Alien Ant Farm - Lord Knows Lyrics

The cameras picked you out of this place,
Now you're rising
Lo and behold! Your smile is fake
How surprising
If we could rewind back to your roots,
You locked it up and turned the dial
I know the combination

Lord knows I'm weak
For trusting you
Lord knows I'm weak
To believe in you

Develop the film and there you are
All your glory
Your negative's dark and just like you
What's the story?
I wanna just rip down the walls and your photos around me
Then there will be nothing left to hold
When I'm lonely


Maybe it's alright,
Maybe it's okay
Lord knows I'm weak...

Snap! Take a picture
Cause you won't be seeing me around
No more. Did you ever picture
You and me on the cutting room floor?
I lose my composure every time
You're overexposed and no longer mine
Your red eyes cut me
It's no surprise that I am weak...


Maybe it's alright,
Maybe it's okay
Lord knows I'm weak...

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Alien Ant Farm Lord Knows Comments
  1. Al DaMan

    Best fucking band on the 🌎!!! 💯

  2. marley melia

    never really being discovered is what makes this band so special

  3. theMeshtar

    @ncj53096 couldn't agree more

  4. jZs05s

    are you kidding me?! nothing like calico.. wow..

  5. ncj53096

    This band has to be one of the most underrated bands of all time, its so sad

  6. Mona LeBlanc

    Alien ant farm is my fav band(only used fav because I can not spell) and as a true fan I know that it not the same soun as calico. Also, I thank you for putting up these songs because i have yet to put them on my ipod and i need this to get through my boring winter vacation!