Alien Ant Farm - Getting Closer Lyrics

I used to think that the end was near
But years gone by and I'm still right here
It alwasy seemed like the day would come
To end my trials and tribulations

Now I'm older and wiser...

This could be over in a heartbeat
In the blink of an eye
It's getting closer
To the last time

I used to be such a thief
And wear an ugly disguise
And yes I even believed
In my own alibis

Now I'm older and wiser...


Moving over, Getting closer
Moving over, Getting closer
(Sorry if things change [x2])
Never thought I would leave you dear
Always said I would be right here
Moving over, getting closer...

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Alien Ant Farm Getting Closer Comments
  1. Matanumi

    new album this week

  2. fimmfam

    @Mesick40 they actually are super active on facebook, check out their official page. theyre workin on a new album right now

  3. ncj53096

    there's no way you can hate on a masterpiece like this

  4. Jose Lemess

    come on alien ant farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111, i love this band!

  5. HWAlcaz

    @MoonknightX9 i think its supposed to be

  6. Nate S

    Awesome song but the ending is kinda annoying XD