feel Is Mine Lyrics

I've spilling all my guts for this
And every time I miss
I swear it's maddening
I can't feel beyond my fingertips
Under my feet I trip
but am I stopping?

Please save me
From this relationship
Let me have just what I feel is mine
Lay down
Under the bluest sky
I wanna feel the sun until I'm blind

I don't know what I'm supposed to do
So when it comes to you
I'm at a still-stand
Time well spent is getting far and few
Don't know what else to do
it's out of my hands


Everyone needs a time of rescue
Why do I feel stuck with this?
And maybe ours is overdue
I don't want to leave this mess
There's only one thing left to do
Why do I feel stuck with this?


[CHORUS with BRIDGE as back-up]

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Alien Ant Farm What I Feel Is Mine Comments
  1. Andrew Reyes Orozco

    Massively underrated band

  2. Luciano Prata

    I love this music.

  3. Ric Scott

    Massively under rated song

    Silver Revolution

    Ric Scott Maaassively...!!! 😂

  4. XxPiggy PigxX


    CharliXCX Angel

    XxPiggy PigxX I downvoted this then realized you are obviously kidding because it's incredible. So I'm confused now.

    Silver Revolution

    XxPiggy PigxX They are RIDICOLOUS!!! 🤘

  5. David Lee

    I've got this album with the bands signatures on the front, sick album, would have thought it had way more views.

    Silver Revolution

    David Lee Nah. The people want to hear Pop and become braindead. 😎

  6. CyberSimsShows

    Perfection = Alien Ant Farm

    Lucas Felipe

    @CyberSimsShows True dat.